Defy the Heavens! Read ISSTH Chapter 281!

I noticed something strange when I went to the supermarket the other day in China. I’m not sure what it means…. See the full body of the post for more details…..

Chapter 281: … Rather Die Than Submit!
Translator: Deathblade
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This is for real…

cat food

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  1. Maybe it’s hinting that those instant noodles are no different than cat food. Which also means that or cats eat really well in China… or people eat really bad in China.

    1. To be fair, the instant noodles are pretty damn tasty though (even though I can’t find the classic cup noodles for sale).

      Like you get a packet of oil/fat/sauce to go with your insane amount of food preservatives xD

  2. well instant noodles are seen as junk food and cats are seen as civilized food, so they figure they’ll get you to buy some cat food to fatten up your cat to eat instead of noodles.

    thats one way of interpreting it anyway.

  3. It clear to me there is one answer. It simple declaration that cat lady will ensure that her cat enjoys a healthy life while she gives her friends instant noodles. Dooming humanity, to insure the world domination plan of cats.

    ~ It’s a conspiracy. 😛

    1. as a person who has eaten dry dog food and enjoyed it (the things people do as kids, course i’d probably still eat dry dog food if thats all i had, good stuff), i can say that it’s totally possible that people acutally buy the cat food to eat.

  4. Isn’t it obvious? They are showing kindness to the pet owners…

    The owners could eat the cat food while they get instant noodles for the cat…

    It makes perfect sense, and saves them a lot of time…

  5. Three things wrong with this..

    3. THE NOODLES HAVE SO MUCH VARIETY.. BUT THE CAT FOOD IS ALL THE SAME BRAND!? Whiskas must be really popular in China.

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