Deceptioning of CSG Picking Up USAW at WW!

Hey guys, my search for a worthy successor to he-man to continue the USAW translation has come to an end. Today, I’m delighted to welcome a translator that I have known and respected for quite some time, Deceptioning! If any of you have ever followed his translation of Chaotic Sword God over at our friends at Gravity, you’ll know that Deceptioning is a very reliable translator who is thoroughly dedicated to his craft. For now, since Deceptioning is still working on CSG as well, he can only promise at least three chapters/week (no donations), but this is a great step towards getting USAW on solid footing again! And so, without further ado, I bid welcome to Deceptioning…and release unto you an (unedited) first draft of chapter 85 of USAW!

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  1. Wow! Thanks a lot!
    3/week? It was 0/week for months, so it’s tremendously good!!! 🙂

    Thanks a lot, Deceptioning our lord and saviour! And ofc RWX for the great effort!

      1. He had been taking care of his relative, then he came back and translated 2-3 chaps, and THEN disappeared without a word. So we have no idea why he disappered now, we only know why he was MIA for a week earlier.

          1. I bothered. He should have returned several weeks ago, but no news from him. Also he said: ‘Aside from sampling all the milk tea in Taiwan, I should have plenty of free time to translate, but I don’t guarantee consistency’. But he translated zero chapters. And now he decides to participate in another project instead of increasing translations of CSG.

          2. He said:

            “I’ll be boarding an airplane later today for a one month trip to Taiwan to take care of my father. Aside from sampling all the milk tea in Taiwan, I should have plenty of free time to translate, but I don’t guarantee consistency.

            Thanks for understanding.”

            Also, if you’re posting, don’t remove some parts for your convenience.
            It was posted on July 18, 2016, so that’s exactly one month.

          3. CSG sucks ass anyway. Wasted my time reading 400 chapters, but it was too much. Too stupid.

          1. Taking a backseat to the man taking care of his father, for god’s sake. What is wrong with you people that you would even think to jokingly complain in a situation like that.

          2. I don’t mind at all that he went to take care of his old man. However he didn’t let any of the readers from CSG know what was going on and all of the sudden he’s back to translate USAW. I wasn’t joking a bit. I think it’s rude and disrespectful to the people who donate and just the readers in general to come back and take on another project but not even let us know at gravitytales for CSG about anything.

          3. A lot of the others have already said what I want to say, but I want to make sure that you DO realize that he’s never, in ~600 chapters, accepted a single donation, right?

            Honestly, the people who wave the flag of ‘you owe it to the donors!’ are invariably the ones who never donate, or even pay attention to this stuff, save for when they want to use it as a stick to berate someone for not giving them their free fix of chapters they want…

          4. If someone has to take care of a family issue, that trumps anything else. Have you people not learned anything about filial piety from these Chinese novels? lol.
            But jokes aside, you guys are getting all this for free! And like Ren said, he’s not even ever taking donations. Plus, Deceptioning has been translating consistently for a long time before this and has always given us updates on his status. The fact that this argument is even happening is lowering my IQ…

          5. I never waved around anything about he owes anything to anyone. I just think it shows a lack of character when you say you will be translating a series, it might not be consistent however he still stated he would translate for us while he was on his trip which he did not. That is fine by any means. However to come back and just pick up (and from my understanding already translating) another series and not say a single word to the people on gravitytales who have asked if everything was ok and to see if he was alright. Is basically a slap in the face to those who were following him and his translations over there. And like I said “I think it’s rude and disrespectful to the people who donate and JUST THE READERS IN GENERAL”. Don’t pick apart words to make it seem like I was just waving around donation slander.

            Also I have two accounts. One I use to donate with and this one to comment with. For obvious reasons that I speak my mind and just like to keep my accounts separated. So thanks for pointing out my donations.

          6. OMG maybee RL happened, or stuff with his father got more complicated (i hope his father is OK), what´s wrong with you man, he is a awesome TL and you should be thankful he is gona TL this beside CSG…..

          7. And how can you know for sure that he did not keep translating? He maybe just didn’t post anything yet for unknown unforeseen reasons. And even if he was not able to translate, he had an obvious excuse with him taking care of his father.

            I’m also having withdrawal symptoms of CSG & USAW, but please don’t blame a benevolent translator. ?

            We should be all happy someone is taking up USAW!

            Thanks to He man and RWX for their previous hard work on USAW till now, and thank you Deceptioning for the future releases! ?

          8. He did say he would translate but never said anything about when he’d post them, did he?

          9. He didn’t say that at all. Learn to read before you flame and whine. “I should” is NOT “I will”. Obviously he had more important things to do than satisfying self-centered kids.

          10. “I never waved around anything about he owes anything to anyone.” – mvkprincey

            Yes, you did, when you wrote, “I think it’s rude and disrespectful to the people who donate…”

            You may have followed that up with “the readers in general”, but you are clearly flaunting the donation stick in your supposedly righteous crusade. What further backs this up is that he has NEVER taken a single donation, so why would the topic of donations even be brought up in the first place if you weren’t trying to use them to justify your erroneous position?

            Furthermore, as someone else pointed out, he said he “should” have time to translate, not “will”. Along with saying that he couldn’t promise consistency, one with any common sense should conclude that the chapters may be few and far between, if there are any at all, during that time.

            In addition, Ren was making a general statement about how the people who complain and criticize the translators the loudest are usually the ones that do not donate, which does tend to be true. Perhaps he was implying that you may be in that category, but he was not revealing your personal donation history or anything like that. The fact that you got so up-in-arms over that matter, and even went so far as to explain to everyone that you have two accounts, one for donating and one for commenting, seems to imply that he hit the nail on the head. Two accounts sounds like an excuse, and from my personal experience, people only tend to react in such a volatile and defensive way when they are embarrassed over being exposed.

            Also, if you are truly, primarily upset over the fact that he didn’t post something on GT before you found out about him picking up USAW here on WW, grow up. I cannnot imagine anyone capable of rational thought would truly be upset over this. He does not owe you anything and he can pick up another series if he wants to. You should be grateful that he has consistently been translating and is even willing to help out with other series when help is needed, all the while not collecting a dime for his efforts. You went so far as to question and criticize his character when he has taken his time and painstaking effort to bring you a story simply because he wants others to be able to enjoy it as well. This is shameful on your part.

            Finally, the reason he was gone in the first place was to take care of his father. His family and his real life issues should always come first, especially over the whining and moaning of an ungrateful individual such as yourself.

            Based on your conduct and words, you are the one with the a distinct lack of character, which you have made apparent for all to see.

            To everyone else, sorry for the long post. These types of ungrateful comments, filled with a spirit of entitlement, really just irritate me to the core.

          11. Your account does not matter. DECEPTIONING DOES NOT TAKE DONATIONS. Never has. The fact that you would try to imply you donated to him on ‘another account’ when he’s NEVER accepted donations is just…wow.

          12. I believe, that this person reasoned wrongly, it is not about if he is taking donations or not taking donations. It is about ethics as a translator and some general decent consistency, even one chapter a week if you are very busy, which in my opinion is completely lame. Why? because you have respect your readers. For example if Chinese author is late he will apologize to his readers because he respects them and does not want to lose. Now for He man he is famous of taking work and drop it and go “AWOL” and to us readers it shows lack of professionalism and respect. An analogy would be a drunkard, who has nice heart and likes to help his local church when he is sober, and alas when he is drunk he goes MIA 🙂

            But then on the other hand, it is boring, translating for fun is one thing while translating for donations is other thing and to be honest, you can much more professional people with translations.
            For example : RWX finished coiling dragon, ATG and Alychu team translating smoothly without fail at amazing, fast and regular speed – those are good examples and they makes us readers happy.
            Bad example ? I believe worst example of all would be Bagelson – currently rate 1 chapter a week …DD on 234 chapter <- LOL !
            When atg started, dd was on 100 and now it is at 243, while atg already reached wooping 579..

            So conclusion: accepting donations / splitting work and translating at fast stable pace gives us viewers confidence in team or person and we luv them very much ! 🙂

          13. I don’t think anyone here has any right to talk about Deceptioning’s ethics as a translator & professionalism. ATG started on WW sometime in June 2015 which was when CSG started on Gravity. It’s been one year since then & look at things now. ATG is at 579 while CSG is at 504. ATG has a whole team translating it while CSG is singlehandedly translated by Deceptioning. And that too without taking any donations. There’s a 75 chapter gap between the two which can be chalked up to Deceptioning being busy with RL stuff for a few months. So, does anyone have any right to really say things about Deceptioning now? Note: I’m not trying to say anything offensive about ATG & it’s team. Since the person above brought up ATG, etc. I just wanted to show some statistics.

          14. You know what. I want to go off. Because I know the way my words were taken were the wrong way and y’all are saying that my words mean something I know for a fact they do not. So to shorten what I mean. Deceptioning is an overall rude translator to his readers. He left, ignored everyone, came back and picked up another series that he went with first. To me when you do something like that and you don’t even acknowledged that your readers care about you. You just told them to f*ck off. Anyways it’s really not worth it. Take my words how you want I know what they mean and what they don’t.

            Also I implied I have two accounts I donate with however I never implied I donated to him directly. I implied I support translators and their websites. But never did I say that he was accepting my donations. Or any donations matter of fact. You took it that way.

          15. Hello, I’d like to clear up some things.

            First up, I do apologize if it seemed like I was being rude.

            I came back from Taiwan about 3 days ago, and I planned to do some light translating and then get back into the full swing of things during the weekend. But then the chapter I did for USAW was released first (In its unedited state), and I had to swing back into gear earlier than I planned.

            Once again, my apologies for the confusion.

          16. to Slope Book Sakamoto

            I think you misunderstood, I am not talking about Deceptioning’s ethics or him at all. I am talking about He-man’s ethics and my whole post was about him. He was invited by RWX here to translate USAW and yet he f*cks up, again. No surprise here.

            As for Deceptioning – you told already he is doing all the work alone and without any donations so I am sure he is good and professional translator.

            No offense to any translators especially to He-man, but I have opinion that if you will be half ass-ed about translations why even start it ?

      1. You most probably don’t know what ‘reliable’ is as well. He translated CSG from start without taking a single donation so far for a year & even has other projects on his site Qualitea Translations which he updates properly & doesn’t take donations for them as well. His inconsistent updates for the last month or two are due to him being busy with his exams previously & having to take care of his father recently.

  2. Thanks for the update as usual Ren. Welcome to Wuxiaworld Deceptioning, thank you so much for all your hard work towards CSG and now USAW.

    I hope he-man is okay and comes back to help out. But if he doesn’t come back, good luck to him for the future.

  3. I am happy some people is translating USAW again, BUT, i would be even more happy if i could get more CSG’s chapters.
    Anyway welcome on WW

    ( and consider TLing some more csg on your free time when you are bored and miss the feeling of a MC really hated by its own author)

  4. welcome to the WW family, i hope you will stay permanently here….

    due to slow releases (and then no release) i stopped reading USAW, but i hope with new chapter injections i pick it up again, and of course hopefully quality goes up..

  5. Awesome! Welcome to WW Deceptioning and look forward to getting back to this novel. You’ve done such a wonderful job in CSG and really appreciate you taking on this project.

  6. Thank you very much, Deceptioning! Glad to have you here, and thank you for picking up USAW. Has been one of my favourites to read due to its relatively unique premise (in that the power is mostly in the items, rather than the cultivator MC).

  7. This is such a good news! I liked USAW very much, plus Deceptioning is an amazing translator… Thanks so much to Ren for looking for a translator for the series, as well as to Deceptioning for picking it up.

    I hope He-Man is alright and doing well, latest news unfortunately weren’t the happiest of all. Best wishes for him.

  8. I’m not sure if that bolded “reliable” is a praise to Deceptioning or a reassurance for us… or shots fired at he-man. Bolding it seems like shots fired. Man I hope he-man is alright. Didn’t think he’ll go MIA without a word again, and he also didn’t expect it. You’d think he’ll make a quick update, at least saying he won’t be coming back so someone can take over.

  9. Nice, I like that. It’ll be good if you could place Perfect World into good hands too, since Pika is barely releasing 4 chapters a month and for no reason apparently, as one of the best novel in this site, I think this novel deserved more attention, and a translator who really enjoy his task, not just being obliged to do it.

  10. Omg omg omg! I almost literally went OMG behind my screen! Welcome to my good friend Deceptioning! He is an absolutely fantastic translator and it’s wonderful to have him for USAW!

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