Deathblade Launching Ergen’s “A Will Eternal” on WW!

Diehard ISSTH fans may already know this, but ISSTH has a total of 1612 chapters total. With 1142 chapters completed, that means we are (and it’s hard to believe this) 70% of the way through already! For a long time now, deathblade and I have been pondering the next book for him to work on, and we came to decision quite some time ago to make it the book which Ergen is currently writing; 一念永恒, A Will Eternal, and so we put it down long ago as one of the 20 books that we negotiated with Qidian.

Readers in the loop will recognize this name as having been started elsewhere under the name ‘A Thought Through Eternity’, with the current translator being ‘Sean’ (we chose to rename it ‘A Will Eternalbased on a private conversation we had with Ergen). Our original plan was to bring the finished chapters over to Wuxiaworld and cooperate on it, but Sean explained to us that ‘ATTE’ had gone through multiple different translators, some of which he believed to have been Google/machine-translators. As with most MTL projects, this created many inaccuracies and had actually made it hard to understand previous chapters and keep continuity as a translator, which was one of the reasons he slowed down and quasi-stopped his ATTE translation ~2 months ago.  It was Sean’s opinion (with my concurrence) that it wasn’t worth keeping the previous chapters.

As a result, with Sean’s concurrence, deathblade will be starting ‘A Will Eternal’ from scratch and will do it concurrently with ISSTH at a very steady pace, as you have all come to expect.  As for Sean, he’ll be having an announcement (or two) dedicated to him as well as he also joins the Wuxiaworld team…but for now, get ready for ‘A Will Eternal’ and the very humorous rogue, Bai Xiaochun!  This is a story that I really like as well, and Ergen’s writing only continues to improve!

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  1. Wow! when I read “atte” having at least 100 chapters or so, i thought to myself, i wish DB or Ren would take it over. now one of my wishes just came true.. thanks mate and more power to WW! and thank you so much for the hardwork. God bless ya’ll.

        1. Honestly I’m glad, the consistency of atte’s translation before was all over the place, both in release schedule and also in the translation of the content.

          Some stuff just didn’t make sense when I first read it and I’m now looking forward to fully understand these parts.

          I was very thankful to the guys at xworld for starting this translation and all they did for it, but I’m so excited to see it in deathblades skilled hands.

          I only hope he doesn’t end up with too much on his plate.

        2. Don’t worry, they’ll catch up fast enough, is worth taking it’s due time going through a good traslation. It’s like when i go read the raws ’till the end of the book cuz i can’t hold on yet i always wait for the traslations and reread all again… lol.

  2. I very much enjoy the civility with which everything seems to have been handled. No drama, just getting all relative persons involved to come to an agreement.

    Seeing good management and sensible people all around makes me happy just looking at it.

  3. Ohhh thank god you guys gonna get it :D:D i realy wished you guys would of tl this novel and now you actually are , i am really happy :D:Dcan’t wait to start reading it from where i left of 😀

  4. Was pretty disappointed to hear a while back that Deathblade said he wouldn’t be doing ATTE after he finished ISSTH (or now known as AWE), but glad to hear that someone familiar with Ergen will be continuing this translation!

        1. You are in the comments section of the announcement itself, which is at the top of the page. How can you miss it?
          Also, yes, it’s the same novel and everything is explained in the announcement above.

          1. Meng Hao loves spirit stones, and loves Dao Children because he loves spirit stones, and Lord Fifth loves furry creatures. Great username.

  5. Yay! I’m glad this was picked up. I saw the inconsistencies of the other group and all the drama they caused on Reddit, so I had given up reading this series because I didn’t want to support that group. Now I can read it without guilt!

  6. Off topic ”announcement” if the ppl of wuxiaworld are not aware of it yet;

    Recently I came across a website called as far as I am aware this website is blatantly ripping off the hard work from all translated works/works in progress, Including the novels on this website and many more. Take WDQK episode 532 for example wich was translated by yellow law and then copy pasted onto their site. I highly doubt they have the permission from anyone to do this because it directly damages the hard work from translators by taking the viewership elsewhere.

    I don’t like to be the snitch but since this does have an impact on translators and the websites the translations are being hosted on you should probably be aware of it at the very least if not take action against them.

  7. ATTE is very good and I’m happy to see it here, after the translation pretty much stopped at xianxiaworld.
    I still hope, if it would be possible sometime in the future, to do the same with Emperor of the Cosmos, which is similar to Swallowed Star, from Translation Nations and it’s very good. It’s just that the translation is kind of lacking.
    Anyway, thanks for the announcement and thank you team Deathblade for the future AWE translation!

  8. what a new series?? don’t care.. like it will need a few months to stock the chapter.. because i judge to read a new series after 50++ chapter has been posted.
    but when i read it is ATTE, d*mn i feel so excited!! thank you WW!!! It is the best er gen’s work yet! and the fact that deathblade is going to translate it~~ i hope ISSTH will finish soon so that he can make A Will Eternal his main XD
    Feels like Christmas is coming rigth now

  9. My prayers have been answered!!!
    I am so damn happy right now!
    I had been reading ‘ATTE’ but I couldn’t help but wish that was being translated by DB and his team. The quality just couldn’t compare… And now this!
    *happy dances out of the comment section*

    1. I find the translation on xianxiaworld to be quite good so it’s rather painful that I’ll have to wait a long while to resume reading AWE since (as far as I understand it) 1) there are already 146 chapters available 2) DB will translate at most 5 chaps/week

      Isn’t it just like what’s happening with Xian Ni

  10. I guess I was right when I said that it being translated that early wasn’t a good thing. Other translators aren’t even close to DB’s level and judging by ISSTH there are quite a few problems with that (not knowing the profound verses true meanings, most other sites ending up with different translators like what happened here for long series, etc…). I’m really looking forward to this one, I’ve heard it’s even better than ISSTH in terms of characters and the mc is a troll (the internet kind, not the 10ft kind). I’ll definitely give it a read once ISSTH is done since there’ll be a decent buildup by then!

  11. Finally the news I have been waiting to hear..

    But wouldn’t it be better to start from where current arc is? It would be needless waste of time to start from the scratch

  12. I think that “A thought through eternity” was a nice translation because it can be interpreted either as “[A thought] through eternity” or “A [Thought through] eternity”, which reflects the MC’s tendency to think things through, and his desire for eternal life.

  13. Dear RWX, 我无法联系上你,请您查看您的邮箱, rwx @ ,我已经试图联系您好几天了,我的邮件是关于中国领域的合作的,邮箱用名 大可。请您联系我。

  14. I told myself. I’ll read this novel after a hundred chapters. BUUT….
    it’s now in AND the PARAGON of translation DB took it. Cliffy feeling gonna be like. “No worries I can read the next chap tomorrow”
    (badass background music)

  15. Excellent!
    When this novel started, there are 2 translators, simultaneously doing translation and i wished DB could have taken as a side project and keep up with Raws.
    Atleast DB picked it and i hope in future, he keep up with Raws.
    Thankfully i didn’t read many chapters, now, i can read here.

  16. Thanks! thanks!!! I was wondering why A Thought Through Eternity didn’t have any new updates, So that’s why. Thank you for translating it Deathblade.

  17. It’s strange, i only just found ATTE on the other site. I’ll refrain from finishing that all in one go as a superior translation will most likely be more enjoyable to read.

    1. As Sean himself said, the translation is partly crappy. I also didn’t read it because I hoped that someone would -at least- edit old chapters. But a wipe and start over is even better. I can only advise to wait for Deathblade to catch up.

      1. Why do you all keep saying this??? The announcement and most of the comments keep calling the XianXia TL crappy and mentioning machine TL. I don’t get it, I just caught up on this at Xianxiaworld before checking NU to see if there was more elsewhere and finding this only to go WTF.
        The Xianxia TL is great as far as I can see, no logic gaps, no bad grammar or confusing bits, whole thing was great the entire way though, so confused by all the people saying otherwise and DB for wasting months reTLing something perfectly fine just to catch up.
        It’s great to see someone else pick it up cause the speed sucked but besides that I REALLY can’t find anything else to complain about. Can someone else look through whats on there now and tell me I’m not mad, cause this seems crazy :/ Like completely bat-shit crazy. I mean, I wasn’t looking for errors but I’ve just reread the entire book and didn’t notice a single problem with it, not even one.

        1. just read someones comment further down which pointed out a tiny thing. Are you all meaning the few words here and there swapped for something with the same meaning that pop up? The ones with notes on them mentioning that and clearing up any confusion about it?

  18. Dear Deathblade, RWX, Sean,

    I really hoped that you would start translating “Against Heaven” before you start another project. It’s another novel of Ergen (which I assume you’re already aware) and has only 118 chapters. It’s one of the most interesting novels I ever read. As Deathblade already started AWE, is it possible that Sean takes over AH? I know that it’s not good for readers ask for translations, it’s a custom that the translator chooses his/her own project but it would mean very much for me. It would also be okay if it were only one chapter per week or only donation based.

    I hope I could somehow moved you with my pleas. I wish to see the day that all works of Ergen translated. I congratulate Deathblade his new project and wish you a good day and weekend and christmas and new year 🙂

  19. I dont like reading novels that are starting traslation, i am too much impatient i think, but the autor is a good one, the traslator one of my favorite and has good recomendations so this going to be the first one i start reading like this.

    Thanks for bringin this new project Deathblade and team.

  20. so i couldn’t wait anymore so i started reading atte, currently @ chap. 37… so far the translation is ok… i’ll comment again when it get’s too confusing

      1. You mean the few words here and there swapped for something with the same meaning that pop up? The ones with notes on them mentioning that and clearing up any confusion about it?

        Not having a go just besides this I cant see why everyones dissing the original TL :/

  21. I hope this request is not out of place.
    I’m following ISSTH and am very glad to see AWE being translated from the start with DB translation quality and fully consistent with ISSTH Universe vocabulary.
    I’m so much impressed that I would like to translate AWE DB translation into Russian.
    The other English version translation is also currently being translated by someone into Russian, but it’s a bit of a mess mainly because of the English version problems.
    So I request a permission from Deathblade to start my translation. This permission is required on the site where I intend to post the story.

  22. Lol i am waiting for this novel to reach previously translated chapter……i thing i need to wait little more……
    I live the story especially humour in the story is very attractive………

    Plz reach there soon

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