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Hey guys, typing this from my phone, the internet is down and I have no way to post. Going to head off to bed and hopefully it’ll be up when I’m up and we’ll get the chapters out! FYI, since we’re now on China time but have 6 more chapters, it’s going to be a 2-2-2; 2 for my Friday (which is today), 2 for my Saturday (tomorrow) and 2 for my Sunday. Next week, we’ll go back to the regular 2-2-2-2-2-1-1.

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          1. And now my inebriated ass will go to bed hoping that when I wake up there will be DE and not just a hangover.

    1. No, there has NEVER been 20 chapters a week; for 2 months, it was 14 a week, while for the other 16 months it was 10 a week. Recently, due to Patreon, we have up to 12 a week. It’s never gone outside the 10-14 range.

        1. Actually, it can’t anymore. Ren fixed the schedule so it wouldn’t go off the rails and he could keep up.

          Also, 20!? Have you actually done the math on how much time it would take to translate all of that? In a week? I found 14 already absolutely absurd.

          1. The other guy prob thinks of cd days, 3-4 chapters a day. Ren had like team for that though, dose he still use helpers for de?

          2. Never said it is like that now. Only that it was like that for a while. Which made for some 14+ chapter weeks. Think Ren put the cap at 17 like it was during cd but think the most that ever happened was 16

          3. alcaide – no he didn’t, he was doing that alone 😀 He’s doing DE on his own too ^.^ He’s a true monster~

      1. Don’t overexert yourself. I was already satisfied with our previous 10 chapters a week. I don’t wanna see you get a breakdown because some people just want to read a few more chapters :S

      2. Hahaha, I think he might be on about when you did 3 chapters a day of Coiling Dragon back in the day, but after doing that for a while we all knew it wasn’t going to work, you need to take care of your health and have a life too T_T

          1. How dare you assume his preferences are that low. He obviously wouldn’t settle for that. He obviously needs a divine beast crossbreed with a human transformation to do those things.

    1. Mobile internet bill not the same as regular internet bill, using your data to make a few post is fine but using it to do hours of work, that’s over kill and you will get charged a lot….unless you have unlimited so I doubt he will do that….I’m sure they’re other ways around it like go to a public place with internet(library) or a friend etc but doesn’t matter, just wait patiently, we will still get 12 chapters this week so that’s all that matters.

      1. He implied that he has already done his translating and that he needs the internet to upload the chapters. Though I don’t think the tiny chapter delay is a big deal at all and wouldn’t want to rush RWX, using his mobile as a hotspot would be easy and quick to upload with. Then again, some people who work with computers everyday don’t even know you can do that haha.

        1. Yeah, that was suggested on Patreon as well. The problem is that my I can connect to my iPhone hotspot on my iPad but it doesn’t work on my PC for some reason, I keep on getting a ‘connection failed’.

          1. That happens to me with my computer, to fix it( for me) I go into the computer settings and look at “known networks” it will show “ashaman-iPhone” then click on the “forget” button. Retry connecting. This works for me, not sure how it will work for you.

      2. I just gave that as an idea 🙂

        However, answer with regards to your comment, he won’t sit and do translation online he just needed to post the already translated chapters. And per my estimation one chapter should not be more than 200-700 KBytes so two chapters should not be more than 2-3 MBytes and I am sure you use more than that while browsing and don’t require unlimited package for a trifling 3MB post.

        1. To be fair i agree with you, like he already translated and needs to just upload it so it won’t take much, but since he says he needs the internet im assuming he needs more than his mobile phone can provide and tbh if he really wanted to post it, he can just use a family/friends internet(like go over) or go to public place(library)…im pretty sure they’re ways around it but like since we still getting 12 chapters a week i don’t mind and just waiting

    2. I was thinking the same xD, the delay is not a big deal, and he probably doesn’t know he can do that.

      Then again, one of the reasons I know is because I live in a 3rd world country where ISPs are SO SHIT, that in order to do my work online I have to rely on the 4G from my phone which is waaaaay better than any ISP here. Which is ironic.

      My theory is that, since it’s a poor country and few people can afford a phone that receives 4G, then the network is not oversaturated like in the normal ISPs. Therefore I get the full value of my 4G, while with normal ISPs you can pay for a 3 or 4mb conection, but half the day you have no internet, and the other half it will be less than 1mb speed, due to oversaturation of the networks. D:

    3. This was brought up on patreon too. Ren said that he can’t connect to his phone’s hot spot from his computer and he doesn’t really know why he can’t since he can connect his iPad to it. Someone else said that it is a driver issue.. But I can’t confirm or deny that since I haven’t bought into the apple ecosystem.

      1. Well I have no interest discussing it here. I you feel like adding to the discussion it is in the chapter. I tried to ask RWX to put an end to the question since he might know more since it might have been clearer in the Chinese and something could have gotten lost in translation

          1. it does count.
            in real time a tenth of a chaos cycle passed, but because of the temporal aceleration he age a full chaos cycle.

            think of it like the time chamber of dragon ball, they age in it too

          2. It literally said in the chapter that only real time counts, not accelerated time…

            Taken directly from chapter 29.

            “When cultivators calculated their lifespans, they calculated based on the ‘real’ time they had spent, excluding the benefits of accelerated time. By now, Ning had spent more than half a chaos cycle in ‘real’ training.”

          1. But in this case shouldn’t his primaltwin technically have more leftover timespan. I know the fact that both will do the daomerge at the same time almost cancels that out but if his true body were to get killed it should be able to live longer.

          2. I see his primaltwin as a copy of his truesoul. The rest is unchanged.
            When it was created, it was through the division and reconstruction of his soul, this it could and should gain his age too.
            This way there shouldn’t be any difference in age, there are just 2 copy of Ning, connected by Karma (and thus killable together by Karmic attacks), one able to use immortal energy only (the primaltwin) and the other able to use also the other sourse of power which now i don’t remember the name and that allows you to use divine abilities.
            Af course, this has not been explained in the novel, so it is just a guess that it doesn’t sound in contrast with the rest, at least to me.
            As for the aging matter, i posted on the chapter, although i am waiting a moderator to approve it, so you may not yet be able to read it. lol.

          3. Well if that was the case all the time his original body is using temporal distortion his primaltwin should do that as well because otherwise it is just wasting time. I think that yes they are of the same origin but the aging of one shouldn’t affect the other since they are already separated.

          4. The age of one produces benefits for the other, so you can’t separate that:
            if the primaltwin uses the temporal acceleration and goes x 108.000 cc for example, the real body would have the double of the time to make his progresses. It would be cheating.
            Of course the death of one doesn’t mean the death of the other, if it is not through “max age”; as for the “present lifespan” i would consider the older of the two to be the real age of both (also because, i repeat, both get benefits from the temporal acceleration).
            Aside that, we have to account that they must perform the trials for the next stage at the same moment which is something else, i would say.

            All guesses anyway. They seem to be coherent to me, no contraddictions that i am able to notice so far.

          5. I already added the daomerge at the same time in the first comment but also that that factor is canceled if the older body dies. We already know that the primaltwin thing is a bit op. But as for your comment about if one of the bodies goes into seclusion and maxes out the time and he gets extra because of that. Do you mean each of them should just have half of the original lifespan. And that if he skipped the temporal distortion he would just reach 50 400 cc each. Because if they could both live for 108 000 it is the same thing as you described, except he doesn’t just waste one by overdrawing its time.

          6. Mh.
            No, all considered my previous thought can be flawed.
            Remembering that we don’t have informations about the lifespan of other people with primaltwin, so i can’t say if the whole CC of Ning are split for each body, or if each has his own indipendent lifespan.

            Going through a parallel rail, i don’t think that the age per se is important (it is important only to count the time limit before the daomerge, cause wheter they have 1 or 100 CC of age, they can appear 30 y/o if they wish), and we should focus on his ability to process the informations and study the techniques in order to sentence if it is a form of “cheating the 108.000 CC before daomerge rule”.

            From this point of view, he would be cheating cause he gets double “brain-power”, but should also be compensated by the fact that he halfed his ability to calculate when he decided to split his soul (after which he restored his abilities in not too much time duo to reaching new heights). Thus we can say that he is getting an advantage if the capacity process of 2 split-yet-recovered-brains are above the one complete brain (no need to spell the cases here, you get it; and we can’t say for sure that he recovered his abilities cause he got better at cultivating or because he could simply restore his faculties while staying at the same level, even if he didn’t step to the higher stage in that moment). This information we don’t have and i have no clue about how to guess, but since it can be both, i prefer to think that it had been halfed, thus the rule of 108.000 CC hadn’t been cheated. The advantage of the Primaltwin would be only the second life opportunity (which is no shit anyway).

            Now if we want to talk again about the age of the primaltwin and real body, overall, it doesn’t matter nor count as cheating if the brain faculties had been halfed, so it can be said that they are indipendent ages, and that if only 1 of the 2 bodies is using the temporal acceleration item then he is wasting time… however, why should we think he uses the time accelaration only with one body? when he uses it with his real body, he naturally uses it also with his primaltwin (before he goes to the badlands territory he doesn’t know that there is a time limit, so it makes sense he “waste” the time of the primaltwin cause he doesn’t know he has to maximaxe it. After he knows about the daomerge he should already have gotten a second one for his primaltwin.. and in the time between he simply is forced to get stronger fastly to kill Old Yuan and escape the Aeonian disciples); aside that, sometimes he experienced stuff with his original body while having only his primaltwin doing the acceleration time, but even if this was “wasting the time of the primal body” it is actually a necessity to stay alive or to get “a stroke of good luck” (like when he studies in the ruin of the battlefield between Site and Cultivators.. the “black starsea” zone or something like that).

            Concluding, the lifespan could have been split or not, i don’t know. The important thing is that if the lifespan hadn’t been split, i prefer to think that the brain faculties had been halfed, while if the lifespan had been split, the brain faculties could be considered normal (and thus doubled cause 2 individuals).

            Damn, the moderator hasn’t yet approved a big post on the chapter. meh. it was about the lifespan of his family.. when he will approve it there will be another “side of this discussion”.

          7. yeah all this is speculations. So there isn’t really any certainty in these comments.

            And yes it is only a countdown till they need to attempt their daomerge or just die because they were to scared to even try.

            And I agree with the part about creating his primaltwin pretty much ment halfing his “brain-power”(cutting his soul in two) but I don’t agree with your assessment after that. (since this is an IET novel) I think every level has a max soul power (brain power) and at the stage where he split his soul his Nuwa painting art or whatever it was called(100% sure it wasn’t called that) was still very good at improving his soul power. Which means that even if he didn’t reach the limit at that time it doesn’t really matter because both bodies were so low leveled at that time so the loss of soul power (brain power) is negligible at this time since it happened so long ago and he was so low level at that time.

            As for the use of temporal distortion treasures after he left the three realms. He brought his only such treasure with is original body and at that time he couldn’t just conger temporal distortions as he can now so we can be pretty sure that his primaltwin didn’t use it until he left his first goody bag after bacoming a daolord iirc.(shouldn’t have been any other visits home before that that we didn’t get to hear about because the opening they had was dangerous even at the world level and that is a big thing to leave out even for IET) But that timespan was still in the hundreds or thousands of years so how much time could he waste? A million years 😛

            But after the goody bag he would be stup*d not to always have his pt in td (got so tired of the long words, can we just use pt and td from now on?) during times of distress.

            The reason I don’t think he has his pt in td all the time his original body is in td is two fold. 1 The pt is his body that is with his family and yes it can take breaks from time to time to spend time with the family but I feel like Ning would want to be with them to much so during peaceful tds his pt wouldn’t do anything different. Especially now that his real body is in a pryna state so the help from the pt would be negligible.

            And I consider the lifespan being split as too big a thing for it not to be mentioned so far so that should be impossible in my opinion. But if what I think is right having a pt is super op.

            I guess the last part was a follow up to my answer to you about the family.( Oh and I hope I still managed to make sense here, I might be a bit inebriated)

          8. Previously, his primaltwin wasn’t using 100x because it didn’t stack with the Censer. Now in current chapter he moves to the Azureflower estate that *does* stack, and thus it is his PT’s lifespan that will be limited by acceleration.
            He could abandon primaltwin and measure by his truebody, but he still plans to have both. (And DO keep in mind that it is about Ji Ning’s in-character plans and expectations. He may encounter other factors down the line too.)

            Also as a general thing, yea, Primaltwin is double the brainpower, with only a temporary weakening right after the split. But he regained the strength pretty fast.

    1. Okaay I’m going to be direct with this. In v37ch19 Ji Ning himself says that because he constantly uses 100x time acceleration he will need to attempt Daomerge after a thousand real chaos cycles.

        1. Actually I’m taking it from reading the machine translation. But he goes on about it for several paragraphs and decisions so it can’t be just a mistranslation.

    2. As I see it, the cause of all the confusion is the phrase “excluding the benefits of accelerated time”, specifically “the benefits”. The “benefits” of accelerated time refers to the fact that not much time passes in the broader Chaosverse–in other words, “benefits of accelerated time” ironically refers to non-accelerated time. I had to think about this carefully but I’m fairly sure that’s what this sentence means. Thus, the time that Ji Ning personally experiences is what counts toward his lifespan–if he spends half a chaos cycle training inside the Azureflower Estate while only a fraction of that time passes in the Chaosverse, he’ll still have aged by half a chaos cycle.

      1. And that was my line of thinking all the time but I only managed to flip back one person that thought the same way first but got confesed by using that resoning.

        1. Its funny that originally to me accelerated time mattered. That had been my theory from the beginning but last chapter coupled with other people’s comment confused the hell out of me. Glad that everything is solved now.

          1. Me too. And yes it was written in a way that could make it confusing. But it gave some entertainment at least 😛

      1. Thanks for the info !!
        The Daolords’ lifespan has been on my mind since that chapter where Hegemons Welkin and Brightshore were talking about the time Ning has spent while cultivating.

        And then I’ve read the comments section of B36C29…
        Boy was I confused.

  1. So, on average at what time does RWX usually post the chapters? Im asking cause im constantly signing to check and that aint efficient

    1. Someone made a browser extension for notifying you when chapters are posted on ww. If you use chrome on your computer, then it might be worth checking out. (Mobile chrome doesnt have browser extensions unfortunately).

        1. Well this seems like a joke comment but just in case since it is hard to tell.

          I was referring to op using language which suggests that Ren would be an idiot. And that is not ok.

          And for the joke, it was great 😀

          1. Yep, I totally agree with you. Like you thought, I was just having fun making a Chinese cultural reference.

  2. Most of the translators that say they can’t post because of lack on internet, in my books just didn’t finish on time however i’ve always given ren the benefit of the doubt that he actually has no internet :c

    1. ikr! like if he said no chapters for the day i’d be like okay and move on with my life, but by saying delay i’m stuck here refreshing the page every min, like i want to do other things but DE comes first!!!

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