DE chapters delayed, laptop stolen (again)

This has been a really bad year for me with electronics. I’m in Hong Kong taking care of some banking issues, and my laptop was lost or stolen a few hours ago. Just managed to get to a wifi spot and am typing this up on phone. I’ll be heading back to Sichuan tomorrow and will somehow redo those chapters so we are still on track, but I’m really, really annoyed right now. 🙁

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  1. I´m impressed about how easy and often someone can lose his electronic devices. -_-
    Really, didnt your parents teach you to look after your stuff?

    And patreon gets really annoying. In the beginning it was a replacement of donations.
    Like: “Use patreon and you can read some chapters in advance as a bonus”.
    Now it´s more like a business “I paid for patreon so i demand chapters”.
    The not posted chapters were for situations like this, so you dont need to translate every single day and can still supply your readers with chapters. Now it´s just “I have to please my patreons”.

    But what im ranting about, im just a leecher thats happy about everything he gets. :p

  2. Sorry to hear that, I don’t know if over there once it’s stolen it’s gone forever but I hope it all turns okay.

    Have a safe trip back and hope patrons are understanding of the situation.

  3. I’m pretty much a klutz when it comes to stuff too. For now, I’m using a set of ‘Tile’ trackers on my laptop, bag, bike, and keys. You should really invest in those things, in case you got robbed or forgot to get your things, you will instantly be notified. I got mine paired to a smartwatch and its really handy.
    I’m not sponsored btw, just find it handy at time.

  4. hope you find it , but as you seem to miss place them a lot , you should may be think of installing or

    off coruse it depends if they try to boot it up or just wipe the hhd , but you never know the intelligence level of the person that took it of the stuff listed above is free some your need to pay for but, at least it may help get it back

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