Custodian of the Glossary Selected!

Hey guys, thank you all for your submissions over the past few days! After reviewing them all, I have come to a decision, and I would like to present to you our Custodian of the Glossary: Sawwas99! Let me also add in an honorable mention to Jin Mori, who was a very, very close second.

I very much appreciated Sawwas99’s style, which found a good balance in having sufficient information to keep the glossary ‘interesting’, but didn’t have anything that I personally would consider to be a ‘spoiler’. I’ve already asked him if he still wants the job, and he’s accepted, so I have transferred Glossary ownership/edit permissions to Sawwas99. Thanks much, Sawwas99! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Custodian of the Glossary Selected!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Haha wasnt trying to dampen your victory just caught it second it was posted and decided not to hit enter on comment hit enter. So was amused that told me posting to fast when i did hit it. Hmm I feel like there will be a CD chapter shortly

  1. Congratulation ! 🙂

    It ease my heart too since i usually am afraid to read glossary in case of some unexpected spoiler… !

    Thank you very very much !

  2. Thanks everyone! I’ll try to update the glossary after every chapter and make sure its spoiler free. But I’ll make sure to still attract the new readers 🙂

    1. it’s to bad that it can’t include a list of the divine artefacts Linley gets, it would have been fun to see, but don’t see how you could do it without spoiling 🙁

          1. Great way of thinking. I was bored and went there and saw a few things that i wasnt supposed to see

  3. Congrats Sawwas99!I would have tried making an entry to practise for school(writing essays,definition is vague I know,but whatever) since we have one that shall be graded in about a month(gotta get 4(B for people in America) if I want to pass with B(for your convenience not writing 4) my mother tongue(a bitch,it is)) but I didn`t really have the time(barely read what I follow as is),nor am I particularly good at describing things 🙁

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