Condemning the Heavens

Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Original – English

Author: Tinalynge
Editor: Melinum
Beta reader: Ben, Soultorrent & Norwegian Viking
Proof reader: Tue

Cover art by: Brettarts

Release Schedule:

Seven guaranteed chapters a week.



In the continent of Chang’an humans had lived as livestock and slaves to the Primordial Beasts. These beasts were ferocious, bloodthirsty and overwhelmingly powerful, but even so, the humans managed to prevail in the face of despair.

As the human race grew stronger the Primordial Beasts fought back with relentless fierceness, rousing beast hordes to engage in frenzied battles over the land.

Every single child on the continent was taught martial arts for the sake of fighting these Primordial Beasts, yet many of them were sent straight to their death.

In this world filled with constant battle, a young boy was born. This young boy was hoping to become the most outstanding cultivator, but who would have thought that his talent was so poor that he could not even cultivate?

As the boy was filled with despair over his unfortunate situation, a life changing event occurred which would forever leave a scar in his mind, pushing him to transcend his limits and grow to become a legend.


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Table of Contents

Book 1: World of Beast

Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: Tiankong City
Chapter 2: Useless Nephew
Chapter 3: Killing the Brave
Chapter 4: Marketplace
Chapter 5: Azure Dragon Scripture
Chapter 6: Dragons and Dogs
Chapter 7: Azure Light Finger
Chapter 8: Forbidden Rush
Chapter 9: Visiting the City Lord
Chapter 10: King of the Mountain
Chapter 11: Trash No More
Chapter 12: Toothless Tiger
Chapter 13: Concoction of Herbs
Chapter 14: Diviners
Chapter 15: Want to be a Monk?
Chapter 16: Wayfarers
Chapter 17: Beast Auction
Chapter 18: Luo Zhirou
Chapter 19: Wang Xiaoyun
Chapter 20: Primordial Beast Blood
Chapter 21: Saving the Ladies
Chapter 22: Blame Him, Blame You
Chapter 23: Dreams
Chapter 24: Masked Experts
Chapter 25: Pursuit in Tiankong City
Chapter 26: A Tearful Goodbye
Chapter 27: Counterattack Begins
Chapter 28: Unveiling the Enemy
Chapter 29: Solid Foundations
Chapter 30: Descent Into Madness
Chapter 31: A Heavenly Warrior Emerges
Chapter 32: He Tong’s Trial
Chapter 33: Temptation
Chapter 34: Departing Tiankong City
Chapter 35: Goodbye Tiankong City
Chapter 36: Fierce Beast Sand Snake
Chapter 37: Killing Intent
Chapter 38: Sacrificial Stab
Chapter 39: Third Layer Earth Warrior
Chapter 40: Genius Camp
Chapter 41: Friendship

40 thoughts on “Condemning the Heavens” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Emperor’s domination is kind of poorly written and is a harem, like, I don’t care much about the writing but being harem…could atleast put a man who was a “blood brother” for the MC atleast one, he always travels with just woman, kinda bothers me.

        1. OT: Looking forward to reading this =)

          ED: That always annoys me as well when it domes to Emperor’s Domination, why the heck only women? MC has mentioned lots of times that he does not care for beauty, yet contradicts himself plenty of times by hes actions.

          Plenty of talented male geniuses have been around which he could have taken under hes wing, but no….fu*k that, need them women 🙂

          1. It’s the attitude of the people that ultimately decide whether they will be with the MC or not, not whether they are male or female. And there are guys following the MC, you just choose to ignore it, which makes your point non-existent.

          2. @Lightsyde: This is what i think after having read it all up to current chapter, if you disagree, fine, disagree all you want.

          3. @Miothan You might hate this but the author has written that the MC does not care if the females that follow him are beauties or not. Did not mention if he prefers females or not. I think this entire comment was written due to your own lack of reading comprehension.

            Furthermore, he’s taken some sneaky dudes and some male creatures as his underlings but you’ve forgotten those. All the other gifted males are not willing to serve under him and rather try to be emperors. It’s just the written style of Eastern Asian styles where males are regarded in a higher light.

          1. It’s the double-standard, author has made MC mention quite a few times that he does not care for beauty simply because he has seen it all, and lived through it all due to how old he is, but the only thing he ever has close by are women that are described as heavenly beauties, it’s quite dumb if you ask me to point out multiple times that beauty is not something he cares about and then proceed to only surround yourself with beauties.

            I read the story and enjoy it, but that part always annoys me, it’s not because of the women, but because author writes one thing and makes MC do another.

        2. Err, ive been reading Emperor for a while now, and i cant see any harem at all, at least the common harem where MC is surrounded with girls all the time. Most of the time he is alone, sometimes he is with his old students/underlings/followers. The only parts where there are girls following him around is before he became the immortal emperor, and they werent even with him all the time. Saying more would spoil the story as of the current translation.

          He doesnt have blood brothers (as far as i have read), if he had any they have all died, remember how old he is. All he has is his students and followers, and maybe his enemies.

  1. This should be the continuation of Overthrowing Fate story right ? Except the MC is the son of his .
    Now that i read the synopsis it seems different ,did you change your mind about that story ?
    I`l give it a try at least .
    Thank You and good luck with this new story .

  2. ola la sipnosis es interesante la historia esta un poco cliche pero se puede mejorar….. en otra palabras estare esperando nuevas actualizacion… por cierto gracias por los esfuerzos

  3. This story starts off quite nicely.
    Okay, who am I kidding, the first 22 Chapters read much better than the first 22 Chapter ISSTH Back in the day. Or most original Chinese for that matter. We’ll see if it keeps that readability and quality up, all the best to the Author!

  4. hello there!
    I just read through all 26 chapters in one go! I like the plot so far and I very much enjoy the great and detailed English!! It is sooooo good to see a novel in English without the repeated “specially” and “extremely” words! I like how detailed and high standard the descriptions are, good volcab, interesting story… would bang! 😀

  5. read all chapters to date(39) and its good so far .Unfortunately it`s becoming less mysterious and more common ,a bit predictable .Lets hope it gets a bit more intense in its depth ,and a bit more on the losing side instead of constantly winning every thing and time.
    After all only true “dragons” can overcome a fall from great heights .

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