Create Your Own Martial Soul Contest Submissions Now Open!

Hi readers, submissions for the “create your own martial soul” contest are now open from today, March 15th, to the 25th! This is a trial run for the contest and if things go well, I may run it once every month or two with a new theme and modified rules. There will be two cash prizes of $20 this time. One will be awarded to whoever wins the vote at the after the voting period, while the other will be picked however I see fit.

Come read Legend of the Dragon King if you’re interested!

This month’s theme is fire. The rules, guidelines, and templates are below. 

Here are the rules and guidelines of the contest:

  • Each person is only allowed one entry
  • Entries must contain all the required information listed below
  • Entries must be original and not plagiarized
  • Submit entries in the “March Martial Soul” subforum found here.
  • Entries will be judged on how interesting they are, not how powerful or broken they are.
  • The winners of the contest will be paid via Paypal.

Create your own martial soul with the following template:

  • Name
  • System
  • Description
  • At least five soul rings which will follow the optimal, non-broken configuration: YYPPBBBBR.
    • Yellow, Yellow, Purple, Purple, Black, Black, Black, Black, Red.
    • Up to three soul rings can be taken from the novels.
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Optional: Origin
  • Optional: Artwork
  • Optional: Spirit souls

Example Template:
Martial Soul: Bluesilver Grass

System: Control System

Description: Bluesilver Grass is a grass found throughout the continent. It is a tool soul and is considered a trash soul by most people.

Soul Rings (soul rings 4 and 5 are completely made up):

  1. Bind: Traps the target with Bluesilver Grass.
  2. Parasite: Sends seeds into the targets body and causes paralysis.
  3. Spider Web Restraint: Throws Bluesilver Grass with the style and function of spider webs at the target. It is extremely durable and possesses both a poisonous and corrosive effect.
  4. Bluegolden Whip: An extremely durable whip with metallic properties.
  5. Crimsonsilver Overgrowth: Grass grows everywhere, finishing with a flaming explosion.

Strengths: Bluesilver Grass grows everywhere, so the user is attuned to their surroundings better. It is also highly compatible with all types of soul rings and is easily influenced to mutate.

Weakness: It is exceedingly weak and most users of Bluesilver Grass have extremely low soul power levels. It is difficult to cultivate.

It is harder to find batches of Bluesilver Grass within urbanized areas.

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          1. I have tried to submit again, 6 or 7 times already, even created a new account to submit the same work but nothing works, after i click on the post button a prompt would appear stating
            Your discussion will appear after it is approve.
            Can i email it to you instead?

  1. it’s already old thread from edited September 2016 IoI and we can’t do anything in there.

    i hope they soon realized it and posted the new address 😀

  2. I made an artwork in my PC but I can’t seem to upload it. Uploading process is there but it does not show up in the article :'(
    its not in HTML, its in PNG and Jpeg since I made it in PS.

  3. I lack imagination but so be it for this is the will of the heavens! If karmatic fortune overturns fate, then I shall reign supreme and if not, then let the rivers subside as the mountains bury me into rest as I await for the next martial soul contest!

    1. I think for the next martial soul contest, please make the post in the WW forum and create a link here so the comment will be focused only on martial soul. Can’t wait for the next contest 🙂

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