Count Me Trolled

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wowowowow.  I have to admit it.  You guys just trolled the HECK out of me.

After finally clearing that massive queue y’all hit me with last week on my ‘off’ day and loudly proclaiming, ‘QUEUE CLEARED!’  I was feel pretty cocky, y’know?  Didn’t have much of a chance to chat with you guys on the comments/forum, because I was in and out of conferences all day today.  Only now did I have the chance to check my email until just now.  And what do I see?  Well…you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words?  Yeah…

Current Donors List
Thanks to Mangochic, JE of California, adderz, MSMD of Malaysia, Cloudex, and ZW of Ontario for clearing the queue for Chapter 33!

Thanks to AS of the Maldives for clearing the queue for Chapters 34 and 35!

Thanks to WHY of Vancouver for clearing the queue for Chapters 36 and 37!

Thanks to WB of Texas, JJ of Illinois, OD of Germany, and GH of Arizona for clearing the queue for Chapter 38!

Thanks to DG of Germany for clearing the queue for Chapters 39-41!

Thanks to DG of Germany, KI of Denmark, and The Fallen one for clearing the queue for Chapter 42!

Thanks to JR of Illinois for clearing the queue for Chapter 43!

Thanks to JR of Illinois, MP of Slovakia, and Wackytom for clearing the queue for Chapter 44!

Thanks to TheLeecher for clearing the queue for Chapters 45 to 51!

Thanks to TheLeecher, Interitus, Xephon, DK-Germany, DestinyRaider, WH of the Netherlands, CB of Ohio, PR of Germany, lolandylol, Blackbirdy, and for clearing the queue for Chapter 52!

I think I’ve been traumatized and will never, ever, EVER, have the courage to say ‘queue cleared’ again.  Ever.  囧囧囧囧囧.  Doing all the math (because I don’t want anyone’s contribution to be overlooked at all) took me around 20 minutes, because I was double and triple checking!

Seriously, thanks you guys.  I’m humbled by your generosity and the love that you have for this story, as I do.  I will keep the pace up for you guys.  Pinky promise!

EDIT – Oh my goooooooooooood! THELEEEECHER!!!!!

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        1. Wait I’ve got a brilliant Idea what if every reader gave him like 0.8$ each? it would be like some of the auctions in LMS where it goes up by a won but this time by a percent =).

          1. Paypal charges 0.3$ for small transactions (in reality this 0,8 would be 0,5) so it would be counterproductive. It would be better to amass money on one or two secured accounts and send it through there. For example with help of somebody who already donated a lot, just so we can be sure its 100% safe 🙂

  1. Donations where at 45 dollars about two hours ago was going to go get a prepaid card to try to donate look back again over $1000 donated. wow. thanks downers and thank overlord ren.

  2. Well, you know the old saying, “no rest for the wicked”… Which begs the question, are you killing kittens in your free time or something, Ren? 😉

    Best of luck with the new queue, try not to go insane in your fight against it. 🙂

    1. ok this is weird the paypal thing won’t switch the province to “state” and its calling my credit card incomplete D:
      nvm situation controlled ;D
      2000% BABY

          1. LOL OMG!!!!!!! damn i just need to registered to express how hard im laughing right now!!!
            It’s super crazy!!! I only donate twice and it’s not worth mentioning but after seeing this i just can’t stay behind anymore… I need to join your community and follow the leecher’s examples!
            The mortals are ready to ascend overlord Ren!!! You better finish your 2nd and 3rd stage Universe fast!!!

          1. hmm he is an insult to all leechers on the universe. I think he should stop using name “TheLeecher” anymore.

            That being said, not only that, I suggest you (TheLeecher) add “Saint” as your title for being so generous. with more effort you’ll be ready to ascent to “Deity” level. So stop using ordinary poor mortals name!! (For your own convenience)

        1. Although I took no part in this I have to say I didn’t think that you would clear the queue so fast and apparently I was right because just as you do people seem to instantaneously want to add more to it. It might also be a good Idea to take my earlier advice and pause the queue until you catch up then open up the flood gates when you’re ready to take on more chapters.

    2. ………………DAYUUUUUM!

      TheLeecherNoMore*! I thought you were conspicuously absent from comments, but it turns out you were planning the biggest surprise trainwreck for Ren.

      Thank you, and thank you to every other donor for contributing to a great novel and an amazing translator!

  3. Haha. Looks like Ren is gonna have to pull more 4 chapter weekends >w<
    The queue still seems to be increasing.
    I read over the comments and it seems like the influx of donations has urged some others to want in as well.
    GL Ren. Don't die xD
    (Although I know I am dying of laughter as I'm typing this)

        1. Dammit if this Volume wasn’t soo long. Ren would’ve been able to do 2 volumes in one month ALONE. That souns so stressing and godlike to me. Considering the amount of chapters left, by tuesday we should be done w/ this volume

    1. 囧 I physically not on a work day. Already doing 7-8 hours of work, 10+ hours of translation, and 5-6 hours of sleep. I literally, physically, cannot do another chapter.

      1. Please don’t overwork yourself man. I don’t want you to get sick from exhaustion. Just do the best you can. The community and me included are sure that you can take a 1-day break if you need, just make sure to inform us , so we don’t overreact. 😛

          1. But if you do take a break, beware the revenge of the donators (don’t know why I keep using star wars title)

        1. if you have read he’s comments he has to tripple check the donations and add them to the counter and from the comments you can see those “i will donate too” comments that seems to pop out every few minutes and he’ll have to start counting and checking again

          just noticed that the donation meter decresed by 70$ did some1 take back their donation?

  4. Well done donors, this will make for a good bit of reading for a while. On a side note thanks for all your hard work translating for us, the fans so we can read more of this excellent series. Good luck, don’t die, all those well wishes!

  5. Rofl I hope Ren is coping well with the shock 😀 . I don’t think he was expecting this sort of response from everybody.

    I have to say theLeecher made my day with that comment, I couldn’t stop laughing.

  6. approx $10,000 made translating this series. Can’t say it’s a lot but it definitely isn’t a little either. I really hope you’ll do something productive with the money besides paying off things you need to pay off etc. But that’s why I suggested actually start a publishing business out of this. Recruiting people to help translate your favorite series, spreading it around globally by offering many different languages, able to give the author money for creating the stories. Having a huge pretty website with all the different books offered. Getting a team of people together so different options can be thought up.

    Sigh anyways P.S. You can look into things like tapjoy. A single person can easily give you about $5 using it for maybe about an hour.

    Double P.S. @theleecher what do you do for a living that you can donate $2000 just like that? o.o

  7. Holy mother of jesus….this shows how much we’re addicted to this…And i like it!Even i decided to donate!

    Thank you for the hard work Ren!
    And thank you donators!

  8. MY Goodness I was eating and almost spat my food out when I got the notice of this message (since I started laughing) when I got done (and got home) went to post a message of my own it suddenly jumped higher good Leech God my sides hurt from laughing so hard both from your reaction and Joy of 20+ chapters in queue.
    As a side note looks like your 1 hr break of “Cleared Queue” while at your “Real Job” is all your getting for the next week or so. Since that is more than 80 hrs of translating ahead and looks like more will be coming.
    P.S. Good God TheLeecher you have become a Deity Donor.
    And sheesh so many Saint Ranked Donors and 9th Ranked donors came out of training to make themselves known.
    My the Overload Translator Ren grace us with the boon of chapter for a while and not harm his health.

  9. my suggestion?

    release all of them at once i mean before we can wait a least a week for 2 free chapters so why not just release them all at once? translate all of it for a week or two…

    also you can have free from the burden of translating 3-4 chapters per day and can have more breaks if you release them all in one go.

    also why not just wait for donator’s to complete the queue for a whole book or half the chapters of the book rather than per chapter?

    it’s fun to read a whole book/Volume rather than wait for 3-4 per day 😀

    1. People have different tastes 😀

      I think the majority will prefer having their daily fixes. It is a drug after all, waiting too long = withdrawal and permanent damage to the mind.

    2. Hi kidopitz27, thanks for registering and joining the community! I’ve seen this suggestion come up every so often, but I think the community in general likes the daily releases better!

  10. Someone should invite Motar2k from cs:go to this community, maybe if he will enjoy this novel he will comple the donations for whole 800 chapters? He easily donate more than $100k in there though..

  11. I think we can easily say your fans have spoken and they are wanting tons of chapters as soon as possible……just don’t hurt or burn yourself out.

    …..With that said, Thanks donors for all the chapters. I’ll make sure to add to the queue tomorrow when I get paid.

    1. Oh wow. I just saw your donation. Thank you so much, EODBull! Looking through the posts, it looks like I didn’t welcome you when you first signed up because you posted three times (so I thought I had already welcomed you). Let me officially thank you for being a fan and for your support! 🙂

  12. Woah! Ren, I guess, today, not only did you reach a milestone in the translated chapters, clear the queue for an hour or so, but you also reach the highest amount of donations in 24hours. This can’t even compare to when you took a day off. The amount just go through the roof.

  13. Was reading fan fictions over tonight since i thought there won’t be any new chapters as the queue is cleared.. but wow was i wrong o.O. Thank you for all the donators, and thank you ren for the massive amount of upcoming work you have to do lol !! p(*^-^*)q p(*^-^*)q . Hmm hmm.. payday incoming hmm hm.. ψ(`∇´)ψ ψ(`∇´)ψ ψ(`∇´)ψ.. .

  14. I’m not sure who the culprits are, but

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    It makes me glad to know that there are people who are able to give to such a worthy cause.

    All Hail Donators!

    All Hail Ren!

  15. Honestly what he does with the donations is up to him, although as it stands he really can’t do much with it unless he takes a vacation from his real job. He just doesn’t have time.

    With that said thank you for spending time translating.

    M.Y. – Texas

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