Continued Iteration on Front Page

As you see, on the new front page, we’ve now made it so that five of the most recent posts will show up, directly below the ‘list’ part; this should make it more responsive to our crazy power users who reload XXX times a day. This has almost no impact on pageload, so it seems like a good initial compromise. We will also be working on making the ‘list’ more useful with custom fields, so that in addition to the ‘xx hours ago’, there will also be something like ‘B21C40’ :). Thanks for bearing with us, peeps!

32 thoughts on “Continued Iteration on Front Page” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I was okay with the layout for the desktop browser, but it made getting the most recent chapters a lot worse for mobile phone. This new update will be a great compromise. Thank you.

    1. I believe it is Desolate Era, at least afaik he more or less overtook it as the previous translator did not have the time 😉 (And I hope for them to be released more regularly)

  2. The new Front Page is….. fine. A change that benefits the translators is a good thing.

    Now we need something to benefit the readers, right? I suggest web-based “bookmarks”, if possible. It would encourage more people to register.

    The format could be a user panel extremely similar to the Front Page, just displaying the “last read” chapter instead of the most recently posted.


  3. Registered just now, so thanks for all your work so far.

    So, about my suggestions for the new front page:
    It would be nice if it would mark only updates, that I haven’t seen yet.
    Also, if I could chose which series I’m reading, and it would mark only those.
    Probably both of these are difficult, but it may be worth the effort. Even like this, I very much like the new front page, it made my life a lot easier.

  4. Yay! I’m happy, because this was my suggestion. Probably other people’s too. It’s much better than it was before.
    I might also suggest moving the “Announcements” section to the very top or bottom of the list, since it isn’t an actual series. 😛

  5. Hey, there is also something you guys might have forgotten to add. Which is “older post” ,i mean when i try to read some older post/announcement of CD , i just can’t because i can’t see the older post/announcement click anywhere.

  6. Also, maybe you could find a way to simplify the pages for mobile, so that it takes less data….

    Then the page might seem a bit better….

    All the cluttering and having too much on each page is more of a problem for mobile than on laptops and what not…

    Also, maybe find a way to hide comments and notifications on the web version of this site when reading the chapters…

    cause I’m wasting my limited data seeing “Support CD” and those comments when I can’t even use those buttons or deal with the comments….

    Less is more for mobile….

  7. i’m really happy about the new change, since i’m one of those who can’t keep reloading front page every other second…

    keeping the five latest posts on the front page seems like a good idea, but if you do that, it might also be better to put the new list below those posts. someone said in a side bar, but i like that i can se the latest posts in that category when i click on the list item, and that wouldn’t really fit in a side bar.

    (reading on phone)

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