Condemning The Heavens Chapter 0-20


Hello, I am back!

With me is Condemning the Heavens, my new story. I have released 21 chapters today and will be releasing one chapter a day starting tomorrow, so if you have the time, please try out my new story. It might start out quite cliche-like, but I promise that it will become very unique as time goes by.


Here is a link to the index page where you can find the summary and other information

Chapter 0: Prologue


I hope you will try it!


27 thoughts on “Condemning The Heavens Chapter 0-20” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. Her other 2: blue phoenix (8books) and overthrowing fate (3books) were both good. Horribly edited but good stories.
          If I remember the note at the end of the 3rd book of overthrowing fate, this new series is supposed to be set later on in the same timeline. So you might want to go read the 3 overthrowing fate books first. They’re on amazon for a few bucks. If you can get past the editing they’re worth reading.

  1. So I like what I have read so far, but I really dislike that clichee where everybody who can’t cultivate is absolute trash/garbage.
    Like there is a handful of cultivators, the rest are housewifes/merchants or whatever, but as soon as you can’t be a cultivator, you are trash that even a homeless man spits on.

  2. Is this the next part in the “overthrowing fate” universe? Cos the synopsis dont really match the one given in the afterword of overthrowing fate. Anyway, will give it a read!

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