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Hey guys, sorry for going quiet yesterday and today; after my new computer arrived, I did an upgrade install to Windows 10, and there had been some ongoing quirks with the TCP protocol throwing up errors that made my VPN not work. I planned to try and fix it…but then somehow ended up completely killing my network connections. Took me until now to fix it, and that only because of a complete clean reinstall from Windows (which was harder than you might think, mainly because I’m in China and nothing was playing nice). Anyhow, I’m spending the next 5 hours before I sleep on DE. Expect one chapter in 2 hours and the next chapter 3 more hours after that. Thanks for your patience.

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    1. I agree, Windows 10 sucks. Even free, i won’t upgrade. I really wish more AAA games would be released for Linux, or I wish Sony or Google would release a PC OS for gaming.. I hate Microsoft, i wish I could boycott them, but unfortunately I love PC games and I don’t want my extensive Steam library to become useless. So unfortunately, here I am typing from a Windows 7 PC. Sigh… 🙁

      1. Windows Ten is fine………..(Drinks a shot of whiskey)……….I don’t know why you dislike it……….(Drinks a shot of whiskey)……..heek……..

        Seriously though aside from the GUI tools being a bastardized Linux fork it’s a decent operating system. You just have to be willing to learn powershell and be willing to use command line tools like a server tech to get a job done. About the only thing I dislike on it is that some programs that really are junk have been granted essential status. So even if you force them out using the package management system the next OTA update will reinstall them…….an hour later cuz there are to freaking many OTA updates.

        1. lol how come everyone has problem with windows 10? and why are you guy constantly upgrading a windows? there really is no point in constant upgrade be like me:
          1- install a OS…
          2- upgrade it to the place i need to get my games,software,etc working…
          3- clean junk programs(i mean some of these programs don’t serve any daily needs xD)
          4- completely close the update manager on OS…
          5- happily ever after~!!!

          1. He was talking about Linux, not windows.

            I never tried it, but windows 7 always worked perfectly for me. xD
            But seeing how many ppl have problems with it, I’m reluctant to ‘upgrade’. (If it works perfectly, there is no need to fix it)

  1. Thanks for the update, hope everything goes smoothly for you.. The important question is, did you lose your save files for the games you must have been playing on that kick-ass gaming PC? lol

  2. Glad to hear you got it working again, Ren. And I’ve never had problems with Windows 10, unlike the two people above me, I guess. I’d be interested to hear what actually happened if you’re a person with a Windows 10 disaster story.

  3. For a while I was like did ren forget DE, but then I realized there is no way our glorious leader, ren, would forget chapters twice in one week.

    So I assumed one of two things happened,

    1) too much porn screwed up your new comp,

    Or the far more likely

    2) those fiends from the f5 sect have taken ren hostage, and want the other translators to post more chapters or ren get’s it.

    Now clearly this “ren” is a fake, I motion we purged the f5 sect once and for all. We must rally under one banner and unite lands to cleanse the world of this great evil known as the f5 sect.

    1. I think you are behind the attack against Leader Ren… that way you could attack the F5 sect.

      A investigation must be done. What you have done disrupted the flow of translation.

      1. Recant thy words. I am a believer of the doctrine of Ren, to claim such is to accuse me of heresy. I dare say that not only am I not a heretic, but you are a blasphemer and a heretic for implying as such.

        Burn on the cross of translation for your sins. Your burn flesh will sate the hunger of our glorious leaders

          1. The sins crawl on their backs, a reckoning shall be had. They claim they are justice, there is no justice in this world. I will pierce through their falsehoods, my cruelty is the only kindness they will know.

            Down with f5

  4. I have never had a good experience upgrading windows, both times (vista to 7, 7 to 10), on separate laptops, there were massive problems and I just gave up. Just bought a new laptop with the new version pre-installed.

  5. Ignore the heathens Windows Ten is fine the fact that you used a copy you bought in China however?!?!?! hehehehehehe

    Silly RWX didn’t you realize you can give a shout out and probably trade clean install media for a chapter? It would just have to beat the customs guys so matryoshka nesting doll shipment. A thumb drive in a saxophone maybe?

  6. Thanks for the update, god do I know how annoying it can be when there are network issues, and you still have the mindset to translate 2 chapters after that ? You’re really great ^^

    1. Okay 2 hrs up. hmmm why hasn’t the chapter gone up? Surely ren coul…… *suddenly realizs something*
      Binge sect unite!!! The Yongflame clan have become too audacious. They dare kidnap our translator! Very well we will show them meaning of the words annihilation!!!!

  7. I think I used this excuse in middle and high school when I was supposed to upload an essay or other homework… My internet is down so I couldn’t upload the homework.

    1. Yes. This.

      He should have spent MORE money to get the same hardware. Everyone knows this is the only real way to win the game of life. Throw your money at apple. Their stuff looks nice. It’s aesthetically pleasing. Also, because you’re paying more to get the same hardware you can use it like a status symbol!

      The last product apple made that was worth buying was the ipod classic. When they discontinued production of the ipod classic the price in the secondary market exploded. Guess why? Because new models of ipods cost more and come with LESS storage space. People wanted an mp3 player with enough room for their music, instead they got a (small) fraction of the storage along with a touch screen and and apps that many people don’t give two shits about. You know they’ve only just recently started releasing high capacity ipod touches, YEARS later.

      Apple in a nutshell. If that nutshell is really half a nutshell and still costs more than the other nutshells on the market.

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