Come unlock some bonus WW chapters in honor of Chinese New Year!

Gong xi fa cai everyone! Have you heard of the volare CNY event where you can point and click your way to unlocking bonus chapters of some of your favorite WW novels?

The rules and introduction of the event are here, but basically it’s answering some trivia questions for bonus chapters. If the majority votes correctly, then YAY bonus chapters!

Voting ends in four days, so get your votes in! We’ve got bonus chapters from

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, translated by doubledd: Click me for questions!

Red Storm, translated by miraclerifle: Click me for questions!

Talisman Emperor, translated by InVader: Click me for questions!

Sovereign of the Three Realms, translated by moi: This is a milestone reward, unlocked by a certain # of votes. So come toss a few votes here and remind your fellow daoists to play!

May everyone eat lots of yummy food and receive tons of red envelopes!

<3 etvo

19 thoughts on “Come unlock some bonus WW chapters in honor of Chinese New Year!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. I too tried several times to find the SOTR quiz. *facepalm*

        When i realised it was by votes, i m still looking for where to vote.

        Etvo, wish to support your event but apologies, I’m too noob. Lol

        Anyway i browsed through other novels’ quizzes n answered one quiz where i thot i would get mostly correct answers althou i don’t read that novel. Hope i didn’t cause any harm!

        1. It’s just # of votes overall, so it doesn’t matter which quiz you’re voting in. 🙂 We crashed through the first milestone last night, soooo SOTR awaits!

        2. I also don’t know where to vote, and didn’t dare to ask again less people think I am too dumb 😀
          After reading multiple times from the website and comments, now I understand what “vote” means.

          Btw, it seems weird if we want to get bonus SOTR but depends on total votes from different novel. What if we don’t know other novel so majority choose wrongly just to get number of votes, it will cause harm for other novel bonus chapter which depend on majority of correct answers.

  1. It’s either InVader has translated the title wrongly, or the author doesn’t know how to write a “talisman emperor” novel. My two cents are on the latter.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hundred and some chapters which I’ve read, but I took a break for no real reason. Now can anyone tell me, does the main character return to talisman crafting or is it still shelved? I remember it was completely unmentioned for a few dozen chapters. I guess I’ll resume reading if there’s more talisman stuff? Not so hyped otherwise.

    1. In some of the last posts InVader added a comment saying that the talismans were going to be back to the plot at around chapter 231, 4 more chapters from what has been translated so far.

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