COL Volume 5: Chapter 5

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Volume 5: Chapter 5 – A Pair of Puppets

Ma Ke continued to say, “I’ve known you for about six to seven years already. To be honest, I am a person who isn’t good at expressing himself. I can’t cheer you up with words, so I just love you silently. However, now I know what true love is. I am confident in saying that you are the one whom I love the most in my life. In the academy, just by sneaking peeks at your familiar figure, I felt very fulfilled . If I ever have the fortune of hearing you speak without blaming me, it will be the happiest day of my life. I have always thought that you’d understand me one day and then willingly fall into my arms to become my bride. However, Feng Liang appeared, and my dreams slowly shattered. I knew that my chances with you were diminishing more and more. You minded me even lesser. My heart felt as though it has been painfully pierced by you time and time again.”  

Mu Zi and I were deeply moved as Ma Ke mournfully described the depths of the feelings he had for Hai Yue. Mu Zi’s tears had dampened my shoulder.

“Now, I have completely awoken from my dream. From what you’ve said, I understand that I will never have a chance. Haha. (His smiles were even harder to bear than his tears). I have awoken, completely awoken! Hai Yue, you can stop worrying. I, this piece of sticky rice cake, won’t cling to you anymore. You will not need to be troubled by me ever again. I only want to tell you this. What Boss Zhang Gong said isn’t a lie, but the truth. The Ri family leader, Si Feng Ri’s, evil nature was exposed when he was being beaten by Zhang Gong. Please don’t think I’m lying, but Boss Zhang Gong has already reached the Magister level. I was also there when they fought. Do you still remember the fight between Boss and Feng Liang? That last move by Feng Liang, that sign still hasn’t woken you up? Even though I already don’t have a chance, I still hope that you will find a good partner. Finally, I hope that you will stay happy and blissful, forever.” After saying that, Ma Ke turned and ran away.

Just as I was about to chase after him, Ma Ke’s voice carried over, “Boss, I want to calm down by myself. I’ll return by tomorrow morning.”

I sighed heavily. Hai Yue looked as though she had become a block of wood and remain seated motionlessly.

Si Wa’s voice rang out, “I can also prove that what Ma Ke said was true. My teacher was at that match. He even praised Zhang Gong’s strong magic power. Hai Yue, if you still don’t believe that it is true, you can also ask your grandfather.” He was carrying two unknown wild animals back.

Hai Yue suddenly screamed out, “Stop talking! You all just stop talking!” Turning around, she ran away. One ran off and so did the other… Mu Zi said, “She is just having a tough time accepting the truth right now. I’ll go and watch over her. You can prepare the meals first.”  

In this kind of situation, who still had the mood to eat? Si Wa tossed the wild animals aside and sat down. He said, “When I just came back, I heard what Ma Ke said. I never knew that he has such strong feelings.”

I replied, “Not just you, even I did not really know the depth of his love. The wound this time is too deep. You tell me, how are we going to compete? Two are already experiencing psychological problems. Oh right! I haven’t had the time to ask you this. How was the situation like when you previously participated in the competition?”  

Si Wa said with lingering fear, “To be honest, I really didn’t want to participate. Even though my abilities have increased since then, those who can’t withstand their opponents will end up helping the lunatics.”


“That’s right! There are lunatics. You wouldn’t know, but for the sake of defeating our academy, the other seven academies have sent out their best line-up. And not just that, once they start fighting, they will be extremely reckless. Though their powers aren’t great, you won’t be able to withstand what they will do for the sake of victory. Do you know why the three from our academy were seriously injured during the previous competition?”

I asked, “Why?”

Si Wa looked frightened and said, “Those three students were injured by the opponent’s life magic.”

I was startled. “What? Life magic? They were really that desperate?”

Si Wa nodded. “I remember how the previous water mage, Magic Scholar Nan Si’s serious injury was precisely caused by a Great Mage’s life magic. Even though senior Nan Si won the match, his leg….”

It looked like I needed to review the competition. It was more terrifying than I had anticipated. It’s fine if it were me, but the most terrifying outcome would be if Mu Zi or anyone else were to be hurt.

Si Wa continued to say, “So once the competition starts, we must fight with all our might from the start and not give our opponents the chance to retaliate. Otherwise, they will all use life magic and stake their lives just to try and defeat us. We will be the ones that suffer heavily if it comes to that.”

I nodded. It could only be that way now.

“Alright! Let’s stop talking about this. Zhang Gong, how shall we prepare the game?”

I sighed, “After what has happened, who will be in the mood to eat? Let’s just release them. I have some rations. We should rest after eating some.”

After a long time, Mu Zi and Hai Yue came back. Hai Yue looked really depressed. The moment she came back, she went to her assigned position and slept. Though before she slept, she looked at Ma Ke’s empty bed.

I wanted to ask Mu Zi about Hai Yue, but she looked exhausted. After she took the food I passed to her, she ate it quickly and went straight to bed. They all fell asleep while I stayed up to be the night vigil. Throughout the entire night, Ma Ke still hadn’t come back. Dawn came. Just as I was getting worried about Ma Ke, he returned. His appearance gave me a shock. In the space of one night, his originally bright red hair had dulled to an ash red.”

I ran forward and grabbed his arm. He looked at me with lifeless eyes. “Boss, we should head off.”

I asked, “What happened to you?”

Ma Ke faintly smiled and said, “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me.”

I frowned. “With you like this, how can I not worry?” I took out some food and water from my spatial space and forced him to eat it. After that, I woke up the team to start heading out.

Mu Zi was startled when she saw Ma Ke’s appearance. I held her back and waved my hands frantically at her.

When everyone had woken up, Hai Yue saw Ma Ke’s appearance and her entire body shuddered. Wordlessly, she just quietly ate the dry food.

The journey on the second day was worse than the first, as even Ma Ke didn’t talk now. After walking for half a day, we reached a small town. Mu Zi, Si Wa and I discussed for a while and decided to find an inn to rest. The conflict within the team was extremely terrible. How were we going to participate in the competition?

Ma Ke and Hai Yue had become blockheads. They didn’t say anything as they followed us. They did whatever they were told to, just like puppets. I had tried to persuade Ma Ke, but I soon realized that his heart seemed to have died. I could only hope that time will cure everything. It looked like bringing Hai Yue on the team for  this competition is a wrong decision.

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  1. Teenagers -_-

    Ma Ke was an idiot for basically getting a bad impression from the girl he liked to the point that she hated him, but Hai Yue is also an idiot for falling in love with the wrong person (though to be fair, teens in love are often idiots).

    But aren’t people being too hateful towards Hai Yue? Sure, she doesn’t want anything to do with Ma Ke, but so what? He should have just left her alone. She doesn’t want to be with him.

    He kept on stalking her and bothering her and building bad impressions for years…. frankly, her hating him isn’t strange at all.

    And then MC bullies her boyfriend…

    How many people hated Xiao Wu when she acted badly towards that all strength kid who kept on confessing to her and always tried to fight Tang San in Douluo Dalu until Tang San beat his dad?

    The situation isn’t all that different except Strength kid moved on and Ma Ke didn’t.

    Honestly, if she were the MCs friend and Ma Ke was some random guy, then we would probably have hated Ma Ke… gotta remember, he’s on the MCs side, so we see things from Zhang Gong’s Point of view and see all the events from his side.

    1. I find their relationship kinda annoying (but well teen first loves). But I don’t agree the comparison between Ma ke and the monkey from Douluo Dalu.
      First, even if he is a little annoying, Ma Ke doesn’t do anything (remember how he couldn’t even talk in front of her). The monkey kid wasn’t leaving, he was continuously asking Wia Wu.
      Second, she found a boyfriend, he was sad but didn’t do anything like trying the fight the boyfriend (and in contrary to Douluo Dalu, i think Ma ke could win)
      Third, monkey kid got his ass kicked one time, father and grandfather came to fight a kid. Ma Ke got his ass kicked practically every day for years, he never asked for his father (the freaking prince of the country and future emperor).

      So Ma Ke is a lot better than Monkey kid (but you can’t compare, one if part of the Main support characters, the other was a canon fodder for one arc and maybe appeared latter has lackey).

    2. Anyways, for this love story, these two have like 90% of chances to finish together (this or she does something stupid and die, or she does something stupid and Ma Ke dies trying to protect her). Oh and the 90% are she does something stupid, Ma Ke is gravely hurt trying to protect her but survive and they finish together.

        1. Well i know it’s one of his first work, it explains why some parts are so predictable (the plan where MC want to seduce the girl for reject her, we all knew he was going to fall in love).
          But I still hope some plot twist even if it’s really unlikely (like Mu Zi, by now even retard must thinks she is the magic race princess, if she wasn’t after all the suspicion built, it would be so fun. And in the same way, the death of Ma Ke would be really surprising).

    3. Great analysis of the characters emotions and the events that have taken place. I like how your view of what takes places is objective and not subjective. Moving I can’t wait to read Zhang Gong being heartbroken by Mu Zi’s real identity. I feel that I’be come to loathe the MC and his companions as the story has progressed. I like both Hai sisters though.

    4. well lets be honest he didn’t bully her bf he just wanted 2 prove he is strong and picked some random guy and second her bf attacked him with and evil spell thats why he had 2 hurt him and even thou she know that she went and attacked him with a spell its like wtf ??
      and her every ward or move just makes me hate her more (thats personal thou) but over all ye she is still annoying 😛

    5. I notice you have many contentious comments on many WNs… So let me try and reply for once.

      Ma Ke hasn’t been stalking her.
      Since Hai Ri said he needed to be stronger than Hai Ri, he didn’t approach her as much. Also, when Zhang Gong came back, we saw that he stopped approaching her as he knew that she already had a lover; meaning he became less persistent over the years, not more!
      Just because he never stopped loving her doesn’t mean he’s a stalker.

      He has clearly changed a lot, but Hai Yue’s opinion of him is stuck on her first impression; and there’s not much wrong with this.
      What does make Hai Yue disagreeable is how she’s so hypocritical and how she likes to blame Ma Ke for everything just because he takes it all without complaint. For example, during the duel between Zhang Gong and Feng Liang; she accused Ma Ke of asking Zhang Gong to injure Feng Liang. It was clear that Feng Liang was the one that went berserk, and Zhang Gong even held back near the end so he had enough mana to heal Feng Liang afterwards. Even Feng Liang himself acknowledged this fact!

      Xiao Wu didn’t treat them poorly in the same way Hai Yue treats Ma Ke. Ma Ke and the strength kid were roughly the same in the beginning. The difference is Ma Ke eventually stopped being annoying, but still liked Hai Yue, whereas the strength kid moved on; not simply that the strength kid moved on.
      I’m pretty sure no one was particularly hateful toward Hai Yue while Ma Ke was still being annoying.
      And also, no one was saying good things about Xiao Wu around those chapters… or much at all across the series, iirc…

    6. I don’t think it’s the fact that she keeps on rejecting Ma Ke, but the fact that she’s so godamn stubborn and doesn’t listen at all. Then you add that on-top of her hating and rejecting Ma Ke.

      Now, you can’t really blame Ma Ke though. He first met Hai Yue, at like, (whatever age it was, I forgot) and he was just a kid. He didn’t know nothin’ bout love. All he knew was that he was attracted to a girl and went up to talk to her, though, in the end he got thrashed. Which automatically gave him a first bad impression. Then he continuously tried to talk to her, never giving up, and in the end got nothing but hate.

  2. I want Zhang Gong to go Aang on her but and use his spatial magic to take all of her magic cultivation from her and crush it like a fatality in Mortal Combat. While telling her “I never cared about your emotions, all you’ve been is a nuisance. Start all over and this time don’t be such a Twat!”

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