COL Volume 5: Chapter 4

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Volume 5: Chapter 4 – Heart Breaking Confession

The coldness that Hai Yue had displayed caused the team’s atmosphere to become somewhat awkward, and as a result, Ma Ke didn’t dare to go near her again. The first day of the journey quickly came to an end.

We had travelled about 100 km (and utilised magic in isolated areas). There were no village or shops in the near distance. Since the sky was already pitch black, I told Si Wa Ming, “Brother Si Wa Ming, it is already night and everyone is tired from the long journey today. How about we find a place that can shelter us from the wind and spend the night out in the open?”

Si Wa Ming raised his head and looked at the sky. “It looks like that’s the way it has to be. Does anyone have any other opinions?”

Mu Zi and Ma Ke definitely had no other suggestions. We looked at Hai Shui and she silently shook her head in response.

Seeing that she didn’t oppose the idea, we walked to an area behind a small slope that was surrounded by trees and near a river. It was a good camp site.

Ma Ke and I cut down a few trees to make a few wooden beds. Even though it was a little difficult, it was still better than sleeping on the ground.

Mu Zi asked, “What shall we eat tonight?”

I sniggered, ‘I knew she would ask this question.’ I purposely frowned. “Oh no! There really is nothing to eat. It looks like everyone will have to bear with it.”

Si Wa Ming replied, “Do we still even bear our hunger any longer? I will hunt some wild animals later so everyone can have a taste.” This brat had spoiled my plan to tease Mu Zi.

After Mu Zi heard his words, she glanced at me and said, “That’s great! I always wondered what wild animals would taste like. Si Wa, quickly go get some!”

Si Wa laughed and walked away after turning around.

I snorted and whispered, “Si Wa! Si Wa! You address him so intimately.”

Mu Zi pinched my back, making me scream out in pain.

“Who told you to not get any food for me? You think I’ve been addressing him intimately? I will show you what intimacy is when he returns!”

She really is a little hot pepper; I couldn’t tease her at all. I bitterly smiled. “It’s my bad, alright, mistress?” I took a bottle out of my spatial space and gave it to her. “Here, have a drink. It’s fruit juice. Even though it is uncomparable with the Ascending Jade Tide, it is not too bad.”

Mu Zi changed from angry to happy as she took the bottle of fruit juice. I took a few more bottles out and gave one of them to Ma Ke. When I tried to give a bottle to Hai Yue, she ignored me, took out her own bottle, and used water magic instead.

I asked Hai Yue, “Is it worth the trouble? Can the water elements taste better than fruit juice? Are you still mad at me for what I had done previously? Didn’t you shoot an ice cone at me? It can’t be that you are going to be angry with me your entire life? If a girl is always angry, she will age really quickly.”

Hai Yue glanced at me, but remained silent.

Ma Ke supported me by saying, “What boss says is right! We were in the wrong before, but now we are going into a group competition. We must work together to achieve our goals. You should try to control your anger as much as possible.”

Hai Yue coldly replied, “If it wasn’t for you, Feng Liang wouldn’t have left me. Have you experienced the pain of losing your beloved? Other than making cynical remarks, what else can you say?”

Ma Ke and I looked at each other. We didn’t expect Hai Yue to hate us to this extent. Ma Ke became teary eyed as he walked to the side and lowered his head to drink his fruit juice.

She really didn’t give us any face. I felt that it was unfair for Ma Ke. I coldly rebuked, “Feng Liang Ri leaving you has nothing to do with Ma Ke. If you want to blame someone, you should just blame me. Do you want to know the reason why he left? I will tell you now. His Ri family had been influenced by dark forces, forcing every member of that family to become evil. Because the Ri family’s leader’s plan failed, he was exposed as an evil servant, having no choice but to force his entire family into fleeing the kingdom.

As the plans of the Ri family’s leader failed, it exposed his evil characteristics so he had no choice, but to lead his family to be on the run.”

Hai Yue shouted, “You! You’re lying! The three main families have always been nobles in the Kingdom. How could the Ri family be influenced by evil forces? You are just lying to me so Ma Ke, who is destined to be forever alone, has an opportunity to get me.

But let me tell you that I’ve already given my heart to Feng Liang. Humph! This person here will never get the chance to make me fall for him!”

I rebuked angrily, “You! Why are your words always so hurtful?”

Ma Ke walked out from behind my back and placed a hand on my shoulders, holding me back, indicating that I should stop arguing with Hai Yue.

He looked abnormally calm and walked to be in front of Hai Yue. He sighed and said, “I understand. I have finally understood that I have never been in your heart.”

Ma Ke stared at Hai Yue and tears flowed down his face.

I wanted to help him to settle this injustice, but was held back by Mu Zi. She whispered, “It isn’t easy for Ma Ke to be this brave. You should just let him settle this matter on his own as it only involves the two of them. We should let them settle this problem themselves.”

Hai Yue turned her head and didn’t look at Ma Ke.

Ma Ke inhaled deeply and said emotionally, “I was twelve that year when I first entered the Royal Intermediate Academy. After entering the academy for a short while, I met you. Even though I was still young at the time, I had always had the feeling of you being my counterpart in life. I had deeply fallen for you, who was a year older than me. Every time I go and find you or even just say a line to you, I feel oddly satisfied. Even though I was always getting beaten up by brother Hai Ri, I had never regretted it.  The twelve year old me still didn’t know anything about love, but your image had already been engraved in my heart. I know that it would be impossible to erase this image of you from my heart. The education imposed on me by my family had  always been really strict since I was young, so I never got the chance to enjoy a normal childhood, and I never knew how it felt to be truly happy. However, when I first saw you, I knew that I was happy. My heart beats for you and I like that. I have always been teased by others as being a young loner in the realm of relationships. I didn’t even care if I got badly battered, as I was willing to endure it, as long as I got to see you.”

Saying until here, Ma Ke choked on his sobs.

I was deeply concerned about Ma Ke while tightly grasping Mu Zi’s hand. This was the first time that I heard Ma Ke talk about how he felt for Hai Yue. Even though I know he likes Hai Yue, I never would have known both the depth of his love and the indescribable pain he always felt.

Hai Yue didn’t interrupt as Ma Ke spoke, but just listened in silence. After Ma Ke controlled his emotions, he continued to say, “Brother Hai Ri has told me that the power I wield isn’t good enough for you and told me to give up. But can I really give up? No! After that, I have practiced the magic that I was not fond of everyday like an insane person and kept thinking of ways to increase my magic power. It was all so that I can be suitable to be with you and the strength you hold as the eldest daughter of Xin family.”

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  1. Poor Ma Ke… but honestly, trying to reason with a person blinded by love and hate….

    oh wait, he’s also blinded by love….

    That said, while I think she’s unfair, Ma Ke will hopefully just let her go….

    She might not be a bad person, but if she doesn’t like you (and lets be fair, he harassed her for years), then she doesn’t like you….

    Thanks for the chapter XD

      1. She’s not normally bad though. Ma Ke was the guy who harassed her for years, so of course she’d act horrible towards him, and then she’s seeing out MC bully her boyfriend… and now everybody is telling her that her boyfriend is evil….

        Who wants to listen to people insulting their crushes?

        1. Her brother didn’t like the evil dude too, also he had a history as a deflowering douche, Ma Ke didn’t actually do much than chase her showing love, she may have thought the MC bullied her BF but she also tried to kill him while he was healing her BF.

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      She isn’t hateful, she’s pitiful. She isn’t bad at all. You’re just seeing things from the MCs perspective, but from her view, Ma Ke is her stalker….

  4. You know, when I first started reading this novel, I thought it would be a breath of fresh air from the typical Chinese MC. However, the more i read about Zhang Gong, the more I feel like I had the wrong idea. Don’t get me wrong, i still enjoy reading this story. I’m just sort of disappointed that he’s turned into a forceful meddlesome nuisance that really doesn’t understand others feelings and only really cares about himself and his bros. Everything just feels so shallow and forced. I wish that it never tried to drag in all this romance and stuff and just stuck to him travelling and training.

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