COL Volume 5: Chapter 21

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Volume 5: Chapter 21 – Mysterious Guiding Female Qi

Mu Zi nodded and hugged me tightly. When I wanted to reciprocate her action, she lovably ran away.

As I watched her fading back, I smiled.

After about an hour, Teacher Di’s office became lively. The Yue family’s leader Huan Ying Yue, Xin family’s leader Hai Tian Xin, the leader of the Royal Mage Union, Dun Yu Xi, and Prince Ke Zha gathered. Including me, all six Magisters were gathered here.

The few Magisters looked at Ma Ke’s injuries and could only helplessly shake their heads. Hai Yue expressed a completely depressed and pessimistic expression. She was also stunned when she finally knew Ma Ke’s actual identity.

Teacher Zhen asked, “It can’t be that you few old fellows also have no solution, right?”

Huan Ying Yue replied, “Ma Ke’s injury is too serious. There are currently two different elements fighting violently in his body. For now, we can only forcefully stabilize his condition. If we hastily try to save him, it might lead to his death.”  

A pained expression was shown on Prince Ke Zha’s face. He muttered, “Child, Father had always been harsh on you since you were born. I had never thought that I would harm you. Father has let you down.”

Teacher Zhen dejectedly said, “It’s all my fault! I made him compete in that competition.”

Hai Yue’s body suddenly sank to the ground. She painfully cried, “It’s me! It’s all my fault! If it weren’t for me, Ma Ke wouldn’t be in this condition. God! Please punish me instead and give back Ma Ke’s life!” Hai Yue’s voice was like a cuckoo that was lamenting. Her melancholic voice moved our hearts.

Hai Yue’s grandfather, Hai Tian Xin, walked over and pulled Hai Yue up. Hai Yue collapsed into his arms and grieved heart-brokenly, “Grandfather…”

Hai Tian Xin heavily sighed before saying, “Yue Yue, are you really willing to pay any price to save Ma Ke’s life?”

Hai Yue raised her head and nodded without any hesitation.

Hai Tian Xin solemnly nodded. “Alright! You’re worthy to be the child of my Xin family. You’re willing to pay the price for what you have done.”

Teacher Zhen hastily asked, “Old Hai Tian, do you really have a way to treat Ma Ke’s wounds?” As a Magister, he just didn’t want to think that Hai Tian who was weaker than him had a way to treat Ma Ke.

Hai Tian Xin nodded. “Our Xin family has a Mysterious Guiding Female  Qi. ** This qi would be able to calm the chaotic magic powers. This is usually used when the magic power goes amok.”

Teacher Zhen became elated. “That’s great! If you have a better solution, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Hai Tian Xin bitterly smiled, “Say earlier? How can I bring that up earlier? Do you know what the price is for using this method? It requires a pure maiden from our Xin family that is unwedded only.” After listening to what he said, everyone was astonished. It couldn’t be that to save Ma Ke, they would have to ruin someone’s chastity, right? The chastity of girls in the whole world was an extremely important matter.

Hai Yue’s face turned completely red, but remained wordless.

Hai Tian Xin asked Hai Yue, “Yue Yue, grandfather had said the solution already. Are you still willing to save him? Grandfather initially had no plans to say the solution, but Ma Ke had risked his life to save yours. The final decision lies with you to decide whether you will do it or not.”

Everyone looked anxiously at Hai Yue.

Hai Yue looked foolishly at Ma Ke and muttered, “You had suffered so much for me. I should repay you a little.” After that she turned her head and looked determinedly at Hai Tian and said, “Grandpa, I’m willing!”

Everyone shouted in astonishment. Prince Ke Zha emotionally shouted, “Hai Yue, don’t worry! I definitely won’t let Ma Ke turn his back on you!”  

Hai Yue dully said, “That topic should be discussed much later. Grandpa, please tell me! How can I save him?”

Hai Tian Xin turned to face Prince Ke Zha. “If Prince Ke Zha believes in me, I will take Ma Ke to our Xin family to treat him.”

Prince Ke Zha considered for a while before looking at Teacher Zhen. Teacher Zhen subtly nodded at him. He replied, “Alright! Clan Leader, I will have to trouble you!”

Hai Tian Xin nodded. “Your Highness, please don’t worry! Even if I can’t have a hundred percent guarantee it will work, the chances are still extremely high. We will take our leave first.” After saying that, he ordered people to carry Ma Ke and left with Hai Yue.

After Hai Tian Xin left, Prince Ke Zha asked Teacher Zhen, “Principal, are you sure that Hai Tian Xin can treat Ma Ke?”

Teacher Zhen nodded. “Their Xin family’s recovery techniques really has that technique. Your Highness, don’t worry! I believe that there shouldn’t be any problems.”

I walked over and lowered my head. “Uncle Ke Zha, this is all my fault. I didn’t take good care of Ma Ke.”

Prince Ke Zha shook his head. “Zhang Gong, how did this happen? Please tell me what happened.”

I became extremely unhappy and angry as I recalled the competition. I added extra details as I recounted the process of the entire tournament to them.

Prince Ke Zha’s eyebrows frowned as he listened to what I said and his eyes radiated coldness.

After listening to my entire report, Prince Ke Zha said, “Principal Zhen, how could you let them participate in such a dangerous competition? Is that even a competition?” Even though he sounded calm, his voice let out an imposing aura as he spoke.

Teacher Zhen bowed slightly, “Your Highness, I indeed did not think this through enough. However, this competition has been ongoing for many years already. It was passed down from our ancestors. This time, I have thought that with Zhang Gong, he should be able to win the competition easily. I didn’t think that there were so many loopholes.”

Prince Ke Zha replied, “Forget it! I can’t blame you in this matter. However, there should never be such a competition in the future. It is not actually a competition for interactions and learning, but is just a competition that decreases the number of talented magicians in the Kingdom instead.”

Teacher Zhen nodded. “Understood, I will arrange for that to happen.”

After Prince Ke Zha left, Teacher Di asked me, “Why did you say it in such a gravely manner to the prince? Didn’t you get Teacher Zhen involved this way?”I felt wronged and explained, “What I said was the truth! The competition is really unfair towards us. You almost couldn’t see me any more. The five magic scholars fought against me and all of them used life magic. If it wasn’t for my strength being enough to withstand their attack, I wouldn’t have been able to take back the championship.”

Teacher Zhen sighed, “Lao Lun, I am in the wrong for this matter. I shouldn’t have risked putting these youngsters in danger. Stop scolding Zhang Gong already! This is a good lesson that we must always remember!”

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  2. Just when my fondness on 0-10 scale for this novel reached a 3 due to the most recent chapters(was a (-5) this chapter happend. wow I really want to cry after this chapter. Mysterious Guiding Female Qi should be a tech used on the mc not a unimportant side character. Ma ke is not even one of the heroes the gods selected to fight alongside Zhang Gong. To make matters worse this unimportant side character is the prince which trumps Zhang Gong’s staus as a Magister. Ma Ke is about to lose his virginity as receive the girl of his dreams and our mc can’t even get a f****** kiss! To make matters worse we all know Mu Zi is the magic race’s princess who is a spy. The only reason I continue reading this is cause I don’t want to be a quit when it’s half way over(it’s half way over right). This novel is about as bad as the butler arc in GunOta! Yes this novel is that bad!!!!!!!! It Has gotten to the point that I think I hate Zhang Gong and pals more than I hate Sakura Haruno! That’s right I hate them more than that useless waste of space!

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