COL Volume 5: Chapter 17

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Volume 5: Chapter 17 – Life’s Flame

The thick defensive barrier rippled beautifully as the stream of light stars came into contact with it. My five opponents didn’t have the time to admire the scene and shouted, “Not Good!”. My light stars had pierced through their solid defensive barrier. Even though it didn’t have a lot of force, it had made all of my opponents cough out a mouthful of blood. I had managed to turn the table on them.

Just as I wanted to attack them, my body suddenly went soft. I screamed inwardly, ‘This is bad. These days were too stressful and I haven’t had enough rest.’ After releasing that advanced magic spell, I was left with not much magic power. In actuality, I had forgotten that I had been simultaneously supporting Xiao Jin in his battle. Even though Xiao Jin could gather his own magic power, he still required some of mine.

Xiao Jin roared and I saw that he had forcefully gathered the five opposing magical beasts and shot a light ball at them. They flew back and could no longer get up. My anxiety eased up little. However, when I wanted to command Xiao Jin to attack my opponents, I saw a strange sight.

All five of my opponents stood in a line, hand in hand, with a determined expression on their faces. The earth element magician, who was in the middle, said, “For the honor of our academy, we will go all out!”

The other four opponents shouted, “That’s right, for the honor of our academy!”

Afterwards, their faces started to shine with heavenly light rays.

I had experienced that once, so I knew what they were going to do. I shouted, “Stop!” However, it was already too late as the five of them chanted, “Great Creation God, Please release my life’s potential and burn my life’s flame!

This was bad, as they were burning their life forces. They had temporarily increased their power with their life force as the price of getting that power. The five bodies lit up with different colours, according to their magic elements.

Xiao Jin felt that this was bad and immediately flew and landed in front of my body.

I sighed. “Is this really worth it? Is victory that important to you? Why are you burning your precious life force?”

One of my opponents wind element magician coldly said, “You can just stop pretending already! We have seen enough of your noble countenance. Our life is just that useless. Can you do something about that?”

The fire element magician in middle center said, “Don’t bother talking to him. Our time is running out. Everyone, quickly start your attacks!”

The burning of their life force had instantly healed the serious injuries on their bodies. Three different magic element spells violently attacked me.

Mu Zi who was below the battle stage screamed. If it weren’t for Si Wa who had held her back, she would have ran up onto the battle stage.

Xiao Jin extended his wings to block the majority of the attacks. I expended a lot of my strength as I fought back. How was this good? I used my defensive spell to fight back against the opponent’s advance. Suddenly, I noticed that Xiao Jin was gradually moving backwards. It seemed that it was too strenuous for him to block the five magic scholars who had burned their life forces.

I definitely wouldn’t let them hurt Xiao Jin. I gathered as much battle energy as I could to help contribute to the energy needed for Xiao Jin’s next move,but the opponent’s attacks were too strong. No matter if it was the Heaven Devouring Flame Dragon, the Tyrant Tornado, or a Meteor; they were all extremely powerful. Xiao Jin couldn’t hold back any longer. His golden scales spilled out blood and his large clear eyes slowly dimmed.  

‘No! I can’t let Xiao Jin die again!’ I forcefully withdrew him into my body and instantly got ready to receive all of the attacks. The opponent’s attack had succeeded in breaking through barrier after barrier that I had cast.

The magic robe would help its owner in times of emergency. The gemstone on my chest emitted a light ray as my last line of protection.

As the opponent’s attack ceased, I supported my seriously injured body with my magic staff. Fresh blood unceasingly flowed from my mouth. The magic gemstone on my light magic robe had already shattered; It had used its life to protect me. Mu Zi looked crazed as she wanted to come to my side. My body swayed, but I stood up and waved my hand at Mu Zi, saying with a low voice, “I haven’t lost yet!”

Wah! I spat out another mouthful of blood. I knew that I had already reached my limit.

I looked at my opponents and saw that they weren’t in a good state either. Their faces had paled and the flames that burnt their life force had already dimmed.

I couldn’t hold on any longer. My body was already unable to use any spells. My battle spirit was also unable to circulate in my seriously injured channels.

I smiled gloomily, ‘Am I really going to lose?’

I thought about Ma Ke who was always able to dash in bravely with no thought of his personal safety. ‘I am afraid that he will never be able to stand up on his own anymore. His last wish is for me to become the champion.

Ma Ke, is your boss done for already? No..No..No! I can do it! I must accomplish my brother’s last wishes.’

I gave a loud and desperate roar towards the heavens and relied solely on my will and walked towards my opponent step-by-step.

The Principal and Vice Principal of Forest Dragon Academy stood up with all of the observers. Everyone’s heart had already leapt up to their throats. The Principal and Vice Principal were already preparing themselves to have their first victory against the Royal Advanced Magic Academy in their entire history of competing.

Suddenly, I felt a warm power surge in my body. I remembered the power that had helped me block Hai Yue’s attack after defeating Feng Liang Ri.

The warm power rapidly flowed through my body. I felt that the broken channels in my body seemed more comfortable. I stopped moving, tightly closed my eyes and let that warm power treat my tattered body.

The five opponents looked at my perseverance and expressed looks of respect. However, they raised their hands to prepare their last attack as that was the last remnant of their magic powers. The earth element magician wore a slightly reluctant expression.

My body slowly emitted heavenly powers that slowly formed into a golden halo. My opponents were startled, but had already released their final attacks.

Two Tornadoes, two Fire Snakes (As they weren’t able to form a Fire Dragon due to a lack of power, I will use Fire Snake to describe their attack) and a large meteor shot towards me.

Mu Zi and Si Wa saw this happening and ran with all their might to enter the battle stage. However, they were prevented from approaching me by an invisible power when they were 10 metres away from me.

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