COL Volume 4: Chapter 20

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Volume 4: Chapter 20 – An Invitation to Dinner

‘This is bad! The old man noticed me.’ He grinned and walked directly towards me. Mu Zi was so frightened she didn’t dare look up.

‘If I get caught by him, I’ll be in great trouble! What should I do? It’s too late to hide the notes. Since I’m dead already, I’ll use my ultimate move!’

I calmly sat upright and looked at the teacher. I placed the slip of paper in front of my nose and blew my nose really hard, which resulted to the paper to land into a corner of the classroom. The teacher glared at me, but didn’t dare to pick up the evidence that I was cheating.

He just turned around and walked away. I let out a long breath and thought. ‘That was extremely close !’ Mu Zi who was sitting beside me giggled uncontrollably as she laid her upper body on the table.   

I whispered, “Make sure you don’t get saliva on your paper.” Mu Zi then forced herself to stop laughing. She raised her head to continue answering the test questions.

I looked at my paper. Since I’d copied quickly, I’d answered seventy percent of the questions. I would at least pass. I absent-mindedly answered the rest of the questions, then leaned back in my chair and waited for the papers to be collected.

The lesson finally ended. After the test papers were collected, I happily said to Mu Zi, “There should be no problem this time. Haha. Thank you so much for your help. How about I treat you to lunch today?”

Mu Zi replied, “Your reaction earlier was really fast. The teacher should be terribly angry with you this time. He obviously knows that you were cheating, but can’t get the evidence.”

I complacently smiled and said, “Of course! I am a counter expert! Are you or are you not going to have lunch with me?”

Mu Zi thought for a moment. A hint of cunningness flashed through her eyes. “Alright! However, I don’t want to eat at the academy’s canteen. I want to leave the academy to eat.”

I generously said, “No problem! You can pick where to eat. After classes today, let’s go and eat.”

Mu Zi said, “You’re the one who said that! You’ll need to bring lots of money as I can consume lots of food.”

Can your ability to eat even compare to mine? I am the famous White Rice Bucket. Heh heh. I want to see who will win.’  I couldn’t possibly tell her that, instead I said, “Relax! I promise I’ll let you eat until you’re satisfied.”

Mu Zi smiled. “Great! It’s been some time since I last had a good meal. I want to eat a lot of delicious food.”

‘This was the first time the morning lessons have ended without her being furious with me.’ After school, I followed her out of the academy. I followed for a long time, but we still hadn’t reached the destination.  

I curiously asked, “Hey little missy, where are you bringing me?”

Mu Zi mysteriously smiled at me. “What? Are you scared that I’ll kill you for your money? You were the one who said you wanted to treat me to a meal so stop asking so many questions.”

I hurriedly said, “Alright! I’ll just follow you.” I’m a Magister! I fear no one.

We reached the destination, but it couldn’t be a restaurant! Mu Zi had brought me to a place filled with gold and jade splendor. It really looked as if it could even be compared to a palace, although I had never entered a palace before. The title of the place was, in huge golden words, Ascending Jade Tide. The maître d’hôtel at the entrance came and greeted us. “Mister and young lady, are you here for a meal?”

Mu Zi nodded her head. “We want a quiet table for two.”

The maître d’hôtel smiled and replied, “Understood. Welcome to the restaurant!” The service was excellent . That, however, made it a costly establishment . We followed the maître d’hôtel and entered the Ascending Jade Tide.

Wow~ The inside was even more luxurious. On the floor was a famous and valuable carpet, and gold and jade ornaments were everywhere. The maître d’hôtel brought us to a window seat on the second floor and even helped pull the chairs back for us to sit. “Please wait a moment. A waitress will come to take your orders.”

As expected, in a moment, a young and beautiful waitress came and gave me a menu. To show the elegant demeanor of a gentlemen, I didn’t even look at the menu and gave it to Mu Zi, gesturing for her to go for it.

Mu Zi wasn’t modest and took the menu from me. She turned to the first page and skimmed through it, and then looked at the second page. After looking, she returned the menu to the waitress. “I want a set of all of the dishes on the first two pages of the menu and a liter of Ascending Jade Tide.”  

The waitress looked shocked as she stared at Mu Zi. “So much? Can you two even finish all of them? We do not allow withdrawal of any orders in this restaurant.”

Mu Zi frowned. “You just need to serve us the dishes. How could you know that we can’t finish them?” The waitress agreed and withdrew with the menu.

I asked, “What is Ascending Jade Tide? Isn’t that the restaurant’s name?”

Mu Zi replied,”You don’t know? Ascending Jade Tide is an extremely famous beverage. The restaurant became famous due to that beverage so the boss of the restaurant also changed the name of the restaurant to be Ascending Jade Tide.

So it was like that. “You seem to be familiar with this place. Do you come here often?”

Mu Zi replied, “That’s right. I often came here to eat, but I used up all of the money that I had brought from home. I had no choice but to eat at the academy’s canteen.”

I asked, astonished, “You love the food here so much that you spent all of your money on it?” Even though I love to eat, it’s not to her extent.

Mu Zi bashfully smiled. “That’s right. I take great pleasure in eating, especially your human race’s food. It’s amazing!”

“Our human race? You aren’t human!?”

Mu Zi looked as if she had divulged something and mockingly scolded, “You’re the one that isn’t human! Since we’re already here for the meal, why are you asking so many questions? You don’t feel like paying?”

I immediately surrendered. “Ok! Ok! I’ll just stop asking.”

The dishes came. I then knew why the waitress was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to finish the meal previously. Mu Zi had ordered so much it couldn’t fit on one table. Another server pulled over another table and filled half of the other table with dishes.

I asked in shock, “So many dishes? It’s bad to waste food!”

Mu Zi pouted. “Who said we’ll waste food? Quickly eat! If the food becomes cold, it won’t taste good.” As she said that, she started to eat some prawns with her chopsticks. She ate it with relish. “Yummy! It’s been a long time since I last ate here. This’s just too wonderful.”

‘Since I was the one paying, it wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t eat any.’ I picked up the jade green colored Ascending Jade Tide and had a sip. It gave me a really fresh and cooling feeling. The cold juice instantly permeated my entire body. It felt a little cold and sweet. It was pretty good!

I said, “I’ll eat as well.” I started to bury myself in my food. The dishes looked, smelled and tasted almost perfect. When I was eating, I even almost swallowed my tongue together with the food. It was just too delicious. Mu Zi really knew how to pick a place. The dishes in front of us were rapidly being wiped out.

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      1. OH so you enjoyed reading that shitty arc of monster forest in CSG in which MC continue to kill people for the monster cores (seriously IDK if a story can get any boring than this) and now he is again waiting for the people to come after him for class 5 beasts cores and the profits which he gained from the auction…. are you really enjoying this ?

        1. “WARRGGG!!! Kill all humies!!!”

          I get this suspicion that this stretch was written as a single long piece that was broken up. If that was the case, it’s only natural that chunks in the middle have nothing much happening.

      2. The is so broad and generalized in terms of the story, I really don’t see how you find plot holes. Bad writing would be preference, not fact. If you don’t like something, don’t read it.

        1. Hm… You know, I don’t mind this story either however the statement “bad writing would be preference” isn’t quite true. There are appropriate ways of measuring what could be considered to be good writing and poor writing accurately. Whether you like that person’s writing or not is personal opinion but there are ways to generate a concrete argument on whether or not a piece of writing can be considered poor.

          Of course, this also must accommodate for factors such as target audience and format. For instance, an essay would be considered poor if it lacked substantial evidence, had unrelated arguments on a subject, lacked detail on the points and topics put forth both in relation to the evidence and in relation to the point and/or lacked a clear, deductible point within the body, introduction and conclusion.

          In an essay of any relevance, typically anecdotal evidence alone would be considered to be insubstantial, requiring further factual evidence to back up the claim such as statistical statements. An argument would be considered to be unrelated if the topic itself could not be shown to have any bearing on the topic within the argument itself. It would be considered lacking in detail if the connection made between that point and the main point could not be aptly described to the extent where the connection was clear. It would be considered to be lacking point if the topic throughout the essay appeared to change multiple times.

          These are a few examples of how one quantifies bad writing in a literary context and, though they relate to a different format entirely, the fact is that almost every form of expression can have, to some extent, a measurable quality. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind this series, I merely disagree with your statement that a piece of writing’s quality is an opinion rather than something which is actually definable and measurable.

    1. At least it confirms that she is in fact the magic race girl(well at least is a magic race girl but odds are high shes that magic race girl) that he fought with. Though it had plenty of lighter hints bout it earlier the fact she your human race is a very heavy hint of her being magic race.

    2. LOL, both are pretty boring and has their flaws (CSG benefits where it usually comes at 2 AM and I need something to waste my time with since I won’t sleep again after I wake up late in the night).

      Being TJSS’s first work shows his early mistakes but also highlight his strong point (even here its strong on adventure instead of the perpetual fighting theme of other Xianxia).

    3. How are they useless, they are clearly foreshadowing that this girl is probably the leader of those woman from the Magic race he ran into and she is undercover in the academy. Which these interactions between her and and the MC are probably precursors for an alliance between the west and east continent. Keep in mind this is all assumptions based on clues about the author. Clues being the beauty of her eyes, rocking body, her hinting that she has seems to know him from a previous time after she watches his ranked fight, and now this meal where she let’s it slip she isn’t human. What author will let the MC be with an average girl? She will be a gluttonous goddess of the Magic Race and they will be the first “interracial couple”. I just can’t wait for the chapters when it is revealed and seeing people’s reactions to her identity and most likely to her beauty under that disguise.

      1. You have been whining about how bad the story is for at least the last seven chapters, tell you a little secret there is an x on the right side of the tab that will stop this supposed bad story from bothering you any more. Or in other words read something else and stop trying to keep others from enjoying the work.

    1. “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife, so from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you!”- Jimmy Soul. 🙂

      Google it up.

  1. @ YyAoMmIi
    TJSS is one of my favorite authors and he’s the leader of China’s four platinums in web novel writers society.
    his other works are….
    Doulou Dalu,
    Skyfire Avenue ( ongoing)
    Heavenly Juel Change,
    Sealed Devine Thrones.

    Child of light…. being his first work is a little shabby and has lots of errors…. but his later works are just awesome…!!!!
    just give doulou dalu a try and you’ll know

    1. Still does not answer my question, as I asked for the “order”. I already read half of his works, (DD, HJC).

      I was curious about the order since it was obvious Child of light was a bit lower quality then DD or HJC (lacking the mentality of weak overcoming the strong)

      Thanks for trying though.

  2. it’s pretty obvious that Wifu here is actually an earth shattering beauty and currently is in disguise to not attract any attention…… later when she reveals her true face…..our MC’s jaws will drop to the ground…..

  3. lots of people say this series righting is poor ir shabby I don’t really think so, plot is easy to see through? common the author himself spoils it, main character isnt super skilled or intelligent? thats common as hell in xianxia, I just see a funny story with a unlikely main character a lazy bum that wants an easy life, easy enough to make choices by safety and easyness, he even wants a plain wife, yet “unlucky” enough to get lucky and get everything needes to be a main character, every time meng hao, tang san, linely gets something op and unique it makes him closer to his goals, every time this poor lazy slob gets something he gets thrown into mc position and as much as he tries to run from it…. o you want to tease an average looking girl well now you fall for her and now she is an op beauty of royal nonhuman blood. As simple as this story is it makes me laugh a lot and I care more about characters with rare appearances here than other semi main characters in xianxia his childhood friend in his village even got story after all that IET would have scrapped him a long time ago xp

    1. Ikr why don’t people take this as it is, a light hearted mostly comedic story of an off the wall protagonist which to be honest is a welcome change sometimes from the “I need to be the strongest EVAH!” or “You stepped on my shoes now i must destroy your entire line!” theme that runs rampant in these types of stories. What really gets me is how much everyone has been whining about how its not coiling dragon which has gone to dragonball gt levels of redundancy and silliness since about book 18 it’s nice to have a protag who can’t sneeze and destroy whole continents.

  4. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

    I really like this one. I can understand why some people would think it has shabby writing but I think it is a very welcome change and is actually better than most of the other xianxia works.
    For once the MC is actually a nice guy and is not ruthless and edgy. Also this is more of a lighthearted comedy rather than the typical “I must get revenge” type of story.
    I think this is a great read because of the likable characters, the simplicity of the story and because of how different it is. The only complaint I have with this is how the author keeps telling us how awesome the MC is going to be in the future. The first few times it was ok but then it started to get a bit annoying.

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