COL Volume 4: Chapter 14

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Volume 4: Chapter 14 – Stirring the Heart

When I walked out of the room, it was quiet. Where had everyone gone? When I reached the lower floor of the dormitory, I met the dormitory’s receptionist, an old man. He grinned at me. “You’re already late for class! Why aren’t you rushing?”

I was in shock. “What time is it? Why am I late?”

He replied, “If you don’t hurry up, the third period of the morning classes will soon end.”

Ah! It was already that late. After thanking him, I rushed out of the dormitory. When I reached the entrance of the classroom, Teacher Si Lan Yu was teaching the class. Let’s just face the music! It’s just being late anyways.

I shouted, “Permission to enter!”

Teacher Yu replied, “Enter!”

I pushed open the classroom door. When I walked into the classroom, I lowered my head. “Teacher, I’m sorry for being late.” I could feel that all of the students are looking in my direction.

Teacher Yu said, “Please remember to be on time next time and quickly take your seat.” ‘Teacher Yu is really so easy going! Haha, it seems that I’ve been let off the hook! I calm down and sit back in my seat. Something feels different today. The gazes in the students’ eyes aren’t as complicated. All of their eyes seems to all be filled with respect and even have signs of longings instead. It looks like the victory over Feng Liang had a huge effect in the class!’

I peeked at Mu Zi, who was at my side. She was the only one who hadn’t looked at me since I entered the classroom. I whispered to her, “Hey, were you there when I fought against Feng Liang yesterday?

Mu Zi didn’t look at me and coldly replied, “I wasn’t and please stop talking to me during class.”

I pouted and took a piece of paper out from my bag to resume the love letter battle. I frantically wrote on the paper and didn’t even bother to head out during the break. Finally, after the fourth period, I finished writing my 2000 word masterpiece.

What I wrote wasn’t corny at all. It was the feelings I had felt when I sparred with Feng Liang. I used the remaining few sentences to express my feelings for Mu Zi. I flipped through the pages. ‘I hope this time Mu Zi won’t tear it up. If she really tears it up, it will mean failure. I won’t have any more chances to make her fall for me. Currently, I don’t know why, but my feelings of revenge are lessening. I even like her cold attitude instead of hating it.’

I placed the papers on her table and waited to see if she would take them. She turned her head and glared at me while I smiled back at her. She took a look at the papers and, found that they weren’t some corny love letter, but a battle analysis. She became serious and looked really interested in what she was reading. ‘There’s hope! Haha! Wonderful!’

Mu Zi flipped through the pages and wrote a few words on the last page before handing them back to me. I almost screamed out in joy because she didn’t tear up my letter and even replied. A soothing feeling passed through my entire body.

I took back the letter and saw a line of unkempt words. ‘I was shocked not because of what she wrote, but rather because her handwriting was just too awful! It looked just like tadpole writing.’ I turned my head to look at her before looking back at her writing. While suppressing my laughter, I seriously tried to decipher the words from her tadpole handwriting.

‘Luckily, my deciphering skills were strong and I somewhat understood what she had written: ‘You are indeed very strong as you were able to defeat Feng Liang Ri, but it is just impossible for us to be together. From now on, please stop disturbing me.’

As I read her words, I didn’t feel any sadness, but instead became extremely happy! I’ve finally moved her! This isn’t the same uncaring attitude as before; she replied me. There’s hope! Great hope!’

I carefully stashed the letter. My passion hadn’t seem to reach her yet. ‘I will continue trying to chase her tomorrow. I believe that if I continue to chase her without giving up, I’ll get some results.’

After school, I found Ma Ke. “Why didn’t you come to get me this morning?”

Ma Ke replied, “I was afraid that the after effects of yesterday were too severe, and that you hadn’t fully recovered. Judging from your appearance, it seems that you are fine already.”

I happily said, “Of course I am fine! My current magic power recovery speed is very fast. Let’s go and quickly grab some food! I’m starving!”

After we walked into the canteen with our arms around each other’s shoulders, I showed my White Rice Bucket characteristic and crazily gobbled up my food. Suddenly, an attractive scent floated over as Hai Shui sat at the same table as us.

She asked, “Zhang Gong, how are you? How are your injuries recovering?”

I smiled as I replied. “I really have to thank you for this. If you hadn’t helped me treat my wounds yesterday, I might not have been able to get out of bed today.”

Hai Shui said, “As long as you’re fine, it’s enough!” After saying that, she seemed to have felt something, and her small, fair and delicate face reddened.  

Ma Ke teased her. “Why is your face so red?”

Hai Shui glared at him and pouted playfully, “It wouldn’t do if he was injured.”

I hurriedly intercepted. “Hai Shui, how is Feng Liang? He shouldn’t still be in a dangerous condition, right?

Hai Shui frowned. “He is alright. He’ll survive and has already woken up. However, it’ll take a long time for him to fully recover. Your moves were truly ferocious.”

I sighed, “I didn’t have any other choices at that moment. You should’ve seen the match. The magic spell he used was too unusual. It seemed to be dark magic. If I hadn’t fought with all my might, you probably wouldn’t be able to see me today.”  

Hai Shui giggled and replied, “Feng Liang not only didn’t blame you, but wanted to thank you for what you did yesterday. If you hadn’t treated him immediately, he would have died already. Although it is an impartial competition, the results will be undesirable if someone really loses his life in the academy. Furthermore, he has the powerful Ri family supporting him! That’s right! About the Ri family, you should keep an eye out for them. You never know when they will get their revenge. Yesterday, after Feng Liang’s grandfather, an esteemed elder of the Ri family, Si Feng Ri, found out that you severely injured Feng Liang, he was raged in anger. If you hadn’t been in the academy, he would’ve already come to get his revenge. That stubborn old man will do anything to maintain the prestige of his family. For now, you should try and keep a low profile. He should calm down after Feng Liang recovers.”      

I smilingly said, “Thank you for telling me this; but so what if the Ri family wants to take their revenge? Are they just going to justify it with their nobility? Feng Liang and I were fighting in an impartial competition. I really want to see what they’ll do to me!”

Hai Shui hastily said after hearing my words, “Lower your voice! It’ll be terrible if someone else heard what you said. It can’t be that you don’t know that the whole kingdom will be in a civil war soon? Currently, the Emperor is on his last breaths. Once he stops breathing, the civil war will begin. Furthermore, the three main families holds lots of powers in the kingdom.”

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    1. I feel like the authors is hinting that the mc will become emperor and I don’t think it’s such a bad idea cause other than him I would like to see ma ke or hai shui but ma ke is a coward and hai shui… Well I think she will fit quite nicely actually.

  1. I’m still sorta confused why Feng Liang was even a struggle :(. Since he’s a magister shouldn’t there only be a couple of old guys that can rival him? He should be able to wipe the floor with all these teenage scrubs in the academy.

    1. guys i get what you are saying cuz this shit is bad but the point ur making isnt the correct one, this part can be seen as demons have obviously invaded there lands without them knowing, they can someone cover there eyes im guessing to make them seem human.
      Now an ancient ancestral family line could have forbidden ranked spells even close to the gods powers from the previous wars, so wether he is human with an ancient family or a demon using dark powers with an ancient spell anything is possible. So in reality gents b4 the last spell was used he was easily stopped. And even after the last spell was used MC still had power left to heal that mofo.

  2. Ahh… just a few more years and he has to deal with the demon lord and he’s dicking around trying to toy around with a girl’s feelings like a four year old, thought he had matured….

  3. 😀 i like how his feelings toward Mu Zi is developing.. but I also feel uncomfortable about the unreciprocated feelings from Hai Shui. So obvious yet he is delaying the response.

    Also usually dont mind conflict and hopefully it is interesting. It becomes boring when authors re-use the same materials.. like revenge for injury, nobility vs commoner, or just competition over a valuable item/title. i hope there is something exciting. (For example, I felt so absorbed in reading things that are not typically overused… like in Heavenly Jewel Change, i could totally relate to the struggle for freedom. It makes the story feel so much more real.

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