COL Volume 12: Chapter 31

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Volume 12: Chapter 31 – Epilogue

Two years later, in a small village at the outskirts of Senke City, Hai Shui, father, and I were anxiously waiting outside the house.

That was correct, it was Hai Shui. After I returned to the fort, Xiao Rou had told me that even though Hai Shui had died, she had a special ability after becoming nine tailed—Engulf. She was able to absorb Hai Shui’s soul into her body, so her current body had her own soul and Hai Shui’s soul, which was in a deep slumber. Following that, we went to gather the essential components for Xiao Rou to change into a human. Xiao Rou was finally able to change into a human from her fox form under the support of my divine powers. Hai Shui’s soul awakened in the process as well. Hence, the human form that Xiao Rou had changed to was Hai Shui’s appearance.

Even though Hai Shui had lost her previous body and magic powers, she could still stay with us, and to us, there was nothing that could make us more jubilant.

Since the God Protector Domain had shown remarkable performance during the battle with the monster race, it had received the recognition from all the races of the world. The God Protector Domain had thus became a domain other than the three human kingdoms. The domain had maintained to be 10,000 stronghold. The God Protector Domain was also known as the Waitner Domain. Waitner meaning Holy in the Demon race’s language. I also became the publicly recognised leader of the Waitner Domain, the so called “lord” of the domain. But how could I, who loved freedom, be restricted to such a small place? Which is why when it was late in the night one day, I left a letter before sneakily heading out with Mu Zi and Hai Shui to my hometown.

The blissful thing was that during the wreckage of the monster race, no dens appeared near my hometown, so my parents were safe. When they saw me bring back two exceptional wives, the two elders became so happy that they couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

Xiao Jin was currently staying in a valley not far from the village. Even though his father had passed the Dragon race to him, that fellow had gotten used to a free and easy life style so how could he withstand being restricted? He learned from me and snuck out of the Dragon Valley and found me by my aura.

We held a simple wedding at my village. There was no one here that didn’t know about me being the Child of Light that had saved the world. Following that, to hide from the “pursuers” of the domain’s brothers, I had brought Mu Zi, Hai Shui, Xiao Jin, and also Xiao Rou to roam the lands. It wasn’t until nine months earlier that Mu Zi got impregnated by me so we headed back to my hometown.

“Why hasn’t she given birth yet? Why?” I anxiously paced back and forth.

Hai Shui consoled me, “Don’t worry, with mother’s help, Elder sister Mu Zi will be fine.”

“Wahhhh!!!!” Just when Hai Shui said that, a baby’s cry was heard from the room. I was instantly excited. I tightly hugged Hai Shui and exclaimed, “She has finally given birth!”

Father muttered, “I… I’ve a grandchild.”

What made us curious was that the room door hadn’t opened. Another loud cry from a baby was heard and we were stunned. My father and I looked at each other as we cried out simultaneously, “Twins!”

Finally, the door opened and mother excitedly came out with the wet nurse. “Great news! Great news! Zhang Gong, Mu Zi had given birth to two sons.”

My mind blanked. Two sons…..I had two sons now and I also become a father. I immediately dashed into the room to the bedside where Mu Zi was lying. Mu Zi obviously looked feeble, but her spirit was still great.

“Zhang Gong, we’ve our own children now.”

I emotionally nodded and gripped onto Mu Zi’s small hand as I said, “Thank you. Mu Zi, thank you so much, I’m finally a father.”

Mu Zi tilted her head and asked, “Quickly look at our children. Why do I feel that the two brothers aren’t identical?!”

I followed Mu Zi’s glance to the pair of small babies that were lying in separate bundles of clothes. One was obviously well prepared, but the other was just done up at the last minute in a small blanket. From their appearances, the two kids looked identically alike, but they had different auras. I circulated the divine powers in my body to meticulously check their bodies. I was surprised to discover that the two children’s attribute was light and dark respectively.

Ah! Mu Zi, you’ve given me a pair of light and dark elemental twins!”

The End

Authors note from ~2004
(Author: Child of Light had finally ended. This book took me a year to complete and it neared 80,000 words. The journey in writing this book had several ups and downs. This book had suffered from the publisher closing down, having the website shut down, and other similar ordeals, but I had persisted in finishing this book. This was mainly due to the support from my vast readers. If Child of Light didn’t have high reviews, I doubt I would have been able to finish this book. Thus, I’ll now thank all of my friends that had constantly supported me. Similarly, I also want to give my thanks to my girlfriend’s support as she had always stayed by my side, supporting me, giving me the motivation to continue.

Child of Light is my first novel and several people had criticised me for it in the forums! They vilified me! They also said that this book was extremely lousy. I admit that my writing was indeed terrible for this book, but this is my first novel after all. Moreover, this book was totally meant to serve as entertainment for everyone. Its purpose is to relax the tense life of everyone’s busy lives, as I had mentioned during my introduction to the writer’s world, so why must you detailedly pick on this book? My second book, Mad God (Kuang Shen), is much better than Child of Light. I have also inserted more feelings into that story. Child of Light has ended and Mad God (Kuang Shen), is still being updated. I hereby swear to everyone that as long as it’s my book, I’ll persist to update it to its last chapter and word.  

Lasty, I would like to make an announcement for my new book titled, ‘The Kind Death God’ (Shan Liang de Si Shen), that has already been published on Qidian. The web address is I hope that all my supportive friends will give it a shot and hopefully be able to feel the slight changes in my writing. Furthermore, I have invested a lot into The Kind Death God novel. So much so as my lumbar vertebra shoulder disk slipped due to it. Sigh~ That would definitely be the result from writing 16 hours per day! Everyone mustn’t follow my steps, especially those online gamer friends. I shall advise you that the most important thing in life is the body. I hope that everyone will stay in good health and all the best.- Tang Jia San Shao]

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