COL Volume 12: Chapter 29

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Volume 12: Chapter 29 – Zhang Gong’s Possession

I was still locked in place and could just look at the Monster King that was currently rolling on the ground. He was holding his head as though he were in great agony. After a few moments, the Monster King suddenly stilled. When he opened his eyes, they were a pure blue colour. The restrictions on my body suddenly disappeared. I looked and saw that those eyes were filled with affection. It was the same way Hai Shui had always looked at me.

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, I finally got to see you. Sadly, however, it seems that fate doesn’t want us to be together. Zhang Gong, please thrust your Holy Sword into my heart and end my suffering. I won’t be able to hold back the Monster King much longer.” Hai Shui said this gently, cold sweat flowing down her forehead. The hand that gripped the Holy Sword shuddered. How could I kill Hai Shui now that she wasn’t the Monster King?

“Quickly! Big Brother Zhang Gong, I really can’t hold on much longer!” Hai Shui said it anxiously, and as though in response to her cry, the cold sweat flowing down her face intensified.

Tears flowed uncontrollably as I replied, sobbing, “I’m sorry Hai Shui. I wasn’t able to accept you in time and now I… I have to kill you with my own hands.”

Hai Shui smiled. Even with her pale complexion, the expression made it seem as though she was no longer in pain. “It’s alright. I’m happy, even if just Big Brother Zhang Gong can continue to live on well. Please end my sufferings.”

Crying, I slowly raised the Holy Sword. As I charged towards her, my speed slowly increased. Just as I was nearly about to pierce her heart, Hai Shui’s body suddenly shifted. The Holy Sword’s path deviated from her heart to her shoulder.

Hai Shui cried out in pain as some black aura drifted from the wound. Her entire body shook greatly and she bit her lips, stopping herself from crying out. Just as I wanted to try once more and end her from her misery, a dark knife pierced through my chest, causing me to spurt out a mouthful of blood. When I raised my head, I saw that Hai Shui’s eyes had once again turned back to the Monster King’s unclear eyes that were devoid of any feelings.

I could hear the laughter coming from the Monster King. “Hahaha! You really don’t learn, do you? You’re just like a fool that couldn’t learn fast enough. Rejoice, I had already stopped thinking about killing you as you were so powerful, but now, you’re just a fish on the chopping board, ready for me to do whatever I want to you. I’ve decided that I will take over your body. I didn’t need this body’s life force to exist as I could manipulate the life in the surroundings and use that to keep the body alive. I could also change the elements of the host to that of dark magic, even if it were a light elemental body. As such, the light elements in your body will not be able to harm me after I take it.”

“I hadn’t used this method from the start as you were a chess piece of that God King, who pisses me off. In normal scenarios, I would just kill you and take over the world and slightly relieve my anger of the God King on you, but now that you’ve proven yourself to be so powerful, such strength has made me change my mind. You should be honoured to be used as my vessel! ” Upon saying that, the black fog moved out from Hai Shui’s mouth and flowed like lightning towards me. Hai Shui’s face quickly turned deathly pale and started to rot to the point where bones could be seen as she slumped to the ground. With such a drastic change, it was obvious that she had already been dead for quite some time already, but had been puppeted by the Monster King.

Before I could react, the black fog entered through the orifices of my body and infiltrated into my mind, causing my consciousness to go blank. Images suddenly filled my thoughts. Mu Zi, Hai Shui, and I were in a courtyard with three of our children. Two of them looked just like Mu Zi and one looked just like Hai Shui, and they all had some characteristics of my features in them as well.

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, why are you in such a daze? Stop standing there and come play with the children.” Hai Shui chuckled as she gestured to the children and prompted them to head towards me. I was confused, but still moved to squat down and pick them up, then kissed them on their foreheads. However, what I didn’t know was that while I was relaxing with my ‘family’, the Monster King had taken over my body.

The Monster King laughed out. His voice had some of the tones of my voice infused within it. “Now, let’s dance while that moron plays in his own world!” Upon saying that, an enormous dark orb appeared in his hand and he shot it towards the fort.

That shot went past Mu Zi and Xiao Rou, towards the fort. The power of the orb wasn’t something they could handle. When Chuan Song Zhen saw the orb near the fort, he determined that he wouldn’t be able to counter it, so he teleported Lao Lun Di with him away from the fort.

When that orb struck against the fort’s seemingly impregnable walls, they shattered as though they were made of paper. The ground quaked violently and several humans died instantly. The laughter from the Monster King could be heard as he continued to toss dark orbs at the fort. In this moment, the human race was faced with a crisis of extermination as no one was able to counter the Monster King’s attack. They were being killed like ants in a stampede. It was a one-sided massacre.

Mu Zi and Xiao Rou could only stare blankly at the fort getting destroyed. They couldn’t do anything as that single orb was already at least five times greater than their own powers. With tears flowing from their eyes, they saw lives constantly disappear. Mu Zi suddenly wiped her tears off. She turned and looked at the crazed Monster King that was laughing as he tossed the dark orbs at the fort, elation in his eyes. It was as though he were a child that had found a new toy to play with.

Mu Zi looked dejectedly at the possessed Zhang Gong as she watched her beloved kill the people he once swore to protect. She couldn’t bear to just watch as her Zhang Gong did such terrible deeds. Her eyes were now clear and resolute as she was determined to make Zhang Gong return to his kind self. She flew towards him, avoiding the dark orbs that flew in her direction. When the Monster King saw her approach, his eyes were filled with disdain and mockery.

“Little girl, why are you coming towards me? I was kind enough not to directly kill you as it might awaken that sensitive fool from my illusion. Now you think you’re strong enough to resist me? Who do you think you are? A new goddess? Don’t make me laugh!” The Monster King mused himself before breaking out into laughter. Mu Zi’s fists were tightly clenched by her side as she was angered by the mockery she heard from the Monster King.

“Monster King, don’t be too complacent after taking over Zhang Gong’s body. You’ll pay the price in doing so. I’ll definitely succeed in waking Zhang Gong!” Mu Zi shouted with steeled resolution.

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