COL Volume 1: Chapter 4

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Volume 1: Chapter 4 – Basic Knowledge

“Zhang Gong Wei, what time do you think it is right now?” Teacher Xiu said with eyes full of fury.

“Ah! Teacher why are you here? Ah, sorry I overslept this morning.”

The truth is that I was terrified of meeting this terrifying teacher today, so I ended up walking in circles in the front of the school as I didn’t dare to go in. I hadn’t expected him to come out, I’m doomed.

As expected, “You overslept? Then your willpower must not be good. The most important thing for a mage to practice is their willpower. Then you’ll need to be stimulated first then. Go run five laps around the school until you’re vigilant.”

With no way out, I began running at a slow and leisurely pace.

“My name is Xi Lu Xiu. Obey my call, come forth my servant, Light Tiger.”

This is a level five magical beast. (Every person who studies magic each has their own magical beast. They can have more than one, but summoning more than one will consume a greater amount of willpower.)

“Zhang Gong, you have to run faster. If you get caught by him, you know what will happen to you.”

Seeing the light tiger who is four to five times bigger than me, gave me a lot of motivation. The fear of getting eaten drew my strength out and quickly ran straight ahead. Teacher’s light tiger followed me not too slowly or not too close. When I slow down a bit, a light arrow flies over and scares me, so I immediately speed up again. (Elementary and intermediate light spells only have one attack spell that’s at rank two.)

Ah, I’m truly miserable.

Finally, I finished my run which was like a long journey. Teacher Xiu unexpectedly let me rest for fifteen minutes.

Ah, how does my life have so much suffering?

“Resting time is over, now we’re going to see what you have learned already. What spells do you know Zhang Gong?”

“I know the illumination spell.”

“What else?”

“Nothing else.”

“In two years you have only learned the illumination spell.”

Carrying on, Teacher Xiu asked me many questions regarding my knowledge of basic magic theory and then some problem questions. My knowledge of basic magic theory was horrible since I mostly sleep in class. However, for the problem questions, my answers were really good, as after all I am very clever.

Teacher Xiu looked at me for two minutes then let out a heavy sigh.

“How did I meet such a lazy student? Ah, no wonder Teacher Lin asked me to teach you. Although I know your scores are near the bottom, I still didn’t expect it was bad to this extent. Well, let’s end class for today. Don’t be late tomorrow.” I encountered such a poor student and he’s also helpless.

What? He allowed me to finish class already, and it’s still the morning. He’s so great!

“Right, I’ll give you some homework to do.” saying so, he handed me two thick books.

Receiving them, I took a look. One of them says “Basic Magic Theory” while the other says “Major Light Element Spells and Explanations”. Giving me this, what does he expect me to do with it? I cannot help but wonder about his intentions.

“For tomorrow, you must memorize the basics of magic theory so you can make up for your originally poor knowledge of magic theory. I don’t want my students to be lacking in comparison to others. The other textbook is for later but you can also take a look at it. Well, you can go home now.”

“Teacher, the whole book of basic magic theory must be memorized?” I still hold onto a miniscule bit of hope.

“Of course. Tomorrow I will check your knowledge. If you want to continue playing with light tiger, then you can choose not memorize it.”

With these words, Teacher Xiu returned to the teacher’s office, leaving me in a daze.

What kind of teacher is this? Ah, he really is a demon, giving me only one day to memorize a 300 to 400 page book.
Today’s weather is quite good, sunny and no wind, makes a stark contrast with my mood.

Back at home, mother and father weren’t home, both of them were working. (Father is a metal molder while mother is the village healer.)

I take out “Basic Magic Theory” and flipped through it. Although I’m lazy, thinking about this afternoon’s demon’s punishment…. My calf muscles are still clenching. What other alternative is there but to memorize it.

Gradually the sun went down. With my tireless effort, I finally managed to memorize ten pages. Only ten pages. Ah, my life is over.

“Oi, who came home so early?” Usually the first to come home every day is my mother.


Hearing my faint voice, mother quickly came over.

“My baby child, how come you’re home so early today? Why are you so listless, did you do something wrong and got scolded?”

“No mother.” Thinking about the impossible task, I rushed into mother’s arms and started crying. After all, I am only 7 years old. Hugging me, mother asked:

“What is it?  Quickly tell mom. Is some bullying you?”

“Yes, yes! My new teacher is really horrible. The task he left for me, it was impossible to begin with, but he also punishes me too!”

“Ah! What task? How is this teacher punishing you?”

Reluctantly, I told mother what happened today at school.

“Zhang Gong, it’s you who is wrong. In the past, mother knew your studies weren’t too good, but mother didn’t think your studies were bad to this extent. Unexpectedly, even after two years you haven’t learned the basics. Teacher’s actions are correct. For a slacker like you, a ferocious teacher is best for teaching you. Mom and dad have let you become so spoiled.”

“What your mother says is correct. Let father see what kind of impossible task you were given.”

Father also came home.

After looking at my homework, father smiled.

“My foolish son, aren’t you usually very smart? How come you’re so foolish right now? Although this book is very thick, you don’t have to memorize it. Let your mother go cook dinner and father will coach you.” Afterwards, father taught me how finish this impossible task.

“Look Zhang Gong, this section primarily talks about applications of magic theory. In our world, there are many elements, the six basic elements you know about right. In order to use magic, you must communicate with your element properly, making it recognize you then gathering it around you. Afterwards, through an incantation you transform the magic essence gathered to achieve what you want. You see, this is magic.”

“My name is Li Ao Wei, wind essence hear my call, come to me, protect your friend – Wind Shield!” Father, while explaining to me used actual examples to inspire me. He divided the whole book into several parts, with each part having a main idea. Then he explained each part’s theory to me. Through father’s pointers, the clever me immediately found a trick and gradually aroused my interest in magic.

…… …… ……

“Well, it’s very late now. Only a bit is left, so tomorrow morning we’ll wake up early and finish it.”

“Okay father. I never thought magic was like this.” Receiving quite a bit of magic theory knowledge, I can’t help but indulge in how profound magic is. (In one night I have gained more knowledge than the two years I spent leisurely.)

“Zhang Gong, before, mother and father were at fault, having too little concern for your studies. From now on, Father will tutor you often. Our Zhang Gong will definitely become an outstanding mage.”

While patting my head, father kindly looked at me.

“Father, I will definitely properly study magic!”

The Child of Light didn’t yet know whether he was able to walk this path, but after this first time studying magic, he truly studied magic properly afterwards. (Regardless of whether or not he truly meant what he said, Xi Yu Xiu (Teacher Xiu) was there to make sure he didn’t slack, heh.)

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