COL Chapter Release – Volume 4: Chapter 13

Hey everyone, Ruze here. Everyone from Radiant is happy to have CoL here. xD

We’ll be continuing with our usual schedule of 3 regular chapters a week with sponsored chapters at $45.

Here’s the third regular chapter of the week that was supposed to be released yesterday…  All that linking left me too tired to release it. Our bonus chapter for everyone who guessed the surprise will be released in ~12 hours.


Volume: 4 Chapter 13

Translator: Miki

TLC: Ruze

Editors: Alt, AmberShadow, Kaizoku, Wavydashen

10 thoughts on “COL Chapter Release – Volume 4: Chapter 13” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter and, again, welcome to WW!

    P.S. Be careful with the one called FBT. I heard he makes soul shards out of the translators and threatens them to end chapters in cliffhangers.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  2. wellcome To WW… even if I’ve yet to read CoL I’m quite sure that it will be one interesting addition to my Xianxia collection (that was mostly born out of the contribution from the other translator hosted here ^^’)

    I hope You and your group will find at home here, the community is one of the best I found in the many years spent roaming trough the web ^^

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