Coiling Dragon Throwback – The Chronology

Hey, something awesome I wanted to share which I just posted on the Wiki; Wuxiaworld & CD fan ‘grifonero’ created a very nice chronology for Linley in CD, which he sent to me and I put up at our Wiki, here. I’m terrible at wikis though, so I couldn’t get the formatting right. Hope you guys can both enjoy it and help fix it! Reading through it really brought back some old feels 🙂

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  1. Hum it says that bloodviolet is a sovereign artifact but isn’t that wrong? It’s just a divine one, the only sovereign artifact Linley had was the coiling dragon ring if I remember right

    1. Linley got it as a Highgod Artifact but he later instilled Soverign’s Power into it and made it a Soverign Artifact. Its very easy for Soverigns to do that.

      1. while it is simple it still takes a minimum of 5k years for a Sovereign to turn a weapon/armor or SP artifact into a Sovereign Version and since Linley acquired the Overgod sword i don’t think he bothered turning his other weapons into Sovereign Artifacts

    2. **Spoiler Alert**

      It became a Sovereign Artifact after Linley became a Sovereign too.
      Sovereigns slowly turn the items around them into Sovereign Artifacts after quite some time.
      And by that I mean like a thousand years or something.

  2. Just a question about a point in the chronology, are you sure Bebe has truly been engaged to Nisse in 10130? From what I remember, they were lovers, but didn’t think about anything related to marriage before Nisse Pregnancy in 11566 or 11565.

      1. yah, i really think so too…

        and also, at the year 10008, after bebe become a saint, linley fought an old saint (great grandpa of jeanne i believe) and defeated him only using the laws of the wind… just before they went to the yulan river…

  3. I’m actually rereading it now, and am finding very few errors. There are a couple spots of questionable word choice due to IET’s repeated phrase usage that I would combat with a thesaurus, but overall it’s a really good translation.

  4. Oooh, cool! Thanks grifonero and Ren! This is tempting me to read through Coiling Dragon again, but it’s so freaking long, and I’ve got no time! Certainly not nearly as much time as Linley does… 😛

    1. *Spoiler Alert*

      If I recall correctly, she manages an art gallery for a while before she dies off-screen of old age. I think I read that when Linley was thinking about how lucky/happy he is to be with his wife fairly late in the series. But, I could just be crazy and imagining things.

      Edit: Awaiting moderation? I must have posted too often, or ‘Spoiler’ triggered the alert.

    2. she probably died after living out her life after all shes just a normal mortal. at most she’d gain a few extra decades for training to ninth stage mage (originally 4th level when the apocalypse hit). highly doubt she reached saint level. also linely got stuck in infernal realm while she was still on yulan continent at old age couldnt help her like delia (via beruit).

      i kinda want to hear the story of linely traveling the infernal realm with his family and friends. i still feel the story ended way too abruptly the author could have gave us a closing chapter 🙁

      1. I’m not sure this would have been interesting. In the afterwords, author explained that linley traveled in the Cosmos with his family and friends, visiting what the Grand Peng created, before created a Cosmos himself (ST).
        But honestly, it would not have been interesting to read. Since Linley at this moment had the power equivalent to the Grand Peng (not even sure it’s the right word), he was just invincible. The strongest practicioner of any realm would be at the level on an ant in front of him, so I don’t see the point for the author to created full realms, if the story that follow is pretty much the same that seeing videos of vacations, MC and family see this and that, absolutely no dangers, good vacations.

        And Linley traveling in the infernal realm would have the same problem. He was already invincible Sovereign apart, and meeting a sovereign would have been told in the story. So in the end he did tourism but nothing really interesting happened.

  5. Damn it, only if I wasn’t lazy in finishing my timeline, I could have had that glory.

    I stopped around book book 12, more or less due to My CD interest died due to infernal realm.

    Meh, I’m Certain my timeline is more accurate until the point I stopped, also due to the fact I had people comments on it.

    Ren, any way I can contact grifonero to give him access to that google doc? My timeline, why only about 1/3 of the story, has more detail.

  6. I remember catching up to the translation right around the time that Linley was in the middle of the Planar war just shortly after he became a soul mutate.

    Man a lot happened afterwards. Still a little salty about that abrupt ending though D:

  7. Hey i found a typo in the chronology, year 11458, the first line says after another three moths instead of months.

    and another, year 11666, its written witality instead of vitality and the word strength at the end of the line should be retyped

    1. I also wanted to thank grifonero for the work

      And Ren for introducing me to the genre to the point where I should really spend my time studying instead of refreshing the pages. So thanks guys

  8. Thanks for the Wiki link Ren && grifonero . I did some updates to the wiki, not sure if the source is too complicated so I only did a portion. Let me know if you are happy with the look and I can copy and paste it out for the rest or you can.

  9. WHOA WHOA WHOA, so Hong meng was the creator of the first universe and the Linley became the second in which he created Qin yu’s (ST) universe and then Qin yu created swallowed star!? Is this right? I heard this from a different site.

    1. Linmeng didn’t show up at the ST but they told Qin Yu that they are waiting for him…. i think this part is in the part where he met ao(I dont know his surname) wuming(When he’s still finding Hei Yu and I forgot the name monkey….) and i forgot the name of the other guy…. that time Qin Yu broke through soooo linmeng and hongmeng contact him via natural OP powers from gods…

  10. TYPO alert!

    L. kills Orloff with his allegedly most powerful attack, a 1,5 meters gray sword of energy which creates a sort of concentrated (10,000km in circumference) black hole

    1,5 meters V.S. 1.5 meters

  11. Hm,

    Hello, someone can tell me the best order to read novel related to CD ? I think i remember reading somewhere than IET made 4 (?) novel which were kind of related. CD, ST, swallowed star (based on a comment above) and desolate era ? (I’m not reading this one for now so i’m not sure but i think it’s what i saw in CD comment somewhere)

  12. Very nicely done. A lot of info.

    Although I did find some problems with the ages. Since he was born in 9982, he couldn’t possibly be 67 by 10039, 68 the next year and so on. That should be 57, 58, 82 on 10064, etc… I didn’t check the rest but I assume some more errors on age are possibly there.

    All in all, it is still a very good job. Kudos to the person who made it!

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