Coiling Dragon Ebooks Incoming!

Hey guys, I’m really happy to announce that after several fits and starts, Coiling Dragon is now almost completely, fully edited… which means that in the next month or two, we will be getting ready to launch the COMPLETE Coiling Dragon on Amazon! Prior to that, there are a few things we need to do (covers + typesetting, etc.); here’s your chance to give your input!

At present, the plan is to merge the 21 books of Coiling Dragon into eight books that will be sold separately (or in a set at a discount!). I’m planning to make a thematic eight ebook covers for these. I welcome your input on what you think the covers should look like! I’m also including what I think would be the ‘subtitle’ for each of the eight books. If you have suggestions, let me know what you think! I’m really, really looking forwards to this.

Book 1, Chapter 1 – Book 5, Chapter 17 – The Kingdom of Fenlai (BOOK 1)
Book 6, Chapter 1 – Book 8, Chapter 59 – The Dragonblood Avenger (BOOK 2)
Book 9, Chapter 1 – Book 10, Chapter 48 – The Rise of Baruch (BOOK 3)
Book 11, Chapter 1 – Book 13, Chapter 45 (long) – The Gods of Yulan (BOOK 4)
Book 14, Chapter 1 – Book 15, Chapter 42 (short) – The Infernal Plane (BOOK 5)
Book 16, Chapter 1 – Book 17, Chapter 64 – The Four Divine Beasts (BOOK 6)
Book 18, Chapter 1 – Book 19, Chapter 64 – The Planar Wars (BOOK 7)
Book 20, Chapter 1 – Book 21, Chapter 44 – The Lord of the Mists (BOOK 8)

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    1. I would like them to publish most of the books here on E-books I’m not that much into supporting through patreon and stuff like that rather I’d want to buy them so I could have them on my kindle so that I could read some wuxia’s on long plane rides rather than watch boring tv shows or actually talk to the people next to me!

  1. Omg~~~~ I’ve been waiting for this for so long~~~ I get to keep hard copies!!! Any idea on how much the set will be, and if there will be hard covers? I’m not a fan of paperback, but if that’s the only option then that’s fine by me 🙂

  2. Make the first book free and end it with a cliffhanger. Free books attract new readers, and if the content gets them hooked, they’ll buy the rest.

  3. For book 2 the cover has to be a young mans back(topless) staring into the distance. And infront of him or overlayed a shadow of the dragon.
    For book one it has to be the ring in fairly detailed manner with the azure glow of the sovereignly dragon.
    Book 3 similar art to book 2. But him more manly with a bit of scars with the black wind leopard and Bebe sitting on it. The scenery and background forestry green.
    Book 5 would be amazing if it has a pale blue fire theme. For book 6 the divine beasts would be interesting. How about the cores of sovereigns and the glow they have looks like their respective mythical beast. Or! The dragon sovereign core next to the ring. Both items share the same azure glow.
    For the last book it could be the 2 Half’s of that guy. One in the heavenly light and the other I’m the shadows of fate. Two halves of the “perfect” whole.

  4. to be honest don’t care about the names or cover’s ..just give me a date to pre order on here or amazon
    so you can take my money for a box set 🙂

  5. That’s a lot of books for one series. I don’t have a lot of bookshelf space. I’ll wait for the abridged version. Hardback hopefully. Hope we see an abridged version.

    1. why a abridged version as it would take some meaning out of the work ? just wondering why you would pick that type that’s all as to be honest if they did “real hard / paperback the size would be about the same depending on font and spacing etc

  6. Well, I’ll hope for something physical in the future. People have already compiled all of your translations into a complete ebook already. Hate to admit but I have a copy on my hard drive. I’d much prefer something I could flip through.

  7. I’m not really into “books” and I haven’t bought any book ever since but I think I’ll buy a hard copy for this one and other chinese translated novels that I like if they’re available. :3

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