Coiling Dragon Ebook Covers! Book 1 and Book 2

Hey guys, right now the tentative launch date for the eight-book Coiling Dragon Saga on Amazon will be September first. I wanted to give you all a sneak peek of the first two covers that we will be using. I hope you like them as much as we did in making them!  After having taken your suggestions into careful consideration, Book 1 will simply be called ‘Coiling Dragon’, while Book 2 will be called ‘Dragonblood’.  Thanks and enjoy!  We’ll be doing 2 covers a week until September 1, when everything will be ready to go!

156 thoughts on “Coiling Dragon Ebook Covers! Book 1 and Book 2” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Loving the art work! Even though I’ve already read all the books I’m still looking forward for September 1 since I’d love to contribute to the story and your hard work Ren:)

    Ps: After the release can you send out another reminder so I know to check out Amazon

    Best Regard
    ~Your hardcore-fan Antimores~

  2. Believe it or not, this is my first time visiting this even though I visit Wuxiaworld every day. I have to say that while the art isn’t half bad, it is not the best.

    I’m very averse to drawing the characters on the cover. I like the look of Linley left to imagination. Symbolic inanimate things would be fine.

    That being said, I’d suggest a simple decorated ring or maybe a “coiling dragon” for the first book. (Might as well put them both)
    And taking the title of the second book into consideration, I suggest the silhouette of a dragonblood warrior or the back view of Linley’s transformation. Although I would’ve liked the radiant church as a cover, it doesn’t conform to the title.

    One thing to emphasize, though, the cartoon-ish style is a big NO. I’m also opposed to any depiction regarding the characters, I’d prefer silhouettes much more if you must.

    This is just my personal opinion.

  3. Agree with previous comments that the style/portrayals are a bit off-putting and/or too much for a book cover. IMO the covers should be simple – the coiling dragon ring, linley’s sword, god/highgod crystal, etc.
    The artwork currently on the covers can be used for posters/other merchandise.

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