Clarification about Foundation Establishment

I made a grammar adjustment to a previous passage regarding Foundation Establishment that may or may not change your understanding of how that stage works. Its very small (literally a change of 2 letters). The original Chinese is kind of vague about some certain things; by making this change, it actually makes some certain aspects of Foundation Establishment more clear than the original Chinese. As such, they are in some ways a very minor spoiler. For the details, click the link.

Here is the adjusted passage. If you’ve been paying attention closely to the descriptions, you will probably notice the difference.

From Chapter 75:

As for Shangguan Xiu, at the moment, he couldn’t really be considered a Qi Condensation Cultivator. Although he was still some distance from Foundation Establishment, a Dao pillar was forming within his Core Lake.

15 thoughts on “Clarification about Foundation Establishment” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Mm, sure, a “Dao Pillar…”
    Shangguan Xiu was a pretty old guy, so he needed some viagra for that one… the truth behind the Foundation Establishment Pill 😉

  2. Meanwhile I can’t see what change could’ve been made with only 1 letter xD
    At best I can see a possible one that changes 2 letters(Dao pillars to a Dao pillar).

      1. I think more dao pillars will appear as his cultivation increases(Like maybe 1 dao pillar/stage of Foundation Establishment)
        Though that’s just a guess…

        1. i’m thinking that they keep talking about how many cracks the pillar has, no mention has been made of number of pillars in the foundation establishment stage despite the fact that it seems like it’d be a big deal so i think i agree, moar pillars later in cultivation, how many layers of cultivation are there? would you, per chance, reach heaven realm once you place nine pillars? ^.-

      2. There are nine pillars only Qi Condensation Cultivators won’t have a single pillar. That’s what the auther meant by saying he couldn’t be called a Qi Condensation Cultivator.

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