CKtalon & Absolute Choice Join Wuxiaworld!

To regular readers of Gravity, this name is going to be familiar one to you.  A hearty Wuxiaworld welcome for CKtalon!!!  CKtalon is a veritable speed demon translator who has cranked tons of very high-quality chapters on Gravity on projects such as True Martial World (TMW) and I Really Am a Superstar (IRAS)…and now, he’s bringing his newest project, Absolute Choice (绝对选项) to Wuxiaworld! I’ll let him explain more later, but this is a truly fun read which sees a lot of  the usual ‘tropes’ overturned, as well as an MC like no other.

CKtalon’s pre-existing fans will be used to speed alongside quality, and indeed, CK’s promising us TEN regular chapters each week, and up to ten more sponsored chapters as well for a total of twenty!  He’s already put up ten for you to read…so get to work reading, and welcome CKtalon!!!

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  1. haha it has saber as its book cover… i just dont understand chinese culture! why do they do it? wouldnt it be better to hire an artist and try to make a meaningful book cover that pertains to the story.

  2. Welcome to Wuxiaworld.

    This sounds really interesting. But damn… I was wondering why “Absolute Choice” and the summary sounded so familiar, it’s because it’s literally the entire premise of Noucome. Don’t know what came first. But fingers crossed hoping it’s not a simple, blatant rip-off.

  3. Woah…I’ve always loved reading TMW and and how fast the pace of the translation is! So just reading this news is really giving off a good vibe!

    Welcome CKtalon to WW!

  4. :O I love IRAS, if it’s the same translator then oh boy we’re going to get a looot of releases! I’m going to check this new novel out, let’s hope it’s nice. A Wuxiaworld welcome to you CKtalon, good luck and have fun!

    I’m very happy for WW as well, with this new addition we now have 30 novels. ^_^

  5. Man I can’t make comments on the chapters yet?!?!?! Shit is hella good yo. I usually dislike stories that take place in a modern time, but this seems pretty good so far. Much better than some the the KR novels i have attempted to read.

  6. Absolutely amazing. I’ve been following true martial world, it’s one of my favorites alongside all of Ergen’s stuff and very glad to see the TL for TMW on wuxiaworld as well x).

  7. okay…. after reading the ‘recent post’ and read this part….. I asked myself …. “… why does these names sound so familiar?” and….. I remembered…. ai…. TMW and IRAS… hur hur~!

  8. im login in here because only to express welcome to mr cktalon

    He dedicated in translating , both TMW and IRAS have HIGH QUALITY translated chapter.
    he do it 1chapter/day each one of them. Welcome to wuxia and keep up the good work.

  9. Welcome to Wuxia World, CKtalon! It’s great to see one of your series here and to see people from this site and Gravity Tales crossing over since they’re both two of my favorite sites. 🙂

    It’d be great if there’s even more interaction between the two, since they not only share the same community of readers but also the same goals in translating and even some of the same translators.

    (Like, maybe some contests or raffles, or fun things in the future, Ren? ;P )

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