Christmas Release! Book 5, Chapter 2

HO, HO, HO!  So I worked really, really hard to get this out for you guys in time….MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Here’s a true, genuine Christmas present from me to you.  Book 5, Chapter 2 – The Four Higher Planes.  Enjoy the read, and thank you, readers, fans, and followers!  Also, remember to have your Adblock off!

EDIT: I just saw that I got some donations from KP in Canada, WL in New York, and AC of Australia.  Thank you guys so much!  Readers – looks like you’ll have one more bonus chapter coming.  I can’t promise it’ll be tomorrow (because, well, it’s Christmas), but I will try my best.  Watch this space, and again….MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Thanks For the xmas gift it… (should have been staring at my phone to see the email not notice almost 30 mins later… oh well it became a xmas day read as it is not the 25th not the 24th anymore)

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