Chapters Coming Late Today

Hi guys, I’m running around kinda busy this morning and I don’t have reliable access to internet. Will still get three chapters up though, pinky promise! In the mean time, if you haven’t already, make sure you enjoy the new Stellar Transformation chapters, as well as deathblade’s work! This was the ‘big announcement’ I alluded to a few days ago. Unspeakably happy that there are more people joining us here; there is a reason I decided to call the website Wuxia World instead of Coiling Dragon when I first set it up.

Anyhow, have fun guys, and see ya with Chapter 19 soon!

16 thoughts on “Chapters Coming Late Today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. And the sad thing is that on every chapter of coiling dragon there is at least one comment saying “have you seen the manwha”.

          And don’t worry Ren, we’ll always wait patiently.

  1. yeahhh to bad though hahahaha
    i just started reading Stellar Transformation, right now i’m around in the beginning of book 3, so far it is quite interenting, if i have to score it from 1-10 i would give it 8, but to bad the story is a bit lower in quality than coiling dragon because based on my opinion so far i can guaranty a 9 for coiling dragon.
    maybe the problem is because i’m already too mesmerised with the story of coiling dragon, but too tell u the truth even from book 1 ch 1 the coiling dragon give more impact in terms of quality. though it is only my opinion.
    thanks again ren , work hard , i will always cheers for you ^_^

  2. oh yeah if i have to say each of character in coiling dragon have a great background story than ST as of right now, i hope it will get more interesting as the story progress

    1. well Stellar Transformation was IET first novel so of course the quality isn’t as high as his next ones (Coiling Dragon, Swallowed Star, Desolate Era etc.)

  3. So that’s why you didn’t call your website… awesome foresight Ren! It’s great having all the wuxia together! Congratulations!

    1. It seems to be down for me too. Maybe the government went after them.

      Ehem, I just checked and it is back up.
      I refreshed and it went back down… QQ
      Maybe the server load skyrocketed due to the F5 brigade.

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