New Chapter Release! Book 4, Chapter 16

Bonus chapter released, with more to come today!  This one is for Book 4, Chapter 16 – Forbidden the Skies.  Read it while it’s nice, fresh, and hot!

Thank you for the donation from HR in Brazil!  This 3700 word bonus chapter came courtesy of donations from HR, PS, GS, TL, MA, NZ, JV, CP, and especially a donor from Washington who wishes to remain anonymous.

13 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 4, Chapter 16” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. *sweat drop* I just noticed that I am highly addicted to this and if I do not get my fix of a chapter a day I start to go a little crazy from withdraw….

    Thanks for the fix I was refreshing a few time per hr even thou I have it set to mail me the moment a new chapter is posted.

      1. That is an issue for the both you the translator needing more time to translate and for us your blood sucking leeches (well some donate a bit of blood back). Since we want more chapters and you need more time plus you want to meet the demand from the blood donors.

      2. Thanks Ren sorry my phone keeps auto correcting your name lol 🙂 i truly appreciate it i love these novels 🙂 your amazing and can’t wait for more but make sure you take care of yourself dude 🙂

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