Change for Deathblade and ISSTH

For quite some time now, I’ve been hinting at a special announcement regarding the release rate of ISSTH chapters. That time has finally arrived. After the jump, there is a long and short explanation. If you don’t have time for the long explanation, jump to the bottom of the post to where it says “Bottom Line.”

As many of you know, I have been burning the candle at both ends by working a regular full time job, plus translating ISSTH. Although I started with only 5 chapters per week, that number rapidly went up. 14 chapters per week has essentially turned into a second full time job for me. In fact, I think I spend more time on ISSTH than my regular job. When you add in the time and energy Baby Deadthblade requires, you can imagine how exhausted I’ve been lately. In fact, I’ve been getting too exhausted.

Therefore, I am going quit my job to focus full time on translating I Shall Seal the Heavens! This is not a joke, and is actually something I’ve been arranging for quite some time. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my job, I will have to transition out of my work slowly. The process has already started, and although it could take weeks or months to complete the transition, I already have much more free time during the week (those long weekends will stay the same for a while).

I bet one of the first questions will be, “are you going to translate 50 chapters per week and finish ISSTH in a few months?” Sorry, I’m not going to immediately go insane with chapters.

In the coming weeks I will take it slow. By slow, I mean I will continue to do 14 chapters per week, and use the extra time to take care of some RL things and also ISSTH related things that I have been putting off. For example, the deadline for entries for the art contest has passed, so expect a voting page to appear soon! Another thing I really want to do is catch up on the ISSTH raws. Also, there’s that lightbulb in the bathroom that I haven’t changed for about 5 months now….

After giving myself time to handle some of those matters, and also catch up on a bit of sleep, I will slowly begin to add more chapters per week depending on demand.

One of the additional reasons I’ve chosen to do this is to be able to spend more time with Baby Deathblade. Therefore, even after the work transition is complete, there will be a limit to the number of chapters I will pump out per week. Time will tell. It will definitely be more than the current 14, but definitely not 50.

I’ve gotten requests in the past to pick up various dropped series or perhaps start working on translating a new novel. I won’t do that immediately. Further down the line it might happen, but for now my focus will be 100% on ISSTH.

Since my main source of income (and Baby Deathblade’s college fund) will now come from translating, I hope you can consider turning off ad blocking software, or perhaps sponsor or partly sponsor a chapter. It will be much appreciated.

I’m excited that over the coming months I will be able to hunker down and start pumping out more chapters for all of you to enjoy, and also get ISSTH completely translated as soon as possible!


I’m quitting my job to translate ISSTH full time.

I will increase the chapters per week slowly over the coming weeks and months.


Edit: Thanks for all the comments and also the show of support from donations. Okay, I’ve changed my mind, for this week I will do my best to add at least two additional chapters! However, to do that, I need to focus on translating! Putting the headphones in and focusing on the next chapter! Thanks so much!!! P.S. I will respond to some of the questions and comments later, promise!

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  1. Doggone Dude!
    I’m really loving this story but quitting your job to devote full time to translating—that is hard core!
    Thanks for your fine work so far.

    Saxon Violence

  2. i dunno man there’s only so much money going around on the translating scene…. I mean this work is great.. but definitely not even in my top 20

    1. Wow. What is in your top 20?
      After reading chinese webnovels, I just cant stomach wussie, harem loving, femdom jap ln/wn MCs. Currently I have yet to find a single jap wn/ln MC whom I can relate to or respect…Then there is kor ln. I do like Weed frm LMS I guess.

  3. Just registered because of this. Go Deathblade!!! Will you become first dedicated official chinese wuxia translator? 🙂 I’ve sent some resources to increase your cultivation 😀

  4. Wow, you are the man, no, wait, you are the blade, no thats not it either, you are the AWESOME DEATHBLADE!!! That is some incredible translating-father dedication. All four thumbs up!

  5. Just got register too just to comment its been 5 months since ive been reading novels from and it is my first time to register sorrysorry abou that anyways cuz im using andriod. Thank you!! So much!! for the hard work!!

  6. DB i don’t know about you but this sounds like a bad idea, idk how much you guys earn aside from the sponsored chapters but it can’t be much, and i don’t think living of sponsored chapter is the way to go man keep your job or find another one because i’m sure you can’t live off financially with your family included.
    I dont know much about life, but unless this site become popular like facebook then i think that you should consider not doing something rash as this. I’m just writing this because i really care and i’m worried that something bad will happen even though i love that you showed me and the others this amazing novel this just sounds like a bad idea. i’m still in last year of highschool so i don’t know much about work,money and stuff so just take this as a grain of salt.

  7. I really hope you don’t do this i respect your balls but unless you do almost the exact same thing rwx did i hope you keep your job. just lessen the rate of releases to regulate your time better but having more than one source of income is better than one, cause you never know maybe translation apps will come around and making all the work you guys put in obsolete, if you do go through with it you would have to make your own site then have multiple types of content and release them constantly just to make the site have a massive traffic influx, and most people will still have adblock on regardless if you ask nicely. so just saying till you can finish these types of books in like 2-6 months and release multiple books by yourself so you have variety and multiple things people would possibly donate to don’t quit your job or just do it part time do not fully quit, part time is better than none at all because if the translating scene is not up to what you want it to be you can always go back possibly. READ THIS ALL OF YOU AND SPREAD THIS TO DEATH BLADE UNLESS YOU CAN KILL CHINESE NOVELS WITH 1500 + Chapter Counts In Less than 6 MONTHS AND RELEASE MULTIPLE TYPES OF BOOKS DURING THIS TIME THEN GO FOR IT, IF NOT DO NOT QUIT JOB,

  8. I wish I was a multi-millionaire so that you guys wouldn’t have any financial worries at all; but alas, my last name isn’t Rockefeller. I hope this move brings you a less stressful, happier and financially stable life.

    With that said, I wouldn’t advise quitting your job UNLESS you have a better, more viable, more stable source of income. If it’s too much work releasing the chapters with the current frequency then just cut back. We won’t die from less releases. Wish you all the best.

  9. I hope if you have a free time try translating ‘Bringing the farm to leave in another world’ I like the story but its was being translated (I’m sorry to say) way to slow.

    That’s if you have some free time. Regardless enjoy your time translating, this is my first time commenting so THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE CHAPTER.

  10. i wish that u have a shadow clone skill n can split ur mind to some degree. that way u don’t have to quit ur job, faster ur translating pace n still have to get some rest + time for family

  11. To Mr. Deathblade :

    You really gain my respect, not anyone can quit their job for translating. I know I don’t have the means to donate, but I will surely disable my adblock (which i rarely do) just for you. You are one of the translators that I admire the most, not just because of the very readable translations, but also because of your consistent number of chapter releases. I really appreciate all your efforts. God Bless! And more blessings and power to come!

    (Deathblade [ISSTH], RWX [DE], hyorinmaru [MW], CKtalon [TMW], GGP [BTTH], notsane [PMG], fbt [MGA], taffy [CCM], Deceptioning [CSG], Pumpkin[ST] and Aran [IGE] these are the translators. I really appreciate, I think they are the role models of translators.)

  12. Yeah, so I tried disabling my adblocker again. Still no change. The videos keep stuttering for a few seconds and then the browser freezes.

    If you fix that I have no problem with disabling the adblock.

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