Chance of ATG – 4/19

alyschu: 10% – In chew-head-off-on-first-sight mode due to not being able to resolve DDoS issue on MBC, and not being able to move servers because of bad webhoster being bad. How can a server’s control panel have 504 gateway error entire day? UGhh.. Currently not a happychu.

OverTheRanbow: 0% – In dead mode due to running around his area looking for a rental car after his car engine broken down due to an almighty “haha I shut down all transit” flood which also coincided with his first day of work. OverTheRanbow hopes that his fellow southern Texans are doing well.

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  1. O OTR is also a Southern Texan? Then yeah that sucks bout his car. I was lucky I live in an area of South Texas that didn’t get hit as hard by the heavy rain and flooding.

  2. Over the Rainbow is a South Texaner? 😀 😀 😀 cool! One day we will go a drinking fellow daoist! :3 Also yeah its all kinds of wet everywhere down here xD GL working!

    1. Indeed it’s wet everywhere…Even I…. Anyways school was canceled for me YET Another day. 3 Days without going to school! Hopefully Thursday isn’t the same.

    1. Houston has indeed been a bit of a pain due to the rain. I was one of the lucky few in my area to live on a hill so as not to have a flood damaged vehicle or home.

      Hope things get better for you OverTheRanbow & alyschu!

      1. I’m glad you made it through the flooding in the area. Nice that you are on a hill, all the pics I saw (which of course are always the worst of it) I saw flooding submerging SUVs and such.

        Hope your friends in the area also made it through okay.

      2. It really really has. So many detours. I was literally 2 blocks away from a flooded area when my coma-like sleep ignored all the alerts when it rained. I’m lucky this street I live on doesn’t flood. Woo!! Good luck out there everyone!

          1. Lucky!!! I remember how all of my friends were upset when we had to come to school… haha. San Antonio–why don’t you flood? All those amber warnings are just empty tunes…

  3. I don’t blame ya. 🙁 I’ve been trying to read DKC all day. So I can semi-understand your annoyance at webhost providers…. (yes i know DKC is hosted on moonbunny :()

  4. OverTheRainbow,
    My sect in Houston were not in the flooded area. We were lucky.
    Hopefully one day we could have a gathering with all fellow daoists in Houston. ^^

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