Chance of ATG..?

OverTheRanbow here.

Sorry, I tried. No chapters today, but expect double tomorrow.

alyschu fainted half way from re-sizing too much pictures in MS paint. alyschu estimated revive time = T minus 12 hrs.

Good night to some of you, morning to others!

28 thoughts on “Chance of ATG..?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. 1 question… if boss over the rainbow is talking here and Alyschu is fainted…then why it says posted by alyschu??? btw take some good and long rest. Looking forward to double release tomorrow.

  2. Ouch, fainted recently, woke up with deep cut close to my throat, and bruises in various areas, had to get stiches =_=;

    Try photoshop, i remember i’ve been doing macros years ago when i had to do same thing on many pics 😉

    Also, you might to increase sugar intake.

  3. Thanks for the update. Dont worry and rest well 🙂 in fact, it might be good to post 2-3 chapters at once for every 3 days. I think it make the story goes more smoothly, instead of breaking at every chapter. Hahaha

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