Book 7, Chapter 5

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Book 7, Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down – Chapter 5, Apocalypse Day

“What on earth is going on?”

Yale, Reynolds, and George were all stunned. Just moments ago, they were participating in a wedding banquet, but then all of a sudden, a giant Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape had dropped out of the skies, apparently with a huge host of magical beasts behind him. That incredibly supermassive flock of Dragonhawks in the sky was terrifying to behold.

Not only were the three bros stunned; all of the people within the city of Fenlai were stunned.

“Get out, now!” Yale immediately shouted.

Yale, George, and Reynolds hurriedly fled from the Debs clan’s manor. Fortunately, the Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape didn’t pay any attention to the three of them, because there were simply too many people running about in Fenlai City. Someone worthy of the Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape noticing would have to be at least a combatant of the ninth rank or a Saint-level combatant.

“Young master.” The vast majority of the guards of the Dawson Conglomerate had undergone training in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, and so were able to maintain their calm despite seeing that vast number of magical beasts descend upon them.

“Quick, to my father!”

Yale immediately shouted.

Escorted by the Dawson Conglomerate bodyguards, Yale, Reynolds, and George quickly rushed back to the Dawson Conglomerate’s headquarters. On the way back, Yale noticed that there were a huge number of flying magical beasts already within the city of Fenlai. Not only were there Dragonhawks, there were also Winged Pegasi.

There were also magical beasts of the seventh rank such as Thunderwing Pegasi and Blue-eyed Thunderhawks, and magical beasts of the eighth rank such as Golden Sunhawks as well as various giant dragons.

Both the skies and the streets of Fenlai City were covered with massive magical beasts. The apocalypse had descended onto Fenlai City, and there was no way to fend it off. Even the weakest of the giant flying dragons was a magical beast of the eighth rank. Over a hundred giant flying dragons had come to attack. Who could stop them?

Even the Eight Ace Regiments of the Radiant Temple would see their numbers cut in half from a single combined fiery blast from those hundred plus dragons.

“Apocalypse. Apocalypse!”

The entire Fenlai City had already sunken into a mass of fires and floods. But the dwellers of Fenlai City didn’t know that these magical beasts made up only a fraction of the total number coming…because the magical beasts on the ground far outnumbered the flying beasts. But in terms of speed, of course the flying magical beasts were much faster and had arrived first.

Thus, the flying magical beasts had led the attack as the vanguard.


The soldiers standing on the walls of Fenlai City were all stunned. This was the 10000th anniversary of the Yulan Festival. Just earlier, during lunch, they had all celebrated by drinking alcohol, but now, all they could see were endless numbers of magical beasts. And in front of them…

“Magical beasts. So many. So many.” Those soldiers were all speechless.

The earth was shaking. Outside the city of Fenlai, an army of hundreds of thousands of Windwolves were charging towards the city at high speed. Just the very sight of those hundreds of thousands of Windwolves charging at them in masse was enough to freeze the blood of the watchers.

“Where are the magi?! Magi!”

“Magicannons! Load the magicannons!”

The army officers all began shouting loudly, trying to do their best to get their soldiers ready. In reality, they also knew that struggling was hopeless, because a huge number of winged magical beasts had already descended within the heart of Fenlai City.

“Captain, what is that?” Suddenly, a soldier stared speechlessly at the skies.

The captain looked in that direction as well, and saw that up in the air, there was an enormous magical beast that was speeding towards them. This magical beast had no wings at all, but it sliced through the air as it flew towards them at astonishing speed.

“Flying in the air. This is…this is a Saint-level magical beast. A Saint-level magical beast!”

That captain now understood that there really was no chance at all.


At the same time, far away from Fenlai City, a terrifying roar could be heard. A huge form passed through the horde of Windwolves at high speed, moving so fast that it was at least ten times speedier than the Windwolves. It probably wasn’t much slower than the Saint-level beast flying in the air.

This was an enormous beast, at least thirty meters tall. Physically, it looked exactly like an enormous lion, except its eyes were bloody red!

A magus on the walls of Fenlai City screamed, “Saint-level magical beast, Bloody-eyed Maned Lion! Heavens, another Saint-level magical beast! It’s a Bloody-eyed Maned Lion! Amongst behemoth-type monsters, only the Golden Behemoth is a match for it!”

Everyone was stunned.

There was no way they could match it in power.

“Haha! Bloody, why are you, a Saint-level magical beast, running on the ground?” The giant beast flying in the air spoke with words that sounded like booming thunder.

Quite a few soldiers below raised their heads to look up.

“It’s speaking in human tongues! So it’s true that Saint-level magical beasts can speak in human tongues!” This was the first time anyone present had ever personally encountered a Saint-level magical beast, much less two of them! By now, they could tell what the magical beast in the air looked like.

The body of Saint-level magical beast above was obsidian black, and it looked like a dragon, but without wings.

“Saint-level magical beast, Tyrant Wyrm! A hegemon amongst dragons!” Another magus cried out in terror.

Dragons were primarily divided into two types. The first type was the winged dragons, such as the eighth-ranked Emerald Dragons and Fire Dragons, or the ninth-ranked Silver Dragons, Black Dragons, and Frost Dragons, or the Saint-level Gold Dragons, Prismatic Dragons, and Bloodgem Dragons.

The other type was the wingless dragons, such as the seventh-ranked Velocidragons, the ninth ranked Armored Razorback Wyrms and Stegowyrms, or the Saint-level Thunder Lizards, Tyrant Wyrms, and Triceratops Wyrms.

The main difference between winged dragons and wingless dragons lay in the power of their bodies.

The wingless dragons possessed immense power within their bodies. The Armored Razorback Wyrms, the Stegowyrms, the Thunder Lizards, and the Tyrant Wyrms all possessed incredibly durable bodies that were somewhat stronger than winged dragons of the same rank.

“Hmph, enough chitchat. Let’s compete and see who can kill the most.” The Bloody-eyed Maned Lion’s terrible voice growled out, shaking the earth with its echoes.

“Fine!” The Tyrant Wyrm roared in response.

Instantly, that enormous, hundred-meter plus body of the Tyrant Wyrm descended from the heavens, aiming directly at the city walls. The walls of Fenlai City were extremely sturdy, and were covered with countless powerful magical formations. But because there were too many flying magical beasts present, there was no way to activate the magical barriers without interference.

“Do you think you can run faster than me?” The Bloody-eyed Maned Lion roared angrily as well, increase its speed still further.

These two terrifying massive beasts charged towards the city, one from the air, another from the ground. The walls protecting Fenlai City were over ten meters thick. Walls that thick were definitely capable of defending against enemy armies, but facing two such terrifying magical beasts…

After all, Tyrant Wyrms and Bloody-eyed Maned Lions could only be matched by peak-stage Saint-level human combatants!


At virtually the exact same instant, the Tyrant Worm and the Bloody-eyed Maned Lion slammed into the wall. Under the attack of these two Saint-level massive magical beasts, the ten-meter thick wall was only able to serve as a slight, momentary impediment. And then, in the next heartbeat, the section of the walls blocking them collapsed entirely.


Those two parts of the wall exploded, sending rubble flying everywhere. The rubble alone killed many people.


The Bloody-eyed Maned Lion and the Tyrant Wyrm excitedly charged towards the heart of Fenlai City. Given their astonishing speed, most people would totally be unable to dodge out of the way of their charge. Their massive weight and the force of each step would most likely heavily injure even a warrior of the ninth rank. A warrior of the eighth rank would die from being stepped on, no question at all.


Hundreds of thousands of Windwolves charged forward, like the boundless waves of the sea, charging through the openings created by the two Saint-level magical beasts. Other Windwolves just leapt directly into the air, bypassing the wall entirely. Windwolves possessed incredible leaping abilities, after all, and were able to leap 20-30 meters in a bound. These walls were totally useless in stopping them.

Hundreds of thousands of Windwolves had entered Fenlai City…

“Rumble, rumble, rumble.”

The earth continued to shake with thunder-like galloping sounds. Behind the Windwolves were countless numbers of different types of land-based magical creatures. There were Mastodons and other creatures far more terrifying that Windwolves. Those soldiers who had been lucky enough to survive, staring at that massive flood of magical beasts, knew true despair.

“The Holy Capital is finished.” Staring off at into the distance, a soldier hiding in a corner of the walls said in despair.


A Windwolf suddenly appeared next to him and bit his head off in a single bite.


A cell in the ninth floor of the Radiant Temple.

“What is going on?” Linley climbed to his feet. He could feel the ground shaking and hear the thunderous roars, howls, as well as screams of misery from outside. Having stayed so long within the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, Linley could tell just from listening to the sounds what sorts of magical beasts had arrived.

“Why are there so many magical beasts here? They seem to be everywhere.” Linley was totally amazed.


A terrifyingly powerful force struck against the Radiant Temple. All the walls of the Radiant Temple suddenly began to glow with a dim light. Despite having received such a tremendous blow, the Radiant Temple had managed to withstand it.

“This Radiant Temple’s defense is really something.” A deep, thick voice growled from outside. The power and strength of that voice was such that even in his cell, Linley could clearly hear each word.

“Someone is attacking the Radiant Temple?”

Linley found it somewhat hard to believe. The Holy Union was one of the six major powers, and the Radiant Church had existed for millennia. In all that time, no one had ever dared to attack the Radiant Temple. But given the attack just then, as well as that loud voice, someone had definitely just attacked the Radiant Temple.


Suddenly, in unison, several rough voices rang out loudly. There was definitely more than one loud voice!

“Stop!” An angry bellow.

“That’s the Holy Emperor.” Linley could clearly tell it was him, but right after the Holy Emperor’s voice rang out, there was a….


A terrifyingly powerful force descended upon the Radiant Temple, causing the entire Radiant Temple to shake violently. The light shining from the myriad complicated magical patterns covering the Radiant Temple began to flicker and shudder, while on the walls of the Temple, cracks began to emerge.

“How terrifying.” Doehring Cowart sighed in amazement. “A single attack was enough to nearly collapse the entire Radiant Temple.”


Yet another terrifying strike. This time, even the giant magical formation covering the Radiant Temple, the Glory of the Radiant Sovereign, wasn’t able to withstand it. With an exploding sound, the Radiant Temple split open at the middle, and the top eight floors of the Radiant Temple collapsed.

“The protective magical formation was destroyed.” Linley could feel his cell beginning to shift about, as if it were sliding down.

Linley was both amazed and overjoyed. Before this, the cell walls were extremely sturdy, because any force used against it would be absorbed by the entire magical formation. But now, the magical formation itself had been destroyed! Linley’s hands transformed into a pair of draconic claws, and he immediately smashed a giant hole into the walls with five or six punches.

Linley immediately burst out from within the hole he had just created.

“Bloodviolet Godsword!” When Linley had been seized, the Bloodviolet Godsword had been taken from him by the Radiant Church. But since the Bloodviolet Godsword had already been personalized and bound by Linley long ago, with a mental command by Linley, it began to fly towards his direction, arriving in Linley’s hands shortly afterwards.

By now, the Radiant Temple was in a state of chaos. No one could be bothered to worry about Linley.

With a tap of the foot, Linley sent himself leaping down into the plaza below. Right now, the Radiant Temple Plaza was littered with corpses. Far too many had just died. There were many people engaged in battle against magical beasts as well.

“So many people.”

Linley was totally stunned.

The skies were filled with countless types of flying magical beasts – Dragonhawks, Bluewind Hawks, Winged Pegasi, Thunderwing Pegasi, Emerald Dragons, Fire Dragons, Black Dragons…all sorts of dragons. The sight of these creatures blocking out the sky with their mass was enough to freeze anyone’s heart.

And the numbers of magical beasts on the ground were even more astonishing.

“Is that…?”

Linley stared in the direction of the Radiant Temple. In the air directly above it, there were over ten enormous magical beasts.

“A Savage Worldbear…Bloody-eyed Maned Lion…Electrobolt Panther…Thunderwing White Tiger…Thunder Lizard…Tyrant Wyrm…” Linley saw one legendary Saint-level magical beast after another, all hovering in the air above the Radiant Temple. He was totally stupefied at the number of Saint-level magical beasts that had just appeared.

What’s more, the person leading these Saint-level magical beasts seemed to be a human.

He was a very devilish looking young man, wearing a dim gold robe, with a strange slit-like scar on his forehead. This devilish young man was coldly, calmly looking at Heidens and Heidens’ forces. Heidens, Mr. Fallen Leaf, and five other Saint-level human combatants were all standing in mid-air, staring back at the young man. Clearly, the Radiant Church’s side was in very bad shape.

“You…” Heidens and the other humans were furious.

“I really am so sorry for disturbing you on your Yulan Festival, but I must inform you that your Radiant Church needs to go find another place to be your Holy Capital.” The devilish young man said calmly.

Linley could clearly hear these words, and he couldn’t help but be secretly shocked at how terrifying this young man was.

“Boss, boss!” Linley suddenly heard Bebe’s voice ringing out in his mind. Linley could sense Bebe’s location, and he couldn’t help but turn to look at him. He saw a black blur pass through the massed throngs of people and magical beasts. Very shortly afterwards, the blur arrived, and with a leap it threw itself directly into Linley’s arms.

“Bebe.” Linley felt extremely moved.

“Boss.” In Linley’s arms, Bebe was also so moved that his little eyes turned moist.

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