Book 21, Chapter 4

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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 4, Sovereign Linley

“One of the candidates…”

So Beirut had been keeping an eye on all of his adventures through the Infernal Realm, and had been constantly evaluating him.

“Although I became a Sovereign, I, like any ordinary mortal, wish to be able to give the Sovereign sparks to those people who are close to me. My three children and Bebe…they clearly wouldn’t possibly have any accomplishments in earth, fire, and water. Because of Bebe, it was natural for me to entrust you with my hopes as well. But I also understood that amongst Sovereigns of the same rank, if there was too great a difference in one’s insights into the profound mysteries, that wouldn’t work either. Linley, back then, your comprehension of the profound mysteries of the Laws was simply at too low a level.” Beirut sighed. “After all, even the weakest of Sovereigns has fused five types of profound mysteries! I’m that sort, myself. But of course, the vast majority has fused just five profound mysteries!”

“The weakest have fused five?” Linley was a bit startled.

“Grandpa.” Bebe said, surprised, “You once said that many Sovereigns were amongst the very first batch of Highgods that rose shortly after the creation of the universe, who were lucky enough to seize a Sovereign spark. Their innate talent isn’t necessarily high; how could they have fused five profound mysteries?”

It must be understood that for many experts, fusing three or even four profound mysteries was their limit, and they wouldn’t be able to make any further breakthroughs.

“Haha…” Beirut began to laugh, then he looked mysteriously at Linley. “As for why even the less talented Sovereigns are able to fuse five profound mysteries…after you become a Sovereign, you will understand.”

“After I become a Sovereign?” Linley’s heart trembled.

“Although after you become a Sovereign, your future accomplishments will be significant…” Beirut shook his head. “The stronger you are as a Deity, the better. Back then, you had only fused three profound mysteries. You only relied on the ‘Soulstone’ and the powerful body given to you by your Azure Dragon lineage to defeat Seven Star Fiends.”

“The candidates that I considered generally had fused at least five profound mysteries.” Beirut shook his head and said, “For example, Bluefire. He was the most powerful of them. He had even reached a final bottleneck, and was just one step away from becoming a Paragon.”

Linley sighed in his heart.

Beirut had been keeping watch over a group of people. If he was being completely impartial, Linley wouldn’t even be qualified to become a potential candidate.

“But of course, because of Bebe, I still hoped that you would become a Sovereign.” Beirut laughed.

This was the nature of human relationships. Who wouldn’t hope for the possibility of giving nice things to their closest family and friends?

“However, your improvement speed is indeed fast. Your trip through the Netherworld…made me evaluate you even more seriously.” Beirut smiled. “In fact, I even asked Bluefire to have his original body and his divine earth clone follow you in secret that entire time, protecting you if necessary.”

“Follow in secret?” Linley and Bebe looked at Bluefire in shock.

Bluefire had been tracking him, but they hadn’t realized at all.

“Linley, I was quite surprised, because you actually were able to fuse a fourth profound mystery in the Planar Battlefield! You developed your new supreme technique, ‘Microcosm’.” Beirut laughed. “That technique of yours, especially when combined with the special way of using the Redbud Sovereign’s ‘Amethyst Space’, had already surpassed the techniques of most experts who had fused five types of profound mysteries.”

“In two thousand short years, you had fused four profound mysteries. This sort of speed, even across the entire universe, definitely qualified you as a genius.” Beirut laughed happily. “I was certain that if you continued to train like this, you would absolutely be able to fuse five profound mysteries.”

“And so, then and there, I decided that you would be the candidate to become the Sovereign of Earth.” Beirut said.

Linley let out a moved sigh.

“No wonder.” Bebe mumbled. “No wonder back then, Mr. Leylin appeared.”

“Right. My assignment, by that point, was essentially complete.” Bluefire laughed, and then he looked at Linley. “The Demigod who had received tutelage from me back at Mount Copper Gong had, in two thousand short years, had reached such heights, and was going to be, in the future, my comrade, the Sovereign of Earth. This truly was incredible. Who would have imagined…that shortly after I left, a major problem occurred. I was terrified as well. After all, my Sovereign clone couldn’t leave the Yulan Plane, while my original body wasn’t able to make it in time, even though I hurried back to save you. I was truly worried that you would be killed by Magnus, just like that.”

Beirut let out an emotional sigh as well. “Bluefire told me that you had suffered an attack from Magnus, and that you were a hair away from death. I was very worried as well. Worried that you would die.”

“But who would have imagined that this became your chance to transform!” Beirut’s eyes were shining. “You had four divine clones, yet were able to successfully mutate your soul. This let you become a supreme expert who surpassed the Paragons! Haha…Linley, you, as a Soul Mutate, are even more qualified than Bluefire and myself!”

The more powerful a person was, the more powerful they would naturally become upon becoming a Sovereign!

“Linley, look…” Beirut waved his hand, and a black stone box appeared.

Linley immediately recognized that this black stone box was the box that had been removed from that giant sealing formation.

“You should have already guessed what is inside.” Beirut smiled as he opened the box. He tossed aside the lid, and instantly, two auras of light shot out in every direction, and a heart-shaking aura drifted out from the light. Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but stare raptly towards it.

Within the box was a pair of gems that appeared similar to divine sparks.

The gems seemed to be made of a semi-translucent gray glass. At first glance, it seemed like some sort of jewels. These two gems were emanating two different types of light; one was a deep, weighty, earthen yellow color. The other was a soft, slick azure-green color. In addition, the aura and majesty contained within them made even Linley and Bebe’s hearts tremble.

“These are Sovereign sparks!” Linley was absolutely certain.

Beirut let out a very emotional sigh. “These two Sovereign sparks are the water-type Sovereign spark that came from the Azure Dragon’s corpse, and the earth-type Sovereign spark that came from the Black Tortoise’s corpse! I have already safeguarded these two Sovereign sparks for more than ten thousand years. I was worried that on one of my business trips outside of the Yulan Plane, I might be attacked and killed by the Chief Sovereign of Light. What, then, would happen to these Sovereign sparks? And so I decided that even if I died, I wouldn’t let Augusta acquire them. Thus, I created that seal.”

Linley secretly nodded.

A seal that only Sovereigns could break, and yet was kept in a material plane. The Chief Sovereign of Light truly did have no hope of opening it.

“Alas. How wonderful would it have been if we had a darkness-type Sovereign spark.” Bebe rubbed his jaw twice and mumbled.

Beirut laughed as he glanced at Bebe. “Do you think Sovereign sparks are so easily acquired? Alright, Linley. Let me tell you this. If you want to become a Sovereign, there is only one way, and one way alone; fuse with a Sovereign spark! Regarding Sovereign sparks…ever since the creation of the universe countless years ago, 77 Sovereign sparks naturally descended. Only by training to the Highgod level through your own power can you fuse a Sovereign spark.”

Linley nodded slightly.

Training to become a Sovereign was indeed something which pure effort could accomplish.

“The reason why Sovereigns are so powerful is because of their Sovereign spark. Highgod Paragons, and you, a Soul Mutate, have fused the power of your Will into your souls, yes?” Beirut laughed.

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“Sovereigns are different. Virtually all of the power of their Will is in the Sovereign spark.” Beirut said. “When fusing a Sovereign spark, the boundless Will power held within the Sovereign spark will transform your soul. Because the souls of your other divine clones are part of you, they, too, will receive a partial transformation. But that’s secondary; compared to the Will within the Sovereign spark, the power of the Will of the souls of your clones will be less than ten thousandth!”

Linley nodded slightly.

“Lord Beirut.” Linley asked, puzzled. “There are Lesser, Intermediate, and High ranks amongst Sovereigns. If I become a Lesser Sovereign, but in the future acquire an Intermediate Sovereign spark of the same element, will I be able to fuse it?”

“No.” Beirut didn’t hesitate at all.

“If you become a Lesser Sovereign, you will be a Lesser Sovereign for your entire life.” Beirut said. “But of course…if you have two divine clones, you can separately fuse two different Sovereign sparks. This is possible. According to legend, the Chief Sovereign of Lightning has an additional Sovereign clone which is a Sovereign of Earth.

Linley was awestruck.

A single person, take two Sovereign positions?

“Haha, Linley, enough of the Chief Sovereign of Lightning. Even you will be in possession of two Sovereign bodies.” Beirut suddenly said.

“What!” Linley was completely shocked.

“Grandpa, what did you say?” Bebe cried out in shock. “You are going to let Boss…”

Beirut’s eyes were flashing, and he laughed as he spoke. “If Linley was just an ordinary Paragon, there is no way I would let him simultaneously fuse with two types of Sovereign sparks. However…he is a Soul Mutate. He can fuse divine power! I very much want to see how powerful Linley will be, once he is both a Sovereign of Earth and a Sovereign of Water!”

The nearby Bluefire seemed very excited as well. “Originally, Beirut was only planning to let you become a Sovereign of Earth. But then, your soul mutation was a success. Beirut’s plans were changed! He was prepared to let you have two Sovereign clones!”

“I never even dared imagine that one day, I would be able to openly walk out of the Yulan Plane. This was because I had no confidence in my ability to fight against Augusta.” Beirut’s eyes turned sharp. “However, Linley, your soul mutation gave me hope! Ever since the creation of the universe, there have only been so many Sovereigns. The conditions necessary for the creation of a Soul Mutate, however, are very harsh and strict. There has never been a Soul Mutate amongst the Sovereigns.”

“Although there are some who possess two Sovereign clones, because they are unable to fuse their powers, they naturally wouldn’t grow much stronger! But you, Linley, are different!”

Beirut stared at Linley. “You are a Soul Mutate. I very much want to know what level of power you will have, after becoming a Sovereign of two different elements!”

“In fact, I even believe that there is hope for you to be able to lead me out of the Yulan Plane, and for me to no longer fear the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta.” Beirut’s eyes were sharp.

It was precisely because he saw, on Linley, his hope for departing the Yulan Plane! This was why Beirut had been so excited and had lost his composure.

A Fusion Sovereign?

This was definitely unheard of.

“The heavens have treated me with great kindness. I had originally worried about Augusta being in possession of an Overgod artifact, but now, haha, you have an Overgod weapon as well.” Beirut was extremely excited. “Everything has gone perfectly. I can already sense, Linley, that you, a hitherto unseen Fusion Sovereign, definitely will not disappoint me!”

Linley couldn’t help but feel hot blood pumping through him.


Other Sovereigns with two Sovereign clones who were not Soul Mutates wouldn’t be able to fuse their Sovereign power. Only Linley could. Only he was a true Fusion Sovereign.

“Linley, fuse them.” Beirut tossed the stone box towards Linley.

Linley looked at the two glass-like Sovereign sparks within the stone box, then at Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe. The three of them all had looks of hope in their eyes.

“Fusing the Sovereign sparks…” Although he felt his blood boiling in his veins, Linley forced himself to calm down. “I’ll first fuse with a single spark, then the other one.” Linley felt that it would be safer to advance step-by-step.


A single drop of blood leaked out from Linley’s finger, landing atop the surface of the earth-type Sovereign spark. Instantly, the earth-type Sovereign spark levitated into the air. A dense, earthen yellow aura shot out in every direction. Linley willed it, and instantly his body changed, with his divine earth clone emerging and the other three clones, along with his original body, remaining in his sea of consciousness.

His earthen yellow hair fluttered freely as he stared directly at the earth-type Sovereign spark.


The eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods originally had an azure sky and an azure ground. But in this instant…

The universe seemed to instantly change. A terrifyingly dense surge of earthen yellow elemental essences suddenly filled this entire universe. A flood of earthen yellow water suddenly manifested around Linley and swirled around him. This flood of earthen yellow water was liquefied earth-type Sovereign power, and that earth-type Sovereign spark was slowly sinking itself into Linley’s forehead.

“A new Sovereign has been born.” Beirut had a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. Beirut felt very satisfied at having been able to bring about a new Sovereign. At the same time, he was a bit nervous. “A Fusion Sovereign which has never before appeared. What will this be like?”

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