Book 20, Chapter 8

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Book 20, The Crown’s Riddle – Chapter 8, Whither To?

“However…” Olivier said bitterly. “Although I killed all of those people, there were too many of them. I had to protect Deia and Leya, my two sons, at the same time. I was only able to block two or three of them, not all of them! Clearly, that person named Bonin had given the order to kill me and my two sons! In the battle, Leya died! My power was only enough to permit me to protect Deia.”

Linley sighed in his heart.

Even though his power had risen exponentially, Olivier was by himself, while he had two burdens to shoulder! Meanwhile, the enemy consisted of a large group of Highgods. Once they launched mass attacks…it was quite impressive that Olivier was even able to protect a single son.

“Olivier, you had months. Why didn’t you deliver your children to a city?” Linley couldn’t help but ask.

If Olivier had left the children in a city, wouldn’t they be safe?

“I didn’t have enough time.” Olivier said bitterly. “I wanted to. If I was travelling alone, I definitely would have been able to make it to a city, but I had to bring the two of them as well. They weren’t even Deities, just Saints. Their flying speed was too fast. My speed was impacted because I had to help bring them along. In addition, Diana and I lived in a distant gorge. Given our power, bandits wouldn’t dare to come make trouble for us, but that gorge was more than a year and a half away from the nearest city.”

Linley sighed to himself.

Olivier’s speed was simply too slow! Prior to fusing with a divine spark, Olivier was only an ordinary Highgod. How fast could he possibly move, given that he was burdened with two children?

“After killing those people, I finally managed to make it to a city with my son. I put Deia in a hotel, and then, by myself, I charged straight for the Yustone Mountains of the Skymount Prefecture!” Olivier growled.

“Skymount Prefecture?” Linley frowned.

Bloodridge Continent was extremely vast. Skymount Prefecture was located towards the center of Bloodridge Continent, and was hundreds of millions of kilometers away from Indigo Prefecture.

“Right. That person named Bonin was located in Skymount Prefecture.” Olivier nodded. “Bonin had been extremely arrogant. When he took Diana away, he told me…that if I had any ability, I should go seek him out at the Yustone Mountains of the Skymount Prefecture. He would be waiting for me there.”

Linley nodded slightly as he listened to this. He could imagine how arrogant Bonin had acted.

“The city I had entered wasn’t too far away from the Yustone Mountains of Skymount Prefecture. Given that my speed increased dramatically after I fused those two types of Highgod power, in but a single year, I made it to the Yustone Mountains. After investigating secretly, I learned that this Bonin was actually the son of the Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture.” Olivier laughed coldly. “I couldn’t care less that he was the son of the Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture. All I cared about was killing this Bonin and saving my wife, Diana.”

Linley understood that at that point in time, Olivier was at the brink of insanity.

“Bonin was untameably unruly, and was not on good terms with his father. Thus, he didn’t live with his father, instead living within the Yustone Mountains, where he built a castle for himself.” Olivier growled. “I stealthily made my way in, planning to find Bonin and then kill him. And, indeed, after fusing a divine spark, my power surpassed his by a level! I was almost able to kill him…”

“But…he…he actually had a drop of Sovereign’s Might!”

Olivier laughed bitterly as he spoke.

Linley now understood. That drop of Sovereign’s Might was most likely what the Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture had given to his son as a protective measure to save his life if needed.

“After using Sovereign’s Might, his power vastly surpassed mine! All I could do was flee, and at that time, my wife, Diana, came out to block Bonin as well, threatening to kill herself. Bonin was disturbed, and in that moment, I made my escape.” Olivier said bitterly. “After that failure, I understood that I wouldn’t be able to kill him by myself. Thus, I had no choice but to secretly slip away. I returned, taking away Deia, and came to Indigo Prefecture. I was planning that since you, Linley, were quietly training here, I would do the same.”

Although Olivier had grown far more powerful, the trip over to Indigo Prefecture had still taken more than ten years, as he was carrying his child with him. That child had grown into a youth as well.

Linley understood, now, why Deia was so cold, so remote, so baleful.

Clearly…Deia had grown up in the midst of hatred.

“I understood that after that battle, Bonin would only stay in the Yustone Mountains if he still had more Sovereign’s Might and thus had nothing to fear. If he didn’t, he would probably be afraid of my return and thus take Diana and leave. His father is the Lord Prefect. Even if I train for ten million more years, I won’t be able to avenge my son or find Diana!”

He had been in the grips of despair. All he wanted to do was train quietly, but then…Olivier had heard others say that Linley had become a Paragon.

“I had already given up all hope. But…but I heard, Linley, that you have become a Paragon.” Olivier looked towards Linley.

Olivier knew that Linley was very powerful, at the Seven Star Fiend level, but behind Bonin was the Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture. Thus, Olivier hadn’t told Linley about this, as he didn’t want Linley to get dragged into this.

“Skymount Prefecture?”

Linley nodded slightly.

Olivier’s grief and misery caused Linley to feel quite moved. His wife had been taken, and one of his sons had been killed, yet he didn’t have the power to fight back or even take revenge.

“Olivier, don’t worry. I will accompany you.” Linley nodded.

“Thank you.” Olivier, upon hearing Linley’s response, couldn’t help but immediately thank you, then say, “Then Linley, when should we head out?”

“This…” Linley hesitated.

“How about we head out tomorrow?” Olivier couldn’t wait at all. His wife had been taken and his son had been killed. Hatred festered in Olivier’s heart, gnawing at his soul like locusts. Now that the flames of vengeance had been kindled within his heart once more, Olivier didn’t want to waste any more time.

“Tomorrow?” Linley frowned.

Tomorrow, Linley was planning to go to the Divine Light Plane!

Actually, Linley felt a hint of nervousness about this trip to the Divine Light Plane, after what Gislason had said. He was afraid that the almighty Chief Sovereign of Light really would stoop to killing him. But he had no choice if he wanted to save his mother. He had only one option; to ask the Chief Sovereign of Light to release her!

Thus, although it was dangerous, Linley was still going to go.

Linley had originally planned to allow his divine earth clone to head to the Divine Light Plane.

His divine earth clone was just one clone, but it too had a mutated soul, and it too was infused with his Will. Although the power of the Will wasn’t as great as that of Linley’s original body, the power of his divine earth clone was also comparable to the power of Paragons.

Linley’s original body was more powerful in terms of power and Will than Paragons.

As for his divine earth, wind, and water clones, the power of their Will was slightly weaker, and so they were slightly weaker than Paragons.

For the sake of his mother, Linley was willing to send his divine earth clone over. Even if the Chief Sovereign of Light was so shameless as to kill him, Linley would at most lose a divine earth clone. Linley would still be a Paragon-level expert.

But…with Olivier’s request, Linley was now put in a hard position.

Indeed, Linley could allow his divine earth clone to go to the Divine Light Plane and his original body accompany Olivier to the Skymount Prefecture.

But…if both clones simultaneously revealed Paragon-level power in the Divine Light Plane and in the Infernal Realm, anyone with deductive reasoning abilities would immediately understand that Linley was a Soul Mutate!

This was because Paragons generally had one element they specialized in. It was virtually impossible for a person to be in a Paragon in one element, and then also become a Paragon with his other divine clones. It was already quite terrifying for someone to become a Paragon in one element; a person who had two divine clones at the Paragon level was something utterly inconceivable.

If Linley revealed Paragon-level power in two different planes with two different bodies, of course others would find it bizarre and investigate!

The secret of his soul mutation…for now, Linley didn’t want to reveal it!

“Linley, you…you are busy?” Olivier asked.

“I…” Linley hesitated.

“If you have an important matter to attend to, then my matter can be delayed. There’s no need to rush it.” Olivier said hurriedly.

But Linley understood that given Olivier’s son had been killed and his wife had been taken, Olivier was undoubtedly thinking about revenge every moment. He wanted to rescue his wife.

“Boss, Boss, the Patriarch is coming.” The voice of Bebe, from outside.

“Patriarch?” Linley turned his head and saw Gislason striding in, clearly in a hurry.

“Patriarch.” Linley hurriedly rose to his feet to welcome him, and the nearby Olivier hurriedly dried his tears and rose as well.

Upon entering the room, Gislason hurriedly said, “Linley, just now, I did what you asked me to do and sent someone to deliver a message to Lord Beirut. Lord Beirut’s response came immediately. He asked me to tell you…no matter what, don’t go to the Divine Light Plane!”

Linley was stunned.

“Divine Light Plane?” Olivier now understood as well. Most likely, the reason why Linley had hesitated earlier was because he had to go to the Divine Light Plane on business.

“Why did Lord Beirut say this?” Linley was completely puzzled.

“Lord Beirut said that when your divine fire clone was on the Yulan continent, you had discussed with him the matter of saving your father, friends, and mother. He thus made a trip to the Divine Light Realm and sought out the Chief Sovereign of Light to help you make the request. After all, there are no grudges between Lord Beirut and the Chief Sovereign of Light.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel a surge of gratitude. His divine fire clone had merely mentioned this matter, but Beirut had actually made a personal visit to see the Chief Sovereign of Light.

“But…the Chief Sovereign of Light didn’t agree!” Gislason said with a sigh. “Lord Beirut also asked the Bloodridge Sovereign, and the Bloodridge Sovereign responded…that it was impossible to force the Chief Sovereign of Light to restore an Angel’s freedom. Even if a Sovereign went and asked in person, the chances would be low. If you went…there would be no chance at all.”

That look in his father’s eyes appeared in Linley’s mind.

“Father…there’s nothing I can do.” Linley felt powerless.

The Chief Sovereign of Death had said this as well; that even if she went in person, the chances would be low. Now, the Bloodridge Sovereign had said the same thing, and Beirut had actually gone in person.

“Linley, when Lord Beirut was discussing this matter with the Chief Sovereign of Light, he also said that you were willing to be the Chief Sovereign’s Emissary, in exchange for your mother’s freedom. But the Chief Sovereign of Light still would not agree.” Gislason said.

Even becoming a Sovereign’s Emissary was useless?

Linley no longer had any cards left to play.

“In addition, Lord Beirut told me that I had to stop you, that you absolutely could not be permitted to go to the Divine Light Plane. It’s fine if you don’t go, but if you were to come face to face with the Chief Sovereign of Light, it was very possible that the Chief Sovereign would immediately kill you. This isn’t just because of the issue between you and the Augusta clan; there’s another reason as well.” Gislason said in an urging manner.

“Another reason?” Linley couldn’t think of anything he had done to offend the Chief Sovereign of Light.

Was it because he had driven Magnus into chaotic space?

But Magnus was a Paragon of Fate, and an emissary of the Chief Sovereign of Fate, not the Chief Sovereign of Light! The only reason he had chosen to help Montelo was because he had a long, close relationship with the Augusta Patriarch.

“What is the reason?” Linley asked.

“Lord Beirut said that for now, this reason could not be made public, which is why he didn’t tell the messenger.” Gislason said.

Linley nodded.

After so many years, Linley had developed great trust for Beirut.

“Then for now, I’ll give up the notion of going to the Divine Light Plane…” Linley murmured to himself, and then turned to look at Olivier. “Olivier, tomorrow, I will accompany you. We will head out and go to the Skymount Prefecture!”

A look of surprise and joy appeared on Olivier’s face.

The very next day. At the gates to Linley’s estate.

“Boss, just let me go with you. I’m bored to death.” Bebe chortled. Linley wasn’t able to dissuade Bebe, and so Bebe tagged along as well. This trip to Skymount Prefecture, as far as Linley was concerned, held no dangers or challenges. Although, according to legends, the Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture was fairly powerful…

Compared to a Paragon, he was still much weaker!

This was a trip for Linley, Bebe, Olivier, and Deia. Deia was only a Saint. Although they hadn’t planned to bring him along, Deia himself had steadfastly insisted on going. His mother was at Skymount Prefecture, after all!

And thus, Olivier had asked Linley his opinion on whether or not they should bring Deia along…and Linley, being completely confident, had nodded and permitted Olivier to bring Deia.

“Let’s go. We will be able to reach Skymount Prefecture in under a year.” Linley smiled, and then, in midair, an enormous black sword-shaped metallic lifeform appeared.

Linley’s group of four immediately entered the metallic lifeform.

Under Linley’s control, the metallic lifeform slashed through the skies, transforming into a black blur as it disappeared into the horizons of the Skyrite Mountains and flew towards the east.

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