Book 20, Chapter 47

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Book 20, The Crown’s Riddle – Chapter 47, Battle

“The Chief Sovereign of Light?” Linley and Bebe exchanged glances. Their hearts clenched as they then turned towards Beirut.

Beirut was leading Linley and Bebe at high speed towards the Yulan Plane, while at the same time chatting with the Chief Sovereign of Light through divine sense. “Haha, Augusta, as I see it, you should go back to your Divine Light Plane. Chasing after me is a complete waste of time. Afterwards, you’ll have to go back with nothing to show for your efforts.”

Beirut’s mocking laughter was hidden within his words.

“Hmph. It’s too early to say such a thing. You still have quite a long distance between you and the Yulan Plane. You had best hope that you can enter the Yulan Plane first. If I catch you, then you and those two people with you will both definitely die!” The Chief Sovereign of Light’s face was quite sinister. The distance between him and Beirut in chaotic space was quite significant, and he was currently advancing at an astonishing speed. In terms of speed, he was indeed much faster than Beirut.


The Higher Planes and Divine Planes were very far away from the material planes to begin with. The vast majority of material planes, however, were located in the same region. The distance between the Okerlund Plane and the Yulan Plane, by comparison, was tens of times less than the distance between the Okerlund Plane and the Divine Light Plane.

“Haha, then keep chasing!” Beirut didn’t say anything else.

Within the vast, endless reaches of chaotic space, one side was hurrying forward while the other side was chasing.

The Infernal Realm.

“Linley actually entered chaotic space?” A figure covered completely by a black aura mused in a low voice, then let out a laugh. “It seems Linley actually isn’t willing to give up the Overgod talisman or to give it to any other Sovereigns. That Beirut which stands behind him…he really has quite some courage.”

The Infernal Realm. The Redbud Continent. The Amethyst Mountains.

“Aside from Beirut, there can’t be anyone else.” The Redbud Sovereign could easily judge what had happened as well. “Given how cautious Beirut is, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

The news that Linley had torn open a spatial rift, then entered it alongside Bebe, had been quickly reported back to the various Sovereigns by the Highgods. It wasn’t just the Chief Sovereigns of the various Laws and Edicts; the other Sovereigns had also sent people to watch over Linley’s movements.

The Divine Wind Plane.

“Hmph, from the Yulan Plane to the Okerlund Plane? Excellent. My homeland, the Dylan [Di’lun] Plane, happens to be between them.” A hawk-nosed, silver-haired man, upon receiving this news, immediately began to fly at high speed towards the teleportation array of the Divine Wind Plane. Soon, he reached the array.

“Dylan Plane.” The Sovereign of Wind, Teresia, said calmly as he showed his Sovereign medallion.


The soldiers didn’t dare act sluggishly. They immediately activated the teleportation array, and light began to flash and flicker. In the blink of an eye, the Sovereign of Wind, Teresia, arrived at his homeland…the material plane known as the Dylan Plane. He immediately tore open a spatial rift, then entered chaotic space. He immediately spread out his divine sense.

A hint of a smile played at the corners of Teresia’s lips. “Beirut, what a rare occasion. You actually left the Yulan Plane!”

“You actually left the Yulan Plane!” This voice rang out in Beirut’s mind, and Beirut’s face couldn’t help but sink.

“Grandpa Beirut, what is it?” Bebe noticed that the look on Beirut’s face was off, and he hurriedly asked.

Linley looked towards Beirut in concern as well. Beirut had an ugly look on his face. “Linley, Bebe, the situation is quite bad. That Teresia is quite close to us, and is in the way between us and home. Given his speed, he will probably encounter us shortly.”

“Teresia?” Linley and Bebe both looked at each other.

The Sovereign of Wind, Teresia, was someone who Linley knew. When the Lord Prefect of Skymount Prefecture, Molde, had released the Overgod mission information, Teresia had threatened Linley to try and force him to hand over the nine soul pearls. If it hadn’t been for the Bloodridge Sovereign’s intervention, Linley could very well have been killed by Teresia back then.

“Grandpa, that’s not a problem, right?” Bebe said, worried.

“This Teresia is a Lesser Sovereign of Wind. I, too, am a Lesser Sovereign of Wind. However…in the Laws, he has reached the level of Paragon. Thus, he is quite troublesome.” Although Beirut was concerned, he still led Linley and Bebe in a constant advance.

Linley frowned.

They were both Lesser Sovereigns, but one was a Paragon in the laws. By the looks of it, Beirut wasn’t a match for him.

“Fighting with Teresia isn’t a problem. The main problem is…once he ties us down, if the Chief Sovereign of Light makes it over, we will be finished.” Beirut said, rather worried.

“Right. If Grandpa starts to fight with Teresia, there’s no way he will be able to move forward.” Bebe was so frantic that his face turned red. “Once the Chief Sovereign of Light catches us, then…”

Linley looked at Beirut.

Neither he nor Bebe were able to help. They had to rely on Beirut.

“Teresia! Why do you want this Overgod talisman? The red caltrop diamond is just one of the three talismans. There isn’t much benefit to you for acquiring it. Can it be that you, a Lesser Sovereign, also dream of completing the mission and acquiring an Overgod artifact?” Beirut sent.

“If you don’t want me to bar you, that’s fine. Beirut, agree to the request I made last time.” Teresia sent.

“In your dreams.” Beirut couldn’t help but feel enraged.

“Haha, if you refuse, then I’ll stop you. Soon, I imagine, you and I will encounter each other.” Teresia laughed smugly.

Beirut suppressed his range. “Speak. Aside from that, what else do you want in exchange for not stopping us.”

Teresia was a Paragon and a Lesser Sovereign of Wind. In terms of speed, he was slightly faster than even Beirut.

If Beirut wanted to bypass Teresia to return to the Yulan Plane, first of all, he would have to take a very roundabout path that was too distant. And secondly, Teresia could choose to simply travel straight to the Yulan Plane and wait for Beirut there. No matter what…there was no way to avoid Teresia.

“I’ve already told you what I want. Fine, if you aren’t able to satisfy that request, this is also acceptable…hand over the red caltrop diamond, and I’ll let you pass.” Teresia sent.

Hand over the red caltrop diamond? Wouldn’t that have made this journey pointless?

“Teresia, don’t force me too far.” Beirut sent furiously.

“Force you too far? And what will you do if I do force you too far? All you ever do is hide in the Yulan Plane, never daring to come out.” Teresia said arrogantly.

“Hmph. Then why don’t the two of us have a head-on competition.” Beirut sent furiously.

“Haha. So Beirut, who has the cowardice of a mouse, actually dares to speak such bold words! How rare, how rare indeed!” Teresia laughed mentally towards Beirut.

Beirut let out a cold snort, no longer saying anything.

Linley didn’t know what Beirut and Teresia were saying to each other, but he was able to guess what had happened, based on the look on Beirut’s face. “It seems Lord Beirut and Teresia weren’t able to come to an agreement. This…is going to be trouble.” Linley and Bebe had no choice but to wait and watch what was going to happen.

Currents of multicolored chaotic energy swirled about, with spatial rifts occasionally appearing.

Beirut continued to lead Linley and Bebe forward. Moments later.

“Grandpa, Teresia.” Bebe called out in surprise.

Linley stared hard into the distance. That aura of green light. That tall figure with long, flowing silver hair. Those narrow, slitted eyes that seemed to contain a knife-like gaze. That upwards-crooking cold smile as he looked at Beirut and the other two.

“Beirut.” Teresia spoke out.

“Teresia. You’d best leave right now. Later, you won’t be able to.” Beirut’s gaze was cold.

“Hmph.” Teresia’s face suddenly changed. “You actually notified a helper.”

“Of course. As soon as I noticed you, I made the notification.” Beirut said coldly.

“Just a Lesser Sovereign of Fire. Do you think I am afraid?” Teresia laughed disdainfully. “There are less than ten Sovereigns who have become Paragons. There aren’t many Lesser Sovereigns who are able to beat me. You, at least, aren’t one of them. I imagine your helper won’t be a match for me either.”

Linley rather frantically sent to Beirut, “Lord Beirut, Teresia is clearly delaying. The longer he delays, the worse it will be for us.”

“I know.” Beirut winked towards Linley. “Don’t worry, Linley. Everything is as I expected.”

Seeing how calm Beirut was, Linley couldn’t help but be influenced and feel more confident.

“Linley, last time, the Bloodridge Sovereign let you escape. This time, you will find it hard to.” Teresia waved his hand, and a cold, sharp light flashed as an enormous, thin sickle appeared. The aura that emanated from the sickle caused the surrounding chaotic space to tremble.

His body flashed. Then, like a dragon taking flight, he pierced through the kilometers separating them and chopped down towards Beirut, the sickle seeming to contain the power to shatter the heavens.

“Linley, take Bebe and make haste towards the direction of the Yulan Plane. I’ll be there shortly.” Beirut sent frantically.

“Yes.” Linley didn’t hesitate at all.

A long black staff suddenly appeared in Beirut’s hands. The long staff suddenly expanded to a length of a hundred meters long and many meters wide, and it viciously smashed over.


The terrifying scimitar tore through chaotic space and smashed directly against the long black staff, but was only able to make it tremble slightly.

“Bebe, let’s go.” Linley grabbed Bebe and immediately worked hard to resist the flows of chaotic space and make haste towards the Yulan Plane.

“Boss, Grandpa will be fine, right?” Bebe said, worried.

“If we stay behind, we will negatively impact your Grandpa Beirut.” Linley understood the situation quite well. “If Teresia were to attack us in order to threaten Beirut, that would be troublesome. Let’s go now. After Beirut’s battle concludes, he will catch up to us.” Although he said this, in his heart, Linley still felt worried.

If Beirut and Teresia fought for too long, and the Chief Sovereign of Light caught up to them, what was to be done?


A terrifying surge of wind-type energy suddenly swept over, actually slamming against the body of Linley, who had flown more than a thousand kilometers away.

“Swoosh!” Linley actually borrowed the momentum from that surge and fled even more quickly!

“It really is a battle between Sovereigns. Even remnant energy ripples from a thousand kilometers away are far more powerful than the strikes of Paragons.” Linley was secretly shocked. He continued to hold Bebe as he frantically charged forward.

Linley and Bebe constantly advanced forward. A few moments later.

“Boss, there is someone else up ahead.” Bebe said, stunned.

“Another Sovereign!” Linley’s face instantly turned ashen!

Beirut was already blocking Teresia from behind; if another Sovereign came, how could he or Bebe resist?

A fiery light flashed over from far away. Moments later, it arrived by Linley and Bebe’s sides. Linley and Bebe looked cautiously at this person, and as he slowed down, they were able to clearly see who it was.

“This is…” Linley and Bebe were both stunned.

Long black hair. A long white robe. Scarlet, crimson eyebrows!

“Bluefire.” Linley called out in shock.

They would never have imagined that the newcomer was Bluefire! And, judging from the aura around Bluefire’s body, he was using fire-type Sovereign power…clearly, Bluefire was a Sovereign of Fire!!!

“Mr. Leylin, you…” Linley was completely flummoxed.

“Mr. Leylin, how did you become a Sovereign?” Bebe called out in surprise. Only Sovereigns could possibly move through chaotic space at such speed.

“Bluefire, you came.” A green blur hurried over from behind at high speed.

“Beirut.” Bluefire smiled as he looked at him. “You lead Linley and Bebe and hurry back to the Yulan Plane. I’ll help you ward off this Teresia. I’m more than enough to deal with him.”

“While fighting with him, move towards the direction of the Yulan Plane. No matter what, don’t let the Chief Sovereign of Light catch you.” Beirut instructed.

“Don’t worry. In terms of speed, I’m a bit faster than you.” Bluefire smiled.

“Linley, Bebe, let’s go.” Beirut didn’t waste any words, immediately leading Linley and Bebe once more towards the Yulan Plane.

As for Bluefire, his entire body covered with a blazing aura, he very confidently stood there in the middle of chaotic smile, smiling as he looked at the rather haggard-looking Teresia who was in hot pursuit. “Teresia, you want to seize the red caltrop diamond and offer it to the Chief Sovereign of Light? Give up. You have no chance.”

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      Also, I don’t think Beirut gave up any of the sparks to the chief sovereign of destruction. I’m pretty sure the reason there are only three necropoli instead of four is because Beirut had already fused with the white tiger’s wind spark, so there were only three sparks to find owners for. If he had given one to the CSoD there would only be two necropoli. This price he had to pay sounded more personal than a sovereign spark.

      Maybe they (Beirut and co.) plan to use the talismans to kill Augusta, maybe to create an overgod artifact to kill him with, but we all know what Linley’s actually going to use them for. Beirut will probably be disappointed, but he’ll roll with it for the sake of his plans. I’ve thought for a while now that they could ask for an overgod artifact that could both recreate destroyed souls and dissipate living ones (satisfying everyone in the process), but I doubt they’ll go that route. It would feel too cheaty.

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      Lastly, I like the idea of Beirut telling Linley to kill Augusta to free his mother, only Linley’s probably thought about that himself by now. The only reason he wouldn’t seriously consider it is because he doesn’t stand a chance against a Chief Sovereign, but all that changes when the sovereign sparks come into play.

      1. Yea you have a good point so yea now kinda pretty sure hes going to get both water and earth sparks now that you mention it since the whole story was pretty much all about his earth clone as for bluefire Beirut seemed to know him just the way he was talking about him that’s why i thought he was in on the whole thing but at the same time it doesn’t mean that Beirut wasn’t able to communicate with the prison he was in charge of it and then when the 4DB died he could have informed bluefire inside since he became a sovereign. as for the rest im pretty much on the same wave length as you 🙂

        1. I never thought of Beirut communicating with people inside the prison. It’s certainly possible, esp. since he can travel through chaotic space, but he probably wouldn’t have bothered unless he and Bluefire were already friends. Not that that’s impossible, Beirut has been alive for millions of years. Even if that is a fairly young age compared to some deities, it’s possible he and Bluefire knew each other before Bluefire’s imprisonment.

          Still, even after the prison opening they had a few thousand years to get to know each other. That’s got to be enough time to establish a fairly close relationship, even for deities. It only takes a few months/years for ordinary humans, after all.

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          1. Beirut is a few million years old. That may be a long time for humans, but most of the sovereigns have existed for trillions of years. He and bluefire are probably the two youngest sovereigns.

          2. I doubt that because Beirut is the same age if not older than the current monarchs of the 4DB clan and they like Linley’s children where around when their parents where relatively young from the way they talked about them, and I think the Redbud Sovereign is relatively young too.

          3. From my understanding of the story there can only ever be a fix amount of sovereigns and the reason why paragon dont really see most soverigns as anything special is because they were just born first when the universe was created and Beirut has only been alive for a few million years now it was never told when the 4db were born though have they been around for millions of years or trillions of years that I cant tell but how else could Beirut have gotten a spark if it wasnt from the 4db? (unless someone wished for more sparks from the over gods) or unless theirs an other secret we don’t know about the planes and it turns out that each plane or certain younger planes can be in possesion of a sov spark but yea so far all it is is speculations and Opinions unless someone has already read the Chinese version well then thats an other story 😛

    2. where did you read that bluefire fused 5 of his 6 earth laws? pretty sure he wasnt close to even becoming an earth paragon and no point will become. SInce he himself said he found out too late about the fusion of the laws with his earth clone. Also I think bluefire is older than beirut. Hes been stuck in the gabdos plane for countless years. Doubt he had anything to do with the 4db and beruit. Also I dont think Beruit was specifically looking for someone from the 4db clan to get the sovereign spark. Seeing has he was letting anyone into the necropolis of god, it seems he was just looking for powerful figures. When Linley became 4 way soul mutate he automatically became a powerful figure. Now the overgod thing Its best to assume he will tell linley to get an overgod artifact i=since the chief sovereign of light has one. Another thing he said his plan change when linley became 4 way soul mutate probably means he wont be looking for any other people to give the sovereign sparks since with linley the more sparks he has the more powerful he becomes.

      1. Beirut nodded. “That Bluefire has two divine Highgod clones, and he has reached an extremely frightening level of attainment in the profound mysteries of the Laws. Given his power, creating a continent in a material plane isn’t impossible. However, I still feel that this fellow is a bit too crazy.”

        “Crazy?” Linley couldn’t help but look towards the south.

        The creation of a continent was an astonishing spectacle. Perhaps only an expert on the level of Lord Bluefire was capable of such a thing.

        In the South Seas region, at the place most distant from the Yulan continent, the boundless waters of the ocean seemed to be boiling. “Hissssss.” The seabed was emitting a hot aura. In this massive area spanning ten thousand kilometers, one could clearly see boiling hot magma rising upwards from the seabed.

        In the air above the underwater fountain of lava, a wild, explosive concentration of fire elemental essence was causing space to distort. Within that distortion, a human figure could be seen.

        This figure, dressed in a long, dark red robe, hovered in mid-air like a celestial divinity. It was indeed ‘Bluefire’ Leylin.

        Dozens of kilometers away from Leylin was the bald man, Burgess, and the white-robed man. They looked at each other, and the white robed man let out a breath. “Big Brother, Third Brother truly is quite mad. With that volcano as the center, he has in one breath summoned so much lava from the depths of the earth beneath the seabed. He is insane.”

        “Fortunately, Third Brother is nearly a Paragon with regards to his understanding of the Elemental Laws of Fire. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this so easily.”

        so yes hes probably not 5 of 6 in earth but he was indeed close to becoming a paragon in fire. as for the rest it was mostly Beirut’s plan that was created before Linley was even born so he could not have known about Linley becoming a soul mutate but yea since he is now that probably will change some things

    3. wow! This is a one huge comment! we definitely don’t get to see this everyday (well mayne YyAo did something like this before) =.=!

      anyway, i don’t think you’re sovereign spark theory is correct and also your theory about CD ring. what I do think is that Augusta killed 4DB sovereigns due to a overgod mission or something and Beirut got stuck on the middle along the way and (as you said earlier) he helped 4DB to take revenge by making a little but pure branch of thiers in yulan plane hoping to find a suitable heir.The CD ring is an unexpected factor helped his revenge plan like the 4-way mutation. And what happend with bloodrige sovereign may had been just as you said tho i’m not very clear as to why Augusta wanys to kill Beirat that much. (also why did Beirut let something like radiant church even exist in his plane when he has that much bad blood between him and Augusta, maybe he wanted his experiment subject to have some difficulties to overcome and be stronger or he really is just a sadist =.=;) Also might had been a huge war cuz of NotG (resulting Linley having a highgod wepon since he was young (^_-)
      About grandpa Doehring, i don’t think he will be coming back, even an overgod can’t make such an exception even for MC. If it’s like that, then the rules abiding the nature of souls would be for nothing. (I think Overgod might help Linley take revenge from Augusta and free his mom by giving him high sovereign sparks for each law or something like that)
      and Bluefire and Beirat might not have been best buddies as you said but became one after sometime later (i think he may also be one of Beirat’s test subject but was disregarded cuz he’s not a decedent of 4DB)

      I also wonder if one can actually be a sovereign by themselves, without using sparks. well if we think about how power levels progress, it should be possible but no one made it on their own thus far. And just like how power differentiate between one that became a highgod with a spark and by oneself, same should happen to sovereigns. If it’s really true then Linley would be soooo OP! └(^o^)┘ buuut i guess that won’t happen after all *sigh* ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

      1. Well what im thinking is if he managed to get the sparks why not the artifact as well since it would be on the same corpse. Also about the Over God mission things in this story are much to vague because they usually only start as a rumor for example at first we were told that Soverigns din’t have bodies which was false then we learnt about the over Gods and were told that they are just pure energy that forms the laws but then we were told that they probably do have a body as well so and im getting off topic anyways as far as the mission is concerned we have no idea what the limits are and since it talks about 1 wish without restrictions then theirs a chance that grandpa Doh will be back. But yea if the theory i came up with isn’t correct then i have two others. one is really boring and doesn’t explain anything but it would fill one of the plot holes and the other is way way out there like im really uncertain about it but it could possibly happen. If your interested in knowing my other two theories lemme know ^^

          1. Well im not to sure what you mean 😛 your probably asking about the theory thats super wild that probably wont happen so ill just tell you both the boring one is really quick actually 😛

            Alright so boring one first

            1) Actually never mind boring one i will add it in my current theory (Beirut’s original plan was to use the 3 of the 4 sovereign sparks and put them in 3 different NotG and was conducting a test as you say but this time they had specific owners originally but over the course of time only the Dragon Blood clan was hopeful) What i mean is do you remember that before Linley was born there use to be 4 supreme warrior clans and thats who Beirut was hoping to give the sparks to but alas 2 of the 4 were completely wiped out and the 3rd dint produce good enough talent so only the dragon blood warrior clan was left (unless when Linley gets back to the Yulan plane Beirut ends up only giving him 1 of the 2 sparks and gives the other to one of the supreme warrior brothers) but that’s most likely not going to happen.

            2) Now my crazy Theory or well if it turns out to be true ill be shocked but it still can happen. Alright so in this Theory The NotG were Originaly created by the Over Gods one for each edict and they came into being when the plane was made (or better yet that was the wish the 4db soverigns ask for after managing to complete a mission) so anyways they created the 4 NotG and they were made as such when a soverign dies the divine spark would be sent to the top level of 1 of the 4 NotG so when the 4db died they were sent to the 4 NotG ( reason i keep saying 4 is because we dont truly know if their arn’t 4 NotG) now as for the reason why the Overgod would agree or decide to make the 4 NotG is because they had been waiting for a long long time and pretty much could tell the future (Over god of life we don’t know if he/she can or cannot see the future same goes for the others) and basically they had been waiting for Linley to be born and when he got strong enough started the next Over God mission so he could try and complete it himself (basically they had decided to test him to see if he was worthy) and if he managed to complete the mission the over god would show up and give him his 1 wish but at the same time he/she would come to give him what they had been waiting to grand him ( basically what im thinking is they wanted a soul mutate with 4+ laws so he could try and possibly create a new eddict or law and become an Over God) and at that point a new law would be born and Linley would become an Over God so reviving and getting his mother back would all be done with his own power. Now i know what your gonna think this is super crazy but like i said this was my really wild theory 😛 ( because nobody ever said that a new law could not be created)

      2. Actually, I think Beirut probably did give the CD ring to the Baruch clan. We know the 4DB sovereigns didn’t die in the Yulan plane, as even if they are natives Augusta certainly isn’t. The sovereign artifact would have to have been taken to the Yulan plane by Beirut, along with the other remains of the 4DB sovereigns when he created the Necropoli of the Gods. As to why Beirut didn’t just put the ring in the necropolis, he probably would have given the 4 supreme warrior clans each some sort of memento of their ancestors, and what could be a better memento than a damaged personal artifact of the Azure Dragon himself? A damaged soul-protecting sovereign artifact would still be useful, but not nearly to the extent an undamaged sovereign artifact would be, so he could afford not to put it in the necropolis.

        1. im not to sure if the 4 supreme warrior clan’s from the Yulan plane are actually the 4db clans the supreme warrior brothers dint really sound like divine beasts I mean if the 4db came from the Yulan plane then how come nobody from the Infernal realm had ever heard of the yulan plane until Linley’s ancester arrived in the infernal realm?? i mean their very first children were still alive and you would think they would know of the origin of their parents 😛

          1. The 4 supreme warrior clans are offshoots of the four divine beast clans. Dragonblood warriors are the Azure Dragon’s descendants, Tigerstripe warriors are descended from the White Tiger, Violetflame warriors are descended from the Vermillion Bird, and Undying warriors are descended from the Black Tortoise.

            I wasn’t trying to say that the 4DB sovereigns were from the Yulan plane. I was saying that they COULD be from the Yulan plane, but that the CSoL definitely isn’t, or he would have killed Beirut long ago. The reason the supreme warrior clans were placed in the Yulan was probably to keep them safe under Beirut’s protection, but for some reason, eventually all the saint and deity level experts from the 4 supreme warrior clans decided to go to the Infernal realm. I don’t know why, but long story short, without the protection of their saint level experts the 4 supreme warrior clans declined, tigerstripes went extinct, Undying might as well have died out until linley and cesar found them, and only violetflame and dragonblood had any clue what they were.

          2. Well now that you make me think about it what you said it quite true however Beirut dint give it to them because at the time they left they were only God’s and most of them still are ^^

            Only thing I would like to point out though in this story i feel like many weak character seem to travel true the infernal realm with ease even while being very weak. for example the supreme warrior how did they all manage to make it to the clan i mean the strongest ones were simply only gods at best and very weak 😛 and this is just an example of some of them but most people that Linley encouters run into trouble only the first time he meets them or something like that then it seems like its easy sailing after that

  3. Linley… why? You just needed to fly away at top speed to the corner of the plane before entering the spacial rift to lose them… This whole mess is your fault…

    1. They may have had highgods stationed around the whole plane to keep tabs just in case Linley decided to pull such fancy tricks. Even then, they would still probably be able to figure it out if Linley just vanished off of the face of the plane, and that wouldn’t really solve anything other than them not having any travel issues. So why not? Besides, if they do manage to get away without a scratch, then Beirut gets the satisfaction of making the CSOL travel all the way to the material planes in chaotic space for absolutely nothing. Beirut even said that everything was within his calculations.

      1. Naw. Linley is super fast he coulda easily gotten to the edge of the plane in seconds and the highgods would be out of sensory range. Plus he’s higher than them so its harder to sense him. Though inevitably they would simply immediately inform the light sovereign and it would have lost some time.

  4. “A long black staff suddenly appeared in Beirut’s hands. The long staff suddenly expanded to a length of a hundred meters long and many meters wide, and it viciously smashed over.”

    Beirut…. You’re a rat, not a monkey, you dont get to use the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

  5. This are my thoughts so far, The Chief of Light indeed kill 4db sovereigns, but the azure sovereign have a clone survive and move to the yulan plane, but still was infected with the soul attack of the chief of light, while Azure sovereign have children so thats is where Baruch Clan come in, and thats why their blood is so pure. I also Think Azure Sovereign flew with his brothers sovereign sparks and give it to Beirut to keep them in the Necropolis of Gods. Beirut was a good friend of 4db clan, so i think he wants revenge and kill the Chief of Light. Also about Linley i think he will fuse with 4 sovereign spark, remember his soul mutate dont accept power from lesser energies or forms

      1. I think Beirut planned to have Linley go and get the Earth Sovereign spark, however Linley become soul-mutated, but now Beirut have changed the plan. I think Beirut is planning to have Linley to take all 4 of Sovereign sparks to match 4-ways soul-mutated.

        1. So… let’s get Teresia’s Wind spark? >:3
          Not sure if you can defuse your sovereign spark. Only if you die.
          Still, a 2 way soul mutated Sovereing Linley can pretty much kill other lesser sovereigns pretty easily.

        2. well seeing as how beruit is a wind sovereign and bluefire is a fire sovereign obviously there only 2 sovereign sparks left. So he can use those 2. Which theoretically should make him stronger than most sovereigns(soul mutation enhancing ability). Now for the last two sparks he will just have to kill two other sovereigns of the remaining elements(teresia is a prime example since he’s getting on his way frequently)

  6. The red caltrop diamond I just one of the three talismans.
    I? I think ‘it/it is/is’ more correct, maybe or maybe not?
    The red caltrop diamond it is just one of the three talismans.
    The red caltrop diamond is just one of the three talismans.
    The red caltrop diamond it just one of the three talismans.
    something else? I am not 100% sure…

    1. Am pretty sure IET will make him a 4 elements sovereign somehow ^^ most obviously he will fuse with the remaining 2 sparks. Which is Earth and Water that are still in the NoG. Then my guess is… he will somehow get in a fight with Teresia kill him, acquire the sovereign wind spark. Then later on go in a fight with a fire sovereign so he can finally get his hand on a fire sovereign sparks. After that who knows he might end up so OP with is 4 Sovereign clone soul mutated that he would actually be on par with an Overgod…

  7. “It really is a battle between Sovereigns. Even remnant energy ripples from a thousand meters away

    ^ kilometers, not meters. Right? ) Thx for the chapters ~~

  8. No lie that last one was unexpected. So is Bluefire a yulan native too? I mean he did have sentimental value and remade the southern continent. I’m rather curious honestly. Man so cool.

  9. so from the four sacred beast sovereign sparks, Beirut got the wind one and Bluefire got the fire one? and the Earth and Water one is left? With the water one being what Linley felt was calling on him in the necropolis of the gods?
    Or maybe Beirut was a sovereign before they died, which was how he managed to gather the sparks from under the murderering Chief sovereign of Light’s nose?

    the necropolis of the gods should be older than Beirut though? He isn’t very old for a sovereign…
    so he’s keeping the necropolises for one of the overgods? or the chief sovereign of destruction?

    this is where my speculations are at, atm ^_^

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