Book 19, Chapter 17

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Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 17, Hemmers

“His material attack is actually this powerful!” Linley felt stunned in his heart. “Even the former Redcliff Lord’s material attack wasn’t as monstrous as this. An attack passing through empty space is actually able to penetrate my body.” Linley was very confident in the defense of his Dragonform, but today, this punch had stunned him!

That man’s eyes were filled with rage, and his messy golden hair began to tremble.

“You dare to injure me, Hemmers? Die!” A deep voice echoed in Linley’s mind, and the golden-haired man’s right leg lashed out…

That thick right leg was flowing with a golden yellow light. As it lashed out, it created ripples in space, as though it were moving through water. The power of this kick was so great that even before it reached Linley, Linley already had a bad feeling. “Given the power of that fist, which didn’t even directly hit me, just passed through the air…if I’m hit by this kick…”

Linley didn’t dare to hesitate.

“Blackstone Space – Repulsive Force!” Linley willed it, and a powerful repulsive force was applied to the terrifyingly powerful body of that ‘Hemmers’.

At the same time, with a ‘whap!’ sound, Linley’s whip-like draconic tail slapped the ground hard, borrowing the counterforce to retreat hurriedly!

“Bang!” This kick of Hemmers missed.

“BOOM!” Although it missed, a surge of golden ripples still shot out from his leg, shooting towards Linley. This material attack was simply too fast! It wasn’t bound by the Blackstone Space, and its speed vastly outstripped Linley’s fleeing speed. However, live and learn; after having suffered last time, Linley was prepared this time.

Linley’s godspark sword, ‘Mirage’, unhurriedly swung out to meet it.

It seemed to move slowly but was actually fast. The flat of Mirage struck directly against the golden yellow ripple.

“BANG!” A powerful collision. Mirage was knocked backwards, slapping against Linley’s body, while Linley’s sword-wielding right arm actually had its draconic scales shatter and blood leak through.


Linley once more borrowed the counterforce to retreat.

“What a monster!” Linley cursed in his heart. “The power of kick, when passing through a godspark weapon, is capable of shattering my draconic scales. So in the planes of the universe, there is someone besides Beirut who is so monstrous!” Previously, Linley had seen Beirut use his bare hands to stop a Sovereign artifact.

One could imagine how much strength that took. But it seemed as though this golden-haired man was about the same.

The distant Bebe’s eyes instantly grew wide and round. Not hesitating at all, he transformed into a blur, shooting towards the golden-haired warrior while sending mentally in a frantic voice, “Boss, hurry and flee, I’ll block him!”

“Bebe, don’t waste time, let’s hurry up and leave! You won’t be able to block him.” Linley hurriedly sent back.

At the same time, Linley increased his fleeing speed. Bebe had no choice but to follow Linley in fleeing.

“You want to escape?!”

The golden-haired man stared furiously at the two fleeing figures, then violently stomped forward. “BANG!” “BANG!” Every single step was like a meteor striking the ground, and the golden-haired man’s speed thus reached his limit as he pursued and attacked towards the fleeing Linley and Bebe.

“Boss, that big fellow is in pursuit!” Bebe called out in alarm.

“He’s actually this fast.” Linley glanced backwards. Originally, when the golden-haired man had been in pursuit of the Deathgod Golem, he hadn’t been this fast. Clearly…this person called ‘Hemmers’ was utterly enraged now.

“It’s fine. Once he enters my Blackstone Space, he won’t be able to catch up to us.” Linley said with certainty.


As soon as the golden-haired man entered the ‘Blackstone Space’ region, he sensed a powerful repulsive force. Speed was never his forte to begin with, and although when going all out, he could compare to Linley and Bebe, as soon as he entered the Blackstone Space region, he became vastly inferior to Linley and Bebe.

Linley and Bebe were fleeing in front, hurriedly pulling away.

This caused the golden-haired man to once more escape the ‘Blackstone Space’, and as soon as he did, his speed increased again, allowing him to close in on them once more.

In short…the two sides maintained a distance of roughly five hundred meters.

“Boss, that big fellow keeps chasing us. What should we do?” Bebe said frantically. “Can it be that we will have to use Sovereign’s Might?”

“Not for now.”

Linley didn’t want to waste a drop of Sovereign’s Might. The situation wasn’t critical yet.

“Bebe, within a few hundred meters, this Hemmers is able to clearly see us. How about this. We will immediately enter the ground and tunnel downwards. He won’t be able to see us, and will probably find it hard to find us.” Linley sent mentally. Unless the situation was life-threatening, Linley wouldn’t easily use up his Sovereign’s Might.

“Enter the ground? Fine.” Bebe agreed.

“The two of you, don’t even think of escaping!” The angry bellows continued to echo and shake the world.

“This big idiot. Isn’t he afraid of attracting attention, by bellowing like this?” Bebe couldn’t help but sent angrily.

“Bebe, I imagine this Hemmers really isn’t afraid of others coming. He didn’t even fear your ‘Godeater’ ability. He should have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. And look at his material defense! This is absolutely an opponent who has no weaknesses. His only weakness, actually, is that he has no long distance attacks and no soul attacks. Enough, let’s go underground!”

Linley and Bebe, in virtually the same instant, with a ‘swoosh’ dove underground.

“Hmph, fleeing underground?” The yellow-haired man let out a cold laugh.

And then…

The yellow-haired man lifted up his thick leg, viciously stamping on the ground. With a thunderous sound, the ground trembled and a ray of golden light rippled out from his leg and entered the ground, spreading outwards in every direction.

“Over there!” The burly golden-haired man’s eyes lit up.

He moved towards the left in hot pursuit, then lifted his feet up once again and viciously stomped on the ground. That golden light once more entered the ground and rippled out.

Although by fleeing underground, one couldn’t be seen, in terms of fleeing speed, the blocking dirt naturally made it slower than fleeing aboveground.

“What sort of weird technique is this?” Bebe could clearly sense how the golden energy ripples were like ripples of water, with each ripple landing on himself and Linley. However, the energy of these ripples didn’t possess much power to harm.


A violent tremor came from above.

“This fellow knows where we are.” Linley said frantically. “There’s no way to escape his pursuit from underground.”

“Boss, what should we do?” Bebe said frantically.

“There’s one final option! If this method doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to use up our Sovereign’s Might.”

Right at this moment, a powerful golden ripple shot downwards, charging straight through the obstructing dirt.

“Not good.” Linley’s face changed.

“BANG!” Bebe viciously threw a punch straight towards it.

“Bebe, are you alright?” Linley was rather nervous.

“I’m fine. This attack was pretty strong though; my fist feels numb. But I’m not injured.” Bebe sent back. Linley, hearing this, let out a sigh of relief, and then a sigh of praise; Bebe’s defense really was terrifying, comparable to or exceeding the hardness of a godspark weapon.

Bebe, upon reaching the Highgod level, had only been injured by the Abyssal Fruit Tree Sovereign. Others weren’t even able to scratch Bebe’s skin.

Unfortunately, Bebe’s attack power was too weak, inferior to even Linley’s. It was only because of his innate divine ability that he was able to threaten commander-level experts.

“Bebe…let’s go aboveground together!” Linley said hurriedly.

That expert named Hemmers clearly had a method to determine where they were. If they were underground, they would be moving slowly and would be beaten around like punching bags. Linley and Bebe immediately transformed into rays of light, quickly emerging from underground.

“Haha, you finally came out.”

Loud laughter rang out, and the golden-haired man drew closer.

“So close!” Upon leaving the ground, Linley and Bebe discovered that this golden haired man was less than a hundred meters away now. Linley was so startled, he immediately set up his Blackstone Space, once more repulsing the golden-haired man. By relying on his speed, he was once more able to pull away.

“Bastard! This damn thing again. Just like Reisgem…how damn annoying!” The golden-haired man howled furiously.

He was currently filled with rage.

In the Blackstone Space, he wasn’t able to draw near Linley at all.

Right at this moment…

“Eh?” The golden-haired man stared.

Linley, while running at full speed, suddenly turned to stare at him. At the same time, an enormous, sinuous, coiled illusion of an Azure Dragon suddenly appeared behind Linley. The Azure Dragon Phantom’s golden eyes were staring coldly at the muscular ‘Hemmers’, while at the same time, the sound of a dragon’s roar began to ring out in Hemmers’ mind.

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

Time drastically slowed down in the region Hemmers’ soul was in.

“Uh…” Hemmers was stunned. Within his field of vision, he watched as Linley and Bebe seemed to suddenly move tens of time faster, and with a ‘swish’ disappeared from his field of vision. But of course, it wasn’t that Linley and Bebe actually moved faster; it was that Hemmers himself had slowed down by tens of times.

The effect of the Dragon Roar had finally brought an end to this pursuit.

“Dragon Roar? The Dragon Roar of the Azure Dragon clan? What terrible luck.” Hemmers rubbed his big nose. “Still, I really am too slow. Given the repulsive force of the Gravitational Space of that kid of the Azure Dragon clan, even if I used Sovereign’s Might, I would only be able to barely maintain parity with him while under the effects of that repulsive force.”

Hemmers couldn’t help but shake his head.

In pure fleeing speed, Linley and Hemmers were roughly the same, and when going all out, Hemmers actually held the advantage.

But by relying on the Blackstone Space, Linley made it so that even if Hemmers used Sovereign’s Might, the two would still roughly be on par.

“Still, speed was never my forte. There’s nothing I can do!” Hemmers shook his head. “The best thing for me to do is to beg a Sovereign to create a long-distance Sovereign weapon for me. For example, something like a javelin…and by then, given my attack power, who would be able to block it? This is my third time participating in the Planar Wars. Altogether, I’m still missing three commander badges…I have to work hard and see, after the conclusion of this Planar War, if I’ll be able to come up with enough military merits.”

Hemmers shook his head, leaving with large strides.

“HEY!” Hemmers shouted towards the distance while leaving. “You people, stop watching over there! If you have the ability to do so, come closer to me!”

“Hemmers, looks like you failed again, haha…”

A loud laugh rang out from afar, and then the laughter faded away.

“A group of cowards.” Hemmers snorted, then left.

In the distance, three people were together. Two male youths, along with a violet-haired, violet-robed girl. The violet-robed girl laughed softly. “Hey, did the two of you see that? There was someone who was so foolish and hotheaded as to go offend that fellow Hemmers. Don’t they know…that Hemmers is one of the top-ranked experts of the entire Divine Earth Plane?”

“Most likely, those two aren’t familiar with the various commanders yet.” One of the three, a black-horned, silver-haired youth, laughed calmly.

“But those two aren’t weak either; they were able to battle Hemmers without dying. Unfortunately, we came too late and weren’t able to find out where the two ran off to.” The other male youth of the three, a person with dazzling golden hair and strange silver-white eyes, said. “Let’s go. Let’s leave this place. If Hemmers makes trouble for us, that will be a pain in the neck.”

The three immediately slipped away.

Amidst the grass, Linley and Bebe were lying down and resting.

“Boss, where did that freak come from? Your full-force sword blow was only able to barely pierce his skin. And his punches! They went straight through your body.” Bebe sent mentally.

“And that’s because my body is very strong.” Linley said with a self-mocking laugh. “Bebe, you don’t know this, but when that punch pierced through my chest, a strange, rippling power seemed to shake my entire body. Fortunately…my Dragonformed body is far tougher than a Deathgod Golem. Otherwise, I would have ended up the same way, just like the Deathgod Golem; my entire body would have collapsed.”

When Linley had seen that, he had felt shocked.

“Alas. Boss, although there are quite a few commanders we can deal with here in the Planar Wars, there’s also a good number we can’t. We weren’t so bad off this time; this one was weak in speed. But if next time, we really slam into a metal wall, that would be terrible.” Bebe said with a frown.

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