Book 17, Chapter 32

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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 32, Wanting to Steal a Chicken, Instead Losing the Bait

“Wonderful.” Linley rejoiced. “Although Emanuel and I have some conflicts between us, we are of the same clan, after all.” Emanuel, upon having used his Sovereign’s Might, had gained tremendous power.

As for the enemy, the two Green Eyebrow Brothers had both died, leaving behind only Elder Bulo!

It was easy to see who held the advantage.

Elder Bulo suddenly let out a savage growl, and the eye in the center of his forehead turned so red, it seemed as though it was about to drip blood. Suddenly, he swiped out with his arm, and that soft, boneless arm actually elongated, slashing through the air and clawing towards Linley. The space which the arm danced through began to tremble.

“Swish!” A devilish violet light flashed.

Where the devilish sword light flashed past, space split apart, revealing tears. Bloodviolet chopped directly against that black scaled-covered arm.

“Hiss…” An ear-piercing sound suddenly came from long, slender arm. The scales split open, and Bloodviolet plunged into the flesh. However, it wasn’t able to cut any deeper, as the flesh was incomparably tough.


Linley, with a savage right fist, swung directly at that long arm, but with a ‘bang’ sound, the arm actually twisted, clawing towards Linley’s elbow.

Linley wasn’t able to dodge in time at all, Elder Bulo managed to seize his right arm.

Elder Bulo’s fingernails suddenly turned black, and as sharp as daggers. At the same time, Elder Bulo suddenly applied pressure through his left arm, using those sharp fingernails to try and pierce into Linley’s right arm. Linley let out a low growl, and the muscles on his right arm instantly bulged.

“Ah!” Linley kicked out mightily, smashing directly towards that long arm.

“Bang!” When the tip of his foot connected with the flesh on that long arm, it was like having kicked a wad of cotton.

Elder Bulo’s arm trembled slightly, but he had actually managed to deflect Linley’s attack. “Swoosh!” Elder Bulo borrowed the counter-forced to come charging closer, and as he did, this giant that was tens of meters long came hurtling towards Linley.

A bloody aura was throwing itself towards Linley at the same time as well.

“This Elder Bulo’s defense is not only powerful, it is also as slippery and soft as a serpent. How odd.” Linley began to sense how hard to deal with this person was. This Nether Serpent clan, capable of stalemating the Azure Dragon clan, really did have its own unique abilities.

“Emanuel, hurry up and join up with me to kill him.” Linley hurriedly sent through divine sense.

After having used a drop of Sovereign’s Might, Emanuel was now extremely powerful.

But Linley discovered, to his amazement, that Emanuel was pretending to have heard nothing, and was instead chasing after and pursuing those fleeing enemy Six Star Fiends.

“Join forces with you?” Emanuel laughed coldly in his heart. “In your dreams. I’ll first let that Bulo kill you, and then I’ll take that Azure Dragon ring. Although you have clones, and I won’t be able to bind it with blood right away, but…your remaining divine clones are so weak. How will you fight against me?”

It was only because Linley was powerful that he was able to maintain ownership of the Coiling Dragon ring.

As Emanuel saw it, if Linley’s most powerful divine clone was destroyed, how could Linley continue to keep the Azure Dragon ring?

“Bastard!” Linley cursed in his heart. He was cursing both Emanuel as well as this Elder Bulo who was right in front of him. In a physical close-combat, Elder Bulo occasionally hit hard and occasionally was soft and slippery, causing Linley to be at complete disadvantage.


The two separated once again.

“This Linley really is tough to deal with.” Elder Bulo felt a headache coming as well.

Just based on close-quarters combat, he was stronger than Linley. But…in that Blackstone Space, he was at a disadvantage to begin with. In addition, Linley would constantly, randomly change the direction of the gravity, sometimes upwards, sometimes downwards, sometimes towards Linley, sometimes away from Linley.

The bizarre changes of the gravity’s direction caused Elder Bulo a headache, causing him to be unable to have any advantage at all.

“Emanuel, come over and kill him together with me!” Linley called out loudly.

“Emanuel?” Elder Bulo was shocked.

“Eh?” Emanuel couldn’t help but turn over.

Just now, when Linley had used divine sense, Emanuel could pretend that he didn’t hear. But now that Linley was shouting so loudly, even the surviving Six Star Fiends of the clan heard the call. Naturally, those distant, spectating intelligence agents probably heard the call as well.

If he still didn’t act, then if Linley were to die, when the intelligence agents made their report, Emanuel would be in trouble!

“This Bulo is such an idiot.” Emanuel cursed to himself.

Shouting was something that required time. During a furious battle such as this, Linley didn’t have any chance to shout at all. If Bulo was able to seize an advantage and to hold Linley down while beating upon him or just kill Linley, then Emanuel’s plot would have succeeded.

But now that Linley and Bulo were battling to a virtual standstill, Linley naturally had the chance to shout out loudly.

“Alright, Linley, let’s kill him together.” Emanuel intentionally shouted back loudly as well.

These words frightened Bulo so much, he immediately went to his last resort…using Sovereign’s Might!

“You want to kill me? Haha…” The ancient-sounding laughter shook the heavens, and Elder Bulo’s body once more returned to his normal size. At the same time, his entire body became covered with a layer of a black glow, which at the same time also emanating a terrifying aura, completely comparable to Emanuel.

“He also used Sovereign’s Might?” Linley was shocked. “The Elder said that the advantage our Four Divine Beasts clan has is that we have some more Sovereign’s Might. I didn’t expect that this Bulo has Sovereign’s Might as well. Terrible.”

The ancestors of the Four Divine Beasts clan were Sovereigns. Naturally, they had an excess of Sovereign’s Might, giving virtually every single one of their Elders a drop.

As for the ancestors of the eight great clans, they weren’t that formidable. Sovereign’s Might was extremely rare, and only the most supreme of Elders would be in possession of a drop. And thus, Bulo had one!

“Emanuel, hurry over.” Linley sent through divine sense, shouting frantically. Emanuel just stood there in mid-air, not in a hurry to charge over at all. Linley instantly understood. “This Emanuel…actually has this sort of plot!”

Emanuel laughed coldly in his heart. “He used Sovereign’s Might? Excellent. Then first kill Linley.”


A low growl, and Elder Bulo charged directly towards Linley.

Linley’s face changed. “Rumble…” The direction of the gravity of the Blackstone Space suddenly changed, transforming into a repulsive force! The powerful repulsive energy forced Elder Bulo outwards.

However, the power of Sovereign’s Might was simply too great.

Even when trapped within the ‘Blackstone Space’, Elder Bulo was still able to forcibly resist that repulsive force, and his speed was still very fast. He wildly chased after Linley, who turned and ran directly towards Emanuel.

“If you won’t come to me, I’ll go to you!” Linley said to himself.

In an instant, Linley charged over to him.

“Hmph. I might as well kill you first, actually.” Elder Bulo, seeing the nearby Emanuel, could sense the aura of Sovereign’s Might emanating from him, and thus he immediately turned to attack Emanuel instead.

After all…

Emanuel was more of a threat to him!

Linley couldn’t be bothered to care about Emanuel. “This Bulo is too powerful. When trapped in the Blackstone Space, he was still able to fight me to a draw. As for his soul attacks…it’s only because he used his innate divine ability that he became deceived into thinking my soul defense is strong. Once he begins to use soul attacks, I definitely won’t be a match for him.”

This misunderstanding had caused Elder Bulo to not use any soul attacks at all.

But Linley could tell that even if he used Sovereign’s Might, he still probably wouldn’t be able to overcome Bulo. After all, in a normal situation, he was weaker than Bulo. If the two of them were both to use Sovereign’s Might, the ratio of power between the two of them wouldn’t change.


Linley directly fled towards the north.

“Bang!” A terrifying explosive sound rang out. The battle between two experts who had both used Sovereign’s Might was fierce and terrifying.


Linley flew at high speed, while at the same time, he could sense the terrifying explosive vibrations from behind.

“This is too high profile.” Linley was secretly shocked.

If he was able to defeat the opponent by using Sovereign’s Might, Linley definitely would use it. But since he knew he wouldn’t be able to win, it was best to flee.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Two figures, one after the other, actually suddenly appeared in the skies above him. At the same time, a voice entered Linley’s mind. “Linley, hurry up and use your Sovereign’s Might. The two of us can join forces and kill him together!”

Linley raised his head to look.

He saw, in mid-air, an azure ball of light fleeing for his life, with a black ball of life in pursuit.

“Linley!” The azure ball of light suddenly turned, flying over to Linley once more.

Linley was now in the same situation that Emanuel had been in. He didn’t want to help Emanuel, but Emanuel was now running towards him…forcing him to intervene.

“Linley, if you still refuse to act, once my divine water clone dies, I will definitely go tell the Grand Elder of this. Definitely!!!” Emanuel sent to Linley frantically through his divine sense.

A drop of Sovereign’s Might contained an astonishing amount of energy.

After all, it was liquefied Sovereign power.

Generally speaking, in a battle, it could only last for a while. But Emanuel had used his Sovereign’s Might earlier on, and it was quite some time ago. Once the energy of the Sovereign’s Might was used up…he would definitely die.

“Hurry up, Linley!” Emanuel called out frantically.


The azure ball of light once more exchange blows viciously with that black ball of light, and the azure ball of light was actually sent smashing down towards the ground. Emanuel clearly was at a disadvantage.

“Hey, what an exciting battle, eh?” A carefree voice suddenly shook the skies, entering the ears of these three. Unconsciously, Emanuel, Elder Bulo, and Linley all turned to stare towards the source of that voice…

A muscular man, three meters tall, dressed in fiery red armor, with long, scarlet red hair fluttering freely in the breeze. His tiger-like eyes swept the area, and a smile was on his face.

“Oh, Linley!” The muscular man laughed as he looked towards Linley. “Long time no see. I heard that you became an Elder of the Four Divine Beasts clan? Haha, it seems as though it’s been less than a thousand years since we parted, but you’ve become so strong.”

Linley stared at this person. He was stunned for a long moment, then finally, Linley said, “Phusro!”

“Haha, you still remember me.” Phusro began to laugh loudly.

This man in front of him, amazingly enough, was that Volcano Titan. That person who had been subject to a master-servant bond, and so had been forced to transform into a small kitten and endure countless years of servitude and humiliation. That supreme expert, ‘Phusro’. Even a Seven Star Fiend, in front of Phusro, could only choose to flee.

“Swoosh!” The azure ball of light scurried towards Linley’s side. Linley turned to look towards ‘Emanuel’, only to see the azure light covering Emanuel’s body grow weaker and weaker, then completely vanish.

“My Sovereign’s Might is all used up.” Emanuel stared at him. “It’s up to you, now.”

But Elder Bulo, his entire body still covered with that black aura, was hovering not too far away. “Used up your Sovereign’s Might? Haha, the two of you can die now.” As he spoke, he transformed into a ray of black light, shooting directly towards Linley.


A ray of fiery light collided with the black light, and the black light was actually sent flying backwards.

Phusro stretched out his arm, retrieving that fiery, giant red awl. Elder Bulo stood there in mid-air, staring at Phusro in shock. “You…you…” Just now, Phusro’s awl-blow had smashed him backwards.

Even an Asura couldn’t so easily send him flying backwards after he, Bulo, had used Sovereign’s Might.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Phusro frowned, staring at him.

“Who are you?” Elder Bulo growled softly.

“That’s none of your business. This Linley is my friend. You want to kill him…” Phusro grinned. “After getting this weapon of mine, it hasn’t really killed any supreme experts yet.” The fiery red awl in Phusro’s hand was more than two meters long.

Sharp at one end, blunt at the other. It was like a massive bull’s horn.

Linley just watched all this happen in disbelief.

Phusro was powerful, true, but…Bulo had used Sovereign’s Might. Currently, even if an Asura came, the Asura probably wouldn’t be able to so effortless force him to retreat.

“Linley, he…who is he?” Emanuel was tongue-tied as well.

“A friend of mine.” This was the only answer Linley could give. At the same time, Linley was puzzled. Phusro’s weapon, in the past, had been a massive axe. Since when did it become this fiery red awl? This awl…

Seemed to be quite extraordinary!

“Then you are looking for death!” Elder Bulo bellowed furious. A long black whip appeared in his hand, and the long black whip, filled with Sovereign power, lashed out directly towards Phusro. Where the long whip passed, space itself split open.

But Phusro just grabbed his giant awl, then gave it a toss…

Like a dagger being thrown, the big, fiery red awl transformed into a ray of fiery light, soaring outwards. With a ‘bang’ sound, the black whip actually shattered. At the same time, a large hole appeared in Elder Bulo’s chest.

The fiery red awl flew back into Phusro’s hand.

“Are you still refusing to f*ck off? I injured you this time, but next time, I’m going to kill you.” Phusro said, holding that giant, fiery awl.


Elder Bulo stared in disbelief at that red awl. “A Sovereign artifact?”

“Haha, not bad. Good eye.” Phusro laughed smugly.

Sovereign’s Might, to a Sovereign, was a commonplace thing. But a Sovereign artifact….that was something which a Sovereign had to spend countless amounts of time, effort, and Sovereign power to nurture and develop. The power of a Sovereign artifact vastly exceeded Sovereign’s Might!

In particular, weapon-type Sovereign artifacts. Using them to kill Highgods would result in an utter massacre.

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  1. Thanks!
    When i read ‘tiger like eyes’, i expected it to be someone from the white tiger clan. I never expected Phusro.
    Anyway looks like Phusro went and got himself sponsored by a sovereign.

    Linley now has 5 superpower backers. And he’s only a god.

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        Then there the divine beast like Beirut.

        Maybe top 50.

        1. You guys don’t seem to recall the fact that Mr. Beirut said that the strongest standing under Sovereigns can be counted on one hand? In other words, less than ten. And those are not even considered Paragons. Do remember Beirut effortlessly killed two paragons. Blood violet Devil and a twelve winged angel.

          In other words, these are some Peeaaak Paragons. Something that can be considered breaking through to sovereign if they had the ability.

          1. Uhhh Bloodviolet Devil was a paragon? I was under the impression that he was a 7 star fiend who had ~Asura level strength.

          2. Why do you think Bloodviolet Devil or 12 winged angel were paragons? Strong Asura level isn’t same as paragon, just means they have fused some of the mysteries and have a lot of battle experience as well.

          3. 12 wing angels are not even deities. Rather, they are constructs with the power of high gods made by radiant sovereign.

            The number that can be counted in 1 hands are the paragons. Yes, I know my numbers are off, but that more wishing on my part.
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            BV fiend is just said to be an incredibly strong Asura-level combatant, there’s no mention of paragon at all. As for wealth to descend to material plane, its probably some fee like 1 million inkstones which is insane for normal HGs but small change to the super rich like Phusro (w/ Elquin’s ring), Linley, Bebe (ofc.), Salomon etc.

          6. Link please with blood violet.

            All it said was Blood Violet Fiend was a 7 star fiend with the power to contend with an Asura (by the Milo island guy and by sadista)

            Beirut is not a paragon.
            Paragons are people who fused all of the truth/mysteries of law/element. Beirut said he could not do that.

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            PS: It was stated that there is no way to get to Sovereign level nowdays apart from fusing Sovereign Spark. ~~

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          12. @Philosopher Stone

            We seen Angels at Saint level who were thinking and talking for themselves just like all other creatures when Linley fought with Radiant Church and Cult of Shadows in Anarchic lands ~~

          1. Since there are less paragons than Sovereign in the entire multiverse, maybe Paragon are more powerfull than Sovereign !

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          3. as i said earlier, 11 was my wishful thinking. But don’t forget the other divine beast and soul mutation factors.

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    2. Maybe Phusro met Bebe on the way to the city. Bebe told him that his boss let him do what he wants (for exemple go to another city). So Phusro finds Linley interesting because he let Bebe, a magical beast with an awesome potential, go on his own way. Or maybe he was curious about Bebe and met Beirut.

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      (sorry for my english)

    3. Phusro probably also considers Linley a friend due his potential. After all, not even thousand years has passed since Phusro was released and Linley is as strong as a Seven star fiend and more importantly only a God. Phusro is probably strong enough to discern that like any Patriarch level. This means Phusro want to cultivate Linley in some way perhaps? Plus having someone that knows him before he became Phusro, aka knows of his past to that degree is quite a friend and Linley is not really a bad guy toward those that does show friendly terms to him.

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      1. Pretty sure they said somewhere in earlier chapters that you could only do one bond of equals. Not only that but Phusro has no motive to bind himself to Lineley. Considering that he just spent a few thousand years in servitude I doubt he would consider any kind of restrictions regardless. Lineley needs to get stronger anyways. He can’t keep depending on luck and other people.

          1. It is indeed 3. It was confirmed after Linley had fought and subdued the three Saint Dragons and made them swear to service Dragonblood Castle. He could only make 3 magical beast contracts in total and he didn’t want to waste his last one on one of the dragons.

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      1. “only spiritual matter”?
        Deities die from material attacks when their divine sparks are hit. Pretty sure sovereign sparks are material too, of which the sovereign should die when the sovereign sparks are hit.

        It only a spiritual form when appearing to those less them themselves. but if a person has powered up with the means I said, I don’t think said person is less then a sovereign.

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        The Radiant Sovereign frowned at Linley. ‘You brat, you dare to use that tone when asking about your mom? DIE!’

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        A 10m tall Sovereign was looking on the battle. ‘Phusro mentioned this little guy was interesting, but I didn’t know that even a sovereign is scared enough to kill him directly!’

        (then it’ll end with Radiant sov agreeing only his minion HGs should be sent so its a fair fight)

      1. divine beast is a race

        Mutated soul is a random chance were you soul get damaged and fused all the element based on olivier and the other guy.

        Both situation seems unrelated, especially when linley should be able to do both.

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    4. For the first question. Ojwin was definitely less annoying than Emmanuel. Not only was Ojwin’s motivation to avenge the death of his son, though it was kinda his fault he died in the first place, but he was actually an up front enemy. Emmanuel is supposedly on the same side as Linley and, though he can’t directly kill him, he will let him die whenever he’s in danger. An ally letting you die in order to loot your body is more scumbag-ish than an arrogant enemy who’s trying to take revenge on you even though you’re weaker than him.

      For the second, it has been said multiple times that Sovereigns simply have to will a Highgod’s death and they will die. I think it’s comparable to a Deity using Godrealm on a Saint. No matter what, they will always stand superior and at a whole level higher so death is certain when facing a Sovereign at the Deity level.

  6. It actually really bothers me how Phusro randomly showed up. There is a reaaally small chance for people to actually find each other by chance in the infernal realm,especially in a random place with no civilization. I mean,billions/trillions of km and they happen to find each other in the middle of nowhere? Absurd.

    1. The Sovereign Aura and the battle between two using Sovereign might would be one reason to find the battle. But I also think Phusro has a connection to Beirut since he is in Indigo.

      1. I understand that the battle could attract people nearby,but really,even the thought of Phusro being in a 10000 kilometers radius of linley is ridiculous,considering the size of the infernal realm. Even if Phusro was going to visit the azure dragon clan,I would find it absurd, they travelled for 6 months to get ambushed,imagine how many routes he could have taken to get there. And they happen to be near each other at that exact same moment….

        1. You have no knowledge of the Profound Truths of Plot Timing, and its been influencing Linley pretty much throughout his life (MC curse) so this is just another effect 😛

        2. That’s why I assume that Phusro is actually a member of the 8 clans. That’s why he was here.

          Or maybe he followed Linley all this time in ninja mode ~~

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