Book 17, Chapter 29

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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 29, Joining Forces

Deep within the Skyrite Mountains. An enormous metallic lifeform in the shape of a black phoenix was hovering there. The giant metallic lifeform was like a little mountain hovering in the skies. Currently, quite a few people were entering into this metallic lifeform.

In the cliffs beneath the metallic lifeform, there was a large group of people who were travelling together, sending off their family and friends.

Amongst them were Tarosse, Dylin, O’Brien, Bebe, Delia, and others, all of whom were standing next to Linley.

“Tarosse, Dylin, Olivier. Be careful in your travels. After you arrive at the city of Meer [Mi’er], whenever you have a chance, you have to come visit. I’ll miss you all very much.” Linley looked at these people and laughed. After he returned and told Delia that they could go to the cities, Linley came to understand…

That although Delia and Bebe were just going for a visit and would come back, Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, and the others were preparing to immigrate to that city.

“Definitely!” Dylin said very apologetically. “Linley, actually, we originally wanted to stay here at your place, but the control and supervision within the Skyrite Mountains is very strict, and we also aren’t members of your clan, so we normally aren’t even allowed to leave the gorge and wander around. So…”

“I understand. Say no more.” Linley laughed.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Due to the struggle with the eight great clans, the Four Divine Beasts clan, to guard against the possibility of spies entering, was always very strict. Unless there was a special circumstance, the clansmen weren’t permitted to wander about freely. As for Tarosse and Dylin, they weren’t even members of the clan, so the patrolling warriors kept an even tighter watch on them.

Tarosse and the others had nothing to do, yet they couldn’t wander about either. Naturally, it was like sitting in prison for them.

“It was my fault for being inconsiderate.” Linley said apologetically.

“Linley, don’t say that.” Tarosse said hurriedly. In their hearts, Linley had saved their lives, and so they were filled with gratitude towards Linley. “Linley, in the future, when you have time, you need to come to Meer City to visit us.”

“Definitely.” Linley nodded.

“Then we’ll head out for now.”

Tarosse, Cesar, Olivier, Dylin and his children…these people bade farewell to Linley, then flew towards the distant metallic lifeform. As for Delia and Bebe, they remained by Linley’s side.

“Linley.” Delia looked towards Linley.

Linley smiled as he looked at Delia. He couldn’t help but give her a hug, then said gently, “Safe journeys.”

Delia couldn’t help but feel a warm feeling surge in her heart. Nestling into Linley’s arms, she acknowledged softly, and then lifted her head up to look at Linley. “Linley, don’t worry about me. I won’t be in any danger. It’s you who I worry about. The battle between our clan and the eight great clans is so fierce. When you fight for your clan, you need to remember…that I’m waiting for you.”

Linley stared at his Delia.

“Don’t worry. Your husband is quite strong.” Linley laughed.

“Narcissist.” Delia laughed as well.

“Oh man, I refuse to watch this any longer. I’m leaving.” Bebe suddenly called out.

Linley couldn’t help but glance sideways at Bebe, who just grinned wickedly.

“Alright. Delia, Bebe, safe journeys. I’ve already had a chat with the Elder who is in charge of escorting you on this trip.” Linley said. Delia and Bebe nodded, then bade Linley farewell as they too flew towards the metallic lifeform in the air.

Linley raised his head, staring at the enormous metallic lifeform begin to move. In but an instant, it turned into a blur, disappearing into the horizon.

He loved her, but he couldn’t forcibly detain her. Everyone needed their own space.

Linley turned and headed back towards Bloodbath Gorge. Halfway there, however, Linley saw clearly those many roving patrol soldiers, all of whom had stern looks on their faces as they cautiously kept watch on every place.

“The atmosphere within the clan really is too tense. These soldiers are always on patrol, for fear that a spy might slip in.” Linley sighed.

No wonder Tarosse and Dylin were unable to stay here, within this extremely tense atmosphere.

“It’s not their fault. After all, the clan is currently in a state of crisis. Who knows if we’ll be able to last another ten thousand years.” Linley knew very well that although he was able to kill two of their Seven Star Fiends, the enemy was also capable of killing two of his side’s Seven Star Fiends.

A constant, never-ending battle.

After ten thousand years, what would be the situation for the Four Divine Beasts clan?

Within that large quiet gorge in the Skyrite Mountains. Linley was currently in his study, flipping through some books that introduced various places of the Infernal Realm. Linley suddenly closed the book, looking through the window to the outside world. “Delia’s group has been gone for over a month now. But I keep on having this restless feeling in my heart.”

Linley shook his head. “I’m just thinking too much.”

Based on the distance between Meer City and the Skyrite Mountains, a roundtrip would take three or four months. There was still quite some time before Delia would return. Even if they encountered any danger, the intelligence agents would definitely send the news back as well.

“This gorge is actually one of the most peaceful places in the entire Skyrite Mountains.” Through the window, Linley looked towards the distant grass. The descendants of the Yulan branch were all gathered there, chatting and laughing, seeming very leisurely.

The reason they were blissful was because they were ignorant!

They didn’t know what sort of crisis the clan was currently facing, and the clan wasn’t planning to inform these Demigods and Gods of the real situation. As for the Highgods who knew what the clan’s situation as, they were all worrying and training hard.

They all wanted to enter Bloodbath Gorge and battle for the sake of the clan!

“Elder Linley.” Suddenly, a voice rang out from outside.

“Enter.” Linley frowned. The person was dressed in a blood-red robe, the uniform of a Bloodbath Gorge warrior.

Someone had been sent from Bloodbath Gorge?

“What is it?” Linley asked.

“Elder Linley, the Grand Elder has ordered that you make haste to the Azure Dragon Palace.” The blood-robed warrior said respectfully.

“The Grand Elder is summoning me?” Linley immediately stood up. Not saying another word, he immediately flew outside.

The blood-robed warrior followed close behind Linley as well. The two of them immediately flew into the skies, out of the gorge. Linley’s departure, in turn, attracted the attention of quite a few people in the gorge.

“Whooooosh.” The cold wind howled, slicing against them like knives of ice.

In Bloodbath Gorge, Six Star Fiend were clustered together in groups of three or five, while occasionally, a Seven Star Fiend could be seen. Linley’s face was emotionless. He was hurrying towards the Azure Dragon Palace at high speed. Upon entering it, he immediately headed to the fifth floor.

Linley swept the fifth floor with his gaze. Within this hall of the Azure Dragon Palace, there was the Grand Elder, dressed in that long black robe and with her face covered with that silver mask, who was seated on her throne. But in the main hall, aside from the Grand Elder, there was one more person…

The balding Elder Emanuel.

Elder Emanuel was currently standing to one side respectfully. Upon seeing him, Linley couldn’t help but feel puzzled. “He’s here also?”

“Elder Linley.” Emanuel smiled towards Linley.

“Elder Emanuel.” Linley greeted him as well, then saluted respectfully. “Grand Elder!”

The Grand Elder, seated up above, said calmly, “Linley, in the war between our Four Divine Beasts clan and the eight great clans, the eight great clans will occasionally send people out on predetermined routes, letting us attack them. Generally speaking, the attacking side has a slight advantage.”

Linley nodded.

Attacking out of ambush could catch someone off-guard. Naturally, they had an advantage.

“How can our Four Divine Beasts clan always engage in this sort of sneak attack?” The Grand Elder said coldly. “Thus, our Four Divine Beasts clan will often send our own squads out on predetermined routes, to await the attacks from our enemies.”

Linley sighed to himself.

He knew that the clan did this. Originally, Arhaus had led his squad out on a predetermined line to await the attacks of the enemy. That time…Arhaus had engaged in a fierce battle with the enemy, with the result being that Arhaus’ most powerful divine clone had been killed.

“Once again, it is because of the ‘glory’ of the clan!” Linley sighed to himself.

The Four Divine Beasts clan, for the glory of the clan, wouldn’t even deign to always engage in sneak attacks. One could imagine how arrogant they were!

“This time, I was planning to just send Emanuel to lead the squad out on the predetermined route.” The Grand Elder said. “However, this is Emanuel’s first assignment, and he himself isn’t confident…so he recommended you to me.”

Linley was startled.

What was this supposed to mean? The assignment tasked to Emanuel, Emanuel could shift to someone else?

“Grand Elder, he ‘recommended me’? What does that mean?” Linley said, rather irritated. At the same time, he couldn’t help but glance sideways at Emanuel.

Emanuel hurriedly laughed, “Linley, I know that you are very powerful, and so…I recommended that the Grand Elder allow you to accompany me on this assignment.”

“Together?” Linley was stunned.

The Grand Elder nodded. “Right. Normally, when our squads are on assignment, we have one Elder leading each squad. Only occasionally will we send two. This time, I want you to accompany Emanuel.”

Linley glanced at Emanuel. He couldn’t help but feel a hint of dissatisfaction in his heart.

After all, this was supposed to be Emanuel’s mission.

“Linley, it’s been two years since you’ve been out on a mission. It’s about time for you to have one anyhow.” The Grand Elder said.

Linley felt a surge of resignation. Going out to fight wasn’t the issue. It was that this mission had come in a very unfair manner.

“What, you aren’t willing?” The Grand Elder asked.

Emanuel sighed emotionally, “Linley, if you aren’t willing to accompany me, then I’ll go by myself to do battle. Even if I’m alone, I won’t let the forces of the eight great clans have an easy time of it. If push comes to shove, I’ll just lose my divine water clone.”

Linley glanced sideways at Emanuel.

At a time like this, how could he refuse?

“Grand Elder, I’m willing to go.” Linley said.

Emanuel’s eyes lit up, and a smile unconsciously crept onto his face.

“Grand Elder, there’s one thing.” Linley said.

“Speak.” The Grand Elder said.

Linley said respectfully, “Grand Elder, when our clan normally has an assignment, we just send out a single squad, with just a single Seven Star Fiend. I was hoping…that on this mission, we can put on a façade.”

“Façade?” The Grand Elder stared at Linley, puzzled. “Linley, after their last experience, I imagine the experts of the eight great clans won’t be so incautious as to let a God draw near again.”

Linley chuckled. That sort of trick was a one-use trick only.

“Grand Elder, what I mean to say is, Elder Emanuel and his squad should ride their metallic lifeform forward, while I will take just a single Highgod with me. The two of us, by ourselves, will ride on a metallic lifeform, pretending to be ordinary travelers.”

Linley laughed. “A Highgod travelling with a God in the Infernal Realm is very common. It won’t arouse the suspicion of the enemy intelligence agents.”

“Oh?” The Grand Elder was beginning to understand.

“Elder Emanuel will be in the front, while I will be behind. We’ll maintain some distance between the two of us. The enemies will believe that Elder Emanuel is there by himself, and so they’ll send less people over. Once they attack Elder Emanuel, I’ll be able to catch them off-guard.” Linley laughed.

Elder Emanuel’s face had become rather ugly to behold

Linley was treating him as ‘fish bait’.

“Normally, a clan will just send out a single squad. The enemies won’t suspect anything.” Linley said.

“Fine. That’s what we’ll do.” The Grand Elder said.

Emanuel didn’t know how to dispute this.

“Make your preparations. You’ll head out immediately.” The Grand Elder said.

“Yes, Grand Elder.” Linley and Emanuel both bowed, and then Linley and Emanuel both left.

“Linley.” The Grand Elder suddenly said.

Linley, puzzled, turn to look at the Grand Elder. A voice entered his mind. “Linley, you are still just a God. You still have a lot of room for improvement. If you are to truly encounter any dangers on this mission, immediately use that drop of Sovereign’s Might. Your life is far more valuable than a drop of Sovereign’s Might.”

Linley felt a warm feeling in his heart, but he was puzzled as well.

When the Grand Elder assigned this mission, it seemed as though she was showing partiality towards Emanuel. And yet, here she was, saying this to him.

“Yes, Grand Elder.”

Linley didn’t continue to ponder it, and just acknowledged. Emanuel and Linley thus immediately left the Azure Dragon Palace.

“Linley, this time, we’ll be joining forces. I hope that when we do battle, we won’t have any suspicions of each other.” Emanuel sent to Linley through divine sense. Linley glanced at him sideways, then chuckled and sent back, “Naturally.”

As he spoke, Linley flew directly towards the residences of Squad Thirteen.

Emanuel watched as Linley left. He let out a cold laugh, then he flew towards his own squad as well.

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