Book 17, Chapter 12

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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 12, The Might of the Dragon Roar

These black-robed figures had long since grown accustomed to the sight of people becoming Deities at the Dragonize Pool. Naturally, it wouldn’t surprise them. However, they currently were still astonished by the enormous Azure Dragon Phantom which had appeared behind Linley.

“Azure Dragon Phantom. A God is capable of manifesting the ‘Azure Dragon Phantom’.” These black-robed men were utterly dazed.

Much like the divine beasts ‘Godeater Rat’ and ‘Suanni Lion’, the divine beast ‘Azure Dragon’, when using its innate divine ability, would also have an illusion of its true form appear behind it. If they were true divine beasts, then when using this innate divine ability as a Demigod, the illusory phantom would still appear.

But the Azure Dragon clan was different.

This was because in the entire Azure Dragon clan, only the ancestor, the ‘Azure Dragon’, was a true divine beast, a true ‘Azure Dragon’. As for his descendants, such as the clansmen of the second or third generation, all the way down to Linley…they only had the ‘bloodline’ of the Azure Dragon, but they weren’t the true divine beast ‘Azure Dragon’.

The power of their innate divine ability was far inferior to that of their ancestor.

But although it was inferior to their ancestor’s, there were still varying levels of strength with regards to this innate divine ability amongst the descendants of the Azure Dragon clan.

This was because the innate divine ability was linked to one’s spiritual energy. Thus, generally speaking, clansmen who had extremely powerful innate divine abilities would only just barely manifest the ‘Azure Dragon Phantom’ upon reaching the Highgod level, when their souls became more powerful.

As for those with weaker innate divine abilities, even after becoming Highgods, they still wouldn’t be able to form an ‘Azure Dragon Phantom’.

Only Gods with exceedingly powerful innate divine abilities were capable of forming an ‘Azure Dragon Phantom’.

For example, the second generation members of the Azure Dragon clan, as Gods, were able to manifest the Azure Dragon Phantom. As for the third generation, only part of them were able to manifest the Azure Dragon Phantom as Gods.

“A God who is capable of manifesting the Azure Dragon Phantom.” The black-robed men looked at each other, their gazes filled with shock.


To the side of Linley’s original body, another Linley had appeared, hovering in the air, dressed in an azure-green robe and with a head full of azure-green hair, who emanated an aura of water. This was Linley’s divine water clone, and it immediately entered Linley’s original body.

The Azure Dragon Phantom had disappeared long ago.

“So this is what the Ancestral Baptism is all about.” Linley, his eyes closed, was sensing his sea of consciousness and his soul.

Deep within his mind, seated above that soul sea was his divine earth, fire, wind, and water clones. In the center of those four clones was that black stone, and above the black stone was the soul of Linley’s original body.

At the same time…

The entire soul sea was flooded with a thick, azure light.

In the Yulan continent, when Linley had only been a Saint, this azure light had saved Linley on multiple occasions. But afterwards, when Linley’s power had grown, the strength of this azure light had become far inferior to the soul attacks of others and unable to withstand them.

However, after this Ancestral Baptism, the power of this azure halo had increased ten-thousand-fold.

“So the innate divine ability is as marvelous as this.” Linley was incomparably surprised. “It isn’t just pure divine power, nor is it pure spiritual energy. When the spiritual energy and this azure aura combines, only then can this ‘innate divine ability’ be executed.”

Only now did Linley understand the reason why innate divine abilities could only be used by divine beasts, and why others couldn’t learn how to use them.

For example, Bebe’s ‘Godeater’.

For example, Dylin’s ‘Heaven Devourer’.

They were all divine beasts, causing their souls to have unique properties. The unique property of the Azure Dragon clan was this ‘azure halo’. Linley was unable to understand what source of energy this azure halo was, exactly.

It wasn’t divine power, nor was it spiritual energy.

After undergoing the Ancestral Baptism, Linley naturally gained insight into this innate divine ability, and naturally gained insight into one of the profound mysteries of the Laws of Water.

“This innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, has some similarities to my ‘Blackstone Prison’. They both have an impact on the soul, rather than being killing techniques.” Linley, after acquiring the ‘black stone’ at the Amethyst Mountains, was capable of using the black stone to exert a power that impacted the soul, causing enemies to enter a dazed state.

This ‘Dragon Roar’ also affected the soul.

“My innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, isn’t as strong as the ‘black stone’ with regards to affecting the enemy.” Linley had discovered the second difference now. Aside from the impact on an enemy’s soul, his innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, had another, unique impact.

“Impacting speed?” Linley shook his head. “Wrong. It impacts…time. Right. It’s time!”

The innate divine ability of the Azure Dragon clan, the ‘Dragon Roar’, didn’t just impact the soul; it also contained the ability to impact ‘time’. Although the strength of the effect on souls wasn’t too great, the power it had to influence time was utterly monstrous.

Neither the Seven Elemental Laws nor the Four Higher Edicts had an impact on time.

Time was something which was utterly inviolable.

And yet…

The innate divine ability of the divine beast, ‘Azure Dragon’, had an impact on time. Most likely, only this sort of innate, intrinsic divine ability could have an impact on time.

Bebe’s ‘Godeater’ allowed the direct devouring of divine sparks.

The Azure Dragon’s ‘Dragon Roar’ influenced time.

Neither could be trained. Unfortunately, Linley wasn’t a true Azure Dragon, and so the true power of the ‘Dragon Roar’ couldn’t be fully unleashed.

“When I use the ‘Dragon Roar’, the impact on time is very minute, virtually neglible.” Linley thought of the ancestor. “However, if it were the ancestor, a true ‘Azure Dragon’ who used this divine ability, the effect would definitely be terrifying.”

Although his blood was very pure, it was still far from being comparable to his ancestor.

“Currently, the power of my soul isn’t very great, so when I use this innate divine ability, the impact on others is very limited. Once I reach the Highgod stage and absorb a large amount of amethysts, my soul will strengthen by tens of times over, and the impact on time this innate divine ability has will definitely become more noticeable.”

Linley knew very well how terrifying the power to influence time was.

“However, this Ancestral Baptism has already had a tremendous effect on my power.” Linley’s heart was filled with joy.

The greatest benefit Linley had reaped from this increase in power was that azure halo. The azure halo, combined with his spiritual energy, could not only execute his innate divine ability, it could also…be used for soul defense!

For example, even at the Saint-level, the azure halo had blocked soul attacks.

But now, after the Ancestral Baptism, the power of that azure halo had been multiplied ten thousand times over. Once it fused with his spiritual energy, the power of Linley’s soul defense was now extremely shocking.

“Given my current soul defense with the damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact assisting it, most likely only Seven Star Fiends who specialize in soul attacks are able to pose a threat to me. But whether or not they can kill me is another story.”

Linley was completely confident.

Within the Dragonize Pool, Linley opened his eyes. Those black-robed men as well as the twenty seven others were all staring at him in amazement. Linley looked around the Dragonize Pool, realizing that he was the only one left within it.

“I didn’t realize I was so slow.” Linley laughed calmly, then flew out.

Only now did the bald, black-robed man wave his hand, and that Dragonize Jewel immediately levitated out of the Dragonize Pool. Currently, only half of the Dragonize Jewel was azure in color, with the other half being translucent.

“Half of the energy was used up.” The bald, black-robed man glanced in surprise at Linley.

“Make the arrangements to have these people be sent back.” The bald, black-robed man said to the silver-haired man.

“Fine.” The silver-haired man nodded.

Linley was quite delighted. Smiling, he followed after the silver-haired man, preparing to leave alongside him.

“Linley, hold it.” The bald, black-robed man suddenly said.

“Huh?” Linley turned to look at him, puzzled.

The bald, black-robed man forced out a smile. “During the Ancestral Baptism, all by yourself, you absorbed half the energy of a Dragonize Jewel over the course of one night and half a day. As a God, when utilizing our innate divine ability, you were able to form an Azure Dragon Phantom. You are indeed a genius of our clan…make a trip with me. Later, the Elders will definitely want to meet you.”

“Oh.” Linley laughed as well.

Baruch had told him as well that after his Ancestral Baptism, because his bloodline was almost as pure as those of the third generation clansmen, he had been received by an Elder, and thus learned many things regarding the clan.”

The twenty seven were immediately led away, while Linley followed the bald, black-robed man forward, passing through a walkway into a palace hall, then through yet another corridor before arriving at the eastern palace hall.

Within a private room that was deep within the eastern palace hall.

“Wait here for me.” The bald, black-robed man said.

Linley nodded.

The bald, black-robed man immediately walked out.

Linley had a hint of a smile on his lips. The Ancestral Baptism definitely had been a great boon to him. His soul defense had received an unexpected, delightful increase in power, and as for the ‘Dragon Roar’, in the future, when his soul grew more powerful, he would be able to truly unleash its might as well.

“I hope that the Elder won’t chat with me about all the various issues pertaining to the clan.” Linley said to himself. “It will be quite boring to listen to it a second time.”

In the hidden room, the bald man and the handsome youth were currently seated in the meditative position, awaiting the bald, black-robed man. Only when he entered did they open their eyes.

“You are so slow.” The bald man said coldly. “Give me the Dragonize Jewel.”

“Yes, Elder.” The bald, black-robed man offered the Dragonize Jewel.

Upon seeing it, the bald man and the handsome youth were both shocked.

“Only half remaining?” The handsome youth immediately said.

“Right. This Ancestral Baptism had a genius named Linley. He took half a day and a night just to absorb the energy from the Dragonize Jewel, and only now did he complete the Ancestral Baptism.” The bald, black-robed man said hurriedly.

The handsome youth and the bald man exchanged shocked glances.

“Emanuel [Yi’man’niu’er], yet another person with potential has appeared in our clan.” The handsome youth sighed in praise.

“Quick, have him come over.” The bald man shouted hurriedly.

“Yes.” The bald, black-robed man immediately left.

Soon, Linley, dressed in a sky-blue robe and with his long brown hair casually flowing down his shoulders, walked in with a smile. Upon seeing these two people, Linley immediately bowed respectfully. “Linley greets the Elders.”

“So it is you.” The two had some recollection of Linley. It would be strange if they couldn’t remember a God-level Deity participating in the Ancestral Baptism.

The handsome youth laughed, “Linley, your bloodline is very pure, completely comparable with our third generation clansmen. You absolutely cannot squander such excellent innate gifts. The clan needs you.” As he spoke, he flipped his hand and produced a fairly thin book.

“The fall of our clan ten thousand years ago as well as our current crisis. Once you read this book, you will understand it all.” The handsome youth, with a toss, made the book fly straight towards Linley.

Linley let out a secret sigh of relief. So he was just given a book. He had been worried he would have to listen to the story once again.

“It makes sense…” Linley said to himself. “If this has to be told to every single person with high potential or every single person who becomes a Highgod, wouldn’t the Elders grow tired of it?” Linley took the book, pretending to flip through it.

“You can go back and read it later.” The handsome youth laughed. “Remember, after reading it, destroy it. Don’t allow those ordinary Demigods and Gods to learn of it. For now, it’s best to let them worry less.”

“Yes, Elder.” Linley immediately responded.

“Linley.” That bald man, ‘Emanuel’, also laughed. “Innate talent is one thing, but working hard and training is very important as well. Enough, you can go back and train. Remember…you are not permitted to use a divine spark. You have to rely on yourself to become a Highgod.”

If a genius like him was to use a divine spark, that would be an utter waste.

“Yes.” Linley immediately bowed, then turned and began to walk towards the outside.

“Emanuel, it’s quite rare for us to be able to encounter such a genius.” The handsome youth, ‘Garvey’, sighed in praise.

“Yes, it is quite rare. Let’s go.” The bald man, ‘Emanuel’, laughed as well, and then he rose to his feet. But as his gaze unconsciously swept across Linley, who had already reached the doorway, Emanuel’s gaze suddenly turned sharp!

A look of astonishment appeared on his face as well!

He stared unblinkingly at Linley’s right hand. As Linley was walking away, the movements of his hand occasional revealed a glimpse of a black ring…the Coiling Dragon ring.

“That’s…the ring of the ancestor. A soul-protecting Sovereign artifact!”

The balding man’s face instantly turned purple, and his entire body was shaking, his mind lost in a fog. “A soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. That’s a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact!!!”

“Emanuel, what is it?” Garvey was rather puzzled.

By now, Linley had already pushed the door open and was walking out.

Only now did the bald man come to his senses, and he immediately shouted, “Linley, halt!!!”

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