Book 17, Chapter 1

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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 1, Training Speed

“Rumble…” The waves of the Starmist Sea struck against the shores of Miluo Island. The clan leader of the Bagshaw clan, Bakwill, watched alongside Uriah and the others as Linley’s group boarded their metallic lifeform, beginning their journey towards the Bloodridge Continent.

The metallic lifeform had once more transformed into a ship. On the front of the ship.

“We finally left.” O’Brien let out an emotional sigh.

“Right. We left.” Cesar repeated. “I’ll forget this place. Forever!” Linley glanced at Cesar. Previously, Cesar had asked him to help investigate what had happened to Cecily. Although Linley had discovered that the situation seemed off, and that it was uncertain whether or not Cecily was still alive…

He still told Cesar that Cecily was perfectly fine and still living in the clan estate.

“Perhaps this way, Cesar will feel a bit better.” Linley said to himself.

“We’re finally leaving. Father, we’re finally leaving.” The elder Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion, ‘Cleo’, was extremely excited as well. In the past, he and his brother had no idea that their father had been under soul domination. Only now did they know.

They felt a surge of terror just thinking about it.

“Right. We’re leaving. We’ve escaped.” Dylin stared into the distant southeastern skies, not turning at all. He would most likely never return to Miluo Island ever again.

“Screeech!” An ear-piercing sound suddenly shook the heavens.

Linley turned to look. It was Tarosse. Tarosse’s head was raised, and he was emitting an ear-piercing screech, his entire body trembling. After a long time, he finally ceased his howling. Tarosse turned to look at Linley, his eyes slightly red. “Linley. I won’t say too much about this great kindness you have shown me. Thank you.”

Someone who had never been soul dominated would never understand how Tarosse and Dylin were currently feeling.

“Haha, let’s go. Let’s go to the Bloodridge Continent. Let’s go to the Indigo Prefecture.” Linley held Delia by the hand.

Their trip over the Starmist Sea was very calm. They occasionally met a few bandits, but given the power of Linley’s squad, the Highgods amongst them only had to show themselves and the bandits were immediately terrified and would flee.

This trip was an uneventful one.

Within the ship cabin.

Linley was seated in the meditative stance in a corner. His original body as well as his three divine clones were all in this state. After this last experience, Linley realized what his greatest weakness was. His soul!

It wasn’t that his profound mysteries in terms of soul defense was weak!

At present, he had fused the Throbbing Pulse of the World, Gravitational Space, and the Essence of the Earth. His soul defense, in terms of profound mysteries, wasn’t weak. The biggest problem was his foundation; in other words, the strength of his soul!

The power of a God’s soul, in quality, was far weaker than that of a Highgod’s soul. Although Linley, through using soul-related profound mysteries, had soul defense comparable to that of an ordinary Highgod, and also had that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact…it was precisely because of that Sovereign artifact that Linley was able to roam the Starmist Sea, slay Ganmontin, and slay so many Highgods. If he didn’t have it, how could Linley, a mere God, possibly be so strong?

Sovereign divine artifacts were simply too powerful.

“Right now, my number one target must be to reach the Highgod stage as soon as possible.” Linley knew where he needed to develop himself. “Once I become a Highgod, I can once again refine a large amount of amethysts, and with amethysts as well as the natural Highgod boost, my soul power will increase tens of times over! Once that happens, as long as I only need to defend that flaw in the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, I won’t need to be afraid of even a Seven Star Fiend skilled in soul attacks.”

Linley knew all of this very well.

It might perhaps be easier for someone at the God level to fuse profound mysteries, as upon reaching the Highgod level, the difficulty level would rise greatly.

But at the same time, fusing a large number of profound mysteries as a God also took an astonishing amount of time. For example, the ‘Worldwalking’ profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth, up till now, still hadn’t yet even begun to be fused with any of the other three profound mysteries, much less completely fused.

“I currently have three types of profound mysteries. If I need to fuse four of them, it seems that I would have to thank my lucky stars to be able to fuse them in even ten thousand years.”

“Right now, I’ve gained a basic understanding of the ‘Profound Mysteries of Strength’. I need to hurry up and master the ‘Profound Mysteries of Strength’, and then I’ll train in the final ‘Vitality’ mystery. Once all six are completed, I will be a Highgod. By then, my power will grow dramatically! In terms of material defense or soul defense, I won’t have any glaring weaknesses. I’ll be able to deal against most Seven Star Fiends.”

Linley knew that upon becoming a Highgod, it was still possible to fuse profound mysteries. Only, the difficulty level would rise exponentially.

“Once I become a Highgod, I can continue to slowly fuse them.”

As long as one became a Highgod on one’s own, there was still hope for fusing.

“I need to thank Mosi. If it hadn’t been for his sledgehammer blow, who knows how long it would have been before I would have gained basic insight into the Profound Mysteries of Strength?” Linley quieted his mind, allowing his original body as well as his divine earth clone to whole-heartedly delve into training in the ‘Profound Mysteries of Strength’.

Right now, Linley was favoring the Laws of the Earth.

As for the Elemental Laws of the Wind, Linley had only begun to train in five profound mysteries. He had four more that he needed to train in, and the amount of time that took was astonishing as well.

As for the Elemental Laws of Fire, Linley’s divine fire clone, till now, was still not even at the God level.

“Training in the Elemental Laws of Fire is simply too slow.” Linley now had an even greater appreciation for the importance of talent.

If one was talented, then one would train faster, such as Linley with the Laws of the Earth and the Laws of the Wind. In less than a thousand years, Linley had reached the level of learning five of the Laws of the Earth.

But if one’s talent was poor…

Although there was no bottleneck yet, Linley still had yet to even master a second profound mystery of the Elemental Laws of Fire.

Breaking through bottlenecks required insights, luck, and comprehension ability.

However, normal training was reliant on talent.

Linley’s elemental affinity for ‘earth’ and ‘wind’, based on the test that had been done when he was young, was ‘exceptional’! As for ‘fire’, it was only ‘average’. As for the others, his affinity was very low.

Clearly, Linley had the greatest chance of becoming a Highgod soon through his divine earth clone. His divine earth clone’s power was clearly more powerful, and so naturally, with even his original body training in the Laws of the Earth, his training speed became even faster.

The Starmist Sea. Endless and boundless. Occasionally, an island would be seen.

“Rumble…” The metallic lifeform continuously advanced through the waves.

Linley and Delia were currently shoulder-to-shoulder, staring towards the southeast. Next to them was Olivier, Bebe, O’Brien, Dylin, Tarosse, Cesar, and others. They all had smiles on their faces.

From afar, they saw a hint of a line that was extremely, extremely long. The line was a shore.

“The Bloodridge Continent. We finally arrived!” Linley was incomparably excited.

After heading out from Miluo Island, they had travelled for twenty three years, and now, they were finally at the Bloodridge Continent.

“We’re at the Bloodridge Continent now. The Indigo Prefecture won’t be far away.” Bebe’s eyes were shining. “Boss, I remember that on that map, it seemed as though the Indigo Prefecture wasn’t too far away from the sea shore. Ohoho, after nearly seven hundred years, we are almost there, finally.”

Linley and Delia held each other’s hands tightly, staring towards the shore.

“Linley, once we arrive at the Bloodridge Continent, shall we head directly for the Indigo Prefecture, or to accept another escort mission headed towards the Indigo Prefecture?” Olivier looked at Linley. After all, this was what Linley had done in the past.

“No need.”

Linley shook his head. “In the past, I was weak and was afraid of trouble. Now, we’ll head straight for Indigo Prefecture. No need to fear anything on the way over.” Linley was now extremely confident in himself, and his squad had quite a few Highgods.

In addition, Tarosse was an expert on the level of a Six Star Fiend as well.

The metallic lifeform moved forward at a very fast pace. Soon, it reached the continental shelf. Immediately, the ‘ship’ shaped metallic lifeform transformed into a panther-shape, flying in the air above the Bloodridge Continent.

The Bloodridge Continent was similar to the Redbud Continent.

Various tribes were scattered everywhere, and bandits were scattered everywhere as well. Battles could occur at any moment. But of course, no bandit squad would dare offend Linley’s squad.

“Linley, how is your training progressing?” Tarosse laughed.

On the way over, Tarosse and Dylin had finally learned that Linley was only a God. As for how a God could release such astonishing power, Linley just gave a fairly general explanation.

However, Tarosse and Dylin could tell that this all had to do with the Amethyst Mountains.

“Not bad. I’ve reached the later stages of the Profound Mysteries of Strength.” Linley revealed a hint of a smile on his face. “Unfortunately, I still haven’t even gotten a basic understanding of the Profound Mysteries of Vitality.” This was what frustrated Linley the most. ‘Vitality’.

Based on the book which had given him a general description of the various profound mysteries, the ‘Vitality’ mystery was one of the unique profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and was exceedingly hard to gain insight into.

For each profound mystery, getting basic insights as well as breaking through the final bottleneck to mastery was the two hardest steps. If one was slow, one could be stuck for a million years, and that would be considered normal.

“No rush. Perhaps you’ll gain a sudden insight soon.” Tarosse laughed.

Linley laughed and nodded as well. It was true. For example, he had suddenly gained an insight into the ‘Profound Mysteries of Strength’, and so he had gained a basic understanding.

“Your training speed is already very impressive. You’ve trained for less than a thousand years, and yet you’ve gained insights into five of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. And, more importantly…you’ve fused three of them.” Tarosse was quite admiring of Linley.

Tarosse himself had only fused two profound mysteries, and had relied on his innate divine ability, along with those two profound mysteries, to reach the power level of a Six Star Fiend.

“Hey, Tarosse, that goes without saying. My Boss has always been awesome.” Bebe walked over as well and said arrogantly, “Look at you. You’ve been training for I don’t even know how many years, but you’ve only fused two profound mysteries. Hmph.”

Tarosse couldn’t help but laugh. “Bebe, don’t be so smug. You train in the Laws of Darkness, right? I want to ask you, of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of Darkness, how many have you trained in, and how many have you fused? As I recall, you’ve been training with Linley for about the same length of time.”

“Haha…” The nearby O’Brien and Cesar both began to laugh.

Linley couldn’t help but begin to laugh towards Bebe as well.

Everyone knew that Bebe didn’t have any patience for training. At most, he’d be able to calm his mind and train for a year or so, after which he’d begin to get restless. With an attitude like that…no matter how talented he was, if he didn’t work hard, how could he improve?

“Tarosse, you know that’s just how Bebe is, and yet you ask him this question?” Dylin said.

Bebe was so angry, even his nose was trembling. “Right. I haven’t even fused a single profound mystery!”

“Bebe, enough. Don’t be angry.” Linley laughed as he patted Bebe on the shoulder, but Bebe raised his head proudly. “But of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of Darkness, I, Bebe, have gained insights into four of them!”

Everyone within the cabin immediately fell silent.

Linley wondered if he was hearing things. He couldn’t help but look at Bebe. “Bebe, what’d you say?” Linley remembered quite clearly that Bebe hadn’t spent much time training. Normally, he would just mess around, and only occasionally would he train.

“Bebe, say it again. I suspect I misheard.” Tarosse said, and even Dylin and Olivier were looking at Bebe.

Neither Dylin nor Olivier had, as of yet, successfully mastered four profound mysteries.

“Listen up, and listen clearly.” Bebe raised his eyebrows smugly, then said loudly, “I, Bebe, despite not having fused a single profound mystery, have already mastered four of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of Darkness, and am currently training in a fifth!”

Linley himself had only mastered four of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and was currently working on the fifth.

“Bebe, it’s fine if you are slow in training, but you can’t just make things up.” Cesar said.

“Make things up?” Bebe was so angry, his eyes bulged out.

Bebe flipped his hand, and darkness-type elemental essence swirled around, forming a black serpent which wrapped around Bebe’s arm. It even emitted a hissing sound, as though it were real.

“This is the Essence of Darkness.” Bebe said smugly. “See it?”

“You knew that one all along.” Olivier laughed.

Bebe’s body flickered, and instantly, dozens of doppelgangers of Bebe appeared within the cabin. Everyone remained calm; they all knew that Bebe was in possession of the Shadowshape Doppelganger technique.


Bebe suddenly let out a cold snort.

Very bizarrely, one black tentacle after another emerged from Bebe’s body. Instantly, Bebe had become like an octopus, with the area around his body being filled by dozens of long, icy cold tentacles. The black, misty aura they emanated was exceedingly bizarre.

Linley was surprised, and everyone else was stunned.

Laws of Darkness – The Profound Mysteries of ‘Evil’.

“That was the third. This is the fourth.” Bebe’s body flickered, and those evil tentacles disappeared. Bebe reached out with his right hand, and from within it, a vortex appeared which seemed to be devouring everything around it, swallowing up even light itself. The area of darkness grew larger and larger.

Laws of Darkness – The Profound Mysteries of ‘Devour’.

Everyone in the cabin was speechless. Olivier, up till now, had only mastered two profound mysteries of the Laws of Darkness, and was currently researching a third. As for Dylin, he had only mastered three and was currently training in a fourth.

But Bebe had actually been faster than them.

“How is this possible?”

“Hmph. You actually didn’t believe me. Bebe! Let me tell you, it’s possible that tomorrow, I’ll have mastered the fifth one.” Bebe smugly adjusted his straw hat, his head raised proudly.

“Bebe, what’s this all about?” Linley was utterly puzzled.

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            The whole reason Linley came to the Infernal Realm was to discover more of his heritage as soon as possible. He hasn’t even lived for more than a thousand years so there’s no ways he’d be patient enough to stay in one place for thousands and thousands of years. He’s also said before that life isn’t all about training, plus how will he gain insights by staying in one place? Bebe would also probably pester him for them to leave. And why would he stay long in a place where there’s an unstable Divine Beast that can easily change its mind and kill him and the others?

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            He need only get that, then reassess how able he would be to get every mystery fused while staying somewhere safe. Becoming a highgod is permanent and while he could still fuse 5 of the 6 laws, the 6th and Paragon basically becomes completely impossible according to literally everything we have seen so it’s an irrecoverable mistake. If it wasn’t impossible to become a Paragon after becoming a highgod, there wouldn’t have only been 3 or 4 of them in all the history of the multiverse. With a limit of “you have to fuse all 6 of them before becoming a highgod” seeming like the only possibility for explaining why there’s so few paragons, despite there being so many with 5 out of 6 fused.

            There is absolutely no need to rush his decisions before getting his baptism, THAT is the main problem we have. He’s got plenty of other options, not one of which is irreversible, yet he wants to burn his bridges and do one of the only ones he can’t take back despite having been warned multiple times by others not to do it. “Oh but Linley’s only lived 1000 years so he’s impatient and doesn’t want to spend a hundred thousand years training”, so what? Unless hes planning on dying soon he would have to spend the next hundred million years living with his mistake and the impossibility of training further anyway, instead of it just being difficult to train further.

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            Let’s step back for a minute and objectively go over the three options for becoming a highgod:
            Option #1 – Fusing with sparks
            You can get to the highgod level very quickly.
            It is not reliant on personal talent at all.
            You are then a lower end strength highgod forever, no amount of training will change this.
            Your soul strength is not nearly as good as somebody who trained to reach the same level.

            Option #2 – Training to be a highgod first, then fusing profound mysteries second
            It doesn’t take too long to get a strong soul – you are a bit safer than as a god.
            You can still train and fuse up to 5 of the 6 profound mysteries depending on talent.
            You can never reach the true pinnacle of highgods.
            Training to fuse profound mysteries becomes 10 to 1000 times harder to do and take that much longer too.

            Option #3 – Fusing profound mysteries first, becoming a highgod last
            If you follow it to the end you’re automatically a Paragon and utterly invincible at the highgod level.
            Fusions are quick, you can fuse 3 mysteries in well under 1000 years and all of them in a fraction of the time you could doing option #2.
            Everyone underestimates you while you’re training, you’re still a god but stronger than most highgods.
            You’re stuck at the god level until you suddenly jump to the Paragon level, so your soul is limited.
            Absolutely reliant on your innate talent, if you don’t have enough talent then you cannot complete this path.
            Not well known, most people will try to quickly become a highgod before fusing mysteries as they don’t truly realise the cons of option #2 until they’ve had to experience it for themselves for a hundred million years.

            For anybody who doesn’t have any talent, fusing sparks is the only way. For anybody that cannot overcome the cons of option #3, then option #2 is the best method. If you can overcome the problems of option #3 however, then you will be without peer between highgods through the realms.

            For the cons of option #3 – Linley’s absorbed a ton of amethysts up to the limit and he has a sovereign soul protecting artifact, it will merely take time to fix up the hole in it. He’s also incredibly talented to a ridiculous degree and he’s also going to very soon get a training boost – that million years or whatever for a normal deity to hit paragon would take Linley closer to 10,000 years in comparison, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. In addition, he’s had two ludicrously powerful highgods (Beirut & Bluefire) tell him repeatedly that it’s the best method, that they dearly wish themselves that they had gone with option #3 and that he shouldn’t make the same mistake himself.
            There is literally nobody better than Linley for the first point, sure his soul isn’t as powerful as a highgods but it’s still much more powerful than most god souls and is protected by the absolute top level of soul protecting divine artifacts you can ever get and the other cons are basically a complete non factor for him. All he needs now is to get the training boost baptism and then stop traveling while he fuses his mysteries while occasionally asking his elders for advice on breaking the bottlenecks.

            Rushing to the highgod level now throws away all of the benefits of option #3, gains the cons of option #2 instead and all he’s really gaining in exchange is a soul ten times more powerful than it was as a god. If he was truly at risk or he didn’t have such incredible talent I’d say go for it and become a highgod fast, but he’s been handed the ability to do option #3 faster than any other deity in history and all he has to do now is reach his clan’s HQ which is now in the same continent in order to be completely safe and he’s incredibly powerful and surrounded by highgod friends on the way there. He’s basically throwing away all the divine gifts that have been handed to him on a silver platter in exchange for a quick, one time powerup in order to keep him safe from a boogeyman threat that isn’t even there – unless you can convince me they’re going to be assaulted by 6 star fiend soul specialists on the last part of the journey who want Linley dead and he knows about this in advance somehow.

            It’s just so short sighted of both him and you. Being a highgod doesn’t make your soul invincible, Linley still slaughters highgods effortlessly even if they took option #2 unless they’ve trained for a trillion years and hit the 7 star level. Why take a lesser option when the heavens have practically lined up the red carpet to the option with the best long term gains for you? The story’s repeatedly shown that being a highgod isn’t want makes somebody strong, it’s fusing profound mysteries and / or being a soul mutate that makes you strong.

          6. *Clap Clap Clap* You explain it a lot better the situation then i would ever done. Now you have my respect, even if you troll-hated my not-funny sarcastic post later. Im not being sarcastic this time. Dont worry, you truly explain well all i was thinking and more. xD
            Its clearly nonsense the way of thinking Linley has now. I surely cant digest IET excuse of “my soul is weak thats why i need to change the whole plan and abandon what i was doing.” Like i tried to imply in my sarcastic post, only if Linley had a motive of a immediate threat to his life it would perhaps make sense to rush of being a highgod. His journey is almost at end, he can surely take a time to train at his ancestor clan city and fuse Worldwalking (that he already mastered) or maybe even Strengh. With a 4-5 P.mystery fusion it would be enough power to face 7-star fiend or even a Asura. While he is so close to this, it feels lame to try to reach highgod a his point. Like i sayed in my 1º post of the chapter. IET change out of nowhere the direction of the story. The achievement of fusion was put asided and now its a competition between Linley and Bebe of who reach highgod first. Beirut certainly will be disapointed when he hears that his grandson followed his same mistake of being highgod without fusing and Linley, who have more talent, follow along with it. But whatever, lets see how this goes.

            PS: For those who argument that Soul increase with amethyst will be equal to the fast fusion of a God i have to say this.
            Beirut, the Asuras, Lord Comander and anothers powerfull figures in the planes have astounish close to unlimited amount of resources to increase their souls due to soulpearls or even a faster way then CD of refining Amethysts. The amount of the soul aint the problem for fusing. Its somethig else.
            Well, if the author just BS this saying something like: “ok now i know my choice was correct, because as highgod i reach to the same speed of fusing as i was a god” it would surely be a BS to correct his mistake. Like i sayed Linley is a baby in this world thinking that +1 billion amethysts in his soul will be equal to speed the experience of soul fusing of powerfull figures who lived for trillions years with unlimited amount of resource to soul reinforcing will surelly be disapointing if it happens.

          7. Devlin, I’ll always be the first one to admit I’m both blunt and an asshole, but I’ll never start a discussion unless I’m prepared to also make a giant, autistic post which carefully explains & details *why* I hold the viewpoint that I do, if it’s needed.

            As for the direction that IET is taking this, it always ends up working out for the best even if the choices seem strange when they happen (Obviously, since he’s the author) but it always weirds me out at the time. Usually it’s much smaller stuff like a recent example was when he discovered Tarosse and Dylin living on Miluo Island, I couldn’t figure out why he insisted on being so mysterious about his powers and him at first not telling them anything before the fight and “think of me as a six star fiend” after the fight. Of course, later on we find out that Tarosse and Dylin were under soulseed control and it would have almost certainly been very bad if he’d told them but there is absolutely no way he could have known that beforehand. Another thing that’s a bit less odd is him not wanting to take a level 2 mission for the short trip to the city, given it was said early on that it’s not impossible to tell what level of fiend somebody is from their badge with certain techniques or something, I think that it will become an important plot point later and he’ll be mistaken for an ordinary 1 star fiend, or similar, in the future. Maybe his nickname would become “the one star asura/paragon/commander/sovereign/overgod/whatever” by the end of the series, who knows?

            As for this sudden “rush to highgod level”, my theorems for what this means for CD are as follows:
            #1: He stops rushing at this point, then once he gets the baptism training boost he reassesses his priorities and manages to fuse them or at least start fusing them now.
            #2: He’s rushing them now, so that some happening in the story (life or death battle?) can cause him to suddenly fuse some or all of his profound mysteries which saves his life in the process – like what happened with fast & slow on the 11th floor of the necropolis of the gods.
            #3: He doesn’t know it, but having at least some unfused laws is a lesser known requirement to having your soul mutate. After getting his soul mutated, *then* he fuses them to be a mutated soul paragon or something similar.
            #4: There’s something out there even more interesting than being a paragon which we don’t really know of yet and in rushing this Linley accidentally stumbles onto the hidden path for this. Becoming a sovereign without a spark? Impossible to guess at this point.
            #5: He really is going to be under assault from 6 star fiend or greater deities who specialize in soul attacks and soon, and quickly rushing to highgod level effectively saves his life in the process.

            The answer is probably some fusion of 2 or more of those would be my guess, though Linley couldn’t really know any of those beforehand so it comes off as questionable behavior on his part at best. I understand why IET had him master world walking early on to a point: Linley would never have stumbled into gem gem’s cave without it and learned to fuse gravity with the throbbing pulse of the world, especially not the special “amethyst space” version of it at least and going from 2 fused mysteries to 4 in the space of a few chapters would have been too much of a power creep considering the gravity one was a special version that kicks highgod’s ass.

            IET always has a very good reason to have Linley do… questionable things, I’ll just be damned if anybody (including me) can figure out WTF he / Linley are thinking until the full truth and full benefits of those decisions comes to light.
            (That being said, whatever happens I still hope he becomes a Paragon, even if in the end he becomes so much more than that.)

        1. I sure hope so, I’m also hoping that one of the divine beast clan elders smacks some sense into him and gives him pointers on how to fuse the mysteries he doesn’t have fused yet.

  3. “I’m Bebe!” Bebe stared at the surrounding people. He said smugly, “You didn’t believe me. All I’ll say is…it has to do with…

    bebe : it has to do with… profound truth of cutenees.. it can enchan your talent by 100 fold

    linley : OMG bebe you’re so adorable…

  4. I see I am not the only one disappointed with Linley’s rushing to highgodhood, but wait.
    Arguably he doesn’t know about his plotshield and gets into ridiculous situations all the time, so it’s understandable.

    Current foreshadowings (can’t be arsed to quote):
    baptism is strongly hinted at giving water affinity and increases training speed
    Linley observed several experts really proficient in ways of destruction, including soul mutate
    soul mutate is running theme since Olivier vs Haydson (the most famous saint in CD universe)
    quad soul mutate has never been seen in the planes of existence yet

    So my conjecture is that IET is giving up earth/wind element paragonhood to give space for quad/penta mystery fusions. So far it’s always been CD ring&god aura gig and was already running dry. Considering the increase in training speed and soul capacity of the highgod paragonhood will still be achievable for the last book 😛

        1. Don’t believe everything you are told so blindly xD Beirut might think so, but there are also people who think that ‘Dieties’ are all the same, not even knowing their ranks or anything about mysteries. It’s just higher knowledge ^.^ At least it’s my guess 😛

          1. so far, beirut IS the ‘highest’ (or strongest, ftm) that were introduced, not counting the stone face in amethyst mountain. afterall, unless later specified/re-explain, shouldn’t we hold current knowledge as ‘truth’?

          2. I don’t think he is all-knowing. It would be rather uneventful if Linley ended up as only Paragon by end of this story 😛

          3. as someone who resorts to have to be satifsfied with reading summaries of ST at spcnet before the restart of translation, i don’t want to spoil you on that 😀

          4. Buhaha, i was also too impatient and i did read summaries on ST ending 😛 I don’t know any spoilers about CD, though 😛

    1. Linley will probably get to Four Beast Clan than……. 1⃣Laws of Water started, 2⃣Train to Highgod in Earth, 3⃣Train to Paragon in Wind, Start training in Laws of Destruction, Get Mutated Soul with 4 Laws
      4⃣Get Sovereign Spark from Necrosis of God that’s either Water, or Fire (Since Fire is his weakest) or Wind and give to Delia, or possibly Darkness and give to Haeru!?!?! *cough cough*

  5. thanks for the chapter I read in the comment’s in the past chapter, 2 thinks I don’t remember reading.
    1: the wall face being gem-gem mom.
    2:Berut affirmed that there is a Sovereign spark in the NOTG.
    I know that there is a probability of it, but no confirmation.
    can any one send me the book a chapter and the line used to say so?

    1. not sure about the ‘mom’ part, but that could be assumption due to the way ihe/she calls reisgem in affectionate term, gem-gem. usually only closest family calls that. it could also be a form of spoiler from someone who has read ahead. the only chapter we saw that so far is book15, c42.

      as for the sovereign spark, iinm it was mention in book 13, somewhere during blufire arc. i could be wrong.

  6. This might be IET rushing LinLey’s progress abit in order to shorten the story lelelel , but i am most likely wrong…. for some reason i doubt he will become a sovereign …. paragon… maybe.

    Thx for the chapter as always!

  7. Ok, first I am sorry for the double post, but I want the 2 distortions to be separated.
    we know that in power.
    Overlord>Sovereign spark>highest god….
    we also know that overlord is not a rank you reach, but born with it.
    and to be a Sovereign you need to fuse with a spark.
    and the spark is made by the natural laws.
    so let’s assume that a Sovereign can be achieved by training what will the conditions be?

    I will start and say that the 7 first people to reach the paragon level became a Sovereign but the Overlors found it too dangerous for the material plans so they stoped the transformations from happening

    1. Overgod.

      About Overgod, it’s info from some spark-fused God, so it’s not creditable. There might as well be another way of becoming a Sovereign and even Overgod, without using sparks 🙂

        1. Then I guess I don’t understand what you’re asking and you should try rephrasing it in English. It sounds like you’re asking how much is there left to CD, but that’s apparently not the case.

          1. Chill, man. Salad ask a pointless question concerning that now portions of the cake is larger than before, how many percentages of the larger portion is compared to the whole cake.
            Well, you can use the raw’s word count (letter count since its chinese) as a whole and the percentage of the letter count of book 17 and after compared to the whole. 🙂

          2. Heh, i can’t count how many times i help myself back from telling someone what i think thanks to Ren disliking harsh arguments in comment section, wow, i feel like i am becoming a better man, lmao.

            Yeah, as Philo said, but i dunno if it’s so pointless. They got longer by a decent marigin as Ren said himself, so it’s not that baseless to ask… ~~

  8. “I currently have three types of profound mysteries. If I need to fuse four of them, it seems that I would have to thank my lucky stars to be able to fuse them in even ten thousand years.”

    three types ==> four types ?

    1. Good find! I think that instead of three>four, it would be more corect to add ‘fused’ word:

      “I currently have fused three types of profound mysteries. If I need to fuse four of them, it seems that I would have to thank my lucky stars to be able to fuse them in even ten thousand years.”

    1. You can see on the top of the page, on the right bar with Doantions 😛 80 USD per chapter 🙂 Well, now Ren doesn’t accept direct donations anymore, and adds to queue if people donate to other fictions from wuxiaworld, though ^.^

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