Book 16, Chapter 25

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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 25, Red-Robed Elder

Which path to choose?

Linley’s forehead creased slightly.

Neither of these two paths were ‘good’ paths. The first went without saying; for the Bagshaw clan to be able to keep Miluo Island erect in the Infernal Realm for countless years meant that this ancient clan’s roots and foundation of power definitely exceeded his imagination. Killing Linley wouldn’t be too hard!

The second path, be a red-robed elder for ten thousand years?

For an ordinary expert, ten thousand years wasn’t much. But to him, it was too long a period of time. From birth until now, he hadn’t even lived a thousand years.

“Linley, you haven’t made up your mind yet?” Bakwill was growing rather angry. He believed that the conditions he had offered for the second path were already quite good; it was just a short ten thousand years. For ultimate experts, they might spend ten thousand years in a single training session.

“Ten thousand years is too long. I have to go to the Bloodridge Continent on business.” Linley sent back through divine sense.

Bakwill’s face instantly became all smiles.

Ten thousand years. A hundred years. To experts on the level of Bakwill, there wasn’t much difference. If he truly had wanted to punish Linley, he wouldn’t say ten thousand years; he would say a hundred million years! After all, to ultimate experts like them, a hundred years or ten thousand years really wasn’t a long period of time.

“That’s easy to negotiate. Linley, since you are willing to become my clan’s red-robed elder, my Bagshaw clan won’t go too far either. How about this. No matter what, you still have to show your sincerity in apologizing. Let’s just say a hundred years then.” Bakwill said.

Actually, Bakwill didn’t want to waste his Sovereign’s Might either, nor did he want to lose his clan’s experts. If he could avoid battle, he would. As long as Linley was willing to give his clan face, it would be enough.

But of course, this was also because Linley’s ‘power’ was too great.

If it had been another person, even another Seven Star Fiend who didn’t have Sovereign’s Might, Bakwill most likely would have ordered them to be killed already.

“There’s nothing I can do. This is the only choice.” Linley understood as well.

Although he had two drops of Sovereign’s Might, the Bagshaw clan had Sovereign’s Might as well. If they really did claw at each other’s faces and battle wildly, using up those two drops of Sovereign’s Might was a small matter, but whether or not he would be able to safely allow Delia and Bebe and the others to leave was another, greater matter.

Right now, both sides were taking a step back.

He might as well stay a hundred years. By doing so, not only would he save two drops of Sovereign’s Might, he would also protect Delia and the others.

“I accept.” Linley nodded.

Bakwill instantly laughed.

“Linley, follow us, then.” Bakwill sent through divine sense.

Linley nodded, then sent mentally to Bebe and Delia, “Bebe, Delia, Olivier…all of you, follow me.” Although Bebe and Delia were full of questions, they still flew over.

“Go back!” Bakwill suddenly said in a clear voice.

And then, Bakwill, the three red-robed elders, Sequeira, Linley, and the others all flew directly towards the western part of the island, with the hundred black armored warriors following. As for those tens of thousands of island guards covering the skies, they were all completely lost.

Not just them. The countless spectators watching the battle with heads raised on Miluo Island were puzzled as well. Why did that lord leave with the people of the Bagshaw clan?

“What just happened?”

“Moments ago, they were battling mightily. Why is it that the Draconian expert left with the people of Miluo Island?”

“Isn’t it obvious that it’s because he fears the people of Miluo Island? Over countless years, there’s been no one who dares to resist Miluo Island.”

“I disagree. Most likely, that Draconian lord was concerned about his friends.”

The countless outsiders of the entire Miluo Island were all chatting about this battle, either discussing Linley’s power or guessing at why Linley had left with them. However, without question, everyone agreed…

That Draconian was very powerful.

He was able to kick a red-robed expert flying and control a large number of Highgods like toys in the palm of his hand.

“Experts are as common as the clouds. It seems as though I should accept the invitation of the Bagshaw clan. Let’s take a look and see…what sort of experts the Bagshaw clan has!” Lomio Bornesen raised his head, watching Linley and the others disappear into the western horizons.

And then, he calmly turned and vanished into the crowds, while the people around him continued to chat excitedly.

While flying towards the western part of the island and towards the residential area of the Bagshaw clan, Olivier, O’Brien, and Cesar all used their divine sense to query Linley. They had bellies full of questions.

“Linley, what did you promise that Bagshaw clan?” Cesar hurriedly asked. His heart was filled with guilt. This was all because of him.

“Boss, what does that Bagshaw clan want us to do?” Bebe queried.

“Linley, are you a Highgod or a God?” O’Brien asked.

The repeated questions from multiple people caused Linley to momentarily not know how to respond.

“My power, I won’t explain for now. In the future, I’ll explain in detail. You can just consider me as a Six Star Fiend.” Linley responded to O’Brien. Six Star Fiend only was a level of power.

It didn’t mean he had to be a Highgod.

“Bebe, Delia, they just want me to be a red-robed elder for a century. We’d best humbly take a step back.” Linley replied.

Only now was Delia relieved. Delia hadn’t been in a hurry to go to the Indigo Prefecture to begin with; she only wanted that Linley wouldn’t place himself in too much danger. That tremendous battle that was about to break out just now had terrified her so much that her heart was rising into her throat.

Fortunately, the dangerous moment had passed.

The Bagshaw clan took up an exceedingly wide amount of space, with all sorts of buildings and manors scattered throughout it.

“Linley, from today onward, you can live at the estate.” Bakwill laughed calmly. “We agreed that you would only stay for a hundred years. It’s just a hundred short years. There’s no need for you to make a special oath.”

With a wave of his hand, Bakwill brought out a set of long red robes and a green insignia.

“This is the uniform for red-robed elders. The defensive power of this uniform is equivalent to a Highgod divine artifact. This insignia is a ‘green Miluo Insignia’. In Miluo Island, when you use this insignia, you can easily summon and mobilize a hundred island guards.” Bakwill smiled as he spoke.

Linley immediately smiled and accepted it.

“Lord Bakwill, don’t worry. Within these hundred years, without your permission, I definitely won’t leave on my own.” Linley said.

Bakwill laughed and nodded. “I trust the words spoken by the descendants of the Four Divine Beast clan.” Bakwill knew very well that large clans like theirs, the Bagshaw clan and the Four Divine Beasts clan, all had Sovereign’s Might and would give them out to clan members of exceedingly high status.

As he saw it, for Linley to be able to acquire a drop of Sovereign’s Might meant that even in the Four Divine Beasts clan, he was most likely an elder-level figure.

The word of someone like Linley was thus worthy of being trusted.

If he had to swear an oath for simply a hundred years, that would actually be laughable.

“Lord Bakwill, normally, what do I need to do?” Linley asked.

“Not much. Only when any major problems occur would we have the red-robed elders go out. For example, today!” Bakwill teased. “But of course, as a red-robed elder, there is a benefit as well. In the future, you can go to the secret area here in the western part of the island for a viewing.”

“The secret area in the western part of the island?”

Linley had heard others speak of this place long ago. It seemed as though the victors of a hundred Arena battles were qualified to go in for a viewing. Linley had wanted to ask more questions regarding this secret area, but that Bakwill just laughed and said, “Linley, I’ll leave now. If there’s anything you need, feel free to come find me.”

Linley didn’t feel comfortable chasing after him with questions.

Thus, he simply watched as Bakwill, Sequeira, and the three red-robed elders left.


“Creaaaak.” The door shut.

In the main hall, only Bakwill and Sequeira remained.

“Father, you’re going to just let Linley live a hundred comfortable years? This is letting him off too easy. How many of our men has he killed!” The rage which Sequeira had suppressed for so long was finally boiling out.


A single cold snort, but it struck against Sequeira’s heart like a hammer. Sequeira’s words instantly came to a halt.

Bakwill turned and gave Sequeira a cold stare. “This matter, if we pursue it to its roots, was caused by that slut and Cesar. She’s just a woman. Can it be that for the sake of your slut, my Bagshaw clan would lose several Seven Star Fiend-level experts and one or two drops of Sovereign’s Might, while at the same time offending the Four Divine Beasts clan? Is it worth it?”

Killing Linley? They could do that.

But the price was far too high.

“It’s just the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Sequeira muttered.

“Hmph. An enormous dragon, even after starving to death, is still enormous. Although compared to ten thousand years ago, the Four Divine Beasts clan has changed dramatically and their power has dropped, however…the Four Divine Beasts clan had previously dominated the Infernal Realm for countless years. Their roots are extremely deep.”

Bakwill growled, “Our Bagshaw clan is more powerful than the Four Divine Beasts clan, but only by a bit.”

Sequeira no longer dared to say a word.

West Miluo Island. The Bagshaw clan’s residential area. Linley’s estate.

“Elder!” At the estate, two servants respectfully saluted Linley.

Linley was currently dressed in a long red robe. All roving island guards, upon seeing Linley, would be extremely respectful. Linley gave orders to a nearby island guard. “Go to room 306 of the island warriors’ residential area. Bring Tarosse and Dylin over.”

“Yes, elder.” An island guard said respectfully.

Linley turned and returned to his estate. At present, Delia, Bebe, Cesar, O’Brien, and Olivier were all living here. In three steps, Linley reached the rear gardens.

O’Brien, Olivier, and Bebe were chatting idly, but Cesar was in the corner of the garden, sitting there foolishly, thinking who-knows-what.

“Linley.” Delia walked towards Linley from behind.

Delia had also noticed the distant Cesar. Sighing, she said, “Most likely Cesar is still thinking about Cecily.”

“Right.” Linley nodded slightly. Most likely, Cesar would need a long period of time before he could escape this ‘valley’.

“Hey, Boss, you came.” Bebe immediately rushed over and intentionally said a few words of congratulations. “Boss, I must say, that red elder’s robe you are wearing looks quite fetching and handsome.”

Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

Linley’s conversation attracted the notice of Cesar, who upon seeing Linley, immediately ran over, his eyes lighting up. He hurriedly said, “Linley, I want to ask something of you.”

“Cesar, if there’s anything you need, just say it.” Linley had always felt gratitude towards Cesar in his heart.

Cesar said nervously, “For Sequeira to suddenly attack me…I’m worried that possibly some sort of major conflict sprang up between him and Lily. Otherwise, how could Sequeira have been in such a towering rage and have come for me? After all, the day before her wedding, Lily and I officially broke up. Ever since that day, we never met again, not once.”

Up till now, Cesar still didn’t know that Cecily had become pregnant with his child.

“Linley, I want to ask you to go investigate and see what is going on with Lily.” Cesar begged.

Linley nodded. “Alright. Don’t worry. I will go do a careful investigation.”

Linley knew a bit about Cesar and Cecily’s affairs.

The two of them, Cesar and Cecily, were actually truly in love with each other. Unfortunately, young master Sequeira had taken a fancy for Cecily. The Gaylord clan had thus immediately requested Cecily to marry Sequeira, so as to win the favor of the Bagshaw clan!

How could Cecily disobey the orders of her clan?

Thus, in great pain, she had to separate from Cesar. On the day before her wedding, she hardened her heart and told Cesar that they would never meet again.

“Alas, Cesar is really unfortunate.” Linley sighed to himself. “Miluo Island supposedly has five clans, but in reality, the master is the Bagshaw clan. The other four clans are just their subordinates.”

He could completely imagine how, in order to ingratiate themselves to Sequeira, the Gaylord clan had forcibly required Cecily to do what had to be done.

Beneath the ground. In a darkened tunnel.

Sequeira was walking with a cold look on his face. On each side of this tunnel were jail cells, each of them quite unusual. They were specially made to detain Deities. This corridor had a black armored warrior on guard every ten meters.


Whenever Sequeira thought about how his wife Cecily had someone else’s child in her stomach, and had so excitedly run over to tell him about it, he felt humiliated. And today, he hadn’t been able to kill Cesar because Linley had appeared.

“Linley! He shows up everywhere.” Sequeira truly detested Linley. He had first shown up in the Free Castle, and now here as well.

“Time to deal with it.” Sequeira took a deep breath. Cecily was the shame of his clan. She definitely wouldn’t be permitted to continue living. Once this got out, the Bagshaw clan would become a laughingstock.

He had come here…to kill Cecily. Not because he wanted to, but because his father had ordered it!

After arriving at a cell.

“Open it.” Sequeira said calmly, while at the same time showing his blood-colored Miluo Insignia.

In the dark, damp jail cell, Cecily was leaning against a wall, her long hair somewhat in disarray. Hearing the cell door open, Cecily couldn’t help but turn to look. Seeing that it was Sequeira, her face changed slightly.

“You…you killed Cesar?” Cecily said in a low voice.

“Yes. I killed him.” Sequeira said coldly, as he emotionlessly stared at Cecily, waiting expectantly for that look of despair and agony on Cecily’s face.

He got what he wanted!

Cecily’s face instantly turned white. Soundlessly, her tears came dripping down. In the short few hours she had been imprisoned here, she had been worried about Cesar. She knew that Sequeira would go seek revenge, and she also knew that Cesar wouldn’t be able to stop him.

But…she had still held onto hope. Upon hearing Sequeira’s words, though, she lost all hope.


Cecily’s mind returned to those happy scenes, those days she had spent with Cesar. She had been so happy, so free, without any restrictions from the clan. She could live as she pleased. But…

Sequeira had taken a fancy to her.

And thus, her destiny had been changed. In the face of her clan, she had lowered her head. Even after being married into the Bagshaw clan, she had always forced herself to remain smiling and happy.

“Sequeira!” Cecily suddenly raised her head to stare at Sequeira, her eyes like death. “If it wasn’t because you are a member of the Bagshaw clan, you would be less than dogshit. Do you know? Whenever I slept with you, I pretended you were Cesar!”

Sequeira’s face turned red and he roared angrily, “SLUT!” With that explosive shout, he immediately launched a heavy, furious slap, smashing down on Cecily’s head. “Bang!” Cecily’s entire body trembled, and then she slowly slid to the ground. To the very end, Cecily had a strange smile on her face.

She had said those words because she wanted to die.

Death would be an escape.

She would no longer have to continue to force herself to be happy every day. Wouldn’t have to force herself not to think of Cesar every day.

“Slut, slut, SLUT!!!!” After having killed Cecily, Sequeira’s rage was still endless. In his mind, those final words echoed over and over.

“Do you know? Whenever I slept with you, I pretended you were Cesar!”

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