Book 15, Chapter 4

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 4, Strength in Numbers

The metallic lifeform flew at a high, stable speed. Linley and Delia’s room. Linley was staring outside the window at the vast world. There were many humans, and also many beastmen, magical beasts, and other races of creatures.

“Those are all Saints.” Linley was able to judge.

In the Infernal Realm, the vast majority were still at the Saint-level. Countless Saints were spread across every part of the Infernal Realm. Only, their lives had no guarantees at all.

“If I had entered the Infernal Realm when I was a Saint, then…I would have been in trouble.” Linley couldn’t help but say to himself. “That Hodan…when I was just a Saint, he tried to lure me into entering the Infernal Realm. He definitely had bad intentions.”

“Linley, what are you thinking about?” Delia asked, puzzled.

“Nothing.” Linley laughed and shook his head. “Delia, we’ve been on this metallic creature for over ten years now. Time has moved quite quickly.”

“Right. Ten years. Most likely, in another ten years, we’ll be at Bluemaple City. I hope that before you can reach Bluemaple City, you’ll have reached the God level in the Elemental Laws of the Wind.” Delia laughed.

“Let my divine wind clone also reach the God level?” Linley himself was not certain in his ability to do so. Breaking through a bottleneck could happen very quickly, but if it happened slowly…nobody could be certain as to how long it would take.

Just as Linley and Delia were chatting…

Salomon and Nisse were in a room together as well.

“Big bro, why did you want to speak to me?” Nisse laughed as she looked at her big brother.

Salomon looked at Nisse. She was currently wearing a straw hat on her head which Bebe had given her.

“Nisse, you truly wish to be together with that Bebe?” Salomon’s voice was very low and very solemn as he spoke.

Nisse’s smile slowly disappeared, and she nodded seriously. “Big bro, actually, I didn’t want to go to the Jadefloat Continent to begin with. Only, I didn’t want to part from you. When I think about those years we spent at the Jadefloat Continent and those attacks we suffered, I…” She couldn’t help but clench her fists.

Salomon sighed to himself, then said, “I understand. Now, I want to ask about you and Bebe. What are you planning?”

“Big bro, Bebe is a really good person. Although he occasionally likes to joke and play around, he is very sincere to others, and treats me very well. When I am with Bebe…I feel that I am very happy and carefree, without any worries at all.” Nisse had a smile on her face now. “Sometimes, when I’m not happy, Bebe will come coax me. Big bro, don’t just look at the way Bebe fools around. Bebe is actually exceedingly smart. Whenever I am even slightly unhappy, he’ll immediately know.”

“I like the feeling of being together with Bebe.” Nisse looked at her big brother. “Big bro, I’m sorry.”

Salomon said in a low voice, “Are you, no longer planning to go with me to the Jadefloat Continent?”

“I’m not going anymore.” Nisse shook her head.

Salomon maintained his silence. He had been together with his little sister, ‘Nisse’, for many years. Naturally, he couldn’t bear to part from her.

“Big bro, I’m sorry.” Nisse said quietly.

Salomon shook his head and laughed. “The trip back to the Jadefloat Continent was going to be dangerous no matter what. This is for the better. You can be with Bebe for now. Once I return to the Jadefloat Continent and arrange everything, you and Bebe, when you have free time, can come to the Jadefloat Continent to look for me.”

Nisse couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Big bro!” Nisse excitedly hugged her older brother.

“Heh heh.” Salomon began to laugh. “It’s fine, it’s fine. But Nisse, when you and Bebe are together, you need to be careful. I won’t be by your side then.”

“Got it, big bro!” Nisse hurriedly said. “Don’t worry. By then, we will find an ordinary escort mission. It won’t be very dangerous. Look, we’ve been on this metallic lifeform for a dozen years now, but we haven’t encountered any dangers.”


Suddenly, the metallic creature shuddered, and both Nisse and Salomon’s bodies swayed.

“Whoosh!” The entire metallic creature shrank into a single human form, while all of the people within the creature were now hovering in mid-air. A hundred-plus people were all rather astonished. Many Fiends had been in the middle of their training, but right now, they were all startled awake.

At this moment…

Ahead of the hundred-plus people, there was a large number of Deities hovering in mid-air. The number was so high that the One Star Fiends and Two Star Fiends like Linley were all so frightened, their faces changed.

“Boss, how many people are there here?” Bebe stared with round eyes.

“It seems like there’s roughly ten thousand.” Linley’s heart clenched. “Nearly ten thousand experts, and it seems all of them are at least Gods, while a few are Highgods! Such a large group, if they were to charge and attack all together, then the results…”

Linley’s heart grew nervous.

“Bebe, afterwards, we’ll come to this side. Delia, later, you use the Deathgod Golem.” Linley hurriedly instructed. “At this time, focus our efforts on preserving our lives. Let the Six Star Fiend defeat the foes.”

“Ninny, come over here.” Bebe immediately called out.

“Bebe.” Nisse actually had a smile on her face. Clearly, she was rather excited at the thought of being together with Bebe. Salomon flew over as well, joining Linley’s group.

Salomon was somewhat worried as well. He said in a low voice, “This will be trouble. So many people. Even a Highgod will find it dangerous to deal with the combined attacks of hundreds of Gods, much less the nearly ten thousand we have here.”


A sonorous voice rang out in the air. “The reason you have stopped us is for the sake of money. Today, we don’t want to fight with you to the death either. There’s no benefit for either side in doing so. Name a price. As long as it is within our range of acceptableness, I will immediately offer it to you. Is this acceptable?”

The speaker of these words was the silver-haired elder with the three black horns.

At this moment, the silver-haired elder was cursing silently to himself. “This damn place, since when did it have a bandit group with ten thousand people? It even has twenty Highgods. I’ve never even heard of this group!”


The leader of the bandit brigade, a red-robed man, laughed loudly. “It seems you are rather straightforward. Then I won’t make things difficult for you either. We have a total of ten thousand brothers here. How about this. We won’t ask for too much. Just give us ten billion inkstones. What do you say?”

Ten billion inkstones!

This figure shocked the silver-haired elder upon hearing it.

“Ten billion inkstones?” The silver-haired elder stared somewhat disbelievingly at the red-robed man.

“Ten billion?” Bebe muttered. “This asking price is really steep.”

Linley, upon hearing this figure, thought back to how he himself had a hundred million inkstones. “They immediately ask for ten billion inkstones. It seems the amount of wealth I have is nothing.”

“My friend, ten billion inkstones is a bit too high, isn’t it?” The silver-haired elder’s tone of voice became slightly harder. “Ten billion inkstones, I cannot accept this price. How about we lower it a bit…” The silver-haired elder stared at the red-robed man.

The red-robed man had long, fiery red hair.

“Unacceptable to accept it?”

The red-robed man glanced around himself, laughing loudly. “Brothers, did you hear that?”

“Haha…” Many experts began to laugh.

The red-haired man suddenly shouted ferociously, “Kill them!”

“Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!”

The bandits simultaneously called out, while at the same time…

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Ten thousand experts almost simultaneously launched their attacks, either using formless soul attacks or all sorts of material attacks. The entire sky was densely filled with countless swords images, saber images, elemental beasts, and more…

Covering the entire sky, these attacks charged towards Linley’s group.

The faces of all the Fiends couldn’t help but change.

Even someone as powerful as the Six Star Fiend, Learmonth, couldn’t take the combined attacks of on ten thousand Gods head-on at the same time. He was only able to protect himself and a few people around him.


Linley growled, while at the same time he, Delia, Bebe, Nisse, and Solomon shot downwards at high speed. Although they retreated at high speed, the speed of the attacks was astonishingly fast. In almost an instant, the material attacks and soul attacks arrived.

Linley’s group relied on their dodging abilities to avoid, but the attacks were too numerous, too dense, and too fast!

“Swoosh!” The Deathgod Golem emerged, blocking in front of Linley’s group. Two sword energy attacks smashed viciously on the Deathgod Golem’s body, and the superficial layer of skin and flesh on the Deathgod Golem split open, revealing the metallic body underneath it, which wasn’t damaged at all.

However, multiple soul attacks completely bypassed the Deathgod Golem, easily going straight through its body.

“Delia.” Linley directly interposed his own body in front of Delia’s, and a soul attack struck into Linley’s body.

“Ninny.” Bebe did the same for Nisse.

Nisse, for a moment, was completely stunned.

The first wave of attacks passed.

“Linley, are you alright?” Delia was somewhat worried. Linley turned and laughed towards her. “Delia, don’t you know how powerful I am yet?” Linley was specialized in soul defense. How could a soul attack launched from so far away harm him?

“Bebe, Bebe.” Nisse was frantic with worry, and her eyes even began to tear up. “Bebe, are you alright?” Nisse was at the point of tears. Although she and Bebe had known each other for a long time, they had never faced any threats, and so she didn’t know how powerful Bebe was.

All she knew was that Bebe was just a God.

Bebe just grabbed her by the waist. “Let’s run. Stop blabbering.” He charged downwards, while a look of delight instantly appeared on Nisse’s face.

“That kid.” Salomon nodded slightly in approval. “It seems I can entrust him with my sister.”

All of the Fiends had scattered.

“Haha, not one of you will escape. Kill, kill!!!” The red-robed man bellowed. Several Highgods took command over several units, running in each direction as they began their pursuit and slaughter of the Fiends. As for the ten or so other Highgods, they led nearly five thousand other Gods, heading towards that silver-haired elder who was the employer for this mission.

Actually, the employer wasn’t just that silver-haired, black-horned elder. There was another white-horned, silver-haired elder.

The two silver-haired elders glanced at each other.

“Mr. Learmonth, the Edwards brothers, we’ll be relying on you.” The black-horned silver-haired elder said.

“Don’t worry.” Learmonth said calmly, while the three Edwards brothers were supremely confident as well.

Linley, Delia, Bebe, Nisse, and Salomon formed into a five-person party. They were currently being pursued by hundreds of Gods.

“They want to chase us?”

Linley, holding Delia by the hand, suddenly accelerated dramatically. It must be understood that at present, Linley had already reached a bottleneck in the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ profound mysteries. He was very close to the level of mastery. His speed was far faster than that of these ordinary Gods.

Bebe’s speed was astonishing as well. He was also holding Nisse by the hand. As for Solomon, as a Highgod, he naturally caught up easily.

Soon, they threw off the hundreds of Gods chasing after them.

“Being outnumbered really is a pain.” Salomon laughed sourly. Hundreds of Gods…if he were to fight them, he might indeed be capable of killing all of those Gods, but it was also possible that he himself would be the one to be killed. After all, there were simply too many Gods.

For example…

If ten soul attacks hit him at the same time, although he was powerful, he would still die.

“Bebe.” Nisse’s little face was red as she looked at Bebe. “Thanks.”

Bebe immediately began to laugh. “Ninny, why thank me? With the relationship we have, is thanks necessary?”

Nisse, seeing the look of teasing laughter on Bebe’s face, couldn’t help but intentionally let out a snort. Watching this nearby, Linley, Delia, and Salomon all revealed hints of a smile on their faces.”

“Another group of Gods. Let’s hurry up and leave.” Linley immediately shouted through his divine sense. There were simply too many Gods here. They had just avoided one squad of hundreds of Gods, but now another one had noticed them. Linley’s group immediately began to flee again.

In terms of speed, they were still at a huge advantage.


“Rumble…” The entire world began to shake, and invisible spatial ripples spread out, causing the trees and stones that were hit by the ripples to directly turn into powder.

Linley’s group stared in mid-air in astonishment. Not just Linley; all of the luckily surviving Fiends on the battlefield as well as the ten thousand bandits all raised their heads….

Learmonth was there in mid-air, sweeping his sword across. Ten-plus Highgod corpses fell down from the sky at same time.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” Of those ten-plus Highgod corpses, eight divine clones suddenly emerged from within them and began to flee in every which way.

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