Book 15, Chapter 39

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 39, Fleeing For Their Lives

Countless amethyst beasts galloped forth, and even the mountains they galloped past began to tremble and shake. Countless bellows rang out, echoing like thunder. The loudest voice, however, was a clear call which filled the heavens. “Kiddos, quick, catch them, quick!!!”

Linley’s group couldn’t help but turn their heads. They all knew that was the voice of the juvenile amethyst beast.

Linley ran as fast as lightning, running forward like a meteor as he scurried through the empty landscape of the Amethyst Mountains, occasionally leaping down from mountain cliffs, occasionally using his draconic claws and feet to quickly rappel up mountains. Due to the powerful gravity of the Amethyst Mountains, there was no way one could fly at all.

“Quick, quick!!!” While sprinting forward, Linley frantically shouted through divine sense.

Of the six of them, the back of the pack was led by Olivier and Garlan. Olivier was, after all, just a God, and his body wasn’t as strong as Linley’s to begin with. Garlan, meanwhile, trained in the Elemental Laws of Fire, and thus didn’t have any advantage in speed.

“Haha, you won’t be able to flee!” The juvenile amethyst beast said delightedly.

Linley’s group ignored all else, frantically charging towards the white fog. As long as the opponents weren’t able to see them, they would be safe.

“Swish!” As it opened its mouth, the juvenile amethyst beast swallowed a large amount of white fog into its belly, and the area Linley’s group was in had no white fog at all now. The juvenile amethyst beast said delightedly, “Haha, I want to see how you will keep running. Hey, kiddos, move faster!”

The group of amethyst beasts had been many kilometers away from Linley’s group. After chasing for so long, though, they were less than a kilometer away.

After all, the amethyst beasts were astonishingly fast.


Moving like the wind, flashing like lightning, Linley’s group continued to sprint at high speed. However, behind them, those rays of violet shadows flashed towards them in pursuit, giving Linley’s group a sense of pressure.

“These amethyst beasts really run fast.” Bebe said frantically.

“There’s people up ahead.” Linley’s eyes suddenly lit up. Up ahead, roughly a hundred meters away, ten-plus figures were fleeing in panic at high speed while looking backwards occasionally. It seemed as though they were terrified. In terms of speed, Linley’s group was much faster than them.

Linley immediately understood. “These people have probably heard the roars of the amethyst beasts and want to flee. Only, their speed is too slow.” At the same time, Linley suddenly had a plan.

“Turn!” Linley suddenly sent a mental message.

After speaking, Linley leapt off from the ground, shooting out like an arrow from a bow towards the distance. Delia, Bebe, and the others naturally followed Linley, turning slightly as they continued to spring. The direction in which Linley was sprinting was different from those ten-plus distant figures.

As for the amethyst beasts, they were continuing to chase and press the attack.

Part of the amethyst beast wave charged towards those ten, who had also just arrived in the Amethyst Mountains today. Most of them were Gods, with the rest being Demigods. In the face of the amethyst beasts, that bit of power was nothing, rendering them unable to resist.



The wild amethyst beasts roared while sprinting forward on their four sturdy limbs. The speed of those ten was simply too slow, and they were trampled flat by those many amethyst beasts. The amethyst beasts intentionally trampled them, stepping directly on their heads.

“Crunch!” Their heads were trampled and shattered, and their divine sparks rolled out.

This made those amethyst beasts all the more excited, and they roared while continuing to gallop. Only on the day of the Fog Wave were they given a chance like this. Once this day came to an end, they wouldn’t have this chance again. Naturally, they would have to go a little crazy today.

“Haha, you can keep running, but let’s see who runs faster!” The juvenile amethyst beast stood atop the head of the amethyst behemoth, delightedly laughing.

Currently, Linley was less than a hundred meters away from the amethyst beast wave behind them.

Moments later, the distance was reduced to fifty meters.

Thirty meters….

Twenty meters…

“What should we do?” Jarrod said frantically through divine sense. He could sense the heat of those scorching breaths reaching his body, and could smell that thick, odorous body odor. The odor of the amethyst beasts. Jarrod hated this sort of smell.

“Shut your mouth!” Bebe shouted back through divine sense. “Keep running for your life! Flee if you can!”

Linley silently continued to sprint at high speed. The Amethyst Mountains were extremely broad, and there were many mountain peaks. Naturally, this sort of road was not easily traversed. Occasionally, there would be a mountain range, while occasionally there would be a gorge. Linley’s group climbed the mountains upon reaching them and charged down cliffs upon reaching them. When they reached the end of the gorge, they would then clamber back up.

In short, they couldn’t hesitate!

If they hesitated, they would be caught.

“Haha, you are about to die!” The juvenile amethyst beast was very excited.

The amethyst behemoth he was mounted on waved its sharp claws, swiping towards the fleeing Garlan, at the back of the pack. This seven meter tall amethyst beast was the most powerful of those countless amethyst beasts, capable of easily breaking apart Garlan’s Highgod artifact.

“Garlan.” Jarrod frantically grabbed Garlan.

But the speed of those sharp claws was simply too fast. At the moment of death, Garlan’s body suddenly released another ‘Garlan’. Clearly, this was Garlan’s divine clone. With a ‘slash’ sound, one of the Garlan’s was ripped apart by the claws, and a divine spark flew out wildly.

Jarrod couldn’t help but feel astonished and furious.

“I lost a God-level divine clone.” Garlan didn’t have time to feel sad. Right now, it would be wonderful if she could even survive.

Sprinting at the front, Linley knew how dangerous the situation had become. He could all but sense the shadow of that amethyst behemoth drawing near. Suddenly, Linley saw what was coming up ahead, and he couldn’t help but feel surprised. “There’s a gorge up ahead!”

He didn’t hesitate at all!

Moving like the wind, Linley, Delia, Bebe, Olivier, Garlan, and Jarrod, the six of them, threw themselves forward into the fog-shrouded gorge. Even though they didn’t know what the situation was inside the gorge, none of them hesitated at all.

“Chase, chase!!!” The juvenile amethyst beast was very excited. Mounted on the amethyst behemoth, he leapt down as well.

The many amethyst beasts wildly leapt into the gorge, which was extremely wide. From one side of the gorge to the other was a distance of dozens of kilometers. In the white fog, it was completely impossible to see the other cliff.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” The wind howled as they all descended.

Linley’s group of six not only didn’t resist the astonishing gravity, they actually intentionally used their divine power to accelerate their descent. The six of them descended lightning-fast. This gorge was dozens of kilometers deep, but given the astonishing speed of Linley’s group, they arrived at the bottom in almost an instant.

The ground of the gorge was made from tough rocks.

Not only had they resisted the impact of gravity, they had even accelerated. Smashing into such hard rocks at such speed…even the body of a Highgod would be injured.

“Swoosh!” When they were only ten meters away from the ground, Linley suddenly, frantically slowed down, landing on the ground like a gust of gentle wind. As for Delia, she gracefully disappeared, her body transforming into a gust of wind, then reforming into a solid body.

Olivier, Jarrod, and Garlan had their own tricks as well to slow down. This was very ordinary.

But Bebe? Bebe ignored everything, viciously smashing straight into the ground.

“Bang!” The ground trembled, and Bebe sank twenty or thirty centimeters into the ground. Given the toughness of the rocks of the Amethyst Mountains, one could imagine how strong the smashing force was for him to sink so deep into the ground.

But Bebe was completely unharmed.

Nobody praised Bebe, because there was no time!

“Flee!” Linley’s group of six wildly sprinted forward.

The amethyst beasts didn’t have any divine power, nor did they know any profound mysteries of the Laws. Thus, they dropped down at a very normal pace and did not accelerate. By the time they landed, of course they smashed hard into the ground.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Like meteors slamming down, each amethyst beast smashed hard into the ground, then immediately began to chase forward, as though the impact of the collision hadn’t had any effect on them. The juvenile amethyst beast was constantly shouting in anger, “Quick! The distance between us and them just increased!”

When descending, Linley’s group of six had been faster, and thus the distance between the two groups had increased to fifty meters again.

Linley’s group of six, hearing the smashing sounds, could imagine in their minds the terrifying scene of those countless amethysts beasts pursuing them. Their hearts couldn’t help but tremble, and all of them continued to sprint for their lives. If they truly were caught, just the trampling of those countless amethyst beasts would be enough to finish them off.

“There’s a lake up ahead!” Linley immediately saw that within the white fog, there was a lake.

Linley’s group of six didn’t hesitate at all, immediately entering into the waters of the lake. When being pursued, even if there was a mountain of knives or a sea of flames in front of them, they would still charge through. After all, if they hesitated and tried to find an alternative route, they would slow down and thus be caught by the amethyst beasts behind them.

In that instant…

Many amethyst beasts appeared at the sides of the lake. Standing atop the head of the amethyst behemoth, the juvenile amethyst beast frowned and said unhappily, “They went into the water? Could it be that they know that I hate water? Hmph, none of these will be able to escape.”

Immediately, the juvenile amethyst beast said loudly, “Kiddos, all of you go down and seize those people!”

“Roaaaar!” “Roaaaar!” “Roaaaar!”

Immediately, countless amethyst beasts began to roar in anger, and the ones in front threw themselves into the lake. With repeated ‘plop’ ‘plop’ sounds, they went in, while at the same time, many other amethyst beasts, including the juvenile one, surrounded the shores of the lake.

“Surround this entire lake.” The juvenile beast ground its teeth. “Hmph, I want to see how they can possibly escape. Not a single plaything I set my eye on has ever been able to escape!” As it spoke, it wrinkled its little nose.

Linley’s group of six, entering the lake, had actually discovered a narrow underwater path. They continuously advanced through it. This little narrow pathway was actually headed upwards. The first part of it was underwater, but the second part was above water. Linley’s group quickly reached the end of the pathway.

This little pathway was a canal that led to a mountain cave.

“I didn’t expect someone would be capable of carving out such a large, meticulous cave.” Jarrod was overjoyed.

Only now did Linley’s group let out sighs of relief. Carefully inspecting the cave, they saw that this had clearly been excavated out by others. Linley couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. “The stones of the Amethyst Mountains are incomparably tough. What sort of power would be necessary for someone to carve out such an enormous cave, and how much time must it have taken?”

Bebe, using his godspark dagger, had only just been able to break apart that rock.

“Linley, will the amethyst beasts be able to discover us here?” Delia was still somewhat worried.

“It’s fine.” Linley said consolingly.

Garlan’s face was covered with a smile that was born from having escaped a crisis. She said, “Delia, don’t worry. Although those amethyst beasts are very powerful, they don’t understand any profound mysteries or natural laws, and they don’t appear to know how to use divine sense either. These small pathways which are hidden within the wild grass in the bottom of the lake are so well-hidden, they won’t easily be able to discover them.”

Linley’s group nodded slightly as well.

After they had charged into the water, they had naturally immediately spread out their divine senses to investigate the surrounding area. When they had passed by that hidden little pathway, the divine senses of the group had naturally discovered it.

“Right. What have we to fear? Even if they discovered that hidden little passageway, the passageway is so narrow, while those amethyst beasts are so huge. Would they be able to fit?” Bebe said disdainfully. The amethyst beasts were physically quite large. There was no way they would be able to squeeze in.

“Bebe speaks the truth. It’s fine. Everyone, we can rest here.” Linley said.

“No, it’s useless.” Jarrod shook his head helplessly. “No matter how small the tunnel is, the amethyst beasts will still be able to enter. Amethyst beasts are capable of changing their bodies.”

“Changing their bodies?” Linley couldn’t help but feel shocked.

If they really were able to change their bodies, it would be terrible.

Garlan nodded somberly as well. “Right. However, amethyst beasts can’t freely change their size to expand or contract. Rather…for example, they can make themselves shorter, to a height of one meter, but their length will multiply. To be more precise, their total body size doesn’t change.”

Linley began to understand.

These amethysts beasts were like ‘water’, capable of changing into multiple configurations, but the overall size remained the same.

Linley stared at the tunnel and said slowly, “All we can do is hope that we won’t be discovered. Once we are, we won’t even have a place to run.”

“Don’t worry.” Garlan’s laughter was very brilliant. “We won’t be so easily discovered. In addition, once the Fog Wave ends, these amethyst beasts will all disappear. By then, we won’t be in any danger, and will be able to live a long, leisurely period of time.”

Linley blew out a breath, saying quietly to himself, “I hope that today will pass safely. Once today passes, it will be safe.”

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