Book 15, Chapter 37

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 37, The Rescue

The cavern whirlpool continued to swirl, its powerful sucking force enveloping the entire area near the crevice. As for Linley and the rest of the four who were outside the crevice, they watched with blank stares and slack jaws. Jenkin and the other three Gods had actually been swallowed into the cave, unable to resist at all. This sight was simply too astonishing.

Linley stared at the cavern whirlpool, his face turning solemn.

Olivier’s eyes narrowed, and he said softly, “Linley, just now it seemed as though the cavern was completely inactive, and just moments ago, there was a thick layer of amethysts in the crevice. How come, all of a sudden, such a powerful, bizarre suction force appeared?

Linley felt similarly stunned and frightened. “This is the Infernal Realm. If I were to use my ‘Bewildering Shadow’ attack at full strength, I too can cause space in the Infernal Realm to ripple, but…the simple suction power of this cave created a spatial whirlpool. This devouring power…”

When a sword chopped down, a spatial crack or ripple would appear, focused on the sword.

Simple suction which resulted in a spatial whirlpool…this sort of suctioning force was simply too frightening.

“Most likely, not even a Highgod could resist that sort of suction force.” Linley said to himself.

“Hey, Boss, why were there so many amethysts in that crevice just now?” Bebe said, puzzled. “Also, there’s quite a few amethysts embedded deep into the walls of the crevice. Where did all those amethysts come from?” Bebe and the others hadn’t witnessed the cave spewing forth amethysts.

“Let’s stay far away from this place.” Delia said, gnawing on her lips. “I keep on having the feeling that this place is a bit too weird.”

“Well spoken. Let’s move farther away.”

Linley led Delia and the others farther away from the crevice, but after travelling dozens of meters, Linley’s group came to a halt. Linley suddenly turned his head to stare towards the crevice. Frowning, he said, “Hey? How come that suction sound is gone?”

“Right, there’s no sound any longer.” Bebe directly headed back, moving closer to the crevice, then turned his head towards Linley and said in surprise, “Boss, hurry over and take a look. The suction in the crevice ended. It’s calm again.”

Linley, Delia, and Olivier’s eyes were filled with puzzlement, and they drew near as well.


The large crevice was very quiet and seemed very ordinary. If they hadn’t seen what they had seen earlier, Linley’s group wouldn’t have suspected that this crevice was dangerous.

“It is as though there is no danger here.” Delia said after looking for a while.

“Rumble…” Very suddenly, like the roaring of a vicious beast, a terrifying howling sound instantly exploded forth, while at the same time, countless flashes of violet light came out in dense clusters from the cave hole. The dense clusters of amethysts sprayed wildly in every direction.

Some rose to the heavens, some shot towards the horizon. Countless rays of violet light disappeared past the white mist above.

However, many amethysts scraped the sides of the walls as they shot out. Because the angle was too narrow, they struck the sides of the crevice, and then with metallic clanging sounds, many amethysts collided with the amethysts already embedded into the walls, and then fell backwards, landing into the crevice.

Moments later…

The crevice was covered with a thick layer of amethysts.

This sudden scene caused Linley’s group to be shocked as well. Soon, they began to understand many things.

“Oh. I get it. Those Gods and Demigods who were harvesting amethysts at the edges of the Fog Sea…those amethysts most likely flew out from and came from this type of cavern.” Bebe immediately said in a jubilant voice. “There are so many amethysts flying out in such density. Look. That ditch is filled with a thick layer of them.”

Linley kept his silence.

Ever since they had entered the Amethyst Mountains from the Fog Sea, Linley had gotten a thorough lesson in the astonishing gravitational power held within the Amethyst Mountains. This was a gravitational force which even Highgods would find hard to resist, but those amethysts had been able to withstand it and then fly out.

They had even been able to pierce through his Pulseguard Armor, and that was after they had already flown for a long time and slowed down.

“What secrets are held within these Amethyst Mountains?” Linley looked towards the cave, continuously spewing forth amethysts. “Whether blasting out or swallowing in, the power is monstrous…if a Highgod was capable of such explosive power and shoot his energy with such force, he would be utterly invincible.”

An expert capable of such explosive power could, with a casual toss of an amethyst, riddle the opponent’s head with holes.

“Deities are not capable of such great power, but the world is. It exists in nature!” Linley sighed in his heart.

Olivier, Bebe, and Delia were also sighing in amazement. But, right at this moment, from afar, an angry howl could be heard. This angry howl, to Linley’s group, was an extremely familiar sound, because…it was the angry howl of an amethyst beast!

“Amethyst beast!” Linley’s face changed, along with the faces of the other four. At the same time, they turned to stare towards the direction the sound came from.

From afar, two figures were fleeing with great difficulty, while behind them was a ten-meter long, mighty amethyst beast. The amethyst beast bellowed continuously as it used its sharp claws, fangs, and horns on its head to attack wildly. The two fleeing figures were in dire straits!

“It’s actually them.” Linley couldn’t help but be surprised.

Those two people were actually the two Highgods which Linley had met earlier when first arriving at the Amethyst Mountains; Garlan and Jarrod.

The brown-haired woman, Garlan, and the silver-haired man, Jarrod, currently appeared to be in extremely sorry shape. They were very unfortunate. They had actually encountered an amethyst beast. But of course, they were also very fortunate. After all, they had only encountered a single amethyst beast.

“Roaaaar!” The amethyst beast opened its maw wide, biting down towards Garlan.

Jarrod let out a furious shout, and a black flaming longsword in his hands struck down viciously towards the amethyst beast’s mouth. The amethyst beast, despite not being afraid of material attacks, would still find it painful to be struck by a divine artifact on the mouth.

The amethyst beast immediately shut its mouth, at the same time lowering its head, using its horn on its forehead as it gored towards Garlan.

“Clang!” The flaming longsword stabbed into the amethyst beast’s forehead, but it only sank a little bit in.

“Roaaaaaar!” The amethyst beast was only all the more maddened, and its two eyes were like scorching red flames. It actually only gored towards Garlan even faster. “Chiiiiiiiiii…” As its speed increased, the horn tore through the air and created an ear-piercing whistle. The amethyst beast was actually trying to use its horn to smash Garlan’s head apart.

Garlan’s face changed dramatically.

“Bang!” A warblade suddenly appeared, smashing viciously down upon the amethyst beast’s forehead. The attacker was Jarrod, who grabbed Garlan and borrowed the bounceback force of this blow to flee at high speed.

“Run faster. Stop wasting time with that beast.” Jarrod said mentally.

“I know we can’t waste time with it, but you know how fast that thing is. Its speed is faster than us. I don’t want to waste time with it, but it keeps on bothering me.” Garlan felt both furious and helpless. She wasn’t able to find any weaknesses in the amethyst beast.

Jarrod felt helpless as well.

The beast didn’t fear soul attacks or material attacks, and it was extremely fast. How could there actually be a creature like this in the world? It was completely unbalanced. Fortunately, however, this sort of amethyst beast possessed a very low level of intelligence, and wasn’t capable of using any profound mysteries of the Laws.


A violet blur flashed towards Jarrod and Garlan in pursuit, and the two of them could all but sense that extremely heated breath of the creature making contact with their skin.

“This amethyst beast is too fast.” Jarrod and Garlan both felt helpless.

Suddenly, a surge of wind came.

“Dodge!” Jarrod pushed Garlan hard, making the two of them dodge in separate directions.

“Slash!” A fierce claw slashed past Jarrod’s body, and instantly, half of Jarrod’s arm was ripped off as blood sprayed everywhere. The amethyst beast immediately raised its head and bellowed in excitement. “Roaaaaaaar!” At the same time, the amethyst beast bounded into the air, planning to seize the opportunity to kill Jarod.

Jarrod’s shattered left arm was rapidly regrowing.

“Motherf*cker, how can this monster’s speed be so fast.” Jarrod was almost at the point of tears.

When Garlan saw this, without hesitating at all, she immediately scurried forward, and Jarrod also immediately moved at high speed towards Garlan. When the two of them joined forces, they actually were able to just barely keep themselves alive, but if they were to try and fight solo, if one of them were to die, the other would be unable to stay alive either.

“Garlan, what should we do? This monster is even capable of telling the difference between me and the doppelgangers that I created. Can it be that I’m going to have to sacrifice a divine clone?” Jarrod frantically sent a mental message.

“Unless all other choices are gone, don’t use that technique that will make you sacrifice a divine clone.” Garlan sent back.

Using the ‘Doppelganger’ technique in front of an amethyst beast was useless. The amethyst beast was actually able to tell the original body from amidst the hundreds of doppelgangers. This was simply inconceivable.

Thus, generally speaking, amethyst beasts were indeed very hard to deal with and very troublesome.

“Someone’s here!” Garlan and Jarrod instantly noticed from the corner of their eyes the nearby group of four. Linley’s group. Upon seeing Delia in particular, their eyes immediately lit up.

“It’s that Highgod Fiend named Delia!” Garlan and Jarrod were overjoyed. Not hesitating at all, they immediately flew at high speed towards Linley’s group. As they saw it, if a Highgod Fiend were to join forces with them, the situation would be much better.

“This Delia is actually still with those Gods. Those Gods are quite lucky to still be alive.” Garlan and Jarrod, while charging towards Linley’s group, couldn’t help but think this.

Garlan and Jarrod’s speed was inferior to that of the amethyst beast.

Thus, when running and fleeing, they naturally suffered one ‘caress’ after another from the sharp claws of the amethyst beast, causing Garlan and Jarrod’s bodies to be covered with bloodstains and wounds.

“What a pain.” Bebe muttered.

“Bebe, come, let’s shoo the amethyst beast away.” Linley sent.

Linley and Bebe almost simultaneously moved forward, quickly moving past Garlan and Jarrod’s forms, causing the two to be shocked. “Are these two Gods looking to die?” As they dodged past, they turned to look…

They saw a devilish purple sword shadow slash through the air and land on the amethyst beast’s horn, forcibly chopping through it! “Slash!” It chopped down into the amethyst beast’s tough skull, causing the amethyst beast such pain that it howled in agony.

At that same moment…

“Slash!” Bebe’s black dagger also forcibly rammed into the amethyst beast’s chest, carving out a large chunk of amethyst.

In great pain, the amethyst beast wildly clawed down with its two ferocious front claws towards Linley and Bebe’s heads, as though by reflex. It was as though it wanted to make Linley and Bebe’s heads explode. However, Linley and Bebe both immediately moved to dodge.

With two thudding sounds, the sharp claws still clawed down upon their shoulders.

Linley and Bebe’s bodies shuddered, and they were knocked backwards multiple meters.

The amethyst beast stared in astonishment towards Linley and Bebe with its big red eyes. Linley and Bebe actually hadn’t been wounded at all. The amethyst beast’s sharp claws hadn’t been able to leave behind any damage on Linley’s draconic scales or Bebe’s body.

The amethyst beast stared at Linley and Bebe in confusion. It actually let out a growl, then turned and immediately fled.

Garlan and Jarrod, these two Highgods, stared slackjawed at this scene. “The monster…fled?” They had never heard of an amethyst beast being forced to flee. When battling against amethyst beasts, it was always the Highgods who got the worst of it.

After all, how many people had bodies as tough as Linley and Bebe’s?

Garlan and Jarrod exchanged a glance, their eyes filled with amazement. They had never before held Gods in much consideration, but just now, these two Gods had actually forced that amethyst beast to flee.

“Thank you, the two of you, for helping us. The two of us definitely will not forget this kindness you showed us.” Garlan immediately said sincerely.

Bebe glanced at her sideways, muttering unhappily, “Helping you? You ran all the way over to us. If we didn’t do something, the amethyst beast would have started to attack us next.”

Garlan and Jarrod couldn’t help but let out awkward laughs.

When they had run over to Linley’s group, they had been hoping for Delia to assist them. After all, the amethyst beast would attack humans whenever they found them. By dragging others down with them, everyone would work together to face the threat. In this regard, they had indeed acted wrongly, and so Garlan and Jarrod naturally felt embarrassed.

“We were forced to do so and had no other options. I hope you won’t blame us.” Jarrod hurriedly said.

Jarrod and Garlan knew that in the Amethyst Mountains, Linley and Bebe would be of much greater use in the Amethyst Mountains than Highgods like themselves. Jarrod and Garlan, while speaking, also secretly inspected Linley and Bebe’s shoulders. They couldn’t help but feel astonished.

“These two actually took the attack of an amethyst beast head on without suffering any wounds? What sort of bodies do they have?!”

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