Book 15, Chapter 20

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 20, Talisman

“Drip, drip.” The golden magma pool continued to bubble and boil. Those giant liquid golden hands now tried to snatch the three remaining Highgods.

Only three lucky survivors were left!

“Salomon, that bastard. Even if we die, we need to make him die with us.” Sperry sent a message with divine sense to the other two. They could already feel that dodging was very difficult.

“Right. Make him die with us!”

The Fiends of the Infernal Realm were all mentally prepared for death. Only, they didn’t want to die, and even if they were to die, they wouldn’t let their enemies get off lightly!

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

The three Highgod Fiends simultaneously charged towards Salomon, but before they even drew near him, that sallow, charred yellow hand once again came slapping towards them. “BANG!” One of the Highgod Fiend’s skull was smashed and exploded apart.

“Elquin!” The other two Highgod Fiends were shocked.

Clearly, this Elquin wouldn’t permit them to kill Salomon!

“Kill his little sister!” Sperry and the other Highgod Fiend, knowing that death was nigh, in their fury decided that they would kill whoever they could lay their hands on. The two Fiends just barely dodged those giant liquid golden hands, then charged straight towards Nisse, hovering there in mid-air.

At this moment, Bebe was hovering there in mid-air, unmoving. When he saw Linley and Delia be dragged into the magma pool, he was stunned. But then…

“Boss…isn’t dead!” Bebe’s eyes were filled with surprised joy. “I can still sense the Boss’s soul!”

The two were connected spiritually. As long as Linley was alive, Bebe would naturally be able to sense him.

The golden magma pool was only so big. Given the speed of these Highgod Fiends, Nisse was only able to move slightly before the Highgod Fiends arrived in front of her. A blurry, indistinct blade shadow came chopping down, and Nisse’s face instantly turned white.

“Clang!” A metallic sound could be heard.

Nisse felt that she was being tightly embraced, and she opened her eyes in shock. “Bebe!” It was Bebe who had embraced her and had taken this attack for her.

“Aaah!” Because of the counter-force from his chopping attack, that Highgod Fiend was caught by those giant liquid golden hands. Although he frantically struggled, in the end, he was still dragged down by those giant liquid golden hands into the golden magma pool, and not a hint of life was left after that.


The many giant liquid golden hands spread out like the petals of a floor, directly swallowing the final Highgod Fiend, Sperry, then pulling him into the golden magma pool.

“Bebe, are you alright?” Nisse said, worried. But as soon as she spoke out, she immediately came to her senses. She realized that Linley had very possibly revealed her big brother’s secret, and that this Bebe had most likely intentionally made friends with her.

“I’m fine. That bastard actually even used a soul attack.” Bebe’s face was somewhat ashen, but then he was stunned as well. He noticed Nisse’s expression.

Bebe let out a bitter laugh, then gently release Nissed.

As Nisse left his embrace, for some reason, she felt her heart ache!

Bebe rubbed his nose. “I was wrong to think my love was reciprocated.” Nisse, hearing this, felt a miserable feeling in her heart, but this information about the secret being revealed was like a thorn in her heart. “But wait, if Bebe had truly lied to me, he wouldn’t have risked his own life to save me just now.”

“Take care of yourself, Ninny.” The sound rang out next to her ears, and then…SPLASH!

Only now did Nisse realize that Bebe had already jumped into the magma pool. Nisse was instantly stunned! In her mind, she could still clearly see that rowdy, playful, but towards her always considerate straw hat wearing youth!

“Bebe…died?” Nisse felt as though her heart was being ripped apart.

“Nisse, what are you doing?!” Salomon shouted, while at the same time he flew to Nisse’s side.

“Big brother, Bebe, he…” Nisse’s eyes were beginning to be covered with a layer of mist.

Salomon shouted, “What are you thinking? That Bebe did it on purpose. His body is tough, so he knew he would be able to take that blow. He did that on purpose, because it wouldn’t pose any threat to him! You need to remember, Linley is our enemy. It’s a good thing that he died, because otherwise…”

Salomon’s heart was still filled with hatred.

“But, but if Bebe didn’t care about me, he didn’t have to save me.” Nisse argued.

“That’s exactly what he wanted you to think.” Salomon said coldly. “Nisse, that Bebe is extremely crafty and sly.”

With a rumbling sound, the four walls of the stone cave once more spread out, and the space of the cave expanded once more. Elquin, holding that little golden kitten, landed on the flat ground, and Salomon pulled his little sister to fly over as well.

At the bottom of the golden magma pool, there was a place where the magma had naturally split open, forming a true, empty space. Linley and Delia were currently embracing each other there.

“What…what’s going on?” Linley and Delia both woke up.

Delia immediately used her divine power to repair her body while staring at Linley. Linley shook his head as well. “I don’t know either.”

And then, Linley and Delia both began to laugh.

“Linley. I thought I was dead.” Delia said gently.

“Me too. I thought I was going to die.” Linley felt a warm feeling in his heart. With a wife like this in his life, what more could he ask for?

After truly having walked on the fine line between life and death, this time, Linley had truly believed he was dead. But who would have imagined that he would survive? This sort of feeling truly was astonishing and shook his soul.

“Linley.” In Linley’s arms, Delia looked up towards Linley. “After this experience, my heart is calm. Linley, although the Infernal Realm has many dangers, as long as you are by my side, I won’t be afraid no matter where I go.”

Linley held Delia, his heart filled with joy and bliss. He didn’t say a word.

“You two, husband and wife, are really enjoying yourselves.” A deep voice rang out in the mind of Linley and Delia.

Linley and Delia were both shocked.

“You are…?” Linley spoke.

“Everyone else who entered this liquefied pool of Goldflame is dead, aside from you two. Even the Highgods are dead.” The deep voice continued.

Linley and Delia instantly understood who this person was.

“You are the Volcano Titan?” Linley said.

“Right. You may address me as Phusro.” The deep voice said.

“Phusro?” Linley thought back to how the black-robed Elquin had held that golden kitten in his arms. Elquin seemed to have addressed the kitten as ‘Phusro’.

“You are a member of the Four Divine Beasts clan, but more importantly, the relationship between you and that Bebe is quite deep. Thus, Master ordered me to spare your lives when pulling you into the liquefied pool of Goldflame, so as to temporarily fool that Salomon.”

“You can wait right here for now. I won’t claim your little lives. I imagine that you know that I can kill you at any time. Don’t go out.”

And then, the voice disappeared.

Linley and Delia exchanged a glance, then laughed. Delia said, “Linley, before this, I saw that Elquin was afraid to do anything to Bebe. He wanted to spare Bebe. I was wondering…why didn’t he spare us? So actually, that was this Elquin’s plan all along.”

Linley laughed as well.

Indeed, everyone else who had entered the golden magma pool had died, so as to give Salomon a false impression…that anyone who entered the golden magma pool would die.

Actually, the golden magma pool was under the control of ‘Phusro’. If he didn’t want someone to die of course that person wouldn’t die.

“This Phusro’s power truly is terrifying.” Linley was secretly shocked. That spiritual energy had gone straight through the flaw in his soul defense. Linley had known all along that powerful Highgods were capable of this.

But now, he had actually encountered it.


Suddenly, a figured charged down at high speed through the pool, then straight towards him. Linley could clearly sense the ripples of that soul. “Bebe, what are you doing here?!” Bebe quickly charged down into this area of land.

“Boss, so you really are alright!” Bebe saw Linley and Delia, and was instantly overjoyed.

“You guys really are a pain!” Phusro’s voice rang out once more in the minds of the three.

“Who is he?” Bebe’s face changed.

Linley explained, “He’s the Volcano Titan, Phusro.”

“Phusro? Can it be that he’s the kitten?” Bebe’s eyes lit up.

“DON’T MENTION KITTENS!!!” Phusro’s voice exploded in fury. “Enough. The three of you, obediently stay here and don’t go out. The sound from outside will carry in here. Don’t worry, though…your voices won’t be able to transmit out.”

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were at the bottom of the golden magma pool. Indeed, they could hear the voices from outside.

Elquin, holding the golden kitten, laughed calmly as he looked at Salomon. “Salomon, all of them are dead now. I’ve given you face. You should give me the treasures of your clan to me now, right? Is it on you, or is it somewhere else?”

Nisse appeared quite nervous.

Salomon laughed calmly. “Right. I admit that I am a member of the Boyd clan, but Mr. Elquin, I have to tell you something.”

“Speak.” Elquin frowned. He felt as though something was amiss.

“The amount of wealth I have on me, and in fact even including all the wealth I have in other places, amounts to less than ten billion inkstones!” Salomon laughed calmly.

Ten billion inkstones, to ordinary Highgods, was an enormous figure. But to Elquin, it was nothing at all. To the Boyd clan, it was comparable to a single hair on the body of nine bulls.

“You are playing me for a fool?” Elquin’s face changed.

Salomon hurriedly said, “No, no, I’m not playing you. To tell you the truth, those two old servants of mine did in fact bring a vast fortune to me, but…I’ve already offered the fortune to someone else!”

“To who?” Elquin frowned. “You’d best not lie to me.”

“To Lord Aiken [Ai’ken]!” Salomon replied.

Elquin’s face changed. “Aiken?” Elquin couldn’t help but feel angered, and he shouted angrily, “Salomon, Lord Aiken is indeed powerful, and I, Elquin, don’t dare irritate him, but…do you think that just because you randomly report a name to me, that I will give up? Why don’t you say Beirut? Why don’t you go ahead and say that you gave it to the almighty Sovereign, the Redbud Ruler? Anybody can name names!”

With a flip of his hand, Salomon revealed a black talisman which was covered with complicated runes.

“You should recognize this talisman.” Salomon said.


Elquin’s face changed, and he was instantly speechless. He could recognize it. This was indeed Lord Aiken’s talisman. Since Salomon had this talisman, then the relationship between himself and Aiken must be extraordinary, or perhaps…Aiken had ordered him to carry out something.

Aiken, without question, was one of if not the most powerful figure in the Redbud Continent. Some even suspected that he had reached the level of being a Paragon.

He had previously been an Asura, but then he had voluntarily stepped down and allowed another Seven Star Fiend to take over. Nobody believed that it was because Aiken wasn’t strong enough. Everyone knew exactly how terrifying Aiken was! Although he was not an Asura, his power was far greater than that of most Asuras.

Aiken of the Redbud Continent. Beirut of the Bloodridge Continent. They were all dazzling, legendary figures.

“Drip, drip…” The golden magma in the cave continued to bubble and hiss. Other than that, it was silent.

“Inigo, what say you? What should we do?” Elquin turned to stare behind him. Suddenly, a tunnel appeared in the stone wall, and a person came out. It was Inigo.

Inigo stepped out. He had been listening all along.

“Although this Salomon has the talisman of Lord Aiken, but, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the wealth of his clan on him.” Inigo said.

“You are…” Salomon and NIsse stared at him.

“I saw you before at the castle of sand.” Nisse called out in surprise.

Inigo was slightly startled. Right. When the castle of sand had collapsed, Inigo and the others had indeed been seen.

Inigo then smiled slightly. “Right. Salomon, I am the person who was pursuing and attacking you. What of it?”

“That time?” Salomon began to understand.

“Right. It was I who told Lord Elquin of your identity.” Inigo let out a chuckle. “Hmph. When you were at the Coldcalm Prefecture , you were kicked out by your Boyd clan. Although that was a minor matter, at that time, I just so happened to notice.”

Salomon was stunned.

“Pity that kid named Linley. He really was wrongly accused by you.” Inigo began to laugh.

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      1. How can you possibly compare Bebe with Delia? In the first place, you say he’s only survived because of artifacts, but thus far into the story, the only artifact I recall Bebe was confirmed using is the gift from Beirut he used to attack Salomon last chapter.

        There was recently a time when someone said Bebe must be using a soul defending artifact; however, they were simply a particularly strong low-level Highgod and obviously wouldn’t know anything about Bebe’s legendarily powerful race and simply assumed that. There was no confirmation. If an average soul attack could kill, or even injure a Godeater Rat, how could Beirut have risen to a level comparable to a paragon? Beirut has obviously taken care of Bebe and supplied him with what he needs, but it’s not like he outfitted him in a ton of sovereign artifacts or anything.

        As for Linley worrying about Bebe, that’s simply because he’s never adequately been able to assess Bebe’s power, as Bebe and Beirut both keep their abilities hidden if possible. Worrying about Bebe is a character “flaw” of Linley’s, not Bebe’s(‘Flaw’ in quotations because it’s technically a flaw as a fighter, but an endearing and humanizing quality as a character.) However, this “worry” over Bebe’s safety is never anything amounting to an inconvenience. Bebe is more than powerful enough to stand toe to toe with Linley. For example, we’ve never seen Linley have to cover Bebe in pulseguard. We’ve never seen Linley have to launch himself into a disadvantaged position to defend Bebe from an enemy he couldn’t handle.

        I think, rather than me being too selective, you’re simply underestimating Bebe too much. In comparison to his species, Bebe right now is akin to a young teenager. He’s still far from reaching full maturity and his full natural strength. It will, as it always has, take Linley’s full potential just to keep up with Bebe’s natural growth as the story continues.

        Delia doesn’t have the strength to keep up with Linley and Bebe even now, and that gap is only going to widen more and more as this story goes on. The only way I can see Delia becoming strong enough to stay by Linley’s side is for her to fuse with a sovereign spark.

        1. I’m going with you are over estimating Bebe just because he is a God Eater Rat.

          Just because a God Eater Rat wouldn’t have innate soul protecting abilities doesn’t mean they can be killed by soul attack since they can’t make one on their own. Rather, because he is a divine beast, understanding laws is easier, of which making basic soul defense based on laws should be easy. Not basic soul defense and not something that a God should guard against a high god without an soul protecting artifact.
          If GodEater Rats had any special defenses, he is important enough for IET to mention it. IET mentioned his physical defense, but nothing with his soul defense. Yet, IET took the time to explain Dragonblood warriors special soul defense as well.

          Also note, when comparing the Godeater Rats and Dragonblood Warriors, one is a divine beast that get instant upgrade to the element law abilities where the other just get physical buffs to cancel the fact it harder to get element laws.

          You also forget Beirut used a lot of Divine artifact or something of that sort to make Bebe training speed go 20x faster then Linley to reach God level, Where Linley didn’t get some push from Beirut.

          1. It’s sounds more like you’re overestimating Linley himself… Linley’s soul defense is high for a god, but the only reason his soul defense is so formidable is because of the sovereign soul defending artifact he’s wearing. It may be broken, but it still tends to block about 70% of all soul attack’s strength. Because of that, Linley just has to focus his soul defense on the broken section of the artifact. Without that artifact, even many low-level highgods would be able to kill him with a single attack.

            Like it or not, Bebe and Linley will always be on almost even footing as far as strength goes in this story. IET already established that early in the story when they engaged in the “Bond of Equals” and became partners. You can argue that Bebe is slightly weaker than Linley right now if you want, but due to the nature of the plot, it’s impossible for it to be any considerable difference at this stage of the story.

        2. Repeatedly we have been told Bebe’s soul defense is weak. Repeatedly we have had hints he has lots of precious artifacts, in particular when he almost died at the sand castle and again in this very chapter. You’re being selective through and through with what you read here. Bebe is not invincible and his understanding of the laws is _low_. He is lazy, he only practiced enough to get Beirut off his case and certainly he cannot compare to Linley right now.

          But whatever, how strong he is or whether he is stronger than Delia or not is a moot point anyway. The point is, he weighs Linley down as much as her. He also helps him about as much as her.

          1. His soul defense is weak, but that’s in comparison to his physical defense. We’ve never been accurately told how strong his soul defense is. Your “hints” at Bebe having precious artifacts were nothing more than Bebe not dying when struck by a soul attack. In addition, even if Bebe has strong artifacts defending him, it’s a moot point considering that Linley is not only using a highgod artifact personally cultivated by one of the strongest 7-star fiends in recent history, he’s also using a soul defending sovereign artifact to defend against the majority of all soul attacks.

            I fail to see how I’m being selective when I have even acknowledged one of your main points you just brought up as one of the main points in my first response.

            You’re forgetting that rather than training, Bebe seems to gain most of his strength through eating divine sparks, which he has been doing this whole time, for a period of multiple decades. We have no clue whatsoever as to the full effects of eating those. You are assuming that Bebe is weak simply because of a lack of information.

            Also, Bebe doesn’t weigh Linley down whatsoever. Bebe has to spend all of his time babysitting Delia so that Linley can fight with minimal worry. Although, technically you could say Bebe weighed him down in the sand castle, since Linley had to protect Nisse for him.

      2. Linley hardly worries about Bebe, ever since he survived the Armored Razorback Wyrm his defense is quite well known. While, he constantly worries about Delia and has to give her obvious ‘advice’ like ‘please use that Deathgod Golem in your inventory’ 😮 because she’s too much of a nub to be expected to defend herself.

        I don’t think you can ever compare how fragile Delia is with Bebe, she is basically a Crompton with some defensive skills (slow & doppelganger) 😛

    2. Character development? Hahaha. Yeah right.
      Though i do agree with the sentiment of Delia staying home; it’d be best if she stayed there until Linley brings home a sovereign spark.

      1. Mmhmm, it’s not so much character development, as it is a moderate humanizing element within the story. That was just the quickest way to convey my opinion without changing the structure of the sentence.

        1. I also think Delia is weighing Linley down. She doesn’t have any character development. What do we know about her? She loves Linley… ok. She’s from a noble clan (only in the Yulan plane, don’t even remember her family name, no power at all in the Infernal Realm), she has a brother which was a match for Linley as kids (meh), she is Linley childhood friend (they weren’t so close at school as to be called more than that). At this point in the story she is just there as moral support for Linley… lame…

          1. Delia’s only real role in this story was to show that Linley isn’t a loveless training machine with a family complex. She’s done that. Unfortunately IET doesn’t write deep, emotional stories, and Delia simply does not have, and can not have the strength to stay with Linley. As her character’s plot development role is over, and her strength is insignificant and incapable of growth after she becomes a weak, fused Highgod, she needs to go.

            Unfortunately it looks like they’ll not only be babysitting Delia, but also Nisse from now on.

    3. The story line is one of the best so far i know. I finisht reading all books in raw. And i can tell you you wont be dissapoint at all. Just wait and see.

  17. Salomon the stupid wastrel make the wrong choices every turn he made: a million years of training under the “extremely perverted” Elektra, suddenly turned heir – inheriting the clan’s treasures only to give it to someone else, aiming to become peerless by becoming someone’s lackey, sacrificing those loyal to him (actually to the clan and by extension to the heir – him), using his own time of peril for a bout of self-destructive vindictive action….
    Sigh, this man is a walking death flag. He’s so pitiable that even Linley don’t think it’s worth angry at him.

    1. Salomon was already suspicious about Linley from the start. At first he trusted him, as he cared for Bebe and Ninny. But when he knew Linley can transform, he knew that he is not ‘normal’, so he really have to be wary. As he said, it’s been a million years since he planned everything, only to be ruined by a single man he trusted. Who wouldn’t be enraged?

      1. And so I call him a wastrel – someone who wastes 🙂

        How many more chapters before he meet his end, anyway, he already bored me.

      2. Technically, Solomon saw Linley transformed before giving his name…..Which makes him even more stupid.
        Afterall, Solomon finished off the high god when Linley and Bebe were chasing after him. He only didn’t know what exactly happened.

      3. From what I understand I didn’t seem like Salomon ever trusted Linley and only treated Linley well because he though he would make a valuable ally

    2. I still wonder what exactly was his great plan. I always thought taking the money back to the continent where his entire clan was exterminated did not sound like a very promising plan… In short, the moment he tried spending his money, he’d be doomed.

      Now it seems he has actually already parted with it somehow or other, which makes more sense than the original setup. Though, of course, we don’t really know anything about his arrangements…

      The question remains, though: what exactly is he trying to accomplish? Clearly he doesn’t really care much about the clan, so why would he bother reviving it? What exactly is there? Would he bother with stuff like taking revenge on the name of his clan? Doesn’t sound like it.

  18. Whew! Thought something like this was happening. Glad it’s the case.
    Also, I like Nisse, so I hope that it’s going to end ok for her. I don’t care much about Salomon at this point, though.

  19. I’m so happy Delia and Linley are both alive. I maybe in the minority but she isn’t holding him back. She is his motivation, he would rather die with her than live with her. People keep saying that she is weak, etc but all the fiends and high gods also got swallowed up by the larva. Linley would also have been captured and died if it weren’t for the golden kitten sparing him.

    1. Yep. I never believed she would become a burden, because… IET obviously knows that would get boring, so he wouldn’t write it as such.

      And said expectation panned out way back at the Black Dragon Tribe when she was using doppelgangers to fight off a group of Gods with Bebe. Then, at the Fiend castle, trapping and attacking guards. She even survived at the sand castle on her own. Hard to call her a ‘burden’. Linley is pretty much powerless to do anything throughout this Infernal Plane adventure anyway.

  20. lol, I thought that Delia will die and Linley will become super OP then destroy the whole Infernal Realm, but I’m glad that Delia didn’t die, I like her character afterall.
    Thanks for the chapter

  21. ehh i kinda figured that this was a trick to fool salomon but kinda anticlimactic but makes sense i suppose. whoo and to those ppl saying delia should have died you are pretty heartless. i worry for your future/current spouses

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