Book 15, Chapter 2

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 2, Extremely Heavy Casualties

The metallic lifeform headed forward at high speed. However, the people within it couldn’t sense any turbulence at all. Right now, Linley’s group was all within the main hall of the metallic lifeform.

“The layout is pretty good.” Linley looked around and sighed in approval.

The metallic lifeform had transformed to a fairly large size. There was a main hall in the center, while behind the main hall there were rooms lining each side.

The silver-haired elder with three black horns laughed and said, “Everyone, this is the main hall. The wine here is complimentary, and we’ve also invited some culinary experts. If you want to eat anything, you can instruct those two and they will have the chefs cook for you.” As he spoke, the silver-haired elder pointed towards two white-robed youths nearby.

The Fiends present all smiled. These employers really were very considerate.

“Behind the main hall are the living areas. There are a total of 130 rooms. You can choose whichever one you like, one room per person. If people want to stay together and have their rooms fuse, just give the instructions to my metallic lifeform directly.” The silver-haired elder smiled. “For example, you can say this; Camden [Kang’deng], merge these two rooms. ‘Camden’ is the name of my metallic lifeform.”

The Fiends all nodded in satisfaction.

Metallic lifeforms had intelligence. Naturally, they could change their insides easily.


“Camden, merge these two rooms together.” Linley said.

Immediately, the two rooms in front of Linley suddenly changed. The two doors transformed into a single door, while the wall between the rooms disappeared as well, forming a single large room. The bed in the room instantly changed to a larger size as well.

“Bebe, you can stay in the nearby room.” Linley turned and instructed.

Linley suddenly found to his surprise that at this moment, Bebe was staring unblinkingly into the distance. Linley followed Bebe’s gaze. “Oh?” A youth dressed in a black warrior’s outfit and a adorable young girl with braids was in that direction. Bebe was staring at that girl.

“Bebe, what is it?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

Delia’s face had a hint of laughter on it. “Linley, could it be that Bebe has fallen for that girl?”

Linley’s eyes rose upon hearing this. He took a close look at the adorable young lady. Her eyes were fairly large, and had a hint of a sly, playful look in them. The girl had noticed Bebe looking at her as well. She couldn’t help but stare back for a moment, and then give a little cute sniff. “Hmph!” And then she turned and said, “Big brother, that guy wearing a straw hat is so annoying.”

The youngster turned over, smiling towards Bebe, Delia and Linley.

And then, they entered their own room.

“Bebe.” Linley called out. “She went in her room already. Why are you still standing there like an idiot?”

Bebe stood blankly in that spot for a long moment, then suddenly turned to look at Linley. “Boss, that girl is way, way, way, way, way too cute…” This loud shout called quite a few distant Fiends to turn and look.

Linley and Delia were shocked for a good long moment by Bebe’s shout.

“Let’s go into the room then discuss it.” Linley immediately grabbed Bebe by the collar of his clothes and pulled him directly into the room.

Bebe was so excited that his eyes were shining. “Boss, I’ve discovered something!”

“Speak, what have you discovered?” Linley and Delia both laughed while looking at Bebe.

“I’m absolutely certain!” Bebe balled his fists. “There really is such a thing as love at first sight!”

Linley and Delia stared, stupefied.

“When I saw her, wow…I felt my entire body grow warm. My mind went completely blank, like I suffered a soul-attack. I only woke up a long while later…and when I woke up, I understood!” Bebe was incomparably excited. “My purpose for being here in the Infernal Realm is…chasing her and getting her!” Bebe balled his fists, his eyes filled with resoluteness.

Linley and Delia couldn’t help but begin to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Bebe snorted. “Boss, think about it. How could there be such a coincidence that after so long in the Infernal Realm, I would meet her as soon as I took on an escort mission? This is…this is destiny!”

Bebe arranged his straw hat and even slightly straightened his hair, saying in a bright voice, “I have decided that before we reach Bluemaple City, I will successfully chase that girl. Boss, you just wait and see!” And then, Bebe immediately walked out.

“This Bebe…” Linley didn’t have any idea as to what to say.

Delia laughed. “Linley, don’t worry. Just let him do as he pleases.”

“What do I have to worry about?” Linley sighed. “Bebe has grown up with me. After all these years, he’s finally taken a liking to a girl. That’s a good thing. Only…frankly, Bebe was certain that he liked her after a single glance?”

Linley still found it inconceivable.

“Is ordinary logic applicable to Bebe?” Delia said.

Actually, Linley was quite happy. Who Bebe liked was his own business. He himself couldn’t interfere, of course.

Life in the metallic creature was very quiet. Although they ran into a few common bandit groups on the way, with so many Fiends standing there, the bandits immediately were terrified into scattering in all directions. In the blink of an eye, six years passed.

During these six years, Delia primarily focused on fusing with her Highgod spark, while Linley was training.

As for Bebe, he chased that girl.

And as a matter of fact, Bebe only needed three days before he and the girl were together. Both of them were sly, lively spirits, and when they were together, they were exceedingly happy. That big brother of the girl, seeing them like that, didn’t oppose it. After six years…Bebe and that ‘Nisse’ girl were already a couple.

Everyone throughout the metallic creature knew that there was a pair of jokesters aboard.

In a room within the metallic creature.

Three Linley’s were seated meditatively on the ground, dressed in an earthen robe, a light green robe, and a sky-blue robe.

Linley’s divine earth clone was pondering ‘Gravitational Space’. Although Linley was capable of using the ‘Supergravity Field’ technique, he was still feeling around at the edges of the ‘Gravitational Space’ mystery.

Linley’s fastest improvement speed was seen in his divine wind clone.

‘Fast’, ‘Slow’, ‘Sound Waves’, ‘Music’. Linley’s level of understanding in these four profound mysteries was rising at a stable rate. In particular, the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ aspects. According to Linley’s calculations, given his current speed, in a few decades, his complete fusion of these two profound mysteries might be completed.

As for Linley’s original body, it was focusing on gaining insights into the ‘Elemental Laws of Fire’.

With regards to elemental affinity, Linley had a high level of affinity for ‘earth’ and ‘wind’. His affinity for ‘fire’ came afterwards. As for the other elements, his affinity was exceedingly weak.

To date, Linley had two divine clones. Naturally, Linley wouldn’t give up a chance to increase his strength yet again, and so his main body began to train in the Elemental Laws of Fire.

“I still haven’t been able to grasp the basics of the Profound Mysteries of Gravitational Space. But I have for the Elemental Laws of Fire.” Linley laughed at himself. “But of course, I’ve only grasped the basics for the simplest ‘Essence of Fire’ profound mystery.” For all Laws, be it the Elemental Laws of Fire or the Elemental Laws of the Earth, the simplest profound mystery was that of the ‘Essence’; the ‘Essence of Fire’, the ‘Essence of the Earth’, etc.


“When training in the ‘Essence of the Earth’ or ‘Essence of Fire’, there are some commonalities.” Linley thus found it much easier to grasp the basics of the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of Fire.

“Linley, you woke up.” Delia opened her eyes as well.

“How is your training proceeding?” Linley rose to his feet.

“Not bad. I’m halfway through mastering the profound mysteries of the Laws.” Delia said.

The Elemental Laws of the Wind in total had nine types of profound mysteries. Prior to fusing with this Highgod spark, Delia had already known four of the nine profound mysteries. After spending six more years, Delia had gained insights into yet another one.

“Let’s go. Let’s go eat something and drink something.” Linley and Delia walked out, shoulder to shoulder.

Their little journey to the dining hall was very peaceful. Most of the Fiends were training in their own rooms. Right now, there were only a few Fiends in the main hall, but of course…there would definitely be two people there. Bebe and Nisse.

“Linley, Delia, what a coincidence. You came as well.” Someone walked over from by Linley’s side. It was Nisse’s older brother.

“Salomon [Sa’luo’meng], it is rather coincidental.” Linley laughed. “Come, let’s go have a drink.”

Salomon, as Nisse’s older brother, was a Highgod-level expert. However…Linley guessed that this Salomon was a very ordinary Highgod. This was because the most powerful people on this mission were the three Five Star Fiends and the Six Star Fiend.

Linley’s group headed straight towards Bebe and Nisse, who were currently joking and teasing each other.

“Ninny, tell me, why are you girls so beautiful and yet so foolish?” Bebe sat there on the chair, staring at the nearby Nisse.

Nisse considered for a moment, then immediately said, “Oh, I know.”

“Adorable Ninny, please speak.” Bebe looked at Nisse.

Nisse wrinkled her little nose, then said, “Women are beautiful so as to let you men fall in love with us. As for why women are foolish…it’s to make me fall in love with you!”

Bebe stared. “You are foolish, thus you fell in love with me?”

“If I wasn’t foolish, why would I fall in love with you?” Nisse had an innocent, puzzled look on her face.

“Oh!” Irritated, Bebe slapped his head. Why was it that he could never overcome Nisse in these debates?

The nearby Linley and the other two, hearing this exchange, couldn’t help but begin to laugh.

Bebe turned his head, looking at Linley in surprise. “Boss.”

“Heh heh, you keep chatting. We’ll sit over here.” Linley laughed as he spoke. All of the tables here were fairly small, circular tables. They could sit three people. Even four people would find it to be rather crowded.

Linley, Delia, and Salomon sat down in a corner of the hall.

“Linley, Bebe really is rather adorable.” Salomon laughed. And then, he paused for a long moment, as though considering something. Suddenly, he stretched out his Godrealm, covering Linley and Delia within the reach of his Godrealm.

“Huh?” Linley and Delia looked at Salomon, puzzled.

Salomon laughed, “Delia, Linley, there’s something I want to tell you. However, I can’t let others hear this. Thus…I am completely shutting out the sound.”

Linley and Delia looked towards Salomon in astonishment. What was there to be so secretive about?

“There are very few people who know this rumor. However, over these six years, my little sister and your little brother, Bebe, have become quite close to each other. And so, I’m going to tell you this rumor.” Salomon’s face grew very solemn.

“Rumor?” Linley and Delia were both puzzled.

Salomon said slowly, “Do you know where this escort mission started off from?”

“Started off from?” Linley frowned. “Wasn’t it in Royalwing City?”

“No.” Salomon shook his head. “Based on what I have heard, the escort mission started off in the distant Peakstone Prefecture!”

“Peakstone Prefecture?” Linley was greatly shocked.

Peakstone Prefecture was a prefecture in the west part of the Redbud Continent, while Nightblaze Prefecture was in the center of the Redbud Continent. As for the Rainbow Prefecture, it was in the east part of the Redbud Continent.

“Right.” Salomon said solemnly. “According to rumor, on the way over, the escorts suffered an enemy attack on the way over, and virtually all the Fiends died. Only a few were left. Therefore, the employer hired another group of Fiends in our Royalwing City.”

Linley and Delia were both shocked.

“You knew this, but you still came?” Linley immediately discovered a problem in this.

“First of all, it is only a rumor.” Salomon immediately laughed bitterly as he spoke. “And second of all, I only heard this rumor half a year ago.”

Linley immediately came to the conclusion; everyone had headed out six years ago. Since Salomon had heard it only half a year ago, then it seemed he had heard this from others in the metallic lifeform.

“This is just a rumor.” Linley said.

Salomon shook his head, lowering his voice. “Don’t disbelieve it. Think about it. Why would they have us gather in the restaurant and be afraid to let us openly and publicly gather at the main gates? We waited until nightfall, then quickly and stealthily slipped into the metallic lifeform. Before we even had a chance to get our footing, the metallic lifeform immediately began to move.”

Hearing this, Linley began to think that it made sense.

“Therefore, it’s best to be cautious.” Salomon said softly. “If we really run into any danger, those enemies won’t be too vicious to us. We can immediately scatter and flee. Saving our lives matters the most. The failure of the mission just means that we won’t get compensation.”

Linley and Delia both nodded slightly.

And then, Salomon released his Godrealm. The two began to casually chat and drink.


A divine sense swept across the entire metallic creature! Linley and Delia didn’t notice it at all. Only, Salomon’s face changed dramatically, and he let out a low growl, “A divine sense scan?”

“Divine sense scan?” Linley was shocked as well.

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    My guess is, they will probably escort her to safety at great presonal risk and to thank them and since she’s smitten with Bebe she will personally arrange and accompany them to that place (sorry forgot the name) Linley’s planning to go to.

  14. Hmmm no new chapter………taking a break. the weekend has many mysterious of a good time, women good food, alcohol, sex or getting caught up on some games

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