Book 15, Chapter 12

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 12, A Breakthrough in Wind

“Boyd clan?” Bebe had a thought, and he couldn’t help but glance towards the nearby Salomon.

Although Bebe was rather rambunctious, he was very smart and insightful. When Linley had saved Nisse, Salomon had, for whatever reason, revealed his true name when thanking Linley – Salomon Boyd!

At that time, Bebe hadn’t paid much attention.

But now that he heard it again, Bebe began to grow puzzled.

“Nisse has been with me for so long, but she’s never been willing to tell me what her surname is!” Bebe began to suspect. “Since that’s the case, the surname must be very important. Salomon only recently told my Boss. Since his family name is Boyd…”

“Can this Boyd be the same ‘Boyd’ as the clan this green-robed elder is referring to?”

Bebe mused secretly, while at the same time looking towards Linley. Only three people had been present when Salomon had said his surname; Linley, Bebe, and Nisse.

“Boss…actually closed his eyes and began to meditate?” Bebe couldn’t help but find himself caught between laughter and tears. Next, Bebe turned to look towards the distant Learmonth, the green-robed elder, and the white-horned elder. “It seems as though the situation is about to change. Will Learmonth attack out of greed?” Bebe mused to himself.

Indeed, right now, the situation had just become very terrible for the white-horned elder.

He hadn’t anticipated that the green-robed elder would actually voluntarily reveal this. The white-horned elder understood that his power was far inferior to Learmonth’s. If Learmonth wanted to attack, then…

“Even if the young master helped out, we wouldn’t be able to deal with Learmonth.” The white-horned elder understood. “In addition, it won’t just be Learmonth alone who will turn red-eyed with greed upon learning this secret. The Edwards brothers are here as well.”

The Edwards brothers had also escorted them on the mission, and had yet to reveal any startling abilities.

However, not a single one of them had died. This gave testament to their strength.

“No matter what, even if I die, I cannot reveal the young master’s identity.” The white-horned elder made up his mind.

“Oh, you said Boyd clan?” Learmonth raised an eyebrow. “The Boyd clan of the Jadefloat Continent’s Coldcalm Prefecture is indeed an ancient clan. Even though I am here in the Redbud Continent, I’ve heard of the fame of the Boyd clan.”

The green-robed elder said, “Of course. You can imagine how wealthy the Boyd clan is, Learmonth.”

The Edwards brothers looked at each other, secretly speaking through divine sense.

“Oho, things are getting messy.” Bebe looked at the distant Edwards brothers, then looked at Learmonth, before finally looking at the weakest actor, the white-horned elder. “This old fellow is almost certainly going to die. There’s too many people who would be greedy for this treasure.”

The white-horned elder said furiously, “Mr. Learmonth, I’m your employer, you…”

“Shut your mouth.” Learmonth glanced at him calmly.

The green-robed elder couldn’t help but laugh, while at the same time saying, “Learmonth, I’ll leave now.” As he spoke the green-robed elder prepared to leave.


A black sword energy pierced through the green-robed elder’s skull. The green-robed elder’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief, and then he fell to the ground. The final remaining God-level divine clone of this green-robed elder died, just like that!

“This…?” The white-horned elder, Edwards, and the others were all shocked.

Learmonth glanced calmly at the green-robed elder. “I only told you to tell me the secret. I never agreed to spare you in exchange. You killed one of my employers. How could I not kill you?” And then Learmonth turned to look at the white-horned elder.

The white-horned elder’s face instantly turned ashen.

“Fine. If you want to kill me, then kill me.” Having seen Learmonth’s power, the white-horned elder didn’t try to resist at all. He said coldly, “Since you were willing to kill Mr. Wind, I am content.” The white-horned elder was already prepared for death. He murmured to himself, “Young master, you’ll have to rely on yourself now.”

“If I kill you, who will pay me my escort fee?” Learmonth asked.

The white-horned elder was astonished.

And then, Learmonth walked away while saying calmly, “Hurry up and prepare the metallic lifeform. We are going to head out.”

“He isn’t going to kill me?” The white-horned elder was unable to believe it.

The ten-plus lucky survivors amongst the Fiends stared towards Learmonth in astonishment as well. It must be understood anyone who cared about money at all would find it hard not to grow greedy for the wealth of the vast fortune of a massive clan. In addition, killing the white-robed elder would have been very easy.

“What is going on with this Learmonth?” The three Edwards brothers looked at each other.

Learmonth’s reaction had caused the Edwards brothers to be unable to implement their plan.

“Big brother, let’s just endure for now.”

Learmonth was able to refrain from being greedy, but the three Edwards brothers were not. This was the massive fortune of an ancient clan. The fame of the Boyd clan was so great, it echoed like thunder.

“Wait a while before heading out!” Salomon’s voice rang out. “My friend here is currently training.”

Learmonth, the three Edwards brothers, the white-horned elder, and the luckily surviving remnants of the Fiends all looked over. Linley was standing there right there in the sands, his body surrounded by a faint swirl of wind. Indeed, he was training. This sight caused everyone to be extremely surprised.

“He started training, just like that?” The lucky survivors amongst the Fiends were all shocked. To immediately begin training having just concluded a life and death struggle…that truly was crazy.

“Waiting for him alone? Wake him up.” The second of the three Edwards brothers said with a frown. Him, a Five Star Fiend, wait for a God? He didn’t have that sort of patience.

Bebe, hearing this, couldn’t help but frown.

“Intriguing, intriguing.” Learmonth looked at Linley, a hint of a smile on his face. “We aren’t in any rush to leave. Let’s wait a while.”

Since Learmonth had made his decision, the three Edwards brothers wouldn’t say anything now.

Immediately, the surviving Fiends took up temporary residence within the desert. After this great battle, the Highgods only numbered Learmonth, the three Edwards brothers, and Salomon, while for the Gods, including Linley’s group, only thirteen survived.

Time passed on.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. The Fiends were very patient, and didn’t care about these three days at all.

“How long will the Boss be training for?” Bebe, seeing Linley remain in his meditative state, was growing frantic. “The Fiends aren’t impatient yet, but if too much time passes, they definitely will grow impatient. But disturbing the Boss when he is training will have a major impact on him.”

Bebe understood that Linley’s sudden decision to meditate must have meant that he had a sudden insight.

This sort of opportunity was very precious. Once interrupted, it would be hard for him to once more enter this state.


A surge of unique ripples of Law descended from the heavens, encapsulating Linley.

“He made a breakthrough!” Everyone, including Learmonth, immediately opened their eyes to look towards Linley. They all understood…that this descent of the natural Laws was the sign of a someone breaking through to become a Deity naturally.

Linley hovered in the air, while at the same time, his divine wind clone came out from his body…a light green-robed Linley.


A divine spark which emanated a green light emerged from Linley’s head, hovering there in the air above him. A large amount of wind elemental essence, under the guidance of the natural Laws, directly converged upon the divine spark, which slowly began to transform.

Moments later…

That Demigod-level divine wind spark had transformed into a God-level divine wind spark.

The ripples of the natural Laws subsided, and Linley opened his eyes.

“Uhh….” Linley, having made the breakthrough, now saw that a large group of people were around him, staring.

“Congratulations, Linley. You now have another God-level divine clone.” Salomon said with a laugh.

Learmonth nodded slightly as well. He looked towards Linley with an appraising gaze. “Very nicely done. You even gained insights during a life-and-death crisis.”

Learmonth very much appreciated this sort of person, who could make a breakthrough even during a life-and-death crisis.

He himself loved combat and challenges. As for money? As Learmonth saw it, having enough money to spend was sufficient. The so-called fortune of the Boyd clan was something which Learmonth didn’t care about at all. Learmonth’s goal was…

To become a Seven Star Fiend, then challenge an Asura!

Become one of the 108 Asuras of the Infernal Realm!

The three Edwards brothers glanced at Linley. They only chuckled. A mere God. What was there to be proud of? The Edwards brothers didn’t hold Linley in any particular regard at all. They immediately looked at the white-horned elder. “Hey, that kid has made his breakthrough. Let’s head out.”

“Alright. Head out.” The white-horned elder immediately said.

“Head out?” Only now did Linley come to the realization that all the other Fiends had been forced to wait here for him when he had suddenly begun to meditate.

“Bebe, how long did I meditate for?” Linley asked through his spirit.

“Three days. Boss, you really are amazing. Your divine wind clone has reached the God level as well.” Bebe was boundlessly delighted for Linley.

Linley secretly let out a sigh of relief. “Not too bad. Just three days.” If he had been training for half a year with the others all accompanying him, Linley would have felt extremely embarrassed.

The Infernal Realm. A desolate mountain range within the Redbud Continent.

Inigo stood there beneath a waterfall, two Highgods behind him.

“I didn’t expect that the Boyd clan actually has a successor.” Inigo said to himself. “Although that fellow was only allowed to enter the Boyd clan’s estate a single time before being sent out…luckily enough, I remembered him.”

Salomon’s identity, even within the Boyd clan, was a major secret.

As he had entered the clan’s estate only a single time before being sent out caused there to be very few people who knew who Salomon was. There were very few people who knew that Salomon had a connection to the Boyd clan.

But Inigo, thanks to a stroke of luck, had found out by accident.

And this time, when Inigo saw Salomon, he instantly understood!

“No wonder those two old fellows fled to the Redbud Continent, then tried to go back.” Inigo said to himself. “However, since I now know, then…”

“Young master, what shall we do?” The two subordinates behind him looked at him.

Inigo said emotionlessly, “We head out.” As he spoke, Inigo flew at high speed towards the north, and the two Highgods behind him immediately followed.

The metallic lifeform was constantly pressing forward. It had shrunk yet again. After all, there were very few people inside it now.

Within the metallic lifeform. Linley and Delia’s room.

“The ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ aspects of the Profound Truths of Velocity have been completely fused. Only the sword attack that is both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ is the sharpest, most powerful sword attack!” Linley understood now why experts of the Elemental Laws of the Wind found flexible swords to be so suited for them. Flexible swords allowed one to bring out the full strength of the profound mysteries.

After having seen the green-robed elder and Learmonth’s sword intents…

Linley had some new thoughts regarding his usage of the sword as well.

“Unpredictable and fierce! This represents the most powerful attack of the Profound Truths of Velocity.” Linley continued to visualize them in his head. He was hard at working trying to make the attacks of the Profound Truths of Velocity more powerful and to apply it better.

This attack primarily relied on the Profound Truths of Velocity.

Naturally, it was a material attack.

“If I combine this material attack with my Dragonform…” Linley mused to himself. “The Dragonformed body is incomparably tough, and in terms of both strength and speed, it has reached a very high level. If I take the strength I have in Dragonform, then combine it with the Profound Truths of Velocity, then put it all on display through Bloodviolet, the power will definitely be substantial.

The same profound mystery, when used by a Highgod, would be far more powerful than when a God used it. This was because the mystery would be exerted through the divine power of a Highgod.

After Dragonforming, however, Linley’s strength, defense, and speed were even more monstrous than most ordinary Highgods. This was a body that was as tough as a divine artifact!

Linley was also beginning to gain a clearer and clearer understanding of the power of his most powerful sword attack.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

“Unfortunately, there’s no place to test it out within the metallic lifeform.” Linley said to himself. His sword attack was now able to easily chop apart this metallic lifeform. If they truly were to fight here..most likely the white-horned elder and the other Fiends would be enraged.

“Linley.” Suddenly, a voice rang out.

“Uh? Oh, Salomon, it’s you.” Linley saw that Salomon was outside his door.

Upon seeing Salomon, Linley thought about what Bebe had told him regarding the proceedings when he was training. He hadn’t heard the green-robed elder discuss the Boyd clan, but upon returning to the metallic lifeform, of course Bebe had told him everything.

“This Salomon…can he be the master of this clan?” Linley wondered to himself.

Salomon said with a laugh, “Linley, there’s something I wish to discuss with you.”

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    However, after Dragonforming Linley’s strength, defense, and speed were even more monstrous than most ordinary Highgods. This was a body that was as tough as a divine artifact!

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            demigods need a certain amount of understanding and insights into the law in order to become a full god, this is done either by mastering a portion of the mysteries or doing something of equivalent value.

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            I believe Beirut gave the numbers as a guideline, but he did say that fusing 2 low level mysteries resulted in a fusion stronger than one of the laws high level mysteries, the effort of fusing the 2 mysteries results in a power jump that in itself seems to act like a 3rd mystery mastery.

            the strongest a demigod can be is to have mastered 2 high level mysteries and be not quite at mastery of a 3rd mystery that is ranked at the upper middle level, but upon mastering it he gets thrusted into god rank, the same if he only mastered the 2 high level mysteries and then worked on fusing them, working towards fusing them increase his power enough to shunt him into the god rank (as we saw with his earth clone).

            For gods however, they need to have a mastery of all the mysteries to become a high god, and their power in the high god rank is determined by how many mysteries they have fused together. Thus a full god can master just 5 of the 6 (or 8 of the 9) mysteries in their law and work on fusing them together to inrease their power and become capable of fighting high gods. They will not become high gods until the master that 1 last mystery, as the high god is an existence that comes about only after mastering ALL of the mysteries in a law. so theoretically a god could become a 7 star fiend before becoming a high god, and upon becoming a high god would be 1 step short of a paragon.

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            He isn’t even living there since soon after we saw him got to NotG and he told Linley that he would soon be leaving the plane to boot.

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            Wharton just got to Demigod and is still slowly fusing with God spark

            Leylin & bros used 1 week to transfer flora/fauna/humans to continent #2, went to NotG and then died or emigrated

            Muba became a full God and manage to get some faith power, maybe Fain is working for him now (he should be either Prime Saint or demigod)

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    Yet fusing profound truths actually contributes to the %, which makes me question the 100% part, especially considering the vast difference in “fusion power” between high gods.
    The so called 100% with no fusions seems to be just a bottom line, rather than actual 100%, which brings me back to my initial question, does he really need to master 9 mysteries or fuse 5, give or take some?

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      The reason they don’t do it is probably because, one, they don’t have a mentor to advise them and, two, it should still be easier to master a single new mystery than to fuse two. In other words, ‘fusing while learning’ is easier than ‘fusing after mastering’, however it’s still not as easy as just ‘learning’, without fusing at all.

      1. Pretty sure it’s unfused 3/9 for wind, and 2/6 for the rest, since he fused 2/9 of wind to become god. Those early percentages explained by O’Brien seem to have never been true then, or a figure of speech.

        Even though it’s highly unlikely for a god to fuse profound truths, any high god should have lived long enough to consider that possibility. Guess I’m just complaining about plot armor, don’t get me started on gold and azure droplets ^_^.

        We still don’t know what is the other profound truth Bebe mastered, aside the essence of darkness, unless he needs 1 less as deity level species.

    2. i think it was mentioned somewhere that most diety don’t know to fuse the laws. they only learn/realizes after they have mastered a few or all of the laws. I believe Beirut told linley about fusing the laws, and that he needs to do it before mastering the laws and then leylin emphasised this point. my memory is a bit hazy but it was after the creation of the Baruch empire i believe

      1. it was bluefire that advised linely to gain a basic understanding of all the laws early in a element because it harder to fuse them at the highgod level .

      2. Linley realized about fusing laws while fighting the plant boss in NotG, and got a minor breakthrough on floor 11 when he was about to die to the Abyss demons – he wasn’t told of the possibility by Beirut.

    3. As I understand it Fusing doesn’t add to the percent known.

      Linley understood 50% of the Fast Truth and 50% of the Slow Truth. Combining them made them equivalent to 100% of a single truth because he understood 50% of 2 combined truths.

      It also allowed him to avoid the bottleneck he would have had if he had learned a single truth to 100%.

    4. You can become a Demigod by mastering a single truth if that truth is from the higher tier, for example in the Demigod spark Delia absorbed there was only a single truth from the wind element. The same with Linley, he got to Demigod level after mastering The Throbbing Pulse of the World and reached full God level after fusing it with the Essence of the Earth, so I assume he could get to Highgod level by fusing those 2 with another one.

      Now, how did linley got to Demigod level in the wind laws? he discovered that by fusing Fast and Slow aspects to get the truths of Velocity but Velocity itself is not a mistery so why is it that he reached Demigod level before fully fusing them? and even reached full God level in this chapter by fusing this 2 low lvl misteries? I don’t get it.

      1. Book 13 chapter 45:
        Amongst the Deities, the Elemental Laws of the Wind had nine profound mysteries, and so one had to master three of them before a God. Or perhaps by mastering the fusion of two profound mysteries, one could also become a God. Earth, fire, water, and darkness only had six types of profound mysteries. If one mastered two of them, one would become a God.

        As for wind demigod we can only assume same logic applies to incomplete fusion, but the follow up is that it’s not the mastery, but the total number of insights into various Truths that determines demi- and full godhood.

        1. Well, IET didn’t mention Light or Lightning in that list of Laws with 6 PM’s, so it’s possible Wind isn’t the only one with a non-6 number of PM’s. So there may be 3 laws with 9 and 4 with 6.

          Then again, I think IET has actually forgotten Lightning is an element.

          Besides Fain’s ultimate move – no-one has ever used lightning abilities in the series. Yale was a lightning mage but we never saw him use a spell.

  7. After all the battles on this book, this chapter feels like IET was worried about mentally stressing his readers with so many cliffhangers and decided to go for a breather ^^

    I’m really loving this book! Thank you Ren!

  8. Since his “saint” body can dragonform and borrow divine power from a divine clone, what i wonder is can it borrow power from a divine clone, or from divine clones, plural.

    Because if the later, even with the power lost during transfer, after a few clones, the strongest divine energy user ought to be the saint body. Well, i guess the problem is that it’s so darn hard to break through and develop even 2-3 clones….

    1. his clones are more attuned to their element and thus are more powerful in that specifically, while his saint body can use any of them, just as it has less attunement it see’s less power for them. I don’t think there is any power lost when channeling divine power through his saint body.

      As for how many, currently it is safe to say a single element at a time unless he does the extremely rare thing and manages to use 2 at the same time. the divine power he can channel though should increase a bit by having 2 god clones but I think of divine power as non-element when it is just the divine power being channeled. (It makes sense that if you have a deity for each element then the divine power can be channeled through them all to your saint body, the problem is the normal single element restriction.)

  9. Thanks for the chap Master Ren and sponsors!

    He hadn’t anticipated that the green-robed elder would actually voluntarily reveal this. The white-horned understood that his power was far inferior to Learmonth’s. If Learmonth wanted to attack, then…

    missing elder

    He hadn’t anticipated that the green-robed elder would actually voluntarily reveal this. The white-horned elder understood that his power was far inferior to Learmonth’s. If Learmonth wanted to attack, then…

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